NARSOL to Sen. Cotton: Stop misdirection intended to derail First Step Act

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      Senator Tom Cotton of Arkansas is working hard to influence his fellow Republicans from supporting a bi-partisan prison reform initiative. He is divid
      [See the full post at: NARSOL to Sen. Cotton: Stop misdirection intended to derail First Step Act]

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      I saw the media conference with President Trump in the White House with special guests. He is all in favor of it and said let’s get this thing done and he’s looking forward to signing it. When they went over the details of who it will affect I thought to myself, yea everybody except sex offenders. Registered citizens are excluded from just about everything. I love it when I hear someone say, everyone is welcome except…… know the rest.

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      Maybe senator cotton should have a son or daughter on the sex offender registry or in prison to know how families feel about losing their children. I was told more then once that once they get their hooks in you they never let you go. I’m beginning to believe that. Maybe if that would happen the laws would change real fast.

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        its disgusting how sex offenders are treated there is no one person that is a angel in gods eyes everybody has made mistakes and hopefully this will get looked at in the near future not all sex offenders should have this label i think its disgusting and all about the money in the system they make money and drain the prisoners of there money and could careless if they make it on the streets and leave them to defend for themselves.thats just ruthlessly mean and a disgrace.i will pray till the day i die for sex offenders to get the help they deserve to get back into society for the right reasons.they deserve better!!!!!!!!!God Bless All offenders and pray for better days for you.

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          Natalie H.

          My heart aches for people who are not allowed to reform. How can one reform if they are labeled their entire life?

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      James Coghill

      This organization and its constituents will know they have succeeded when the public no longer treats us with greater consideration than any other offense. Which is the way it’s supposed to be in this country.

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      A man who champions small government trying to protect the prison complex, shocker.

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        Thomas W. Beasley is an American lawyer, political activist and businessman based in Tennessee. He served as the chairman of the Tennessee Republican Party. In 1983 he was a co-founder of the Corrections Corporation of America, a private prison management company.

        I guarantee you Thomas Beasley is all in favor of killing this bill before it can even be brought to a vote. He is ONE OF THE FOUNDERS OF THE NATION’S LARGEST FOR-PROFIT PRIVATE PRISON CORPORATIONS; CorpCivic, formerly CORRECTIONS CORPORATION OF AMERICA.

        They don’t want any bill to pass that would affect their percentage of occupancy. Disproportionately long prison sentences are their bread and butter. They have the money to grease the wheels in their favor.

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      With all the cell phones and homes that have cameras now, it’s only a matter of time before someone big, REALLY BIG gets caught with no way out in a BIG sex offense, and then there will be a major reckoning with the laws. The problem now is, I believe, almost all of it gets swept under the rug secretly to ‘protect’ those in authority, so reform cannot happen, but someone big WILL get caught, and most certainly they will say “Now, wait a minute here, let’s talk about this”.

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        I must respectfully disagree with your assumption that a big politician getting caught committing a sexual offense and facing the prospect of living under the laws that make our lives hell will do any good. Remember, the rich, powerful politicians have ways of avoiding the consequences the rest of us face. Look at Mark Foley.

        Also, does anyone know for a FACT that Anthony Weiner is on the registry and living by the restrictions all of us have to live by?

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          Weiner is still in prison. Jeff Epstein aka Clinton’s buddy got a lenient deal and He still had to register.

          Our best chance to take down the registry is probably liberal judges who find it unconstitutional. Congress will never act in fear of losing votes.

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        David I hope that day comes real soon.

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      Jim OC

      There are no Senators, congress or judges that will ever be able to go against any laws applied against a sex offender even if they want to. Their hands are tied. If they do they will loose their job and have to go into hiding from the miss informed public. It took more than a hundred years for the bullying this ” free country ” did to Indians, African Americans, Irish Americans, Italian Americans, Polish Americans, Japanese Americans, Chinese Americans, Arabic Americans and who ever they choose to bully in “safety’s sake” to start to take justice. We have decades of getting our A#& kicked ahead. It will cost more than Billions of dollars for any relief for us, and will not happen in most of our lifetime. This all is happening in a “Free country” that is “trying” to teach children to be against bullying. What a Sh*# Show for sure. Ive been a registered citizen for 30 years and counting.

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      John S

      Here’s a link to an Arkansas Times editorial cartoon, re Tom Cotton:

      There are at least some of us in Arkansas who recognize TC’s views as far from good.

      Sorry John, your link was broken. Deleted.

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      Sex offenders are treated worse than
      Terrorist in this country. There is no data that supports this type of supervision. They monitor every aspect of life from dreams,sex life, relationships,work,etc. Then once off of
      Supervision no jobs or places to live and go homeless and risk felonies. Sex offenders have the lowest recidivism rate of any crime, according to the department of justice. Then most on ssi.
      They cannot live in rest homes or v.a.
      Even if they’re a vet? They’ve created a new sub class.

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        this is a disgrace that sex offenders are the most mistreated people and i pray for a change everyday of my life for them this is such a disgrace on how there treated is disgusting men for everything they do there a sex offender the justice system needs to wake up and smell the roses there human beings and are so mistreated unbelievable to make them wear a ankle bracelet for the rest of there life its not right for the ones who have made changes in there life to get these demonds of the past.i know several men who are and do not deserve the treatment they get.i sure hope there is a change in the near future.not all offenders are what there made out to be they had no clue there life would be like this and deserve a try to go back in society and live a normal life and given another chance.everything is prison jail just lock them friends thats not the never hear anything good about getting them the help they need to get back into society.its all about how evil they can be to keep them in jail or prison because of what they have done, that should tell us there needs to be someone by there side to help them.thats how you can stop this.i will pray till the day i die for all you.there are more damaging things being done to this country know.i am not saying this is right at all by any means!!!!!.but its about moving on in life as everybody gets older whats happen in the past just becomes the past.offenders do not all reoffend and should not be labeled like this its soooo wrong.i am learning a lot about them how cruel this world can be everybody has sinned in this country we where all bought into this world a sin.there put through way to much there is no such thing as a lighter offense there all trash is the way there treated and it makes me extremely sick to my stomach because there being treated like they just go out and do stuff with little girls and its not the way it is for them.nobody knows till they walk a million miles in there shoes and its purely disgusting.

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      Obvious answers

      if you want to stop this clown.
      1st.hire investigators to:
      A. find all 1st,2nd,3rd party prison union and lobbyist donations.
      B. investigate all family owned stocks and investments in private prisons, monitoring companies, out sourced sex offender registration I.t forms,
      C. all donations from corporations that utilize prison labor private and government held..
      2nd. investigate this man dirty sex laundry and accusations made against him…

      If you do that you will find enough dirt that he will be a reformed prison reformer singing the praises of prison reform from the mountain tops..

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      Rickey Moore

      Just suppose all of us registered sex offenders applied for Social Security disability? If they had to cut checks for each and everyone of us, something would change, too sweet. After all, it is “them” who declare we are so disabled that we will rampage and molest. We are then being declared “disabled” due to their way of thinking.

      If they want to whiz on my shoes, pay me.

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      Carol demoss

      I cannot believe how badly our guys are treated my grandson doesn’t have a violent bone in his body and he got the max cause after court we found out that the judge had worked for the same law firm as the prosecuting attorney. The sex was consensual but the girl was underage but teenager. There is such a large difference between teenagers and under 12 year olds. They have to make it easier on the guys who are not pedophiles. They are all grouped together and it is sooo unfair. Somebody needs to really listen. So many young lives ruined forever.

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