NARSOL’S PA advocate: We’ve created list of people considered monsters

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      Kendra Nichols . . . A man we will call “Tony” first sat down with ABC27 News in November to talk about what it’s like being a registered sex offender
      [See the full post at: NARSOL’S PA advocate: We’ve created list of people considered monsters]

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      What Dauphin County Chief Deputy District Attorney Sean McCormack should have explained was “He would not be on ANY list if he had committed ANY OTHER type of crime.” And then he could have explained why a group of individuals with such a very low recidivism rate should be on any list AT ALL! 😡

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        Just to clarify, I was given notice by the PSP, I’d be returned back to my 10 year registration after updating my present registration within a certain time frame which was done at my PO’s office sometime in March, and that I’d be off the lifetime tier 3 and moved to the ter 1 for now! Pending requirements be met! Then I’d be off registration in 2021!
        Thank you

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        Alan Hyde

        What is MONSTER?
        A prodigious birth; a human birth or offspring not having the shape of mankind, which cannot be heir to any land, albeit it be brought forth in marriage. Bract fol. 5; Co. Litt. 7, 8; 2 Bl. Comm. 246.

        ]note: a Human Birth or offspring which can not be heir to any land of which, albeit [ regardless as in by any means, even though and however] it (A MONSTER) it be in a marriage. now we must remember that when we got a license to be marriage in which was a act of a man and woman with a higher being of which they looked at well “GOD’ but today it is now with the state for which to be marriage you give up all title and labor of which to enter a partnership. To Board this vessel, [ Partnership of Marriage] because, once you with leave ship, it the duty of the state to decide what property is return to who and if your a monster, you are not to receive any. none of you investment nor profit.

        Your a MONSTER and the State is the GRAND WINNER and owner of a slave…..

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      So a new law allows registered citizens to petition to be removed after 25 years…hmmm…honestly, if you have to wait a quarter of your life to “ask” to be removed with NO guarantee that you WILL be removed, you may as well stay on it and just keep fighting to have the whole thing abolished.
      Smh 🤦🏻‍♂️ 25 years indeed.

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        Exactly. That is why being forced to comply with a registry law after completing the full sentence is the primary focus of NARSOL’s mission to bring change to these laws.

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        Maestro states that there is a law that you can “petition to be removed after 25 years”.

        For some people that might be true. I believe it varies from state to state. In Texas, it is after 10 years (but you have to live here the entire 10 years). Of course, no matter how long the wait is you have to be ready to pay many thousands of dollars in court fees, attorneys, required tests to prove that you are “cured” or in control of yourself, and polygraph tests (in some jurisdictions). It can add up to over $15,000 in some cases.

        For those of us unfortunate to be sentenced under Federal law the sentence is lifetime. Until the Feds change their law many of us will never get off!

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          That is right, and the odds of winning are usually low. Some states don’t even give the option to petition for removal…ever.

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            For the record, the majority of “sex” crimes in Texas are lifetime registration, not 10 years. And those that are not lifetime are 10 years post the official end of your punishment.

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          Of course if one sexually abuses a minor, you are on the registry for LIFE with NO CHANCE OF REMOVAL.

          If the 10th Circuit upholds Judge Matsch’s ruling that the registry constitutes cruel and unusual punishment, the issue will go to SCOTUS.

          The lawyer who litigates the cruel and unusual punishment ruling needs to find every single act of violent vigilantism committed against registered citizens and have it all put into the corpus of evidence. Every murder, violent assault, incident of blackmail, harassment at work…all of it needs to be entered as supportive evidence.

          The attorney needs to ask the court point-blank: How many registered citizens have to die before the Court will recognize the registry as being a form of cruel and unusual punishment.

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          I was convicted in federal court and am classified as a tier 2 in their system. According to the federal SORNA law at the time of my arrest a tier 2 offender will complete the full registration period in 25 years. I am only two years into my supervised release, but I wonder if anyone convicted only in federal court is considering challenging states which require lifetime registration for those in tier 1 or 2 on the basis of the federal supremacy clause.

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      It should be noted that Ms. Robertson is a psychologist, not just someone shooting from the hip. She has read the empirical studies regarding sex offender registries and the stigma it attaches to persons on the registry … many of who only downloaded something from a computer and have never had a contact sexual crime with anyone.

      If the American public could be motivated by independent media sources who aren’t forced to adhere to the political agenda of their corporate media owner, the facts would be well known that looking at something has never been proven to mean that it leads to sexual attacks. One size NEVER fits all. Just because one person may look at a catalog and then go on to sexually hurt another person, does that mean everyone will? Do we then ban the catalog? Who said looking at something makes someone act out their desires? Ted Bundy? Well of course he did! He played an evangelical minister for all it was worth before he was put to death in Florida. He was trying to delay his death penalty. That minister had an agenda that pornography makes normal people do bad things. He had no proof or studies to back it up other than Ted Bundy said it made him do the terrible things he did. Yeah, we should take Ted Bundy’s word for it.

      The public has been sorely mislead by politicians who have become wealthy by being elected to higher offices because of the false idea that a public registry protects children and a so-called “independent” media not doing its job to provide real facts so people can learn from facts not hyperbole. If the media would do its job, providing accurate information to the public about who are the overwhelming majority of persons on these public sex offender registries– over 90% are not violent offenders–and show what it does to the jobless and homeless population and the families of those on the registry, then I believe public opinion will change regarding the registries. They will then see that they have been lied to regarding the sense of security the sex offender registries are falsely giving them. Since over 92% of children know their attacker and less than 5% are strangers or someone on the registry, this would enable the public to see the heavy cost on everyone that sex offender registries cause. They are not protecting their children.

      We need more people like Ms. Robertson and a neutral media that is not afraid to report the truth about the damage, cost, and false security sex offender registries are doing to all Americans.

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        To add to the example you made about acting out what we see (very good example btw), I’d further go on to say that we should question filmmakers and movie goers that enjoy horror films for fear that someone might *think* they’re Freddy Kruger and go around slicing people up with a glove made of steel blades. Question the filmmakers; “Are you interested in killing people? Is that why you make horror films?”
        Seriously, when does the mind reading madness end? If a person who viewed child pornography is certainly going to try to rape a child, then adult pornography is going to have lots of men raping women. But adult porn is legal and I’m sure many of these politicians have and continue to view it.

        In regards to child pornography, the entire public automatically assumes it’s children the age of Megan Kanka. You only need to be 17 yrs old and your birthday could be tomorrow but today your naked photo is “child” pornography.
        Traci Lords duped the porn producers with a fake ID but guess who got in trouble. Not Traci!
        And I’m willing to bet there are people out there to this day that still have those banned and illegal pornos she was in before her true age for discovered. And I bet those are men who go around saying “You better not look at MY daughter that way!” Hypocrites.
        A legal age of consent teen (16-17) can date older people and if they commit a crime they are charged as adults who KNEW right from wrong. But the moment an image of them in the nude is taken, they are deemed “children” and “victims” even if the person who took the photo was their romantic partner who can see them naked all day long and has no intent to distribute the images.
        To try to comprehend these laws can make your hair hurt.

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      Matthew Arnold

      25 yrs and that depends on if the judge deems that your not a risk to sociaty. On the other hand the judge may just decide to let a person stay on the registry for the rest of their life. At least Pennsylvania has tier level registration system whereas in my home state of Utah their are no tier levels and everyone’s information is made public plus Utah is a lifetime registration state depending on what your conviction was.

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        Maestro, you are 100% correct about everything you say here!

        I live in one of the four states (Iowa, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware) that declares the child pornography label applies to non-graffic semi- or fully-nude, no lewd and lascivious poses, no close-ups of private areas, no real or simulated sex acts, nor anyone being molested depictions of persons under the age of 18. Not only that, but in my home state of Pennsylvania there is an ambiguous part of the statute that declares that it is assumed that the person who created such depictions did so to entice sexual gratification because of how they were depicted, so the legislature could separate that from charging a dad from taking a picture of mom bathing their new born infant in the kitchen sink for the first time and the picture or video not being child pornography because it wasn’t the intent of the person taking the picture to sexually stimulate anyone with it! But how do they REALLY know what the dad or mom were thinking?

        Of course this is how I ended up on the registry for a 10-year sentence. I also served 22 months probation. I got two felonies (possession of child pornography and criminal use of a communication device) for my error in not understanding an ambiguous statute, which back in 2005 our old PA Supreme Court in a 4-3 decision said isn’t ambiguous ( and I had worked in the courts over 20 years and have a master’s degree in the Administration of Justice), I and didn’t understand the language, so imagine the others who have been convicted of the same thing (and there have been several here in PA.) I really did not know (which is never an excuse) that downloading non-graphic, no close ups or focus on private areas, no sexual situations or real sex, or no one being molested is the same thing as child pornography in PA. It is not an excuse, but it is a reason I did it. The law in 46 states and federal law declares that what I had was not child pornography.

        The thing that gets me, Maestro, is that I could have had thousands of real depictions (I didn’t even have adult pornography on my computer) of 18 year old girls doing the most disgustingly disturbing sexual acts and situations, and I would have been within the law! I had predominantly semi-nude modeling pictures and a few fully nude modeling pictures of developed females under age 18 and thus I’m a convicted felon, on a state and national shaming list like I’m a real danger to society for 3 more years. No one would hire me once they did the background check and I ended up starting my own business to get work, which has been very good. Thank God my wife has also seen this as absurd and never stopped supporting me, and she has a very high paying career to take care of us. Neither have any family or friends thrown me under the bus after they heard my story and it was confirmed by a forensic analysis of my computer. Only one local newspaper had the guts to write what I had was depictions of semi and nude underage females in non-sexual poses. The other three insinuated that I had kiddy porn!! Of course! It sells!!

        Yes, Maestro, the politician mind readers all think one size fits all, and anyone who committed a crime that the state calls a sex crime is automatically a sex offender that should be feared by the general public … until hopefully it happens to their son or grandson. Watch how quickly they will do a 180!!

        I have always said I’d like to hook up police and DA’s to polygraph machines and see how they’d react to the sight of a semi- or fully nude developed female under age 18, and then when she turns 18 two weeks later, see if it is any different.

        The registry is a joke. It protects no one. It just ostracizes people for life no matter what they did as long as the government declares it a sex offense. No one should be on a public registry. There are ways to protect the public, including children, once a real violent sex offender finally makes parole after many, many years. It didn’t have to be an online publication.

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          “I really did not know (which is never an excuse)“

          This is where I’d have to disagree with you. The courts know damn well that every single living person in this country does NOT KNOW every single law, much less the language in which it is written out. You’d have to go to law school to know exactly what it means.
          And because they know that we don’t know every single law, that’s how they GET US.
          No one has the time or is going to spend the time in their busy lives to sit and read every law on the books in their state or other states if they travel.
          Here in CT I grew up knowing that it’s ok to make a right turn on a red light so long as there is no SIGN that says “No Turn On Red”. You also learn this in your driving test.
          How am I supposed to know that in the state of NJ, there is absolutely NO TURNING ON RED?
          But they’ll say that my ignorance of THEIR laws is unacceptable. I say that telling me that I should have every law of every state memorized is what’s truly UNACCEPTABLE.

          We, the PEOPLE, need to change this bullsh*t and change it ASAP. As in YESTERDAY.

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      I believe that the registration has nothing to show protecting children from sex offender s. Abolish the registration.

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      Dr. Michael Christianson

      It is an unfortunate thing to portray these illegal, but in no way violent, actions in such a way that victims-survivor advocates and their organizations can continue to unjustly profit and capitalize off of the irrational fear and unwarranted disgust that the criminal labels engender. I want to encourage each registered citizen to remain calm and resist the label of “untouchable.” We are not the first to be tried in the fire of our Nation’s historical rise to discrimination, and we will certainly not be the last. From Women’s suffrage to the concentration camps (both in America and in Europe) to the African Americans to the working-class poor – and to us. This is our time, brothers and sisters. It is our season. Like so many brave souls who have suffered before us, and who have died, but left for us an untarnished example of courageous defiance and civil disobedience, we are being called to action by a force greater than us. We do NOT have to accept kindly the heavy sacks of vindictive injustices being heaped upon our heads. It is enough. We no longer have to tolerate the civil and criminal name calling. Do I have to remind you that we are Americans first? Do we as Americans not have as much of a right to pursue our life, liberty and happiness as the covertly corrupt politicians stealing the bread from our tables? Are we so dehumanized that we have become a defeated, cowardly bunch of dogs? I am not a dog. And neither are you. I want to encourage every registered citizen to unite in might against the political and pseudoscientific professionals that are determined to have you die without a shred of dignity and nothing to your name. We cannot afford to be idle. We have to get busy disrupting the process of discrimination by all legal means at our disposal. That is the only way to decapitate this beast. Nothing like this dies of its own accord. Hasn’t life and social action taught us this – to win back our human rights, I, you, we must civilly resist, confront, and conquer our adversaries.

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        Dr. Christianson,

        Are there any legitimate scientific peer reviews that would shed any light of doubt on actuarials uses to determine sex offender risk like the VASOR or the Static-99? How reliable are these actuarials and where is the scientific proof that men who molest non-familial boys are the most likely of child molesters to re-offend? What does the gender of the victim have to do with anything?

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        Dr. Michael Christianson: Please define “civilly resist.” Also, for the record, are you actually an RSO? If everyone on the list kicked in $5-$10, we would have this whole thing on the ropes. I’m interested to hear if you have a concrete plant of attack, or whether your missive was only inspirational in nature. Cheers.

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      Someone should ask Deputy District Attorney Sean McCormack why, if he is so worried about parents and the community knowing who is living in your area, where is the site for drunk drivers (way higher recidivism rate) or drug users and dealers.

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      The Registry does nothing to protect children. In fact it does more harm then any good to children. It has been over 3 years getting close to 4 years that my 10 year old grandson has not been able to see his older brother. This has caused him so much pain. He was very close to his older brother. My daughter did not want to take him to the Prison because it was a long distance away and he gets sick often. She also had two other children while he was doing his time, all boys. When he got out one of his many restriction’s was not being able to see his brothers. My middle grandson ask’s me often when will I get to see my brother. It kills me to tell him, I don’t know. He gave me a note that said, “We miss him sooooooooooooooooo much. p.s I miss him the most! “Then a stick figure of him and his brother HA HA Yay. I hope and pray that they will soon be able to see each other. He has been out over 6 months.

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        This is an issue I would take to court. Take probation to court. Was the crime against his sibling? Even if it was, who are the so-called “experts” who seem to know so much about healing and forgiveness?
        If it was NOT against his sibling, who the hell are the probation dept and the so called experts to play mind reader and assume that he’s interested in molesting his own relatives (i.e. incest)??

        One of the things that should be at the top of the list for our advocates is to tell these courts, probation/parole agencies and the politicians is to STOP playing the role of mind-reader. And if they think they can read people’s minds, ask them who is going to commit the next armed robbery or sex offense? Use your super mind reading powers and go stop it now before it happens.

        Take your matter to court. Tell them they are destroying the American family (the same line they use towards homosexuals). Smh 🤦🏻‍♂️

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      My grandson was railroaded by the commonwealth, it was only days after he had turned 18. He was with a girl who said she was 16 (legal in PA) to find out she was not after talking to the police who acted like something had happened to her. The contact was consensual, it was the commonwealth that pressed the charges and when he took the plea agreement they went after him with false information that was added. The SOAB ( Sex Offender Assessment Board) never talked to the girl to get the correct information. So when they started to talk to my grandson he did not know what they were talking about. I tried to contact them, but they said that here is nothing I can do to change this. So instead of my grandson getting a Tier 1 the commonwealth made him a Tier 3 and Violent. When this first started he was taken to see the DM. None of his family was able to attended this hearing. He was now 18 so he was an adult, so we did not need to be notified. Instead they had his Senior Criminal Justice class attend while they read all the horrible charges. He was not able to go back High School and was told he was no longer able to work and was put on house arrest for a year before he was sentenced which did not count towards his sentencing. He is the most wonderful person even now after all of this. I would love for him to be able to see his brothers. His brother wrote a note to Santa. Please let my brother ( his name) be at our Christmas party at December 25, Sincerely(his name)

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      Has anyone gotten off registry in North Carolina after 10 years? Anyone knows if one can petition to be removed after 10 years? Please reply someone if know anything about it. Thanks

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        NC sex offender parent here:

        My son has been on the registry for 13 years now, and when we went to the DA’s office to apply for removal from the registry, we were informed that he cannot get off of the registry for 2 more years because he did not have a TOTALLY clean record for 10 years. You can’t have any drug charges, any failure to register charges (even if it was by ONE hour).
        He was informed that at 10 years, NC goes by state AND federal laws, but that if he waits 2 more years, he can reapply and probably get off the registry.
        I have PTSD from this case, as I was the Sheriff’s Office records clerk who had to register, fingerprint, photograph, and place my oldest child on the internet as a sex offender- over a girlfriend………

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      Is not petition another judgement covering the same facts? Judged again!

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      The only monster in all of this is the chief deputy district attorney who believes that a registry for sex offenses is OK.

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      Follow the link to the article and then the link to the law passed on February 21st of 2018; “Act 10 of 2018.” The 25 year thing is less interesting (read: awful) than many other new parts of the law.

      Especially look at the “Legislative findings” and the “Declaration of policy” sections where they use the (inaccurate) phrase “high risk” and repeatedly write “public safety.” Those sections repeatedly show the ignorance of the legislators.

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        It is not Ignorance they know the truth but the truth goes against what the public wants and what they must do to satisfy their constituents. We need to make the people understand first then the politicians will fall in line of lose their seats.

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      Carol S

      The featured DA was at a Senate Judiciary hearing I attended. He, as well as almost all the committee members, behaved like children who plugged their ears, shouted, and adamantly refused to listen to any of the facts (superbly presented by Atty Aaron Marcus.) I was stunned and disgusted at the unethical behavior. They do not seek truth. As the piece showed the response is always the same “talk to the hand; my mind is made up so don’t confuse me with the facts.” But here in PA we continue to fight on.

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        This behavior if recorded by video or audio would end these peoples carriers as should happen.

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      Oh how I wish there were a way to make this registry thing go away! My son has just the one crime (sex with underage girlfriend with her parent’s knowledge), and now, 13 years later, he is married, has a 8 year old son who will soon find out from kids at school that his dad is a sex offender…… He can’t find a job, people treat him like pond scum, and in NC, he can’t even attend church if he wanted, much less go to his son’s school activities, parks, etc………If only I were a wealthy person with a good lawyer….. :(………

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      I have hesitated to chime in on this as sometimes I believe everybody is up in smoke on all this. See Maestro I even saw the movie “Up in Smoke” I wonder who is up in smoke today Sure its the parents, the individuals involved in all this scandel and its the people that want to discriminate against us. Sure Larry and Andy do a good job to inform to the internet circuit and sure NARSOL does a good job as well as others in this sex offenders. Is this some modern day society scandel that many are not informed on. Have law enforce overthrown there limit in more ways than one.

      We have gun controls out of measure and that is a major factor, government it seems is out of measure, and it seems that this internet thing is out of measure. Of course I didn’t say anything about mobsters, (today it would be safe to be called governemt crimes if one would like to call it that) or the physical elements or this country out of line. Is our constitution getting weak or are we the people getting weak and just letting government hand out the view’s of the status quo.

      Believe it or not you people are beginning to scaring me but I can understand your frustration and we all want some kind of releaf or justice. Now look each one of you have the right to make changes. Narsol is pressing on and so are others in this fight for all. Sure I’ve been thu my growing years and so have a lot of others on here and we all have had our ups and downs.

      This ordeal is not like getting caught up with a little bag of weed which is now legal in a lot of states. Course drugs werent the answer. Now we al it seems are invated by those” as Andy calls it” those police prentenders” via the internet. Its time to step up and address our voices more, or all go and just blow our brains out like some have on this sex registry before it eats you to pieaces. Remember I’m not a monster. Yes bringing back some common values is good or should we all be gangsters of our past.

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      It is my hope and dream that people like Dauphin County Chief Deputy District Attorney Sean McCormack find themselves wrongful convicted of a sex crime and end up on the list that they support.

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        Problem is D, that these fine folks immune themselves from the laws they create and/or support. They typically protect each other (unless they need to make an example of someone as a cover) thru their memberships or secret societies (as it may apply). These people often do not ever get to feel the negative effect of their decisions that affect everyone else, but themselves. Their families are protected as well. True slavery of the masses (not by color of skin anymore), but too many people still fail to realize it. Too busy worrying about Superbowl, TV entertainment, the Kardashians news drama and not about protecting your “neighbors” for the right reasons when it comes to the over reach of laws that affect everyone and have no proven record of doing what they say they do. In other words, lies!!! Hope and dream all you want of course, that is your right, but do not expect much nor sit and wait for it or you will be sorely disappointed. Congressman Anthony Weiner was an exception! (and we do not hear about him anymore do we? It was never even stated in his sentencing if the registry was to be an “obligation”)

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      Actually a lot of you all are right. I wonder who said the phrase I’m not a monster. Now I’m sure a lot of us get the quarterly letter in the mail for fingerprints and siginiture to send back ifor registry update. I wonder what’s violent todayor who’s violent today. I wonder what’s graphic today and I wonder how one determine’s violent. I guess that would be determined by the victim if there was a real victim or if he or she was mutilated or manilipulating in some way such as people conning people in everyday life, business, or anything out that is the civil world. Something we all should have learned in the 70’s is the term “propaganda” which can be used for political mind controling but is it of a faithful value in a lot of situations today

      . I just wonder who’s above authority today or who is still in authority, principals , and true value for all human beings for equal rights. I’m sort of wondering if the bill of rights or the constitution still mean anything today with whats going on.

      When one is manipulating the conscience its a bad scene all together. Even when others manipulate in a psychological or an emotional way that is just as bad also. Should we call this border situation in Texas a controlling or manipulating endeavor to seperate kids from parents or government going a bit too far? I wonder why we imigrated from england if thats the beef.

      How does that relate or tie in to our situation. Like the president said 100% zero tolerance. Remember Government in control of everything or are principals left for immigrant’s. If its public safety that kids be seperated from the parents, than its all worth it just like the vietnam war right. if it helps save lives its worth those men killing others. Remember 100% zero tolerance while I am on my watch as someone said. I am afraid a no tolerance factor is bit about man’s design and is not a compasion or merciful route to go. Sure I believe in law and order just like everybody but all men in government have wanted to weasle out or cover up mistakes. Does the term undercover operation sound a bit fishy now and being brought more to light with this episode.

      I can’t believe that we are that perfect as a world. So were does that leave the monster or the taming of the shrew? and I’m sure you all know where I’m coming from on that one.

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      Jamie W.


      This is my first visit to this extraordinary site. My compliments to its creator/s. OK so I am a registrant on the PSP’s Megan’s Law website. Back in 1999 I was convicted of a sex crime against a minor. I was sentenced to a maximum of 5 years which would be served in the county jail. On sentencing day, May 27th of that year, I specifically remember my judge telling me and everyone present in the gallery that I would be required to register as a sex offender for the rest of my life upon release from custody. He also told us that, “registration under Pennsylvania’s sex offender registration law is not a form or punishment, and that is not a part of the sentence.” At the time, I was thinking to myself about getting through the next 5 years, not really worried about Megan’s Law; that I would cross that bridge when I came to it. Fast forward to April of 2004. I was released from custody, and did as I was told, to register with the state police. No big deal. Or so I thought. Prior to my arrest, I was able to obtain almost any job I felt I was qualified for, and I figured it would be the same in 2004. Not so. I applied for many jobs that spring, only getting rejection after rejection. A good friend of mine, a man I met in jail who was also in for a sex offense, told me that the reason for so many rejections is that employers are screening applicants using these new background check websites which disclose anything an employer would want to know. And here it is, 14 years later, and I am still not able to obtain employment. I live on a monthly payment from the Social Security Administration, which barely covers my living expenses. In 2012 I think it was the legislation regarding Megan’s Law changed. Now, instead of having to register once annually, I was now required to register quarterly. Salt to the wound. But now, I think legislators are getting the point: that the whole Megan’s Law idea is most likely a waste of manpower as well as taxpayer money. I received a letter from the PSP in Harrisburg a couple of months ago stating that I am now only required to register once a year again due to Act 10, which was approved by Governor Tom Wolfe. So I hurried to the state police barracks and did what I had to do. Well, during processing, the officer who was putting in my information squinted at something on his screen. He told me that I would most likely be done with Megan’s Law either this year or next year. I told him that I was a lifetime registrant, and he said no, you are now a 15-year registrant. Your 15 years started in 2004 when you got out of jail. When he finished with me he handed me my copy of the paperwork. I read it carefully to make sure everything was correct, and while doing so, where it always said Lifetime for the length of the registration period, it now read 15 years. Under Status it says Active (Pending Review). The point is, come 2019 I think I will be free of this witch hunt. I am truly thankful that this is coming to an end. At least for me, and many others like me. Thanks to everyone involved in helping our lawmakers take this rather large step forward.

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        Hello Jamie,
        I am glad that you found us. That change in your lifetime registration to 15 years, and frequency of reporting would be due to the Pa. Supreme Court striking down the AWA last year. Progress is being made all over the country. If you didn’t hear about it, you can read about it here:

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