NARSOL’s Shannon, Jones, Molnar and WAR’s Henry quoted in new book

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      By Judith Levine and Erica R. Meiners . . .  “What is your relationship to feminism?” Judith asks Vicki Henry, head of Women Against Registry, or WAR.
      [See the full post at: NARSOL’s Shannon, Jones, Molnar and WAR’s Henry quoted in new book]

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      TS Rohnevarg

      Here’s a winning campaign strategy for you: since it’s large ‘white’ women pushing this agenda, simply assert that Sex Offender Laws are Racist and that Offender Registries support White Supremacy. Basically, the irrational fear endemic in SOL and SOR regimes is an expression of white fear that their ‘purity’ is threatened by these individuals. The same hysteria that viewed all ‘black’ men as sexually crazed beasts preying on pure ‘white’ girls is an equally powerful motivator among these Karens of Concupiscence. When you are battling Satan, when you are warring against demons, one must call them out for what they are. “What is your name?” Jesus asked. “Legion, for we are many.” It is righteous to ‘demonize’ the demonic.

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      This made me think of something:

      “While still an advocate for missing children—she is chair of NCMEC—Wetterling has become one of the most vocal opponents of sex offender registries.”

      This is very similar to child support. When a woman files for child support against the father of the child (children), they cannot later decide they no longer want the child support. I knew a couple who broke up (not a marriage just live in relationship), she went after him got child support, they got back together and moved back in together, but the state REFUSED to stop taking child support payments from him even though they lived in the same house and his income was OBVIOUSLY supporting the household. This was Connecticut. But I’m sure this type of issue applies everywhere.
      So the state will jump to the woman’s side when they want child support but when the same woman says “I don’t want it anymore. Leave him alone”, the state says “no”.
      Wetterling pushes for these laws and now that the state sees money to be made, they’re ignoring her opposition to the laws she helped push.
      Why do states listen when you want to push for something but basically tell you to “kick rocks” when you decide to change your mind?

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      I’m with it, and hope they keep on Steamrolling Forward. It’s going to take White Women to Counter this thing as much as any other Ethnic Group, because let’s face it. Politicians DO LISTEN MORE, to them than any other. It’s like Jack Webb’s Character on the Old TV Show ‘Dragnet’.
      “Just The Facts Ma’am!”

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      The Criminalized Man

      Maestro, I think the answer is worth repeating even though we all know it. The state thrives on continuity of funding. It loves “doing things for people” since that justifies the continuing budget support of the managers and workers employed to do those things. Once the people who asked the state to provide that “service” realize they’ve given up their own rights in the process, it’s too late.

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      Amazing. This was the conclusion I came to as well…..that the SOR and the sex offense punishments have been largely perpetuated by white women, and seems to have an institutionally racist tone. I am a white male, married to a black woman who was raped and abused by her father for years. Despite the horrible acts that she was forced into, she would never want her dad exposed to the types of laws that are in play now. Her dad is dead, and my wife was right by his side. She had long since forgiven him, and has said that he couldn’t forgive himself. She is a big advocate of mental health and restorative therapies. She once did some essays on her views while attending some college classes. Needless to say, the white women that attended the class with her couldn’t believe the supportive nature of her essay. I think the sentiment is largely the same in the Hispanic community as well. It is well known that communities of color have a history of not reporting because the laws are highly destructive and do nothing to restore families, or allow any sort of healing.

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      Tim in WI

      Naturally Ms. Wetterling acknowledged her realization that ” none of these men killed my son” in her second thoughts about the USE of her son’s name to institutionalize the plain indenture of human to machine database. She recognizes that she’s been preyed upon by profiteers. Mission creep has uncovered the real intent of the infrastructure USE. Clearly the stated” legitimate alternative purpose” was the primary focus from the beginning. If a state can indenture(use), without prior public knowledge; what limit has the far more powerful fed have? Unfettered use. Naturally free men are paid to maintain property. Some prefer it otherwise.

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      The devil and the deep blue sea

      I also agree that all the people that became The figure heads for the enactment of the registry and sorna and the Adam Walsh act were infact all white people.
      The system in endemically racist and and inflexible on all accounts
      I think it should be challenged from a perspective of racism and
      Everyday more sex offenders are created by these laws
      What’s interesting is there no more count on just how many sex offender there are
      Since the creation of the laws and registry …..I surmise it more than likely would show the registry don’t work at all as a deterrent ….
      But everyone here knows that ……
      At least Neal gorsesuch was apt to rule against sorna in the Herman gundy

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      John Q Citizen

      Good idea! Will use that. I will make a note to self to find some race stats on the registry if they exist (a lot of race statistics have been wiped from the books, or no longer collected because “it’s racist”).

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