NARSOL to sheriff: Stop the fear-mongering

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      As have done politicians before him, Sheriff Manny Gonzales of Bernalillo County, New Mexico, is using the tactic of creating fear in the public in hi
      [See the full post at: NARSOL to sheriff: Stop the fear-mongering]

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      Why can’t law enforcement be charged with a crime for this? Things are difficult enough for RSO. Society will Always look at SO as child molesters, all put under one title. Justice? I think not! I am oh so thankful to have NARSOL working so hard to try to change things. I will never understand people’s way of thinking. If people would only educate themselves on this prejudice law, they too would see how easy it would be for them too to very well be on this list. This registry, in my opinion, is as cruel as Cancer. I pray every day for changes

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        Nena, the answer is simple.

        Public sentiment is on the Sheriff’s side. Also, those who enforce the laws are often allowed to exist above the law.

        Maybe registered citizens in that jurisdiction need to at least try to sue him in civil court for rhetoric that could lead to their physical harm. After all, I’m sure studies exist to prove his every word a lie.

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        I’ve had cancer twice, and being a RSO is worse. Cancer you can make a strategy on treatment, work with your team, work with your body, and focus on the goal of beating it back. Cancer tries to break you down, but It’s you and your team against the disease, and you have a chance Being a RSO is worse, you are lied about, harassed, humiliated and its almost always from the governing bodies. They have a strategy to increase fear, that increases their power and revenue. You are the useful target, no amount of truth, or logic, or wisdom will matter. They make the rules, they implement them, and then change the rules as they need. You cannot win, and if it looks like you will, they change the rules and personally attack you. I prefer Cancer it’s a far more honorable opponent.

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      Good for you, NARSOL! Only that I’m sure such letters get tossed in the garbage by these political puppets. Perhaps a debate with these sheriffs is a better option if you can make that happen.
      I love how they caution the public about a person with a sexual offense being “armed and dangerous”.
      If this is a state that lets people off the registry after 10 yrs or however long, how is non compliance while on it any different than no longer having to register your address when your time on it has expired? 🤦🏻‍♂️
      Armed an dangerous indeed. Wow.
      These registrants probably literally said to themselves: “Screw this! I’m gonna live my life and not worry about telling some legalized bully system where I’m residing.”

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        Maestro, you are missing the point. It is not a letter to the sheriff, it is a letter to the paper. And the paper speaks.

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      Make no mistake the use of fear mongering has always been the means by which to police state expands both its range and scope within the daily lives of individuals. Protection rackets operate in the same manner. It is how they justify their costs to the tax payer. The USA has spent trillions yet were are no safer. Another cop here exploits the usual suspects for his own job security. County sheriff’s earn three to six times the average hourly worker.

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      Ric Moore

      I thought using the registry for purposes other than originally intended was against the law??

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      They might be armed and dangerous, a political tactic. Seems he wants to be the robot on Lost in space in this new age movement of instilling fear among the people. Its this sheriff that that is a bit over reactive to get reelected. Its fear-mongering and its also upsetting when its those sheriff’s office that create the opportunities to do those internet sex schemes so that sheriff is actually being concieted in a way and unmorally just in his thinking. Thank NARSOL for doing an article to speak up about this.

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      Roger Witt

      I would really like to join this entity. How can I help. I am a registered sex offender and seem to be getting harassed regularly I am not on probation or parole and have had visits to my residence every month since April. Please advise me as to help I can give and what I need to do.

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