NARSOL to sheriff: “Stop what you’re doing or face legal action.”

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      Sheriff Neil Warren of Cobb County, Georgia, and his deputies are enforcing several requirements against those on the sexual offense registry in their
      [See the full post at: NARSOL to sheriff: “Stop what you’re doing or face legal action.”]

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      If they don’t stop, what makes any different than any other vigilantes?

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      Great job! Continue the fight

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      Good luck with that!
      The U.S. Supreme Court does not enforce its own constitutional precedent as it does not act as a court of legal error correction, unlike in most other countries. Nor does the Supreme Court police courts of lower instance for misconduct.
      A federal district court and appellate court are therefore at liberty to ignore, i.e. distinguish, precedent with impunity.
      It is exceptionally unlikely that a state court will issue a cease and desist order in cases involving burdens imposed on sex offenders, no matter how egregious.
      It is even more unlikely that a state court of higher instance will overrule a lower state court.
      And, even if you get a cease and desist order – the Sheriff can violate it with impunity.
      If he is somehow should be found culpable, he will at most be slapped on the wrist, and re-elected for life by his constituents for standing up for their civil rights against sex offenders.

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      Next they might start making them wear a star of david on their clothing. You know being marked in public like the Jews in Nazi germany

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      Chris C

      Bravo. I’ve decided to increase my donations to NARSOL and Vivanté Espero.

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      They will stop because they have to. One has to ask, why are these things happening in the south? I don’t recall many if any incidences like this in Vermont or Massachusetts etc. I guess its must be the wonderful forgiving, charitable, God like nature of people who claim to be such wonderful Christians in the Bible Belt. These are sad pathetic individuals with a better than thou attitude. I wonder if there would ever be any hope for them to see the error of their ways. I am not a church goer, but do believe in prayer and a positive attitude, and a positive attitude by many of us can bring change and a halt to these things because good will win. My thoughts are with the people that are being unnecessarily harassed, you are not alone and people care about you.

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      David W

      @ Alexander: I have to disagree – there is evidence that courts DO find in favor of Registrants. Look at residency restrictions in California. The Cali courts ruled that such restrictions can ONLY be applied to those on parole or probation. ACSOL has fought and won a number of such cases.

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      Dwayne Daughtry
      Dwayne Daughtry


      I would like to personally thank you for contributing to Vivanté Espero. Such donations are valuable in securing appropriate and future legal resources.


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      Donna you have a very good point there. I even wonder why they gave me probation instead of me wanting to go to court on this issue, was it to silence me, justify their actions or playing some slick willy number to ocercome. One would probably say all’s fair in love and war but issues still need to be reasoned out and settled in many of these matters.

      Many of these ordeals are authority going above authority. I’m sure we all still have the commandments. This conspiricy of justice if one wants to use that or think that way is a bit underhanded master mining. If law enforcement didn’t plan to do evil, entice, or groom than much of this registry would not even be. Even a lot of these prison systems would have one less person due to this registry.

      Sure safety is good in many situations but safety in numbers is also more better. So who betrays’ who with this internet encounter in many ways in this bias challenge of words and where is the compassion in all this type of man’s understanding. One wonders were ethics are today in many courts of law.

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      Your comparing California to Georgia. I’ll concede that Californian’s are somewhat insane when it comes to over regulation and pioneering of sex offender regulation. But the one thing that every on forgets about the south is that they don’t give a damn about any ruling… They will just do as they please. Look at the state of civil rights in the southern states. They always find a way to corner they ones they deem “less than”.
      My solution…. Strength in numbers. Every one of us affected by the registry should all move to the same place and control the narrative with our dense population. There’s already about a million registered citizens in this country and the sympathy grows when considering their families.

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      Here’s My Take on the whole thing:
      Remember The Jim Crow Laws back in the Pre-Civil Rights Struggles, and even during them? Those of you in your 50’s or 60’s do remember those VIVID NEWS STORIES. LIVE. When Black People were hit with High-Pressure Fire Hoses. Beaten Mercilessly, and often resulting in Permanent Maiming or Death! ESPECIALLY IN THE SOUTH!!
      Remember ‘The Purge’ Movies. Because I’m Deathly afraid, that hose days are a lot closer than we believe. Only The Targets WILL BE US!!
      Believe It.
      Riff Griff.

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      The Criminalized Man

      @Echo, et all – Maybe they’ll ignore it but they will be doing so blatantly and publicly. That’s where the press release becomes valuable. They’ll have to make excuses for their excesses to the media, or just drop one highly embarrassing “no comment” after another.

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      I’m here in Tangipahoa Parish, State of Louisiana, I vwas never notified to register, no one notified me for 24 years. Got put i8n jail on a traffic stop the officer wanted to know how I avoided not having sex offender on my driver/s license for 24 years.

      It was their duty to notify me, now the 21st judicial court and Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Office, has also falsified document’s that I registered in 11996, I pulled my work sheet which is Iron Clad, shows that I could not have been at the Sheriff’s office at 12:42pm
      on that date. Tangipahoa Parish also faked a sex offender registration form that I registered in 1994.

      I am at this time attending court here in this parish, they continue to alter records in my case in order to discredit me before the court, they now know that I have the evidence of their falsified document’s.

      They framed me on this charge with a prostitute, she is a dope phine, she has had her brother in jail for rape because he would not give her money for drugs. Then a few month’s later she had her uncle in jail for the same thing, I was in jail with both of them.

      Now they have put another rogue judge on my case, they are going for a second fame job. However, I have been filing against the court since studying and finishing a few law courses. I have been keeping the at bay for 4 years now, They are still trying to bluff me into registering, I refused to register, been trying to get a hearing to bring everything to light. The judge refuses to give me the hearing. I been arrested 4 time’s them in court.

      The girl’s brother she had in jail explained to me that when he came home at night the judge would be in bed with his momma the next night he would be in bed with his sister this is the same judge who sentenced me and I think he shoulkd have been on the sex offender registration.

      You will be hearing more from me as time go on with my case.


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      H n H

      David, states such as mine get away with blanket lifetime parole for anyone with a criminal case involving sex. It doesn’t matter how much hell they make your life, you’re nothing but a piece of meat for the powers to be to chew on, and chew on they will, and they’ll never stop. I can’t even get into how much hell my life is, and it will never ever end. I spent over twice my prison sentence on house arrest, and while on it, sought professional counseling and further, a complete psychiatric evaluation by a leading state sex crime investigator finding me not to be a threat. None of either of the reports given on me were considered by the court at my sentencing. I was sentenced to 2 yrs on top of all the time I was stuck at home. After completing “treatment” in prison, I came out and have been subjected to a complete endless torture of further “treatment” via more psychological brainwashing as part of the parole conditions forced upon me. My life is 100% dominated by a decision I regret, however was completely blown out of proportion to secure a conviction, and yes I did appeal as far as I could. To those on here saying the registry should be applied to all crimes, be careful what you wish for. In my state there’s a registry for drug offenders, as well as violent offenders. The only difference is with sex anything that happens is automatically subject TO LIFE parole, I’m being punished for fighting for the truth, the entire story of which is too lengthy here, but it’s been a windfall for the state to completely milk the conviction for every possible bit of money they can, all done in the facade of “protecting a child”. The experience of all this for nearly 10 years now can only be described as psychological castration, I’ve become a complete pedophobe and the mere sight of children sickens me greatly, not to mention DA’s or the corrupt judges they all sleep with.

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      Charles P

      I am sure some jurisdictions already thought of that (making registrants wear outside identification. Probably was not permitted.

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      Charles P

      Thank you, NARSOL, for staying on top of these kinds of issues, and working to help make sense out of SOR laws. We appreciate all you do!!!

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      Hardie Johnson

      Here in Wake County, NC I get twice a year letters to check in at the Sheriff’s Office, per the State law, and I also get several face to face visits at my home. These visits are above and beyond what the law requires, but the deputies, so far, have just wanted to check that I live here. No problem, so far.

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      Howard Woodworth

      It is pretty evident that the legal system on registered sex offenders pretty much does as they want. A month ago I got a letter from my local sheriffs department that they wanted copies of the registration to every vehicle I owned my boat and trailer inclusive. Also the laws change as they seem to feel fit. When I excepted a plea agreement back in 1998 I still have the papers of my evaluation of the 10 year registration. Yet due to the new laws which they now call a clerical change requires me to register for life. Yet I can show with legal documentation I was only to register for 10 years. They just change things to suit themselves. I just can’t understand but it’s known they do it.

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      James Coghill

      This is what goes on with every law because there isn’t a law written that somebody wont use it to abuse people. Laws don’t make us safer, they make us more susceptible to abuse of power. Laws make all of us, crime no crime, guilty or innocent, accused or free subjects for abuse of power. It always comes in the from those lovely “personal embellishments” to the law that people add on their own in the name of do-gooder justice. This is the kind of injustice that you can’t even track or point a finger at because what they are doing was never written into law and can only be identified through those people with the balls to complain. Would anyone want to live like this?

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      You can ALWAYS stop someone from doing what they shouldn’t do. May not be legal but if you want you can stop Any person from assaulting you.

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      Old Offender

      What make you think that EITHER party will be interested in changing the registry. It is a political third rail and no one wants to be seen as “soft on sex offenders”. The courts are our only real hope.

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      You paint too dark a picture.
      You cannot apply punishment legally on someone for breaking a law that doesn’t exist.
      If that were actually true, you could be told by a sheriff to polish his shoes every time you registered or face jail time, or anything else he/she desired to make you do and the law or courts could not stop them.
      This would lead to exactly what we are seeing-abuse of authority.
      Since these law are not in written in SORNA, they cannot be upheld and will not be upheld in court unless they become written code.
      Where there is no written law, there cannot be a transgression.
      Actually, these offenders could refuse, get arrested, and then sue for false arrest and win.
      A half-way decent lawyer would decimate these sheriffs in court hands down for making and enforcing laws that are not written code and really, that’s what needs to happen. They need to be made an example out of.
      Sheriffs are of the Executive Branch of the government, not Legislative.
      They are not allowed to make their own laws and then enforce them as though they are written law.

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      You know we all seem to forget about crossing over the line or tresspassing against one another. I believe someone on here is making a bit of sense in all this offender confusion. Defending justice is good. Perverting is not. Yes it says that in the bible. Now we all have views and much of this offender ordeal with this sex issue is so uncanny in a lot of ways..

      Sure who likes murder, killings, taking a bribe or getting wind of someone presenting the opportunity to deceive one. Sure there is a right way and a wrong way and also true understanding. Is giving a perversional opportunity the correct way in all or much of this adultrated internet sexual game. For true justice one can’t add anything or take away anything. or should one revert to old ways or be caught up by some man made inducement. So is mankind being shorted in many ways with this form of man made liberty and justice for all or are judges and lawyers just as criminal for their status gain or status quo.

      Yes we have all heard of others commiting suicide over this sex registry business but where is the love in that. Some people may say to one if you want to kill yourself go ahead and do it. Now anyone with some morals or sense is not going to kill themself over say a speeding ticket or racking up points on their driving record or say a divorce settlement, so who is just as guilty. Sure I don’t want to see anyone go to prison over a lot of this debauchery of justice as nobody likes to be abused. One has to stand their ground or others can run over you.

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      Charles, here in Alabama they required having Convicted Sex Criminal printed in bright red on state drivers’ licenses and ID cards, which is a scarlet letter(s) literally, as umpteen occasions require us to present identification to people who then treat us badly. The ACLU (I think it was them) sued and won a court order prohibiting the practice on 1st Amendment grounds–forcing us to make speech (tell people something) we do not want to say. The state attorney general decided not to fight it, and we all received notification we could exchange our licenses at no expense. Now there is a secret code on there (the least intrusive way of achieving the government goal of informing law enforcement during encounters). So, here where they brag of the harshest SO registry requirements, they were stopped after trying a version of what you speak of.

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      Wake up America, it’s right before you eyes Congress is forbidden from passing laws that violate double jeopardy and ex post facto. Instead, did just that by the ruling of the U.S. Supreme Court.
      Congress didn’t have the right under the Constitution, they didn’t have the power to give it to the atty. general. One man to impose such retroactive regulation’s is complete nonsense. I sit here wondering how this law came into effect that is now mandatory.
      It’s one of the craziest laws ever passed, Supreme Court they should have shot this down years ago, it’s unconstitutional on it’s face, it cannot stand. Instead of applying the laws as of our Constitution they ruled against it. This one issue should be brought back before the Court.
      You done your time whether guilty or not of the crime, you are punished for the same crime twice. Where are the legal scholar’s on this issue. It was brought up in a way on the non delegation but the main point is Congress didn’t have the power, how can they give it to the atty. general when they did not have the authority to give it to one man to impose such unconstitutional violation on the American citizens.
      On top of the Court ruling on false information that sex offender’s are highly likely to commit another sexual crime, this is false. They only by 2 to 3 % when in fact it is more likely that a someone they know or a family member are more likely to molest your child than a sex offender, it’s unreal how the law is so twisted by passing the real fact’s.


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      Sandy Rozek
      Sandy Rozek

      Additionally, Alexander and David, the court did find in our favor in Butts Co., Georgia, when it issued a TRO against the placement of signs at Halloween in registrants’ yards. That is a NARSOL case still going forward, both there and in Spalding Co. And the U.S. Supreme Ct., in the Packingham case out of N.C., rendered a decision favorable to those on the registry regarding free speech. A favorable ruling was also had regarding the use of lifetime GPS in Georgia last year; if I am not mistaken, that was also in Cobb Co. And a while back, courts in Maryland rendered a favorable decision regarding the application of some ex-post facto requirements of registrants. So even in the South, truth and facts can prevail.

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      Many of these registrants are non contact offenders who are very remorseful for their crime. They do not want to commit another crime. We must allow them to have as near normal life as possible. Pushing them to the fringes of civilization is only going to increase the odds they commit another crime. Most likely drugs and vagrancy.
      I thought the idea was to rehabilitate and REDUCE crime? Continued punishment is not only counterproductive, it is morally wrong.

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      Gary that is a refreshing insight. Sure insights are good and truth is always truth. Sure we can all go with the Dragnet era of TV with “just the facts” but truth in a situation like this sex situations is a type of leading the person on, so where is the caution in many or much of these ordeal. Where is the truth and understanding.

      Are people trying to search for this truth from some Damien the Omen movie or where is true value in American Justice today. Who is abusing their power in many ways and influencing in many ways of overshadowing in many of these ordeals. So who is doing the real evil.

      Sure we can all talk about American Justice or George Washington and yes Washington was a true Servant to the people and he defended true justice or do we hold these truths to be self evident. Should women sue today over a remark on planet hollywood in this justice for all or is this the stautus quo today for any leader even in jest.

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      Hi Perry, I was tracking right along with your argument in agreement until you went off the rails with Trump lovers. Regardless of political alignments, the registry scheme has been perpetuated by both sides. I think it does us damaged when we allow our personal viewpoint on politics or religion get in the way of the facts. We don’t want to be like those to throw out unsubstantiated hysterics and hyperbole in order to make their point. I don’t think Trump or Obama or anybody else is likely to undo the registry scheme unilaterally nor are they going to stand up and say it’s the best thing since sliced bread. it’s too dangerous politically. This is a cause that has to be fought out locally and in the courts. I appreciate your sentiment and I do see the singling out of a class of people in order to allow collective groupthink and collective aggression an outlet. It’s disgusting. But it’s been with us for a very long time, and started way before Trump or any other politician living today. Let’s focus on the facts and will get farther I believe. Respectfully suggested, Charlie

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        Sandy Rozek
        Sandy Rozek

        I want to chime in here and remind everyone that posts that contain personal views on religion, political affiliations, or are insulting to the religion, political view, or ethnicity of another run the risk of being rejected. Several recently have come very close to crossing the line and a few have probably skidded over. NARSOL represents all who are adversely affected by the registry and its consequences, and, as has been stated, both political parties have had their share in crafting these laws. Placing blame will get us nowhere. We must focus on going forward.

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      Sheriff Depts are part of the Executive branch. Sheriff Offices are their own and responsible to the constitution of the state the are in. The distinction is important because it will then determine the line of authority which they garner their power (and possibly where they can get into legal trouble, e.g. state constitution violation). Read the FAQ section of the National Sheriff’s Assn website to see the difference or read here question 8 from that page:

      8. What is the difference between a Sheriff’s Office and a Sheriff’s Department?

      Black’s Law Dictionary defines the terms as follows:

      DEPARTMENT: “One of the major divisions of the executive branch of the government….generally, a branch or division of governmental administration.”

      OFFICE: “A right, and correspondent duty, to exercise public trust as an office. A public charge of employment… the most frequent occasions to use the word arise with reference to a duty and power conferred on an individual by the government, and when this is the connection, public office is a usual and more discriminating expression… in the constitutional sense, the term implies an authority to exercise some portion of the sovereign power either in making, executing, or administering the laws.”

      The Office of Sheriff is not simply another “department” of county government. The internal operation of an Office of Sheriff is the sole responsibility of the elected Sheriff. County department heads are subordinate to a county governing body, because a “department” is truly only a division of county government. The Office of Sheriff is a statutory/constitutional office having exclusive powers and authority under state law and/or state constitution. These inherent powers are not subject to the dictates of a local county governing body.

      The Office of Sheriff has inherent common law powers and sovereignty granted under a state’s constitution and/or state law. It is different from a county department which derives its limited authority from whatever is delegated to is by statute or by state constitution.

      The use of the term “Department” implies being a subordinate unit of government (i.e. subordinate to local government – “delegated” authority from county government to a Department). The use of the term “Office” implies inherent powers and independent sovereignty.

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      This particular sheriff has an office according to what I found online, so what their office may be doing is unconstitutional in the state of GA.

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      Jeremy from Indiana

      Your comment is overly political and while I am not a moderator in any shape or form on this site, I find this to be an inappropriate place to debate politics. Since you opened the door though, I will respond to a couple of things: One, neither side has the guts to repeal SORNA or the Adam Walsh Act. If the Democrats are woke enough to as you seem to think they are, why didn’t it get done when we had a Democratic President and both chambers of the legislature were Democratic majorities? The only way this will get done is challenging it in the courts. Two, there are many of us registrants that span all the way across the spectrum in politics, so please don’t assume that we are all Democratic head-nodders.

      ****comment edited by moderator****

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      The political comment that sparked this has been edited. It was apparently missed. If I see anymore they will be rejected.

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      I have had discussions with sheriff’s investigators who come to my house to “verify” my address.I have served my sentence in its entirety which expired in 2015. As such, I am not on probation, nor parole.

      I’ve told the sheriff’s investigators in no uncertain terms that if I want a policeman at my door, I’ll call 911. Nothing personal, but they are not welcome here. I am well within my rights on this as law enforcement has absolutely no authorization in the law to enter my property without invitation or warrant. Ah, you may say that the law authorizes them to verify your address periodically, but you would be wrong about that. I can find nothing in OCGA 42-1-12 that authorizes such a visit nor requires the sex offender to allow the sheriff onto his property.

      Sheriffs statewide practice registration requirements beyond what the law requires of individuals. For instance, I am required at every registration interval to sign and initial forms that are nothing more than future evidence to be used against me so I can’t say I didn’t know. Also, the forms ask for telephone numbers, whether I smoke or drink alcohol and what brand of tobacco I smoke and alcohol I drink. Such extraneous information should not be allowed.

      OCGA 42-1-12 (f) spells out what is required of the offender. Nothing more or less can be required at registration. All other parts of the statute are directed at definitions and what is required of the law enforcement agencies. It can say what it says about what is required of law enforcement, but if it’s not in subsection (f), it’s no concern of mine. For instance, subsection (i) 14. requires the sheriff to collect a $250 fee, but nowhere does it say that the offender is required to pay any such fee. Nobody has ever asked me for the money, but if they did, I’d refuse to pay it. What are they going to do? Rob me right there in the sheriff’s office?

      The foregoing does not apply to persons on probation or parole who are required as a condition of probation or parole to allow law enforcement officers to do pretty much whatever they damn well please in this area.

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      Bob Thorpe

      @Joseph (

      You are 100% correct, without doubt.

      In Georia, law enforcement has no authority at all to require a Person Forced to Register (PFR) to allow LE to visit them at his/her home, place of work, or anywhere else. I’d recommend that all people surround their properties with fencing or walls and never allow LE to visit them.

      You are also correct about their Registration forms. They have ALWAYS been wrong and illegal, for over 2 decades! They ARE that incompetent. I’ve personally forced them to correct the forms a number of times. But they always slide back to operating outside of the law. They break the law. It’s what they do, criminals can’t help it.

      When I fill out their idiotic, illegal forms, I just draw a line through all items that are not required by law. That includes the smoking and alcohol as you mentioned. Also father and mother’s names, addresses, etc. I *believe* the ones that are required by law are marked with an *.

      I have never paid the $250 either. If they ever stole that from me I would ensure that I stole about $3,000 back from them. Come hell or high water. I’m already costing them as much as I possibly can. I lobby all the time to keep their budgets and salaries down. It is effective.

      Intelligent LE agencies waste as little time as they are able on the Registries. Obviously there are plenty of LE agencies around that are not intelligent or competent. Including Cobb County, Georgia.

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      Sandy and yes Charlie I am glad you all chimed in. Sandy I hate to say it but you are right and so is Charlie in a lot of ways Its not about politicians, religon or all’s fair in love and war or who is abusing their power or a mathical equation to the highest power but it is about truth and justice.

      Taking an oath for any type of service is very important even defending a country. So who can prevent things from happening., such as this Bryant ordeal or many ordeals we all go thru. Sure defending is good but than again view’points and reasoning are good or who is doing the right thing.

      Well one thing is NARSOL and all these groups are standing up and that is an accomplishment unto itself and helping in many of these ordeals and speaking out which is very commendable.

      Sure we all have viewpoints but we don’t go around and monitor each individual or do we all monitor ourselves as I’m sure adults have responsiblities and qualities of human understanding or do we all make mistakes. They say pride goeth before the fall but who is proud of the way a lot of this registry is and many of these stipulations.

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      Nicky Bryant

      I would live for that to happen. We can start in Alabama. Let me know when the movement is organized.

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      Actions taken against other unconstitutional actions against residents have been challenged in court and stopped. In California and other states they have been ordered to cease. Legal action does work. Patience is hard to come by but dispair leads to inaction thereby allowing these abuses to continue. They will be stopped. Already the Supreme Court has ruled that you cannot bar a registrant from using the internet.
      I am convinced that eventually this list will be thrown out by the Supreme Court, overturning their own decision that is an administrative requirement years ago. It is punishment and now with years passed their is enough concrete evidence to prove it as such.

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      Gregory Welker

      In california the statement a yone can stop those abusing us is simply not true.. I have been on parole for four years. Have had my rights violated many times by parole. Every time I submit through the grievance process. I am given a new parole condition which further restricts lawful behavior not at all related to my specific case factors.. just recently told I can noy leave the county without permission.. after four years. Already have general condition of 50 miles . Now I must submit permission to go to church. Even have generic generated form.. Have to give all case and conditions to church and turn into parole. Again this after four years.. why now? Denied hot meals served to homeless do to parole. What next?? A y increase on liberty even while on parole has to be related to the parolee.. they do not care. I

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      One has to love this article” stop what your doing or face legal action” and that does have meaning. Sure a lot of people would disregard that notice but with a force in numbers and true faith and understanding this can all stop or who is type casting who or who is actually protecting who. in a lot of this make believe hot pants girl via computer that wants one to come down to meet. Sure nothing wrong with a stop and desist notice.

      If one reason’s it all out in many ways its the devil playing tricks and yes government agents can play a game type action on anyone in this callous type ordeal and cover their butts with some type of .. well we are doing this for prevention. Wow talk about the “Golden Rule” going out the window.

      So we can either all beat up on ourselves or take more of a stand and defend. Are many of us swayed in this type of intimidation. Sure letters of Action are good such as a stop and desist or are heads of government using the “motto today” of nobody tells me what to do..
      As Sandy has already said its not about religion and yes I’m sure we would all agree but it is about truth and principal.

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      I would just like to say one more thing in this subterfuge that many are going thru if NARSOL will give me the time.. Many didn’t plan on this whole ordeal but were caught up by this sexual type of role play with the inducement of a teenage girl as the crowning glory by these officers.

      Sure we can all say why or is someone bearing the sword wrongfully. Like Charlie said this type of ordeal has many facets and many angles or factors but the basic principal is right there. Next they will have female police posing as hookers via the internet to trap men instead of teenagers or young men.

      Is that any way for true justice to deceive to acheive or to abuse and conquer to overthrow one. Sure Sandy has already mentioned its not about religion but than what is it about. Is it about someone refusing to give over their Tax returns, being truthful, or being upfront in this type of confontation .

      Actually thats why I really enjoy all these viewpoints. Sure we can all be abused in many ways and forms but something like this sex registry even makes law enforcement look like a humpty dumpty and says a lot to government. Sure if we all get this in the newspapers and spread the word I’m sure much of this registry will have a more rational view of understanding. We can all do our part in helping others and informing the public about these uncanny ways.

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      Hello. This happens a lot in Wake County North Carolina where an SORO will come to your residence and place an Home Visit Paper on your door. It will say….This is the Wake County Sheriffs Office of the Sex Offender Registry Unit Office. It will have your personal information right on front, saying to call a certain number to verify you received this paper. This paper is placed where anyone can read and have access too. I know the public has the right to access this information, if they choose to look it up, but not at the expense of the careless SORO Officers placing papers with that information on the door ways of the sex offenders residence. This is happening way too often and not sure how often they are allowed by law to do a home visit a year versus the twice a year requirement. It just seems to me that many law enforcement officers are out to make the life’s of many sex offenders more difficult not caring what may happen in the end.

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      H n H

      Would someone please get this guys picture off the front page of the site? Please. I really don’t need any reminders of individuals in power appearing smug, and that’s one picture I cringe when it comes across my screen.

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      Will Allen

      I agree somewhat. I don’t like to repeatedly see the faces of active criminals like Neil Warren. But I do think it is important that people who might come in contact with them know what they look like. They are a danger.

      Also, one of the key things all of these criminal sheriffs attempt to do is to keep pictures of themselves out in the public. All for their re-election and to try to pimp for more $$$ and resources. They’ll pull PR stunts with the Registries as part of their election campaigns.

      So I’d like to see the pictures but only with a warning on the picture itself, not covering the face but directly below it. Perhaps large, red words saying something like:

      Enemy of Americans
      Cobb County, GA Sheriff
      (picture retrieved mm/dd/yyyy)

      I’d like a date on the photo so people can know how closely criminals they see might resemble it.

    • #69171 Reply
      Will Allen

      I listened to a bit of a “Registry Matters” podcast about this. Thank you all for trying to control these law enforcement criminals. The podcast said that a county attorney replied to you and I hope you are planning on posting that response. I could use a laugh. Anyway, I’d just like to post here the comment that I posted at the podcast itself, thanks:

      Hello. Thank you for your work. I wish I could listen to more of it but there is only so much time! That is the biggest problem with fighting the Registries.

      I listened to about 1 hour of this podcast. I’d like to thank you, NARSOL, and everyone else fighting, especially when no one has to do it.

      I know other sheriffs in Georgia are doing exactly what Cobb County is. They are operating outside of the law. For example, the law is clear about what information people are forced to give to them (at the point of a gun, of course). But these sheriffs are too incompetent and arrogant to just simply follow that. All of them request more and suggest it is required. That is not just messing around, that is operating outside of the law.

      The person on the podcast named Larry sounds great and obviously well informed. I would like to suggest to him and others though that he does not call Registrants “offenders”. I think you, NARSOL, and everyone else should call a Registrant a “Person Forced to Register (PFR)”. Much more accurate.

      Also, PFRs need to get over trying to hide. The podcast suggested that if PFRs did not allow law enforcement to come onto their properties and then sign their papers, that they might visit their neighbors. People need to get over that and encourage it. Personally, I’d be completely happy if LE never came near me and they can harass my neighbors about me as much as they like. I’ve got no concern or issues with simply ignoring anyone that is a problem. The Registries long ago changed me into a person who couldn’t care less what other people think.

      Personally, I’d encourage PFRs to never allow LE to get near them. Put fencing or walls around your property and keep them out. They are a danger.

    • #77798 Reply
      A.V. in Georgia

      I happen to live in Cobb County,GA,and have been through the repeated harassment of the repeated “residency checks”, but the worst was being arrested,last month, for “Failure To Provide Information”,even though I did. I won’t post the lengthy details here, but I did on another website of people on the registry in the member’s forum.
      This article could very well help my case, and my situation could very well help NARSOL prove it’s case against the sheriff. I would appreciate any moderators,execs,lawyers,etc. from NARSOL to contact me- You have my email required to post this- Or let me know how to contact you. Thanks.

    • #77842 Reply

      It’s official: Cobb County,GA Sheriff Neil Warren has been defeated 54%-46%.

    • #79511 Reply

      It’s been almost a year. Has there been any progress in this case?
      I live in Cobb,and it has direct bearing on my case (See above reply on 2 Nov.). I didn’t read the entire cease and desist order until yesterday, where I found that they specifically mentioned improperly requiring phone numbers which is what they used to arrest me.
      I also found the following on the Restore GA website:
      If the offense conduct occurred after June 30, 2006 you must disclose any full-time, part-time, or volunteer employment with or without compensation exceeding 14 consecutive days or for an aggregate period of time exceeding 30 days during any calendar year. My offense was in July or August of 2005. I’ve searched every title and section to try to find where it specifies the date,but no luck. If anyone knows,I would greatly appreciate it.

      • #79795 Reply

        The new Cobb County Sheriff was just on the news saying that his department will be going through an outside audit to make sure that they are obeying protocols. Would it be beneficial to send him the cease and desist order to make him aware of what’s been going on?

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