Need shelter from a ferocious storm? May we see your papers, please?

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      Robin Vander Wall
      Robin Vander Wall

      By Elizabeth Flock . . . It was the day after Hurricane Irma, and two residents of a mobile home park in Lakeland, Florida, sat on their porch, on a s
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      “We’ve always done this. We’ve always checked for sexual offenders and predators during hurricanes,” the spokeswoman, Carrie Horstman, said in defense of the practice. “Three hurricanes hit Polk County in 2004. It was the
      standard back then, and it’s the standard now.”

      We’ve always burned witches alive it was the standard in 1692 and it is the standard now! When there is an emergency you help the people and ask questions latter or get your A$$ sued!

      What a IDIOT!

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      Doesn’t seem that when registered citizens are denied shelter and safety which was done deliberately is a violation of constitution and human rights?

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      If one really thinks about all this ” show me your papers” stuff one would realize that the sex offender is really no different than the next person. The only difference is that we as sex offenders were caught up in this type of spying by government. The average American person doesn’t know anything about how all this works as the American people are bowing down to those in force that are just as deceitful as the badge they wear.
      Now you all reading this know where I’m coming from. Reality is if someone causes you to stumble. There is not a man or human alive that is perfect yet we are a certain group that has been denied freedom, Justice and liberty for all because of one mistake that was set-up by man to bring him or her under control and enslave them for the rest of their life if that’s the case.
      How would you like it if you were treated like that if a disaster struck. Mother nature made this disaster. Man made a lot of this sex offender disaster. Mother nature could wipe the whole nation out both good or bad in a single minute if that’s the case and law enforce wouldn’t have anything to say or do about it.
      Folks they are going above God in a lot of this sex folly and playing the harlot and the average American person is under the impression that all sex offenders are monsters. Need I really say more about all this as I believe we all have enough amino to talk up for ourselves. A lot of those defense attorneys don’t care, all they care is about your money. I have even listen to some of the video’s NARSOL has at their conference and some are just giving you a I’m glad its not me and just taking those speaking fees and going about their business.
      You know like the bible says With man it is impossible but with God all things are possible. Even a lot of God’s people stumbled when they left Egypt. Its all about man’s pride in today’s society if you really look at this selfish ordeal.

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      Oops, I want to correct my last comment about the conference people that NARSOL asked to present there topics and view’s. Actually they are their to help and present positive information to those in attendance. Sure a lot of folks are in fear of these sexual stigma’s and all this has been going on for a very long time, so NARSOL I apologize.
      I do ask you to stand up and fight as any American that has been taken advantage of in some of these sex encounters that seem out of line in a lot of ways.
      A lot of this matter is serious for not only us but other generations, and I hope NARSOL can forgive me.

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