NARSOL wants charges dropped against teacher

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      Sandy Rozek

      NARSOL has issued a press release to Connecticut media as well as many other state officials in response to the recent arrest of Tayler Boncal, a 22-y
      [See the full post at: NARSOL wants charges dropped against teacher]

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      If the student is 18, he is of the age of majority!! There’s no sex crime to begin with!! Duh!

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        Jonny everyman

        Many states have a law making it a crime for coaches and teachers to have relationships with students even if they are of age.

        While these were meant to keep 18 year old girls from being lured by their 45 year old teacher. I’m not sure it meant two men within 4 years of one another.

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          “While these were meant to keep 18 year old girls from being lured by their 45 year old teacher”

          Yeah because….everyone who is younger than the other person is always “lured”. It’s NEVER been a case of the younger person having a yen (crush, romantic interest) in the older person.
          Has anyone here been to see the “Iron Man” movie? I’ve seen/heard young girls literally wooing over Robert Downey, Jr. He’s in his 50’s, maybe even 60 by now…? Yeah.
          I don’t think this ridiculous dictatorship law was made for the reason you gave, I think it was made because the schools didn’t want the romantic involvement to secure a failing student getting a passing grade because the teacher would ‘favor’ the failing student.
          All in all, still no place for LAW ENFORCEMENT in these instances. Resign or be moved to a different job location.
          An of-age student with a teacher/coach does NOT make that teacher/coach a threat to anyone’s damn safety. Period.

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      Larry Stephen Evans

      Well I’m sorry for them to be facing this but they want to over reach to try and give their false impression they are protecting the public they are reaching into the Private lives of adult Private citizens the parents are aware and approve who is the victim here.

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      Welcome to my state – everything is a crime.

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      Maybe sexual assault was an overstep ethically….but doesn’t the coach have a fiduciary duty not to engage in relations with the students……I think it is a conflict of interest. It is however sad that this incident has potentially scarred a young persons reputation.

      Nonetheless I agree we need to create new laws to protect persons against such injustice.

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        I posted the following on another article on this site but this is the article I SHOULD have posted it on. I hope the mods will allow this re-post since it’s based on this topic and involves yet ANOTHER Connecticut “sex crime” story.
        Mods: I added something to this original comment so it is kind of different from the one i posted a few moments ago…

        Last night on the local news here in Connecticut, a 25 yr old security guard (hired from the high school from an outside guard company) was arrested and charged with 2nd degree sexual assault for having….

        A CONSENSUAL RELATIONSHIP WITH AN OVER LEGAL AGE STUDENT!! The student is 17 (legal age in CT is 16).

        I’m sick of this nonsensical excuse about jobs being “positions of power”. IRRELEVANT!!!!
        Two human beings (of legal age) are attracted to each other and that’s called HUMAN NATURE!!! All of the religious people of society encourage a MAN and a WOMAN to find each other and fall in love and procreate, right? RIIIIIGHT? But now it’s more important as to HOW or WHERE they meet than the importance that 2 people took a liking to each other in a NATURAL WAY?
        So this man was a SECURITY GUARD…. HELLO! SECURITY GUARD!! How much “power” is there in doing a job that simply helps to stop hallway fights or trespassers onto the grounds? They don’t have the “power” to arrest anyone….they’re SECURITY GUARDS. No different than a BOUNCER at a bar!!!

        The argument of “position of power” means NOTHING to me, so let’s not even go there. How about the school ask that he be sent somewhere else to work if he and the student are going to be involved romantically? Or the company he works for asks him to resign from his “authoritarian” position in order to continue with his relationship?


        (added) To carry on with the argument of “position of power” and forcing people in certain jobs to “feel bad” for consensual relationships sounds a bit DICTATOR-ISH to me. No government has the right to dictate two consenting people that they cannot fall in love or just simply have a romantic fling (neither is anyone’s business but the 2 involved.)
        If this is such a ‘problem’, the simple solution for the employer is to MOVE the person to another job site OR ask them to resign. NOT RUIN A LIFE PERMANENTLY!

        17 and 25. A 25 yr old is no perfect human being and can be just as “immature” as a teenager. Unless perhaps none of YOU have ever been out in the REAL WORLD to see it for yourselves!
        If Elvis Presley can be 24 and court a 14 yr old and then end up marrying her a couple of years later, who is to say these ‘May-December’ relationships wouldn’t end up the same way if law enforcement kept the f**k out of it!!???

        This man’s life is now going to be RUINED forever!! He is going to be considered a “threat to public SAFETY” for a g*ddamn CONSENSUAL RELATIONSHIP WITH AN ABOVE AGE TEEN!!! WHAT IN THE ACTUAL F**K ARE WE DOING IN THIS COUNTRY??????

        ENOUGH!!! NARSOL, please get on this case the same as you’re doing for the 22 yr old track coach here in CT who is romantically involved with an 18 yr old!!!

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      I had a post but I guess it never got posted but it doesn’t matter, what matters is the truth in all this mischarage. This teacher in connecticut as well as all teachers show bad examples, sure they were both of legal age from what I gather from reading up about this so should we all say we ourselves showed bad examples or where we caught up so to speak.

      Did the guy in Florida show a deadly example? Does Government show bad examples or should we all reason with each other that this is the way it is and this is the way it should be. Believe it or not if we where good we wouldn’t need police enforcment would we. Now NARSOL and others are there to help and support this cause and so are others, and sure we all have to come together on this issue we all are fightening for.

      Its just a shame that police seem to want to over ride others if you would like to cal it that. Dupe people thru an internet, spy on their activities and such. Now we are all human and we all do make mistakes but life threating mistakes are the worst kind. Hasn’t Government made mistakes, hasn’t our President made mistakes, or Government Rubio out in California or any one on this planet. Now when it comes to law who’s the one that crys’ for justice. At times law can be just as guilty.

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      Ashley Kramer

      A 18 year old boy can be drafted to go and fight for this country, but cannot chose a female 4 years older than he.
      Seems hippocritical to me.

      The person who needs help here is the “parent” not related to either of the young people involved. That adult person surely has issues that can’t be determined by me.
      But if I were forced to guess and I’m not but I will anyway, he or she could have been jealous and wanted revenge. Or that person was devoid of an intellect that would surely understand appreciate that the lawmakers did not intend to protect 18 year old boys from 22 year old girls. He or she is the one who should be seen by a court psychiatrist. That person could be just starting on a Puritan attack of deciding the morals of 16 century Americans. Oops it is the 21st century and all sorts of changes have taken place for most of us.

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