NARSOL to North Carolina: Open emergency shelters to ALL

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      A tragedy is playing out in North Carolina, a tragedy riding on the storm waves of Hurricane Florence predicted to make landfall along the coastline w
      [See the full post at: NARSOL to North Carolina: Open emergency shelters to ALL]

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      Damn shame!!!

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        They want us to all die…plain and simple as that. The registry makes us open to anyone who wants to harm us. They starve us to death because no one will hire us and because we can’t find work we loose roofs from over our heads. Now when an emergency comes up like this they expect us to die in whatever comes at us. I think the authorities who turn people away and cause harm to us due the the registry should be held responsible for wrongful death. It’s bad enough to not be able to get a travel permit to go see my closest living relative out of state, I don’t even have a victim.

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      Facts should matter

      Life is bad enough, but they’ve (lawmakers and victim’s “rights” groups) have made our lives exceedingly difficult just to exist. The worst part? It’s all been normalized as routine in our current culture. “I only care about the victims” is the norm.

      In the wake of this storm, I personally feel they actually WANT us to perish in it by denying sex offenders a temporary safe haven.

      How is this not a silent Holocaust?

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        If I was a registered citizen in North Carolina, I could simply disappear during a natural disaster and let my family claim my death. When will these idiots realize that their erroneous restrictions do more harm than good?
        And, to anyone thinking that it’s impossible to escape the registry so easily, just think about how many registered citizens there are. How many of us get tired of following useless and overly restrictive regulations and just disappear anyway? A natural disaster would make it so easy to just drop straight off the grid and never come back. The fact that our government is requiring us to place ourselves in danger for public safety makes this action so easy. “I couldn’t go to the shelter, so the Hurricane took me away. Don’t worry about me anymore.”
        The prospect is so tempting, I wouldn’t blame anyone for doing it.

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          Soon the landscape of thing will include automated facial recognition devices. China has been using the technology for some time. It is quite distinguished from normal camera utilization for monitoring the general population. It is continuous search. A real dilemma concerning probable cause generated is on the horizon. In GRADYII we see the courts ‘ recognition of continuous electronic searches upon the citizenry. Individual LIBERTY is indeed under attack. The right wingers complains the most about their exclusions from social media companies lately, I say welcome to the boat. For the registrants, all of them, have no real political choice. Both parties claim the higher moral ground yet utilize the sexual innuendo of fact to schmeeeeeeeeer! Here in WI it’s R pacs are on T. Evers. Nationals news left on and on Brett Cavanaugh, high school sexual innuendo. So incredulously sick! When there is a meeting of barn witches Nancy P. & Diane F. fight it out for top witch. I’ll bet both are packing cobwebs!😂

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        Francis farmer

        The victims, those who you have hurt. Yes they are what matters. That and keeping any other potential victims safe from those who have proven they can not control themselves.

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          PAMELA SCOTT

          Frances Farmer –
          Yes, victims and the public need protection. But the registry and most of these acts are taking all of the focus, time, energy, and money away from any programs that might actually work. The registry does not work. It is not necessary. The authorities could just quietly and permanently follow your movements through your SS card or any number of ways so that they can come knock on your door if there are any victims in your area.

          There is zero reason to warn the general public that there are former offenders in their midst. That would take their minds of what they really need to watch for…boyfriends, soccer coaches, Catholic Priests and others who are NOT on the registry.

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      This is immoral, and hopefully, illegal. Feels like we’re living in a third world country.
      I can’t believe I’m even reading this. If this results in ANY life threatening situations for registrants or their families, I hope when this is over you sue their pants off.

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      Sadly, this scenario recently played out in Florida. I don’t think any amount of “appealing to one’s decency” will work. The government and general public just don’t care about us or our families. As we have seen in Florida, lawsuits have to be filed to challenge laws. That takes time and money, while each year, state legislators pile on more restrictions and the suffering continues. We are already on virtual house arrest, but they want us incarcerated forever or dead.

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        Dear JZ… whatever your situation here in Florida please don’t give up! They can take away everything but they can’t take our souls and dignity. You are in a place I was for many years. The longer the registrant the more you either get used to it or just give up. There is no middle ground. I choose therapy but that can be costly. Your church is a good place of solace. And I highly recommend FAC (Florida Action Committee) to get the help you may need. You are so correct in the fact laws need to be challenged and lawsuits are not cheap. Florida may turn Blue this next Election cycle and that would help in the fight against these insane laws. And as we know, Florida has the toughest sexual offender laws. I know right now its all seems like a lost cause, no hope and your life is over but in reality these unjust laws are made by politicians whom minds can be changed in a heartbeat so we must continue the aggressive fight for reformation. Hang in there man, you are not alone in that fight! JEV – True Confessions – NARSOL Digest

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          JEV, thank you for your concern. I’m not giving up, but it would be easier than trying to change things. I agree that they can’t take away our souls, but my dignity was stolen 14 years ago when I first appeared in court. I’ll never get get used to it because I was considered a hero before my offense and now I’m subhuman. As the rules change every year, it’s not even possible to get used to it. I don’t need therapy, I need a job until I reach retirement age. My so-called church kicked me out when I was arrested, long before my conviction. No church I know of, in Jacksonville, wants us. There is no solace to be had anywhere as I’m constantly on guard for physical attacks and spend sleepless nights waiting for my door to be kicked in, again, due to another scurrilous accusation by an anonymous coward. Little chance Floriduh will turn blue. Desatanist has too much power and money to lose. The house democrats are outnumbered 75-41 by publicans and senate democrats 23-16. Not trying to be negative, but the reality is there are not enough good people with power and money out there to make a positive change.

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      The lawmakers and fictitious law enforcement are nothing but the real criminals that have nothing but contempt to sex offender being treated as 3rd class citizens. Mabe the convicted sex offender cam move in to a motel at the taxpayers expense that is s feasible approach to the hypocrites.

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        Francis farmer

        These are chaotic crowded places with many vulnerable people in them. This is the exact type of situation that predators and abusers exploit to their own sick ends.
        I agree there needs to be reform. The two people I know on the registry go as follows : one was caught peeinv outside on his 21st birthday, the other had a two year age difference and still registers even though he has been married to the girl for ten years now. This type of thing should not happen. But what should also not happen is for people who tape and abuse to ever be let back out I to society.
        The problem is the registry covers a spectrum, and people who pee outside when drunk are put in the same category and position as those who rape and abuse children. Either way, you should think about it some. Is it really that crazy that sex offendors are not allowed in these places? Would you really want them around your family?

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          The short answer to your question is YES. Of the 100’s of men I have met and worked with over the past 17 years, there have been only 2 that frightened me. Really frightened me. I dont know you, and you don’t know me. But I can assure you with 1000% that if you or any of the people you loved, or any other person, were in my presence, they would be more safe, secure and protected by me, than anyone on this planet.
          Sounds cliche'(ish),
          Did you know that FBI stats put 60%of violent crime is committed by a SINGLE ethnic group. They’re repeat offenders, convicted felons. drug dealers. pimps. gangbanges, etc. NOT on a list. But sitting next to you in a shelter.
          Watch your back.

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      Deanne Yeager

      Registrants are human beings. They have families who LOVE them. Don’t force them out into the horrendous hurricane! This is an unspeakable horror!

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      Marie Shook

      I am so sorry and will never donate to the Red Cross or any other organization that will not provide housing or provide for the SO’s of any community! They are people too and not all on the registry list are molesters or violent offenders! So sad that this country don’t see humans as humans!

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      I am heartened to know that the dame restriction apply to those convicted of Domestic Violence, Assault, the sale of Illicit Drugs, and Weapons charges. Oh, wait …. these restrictions don’t apply to any of these people whose recidivism rates – as a group – are far higher than for those convicted of sexual offenses. Oh, right, because these restrictions are only political window dressing for supposed public safety. Otherwise, those other groups would be likewise included in the restrictions.

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      Diane Palladino

      America is two faced. very simple when you look at the whole picture.

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        Yes David, I want to know if and when a murderer, thief, drug dealer, or someone who has had a violent charge moves in next door to me. Why don’t there register these people? If it’s good for the goose, it’s good for the gander(flock).

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      Chris Elliott

      This is not the first disaster we have had where registrants have been affected. It is time that when a disaster is inevitable a safe zone for registrants needs to be established that does not include a jail lobby. This needs to be a topic at the conferences and maybe put together some groups to help develop an emergency course of action for the future.

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        David Mills

        Wrong Chris, 98% of sex abuse is done by family or a trusted acquaintance the registry does absolutely nothing to slow down or stop it from happening. The registry needs to be abolished like prohibition of the 1920s. It’s just as archaic and useless. To think some child is going to be abused in a shelter by a stranger is nothing but asinine stupidity. Especially with there family there. They need to stop lollygagging around in la la land with there heads up there butts and do the right thing for one’s.

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      Well written release; still unfathomable the necessity for it….even animals are rescued and taken in during these kind of emergencys.

      Registered citizens needing to evacuate: if you can make it close to Asheville, contact me – If you have no one or no where else that can provide safety or shelter, you can stay at my place til it’s safe to return. I don’t have much, but it beats the hell out of a jail/jail lobby.

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        What has been done is a direct “I don’t care what the Declaration of Independence says about ‘Unalienable Rights’ you Sex Offenders are second class citizens and NOT created equal, therefore you can be thrown out to die!!!!!!!! Thomas Jefferson wrote in the Declaration of Independence as follows-
        “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”
        Sex Offenders in America by law of our own Constitution have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness!!!!! These Sheriffs are Anti-American and Un-patriotic and do not stand by ,or uphold the Declaration of Independence. They are downright violators of the principles set forth by the founders of this nation and should be fired, sued, and stripped of everything that has to do with any sort of American authority. What an outrage!!!! Where is the ACLU????

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          obvious answers

          @David the ACLU is too busy supporting illegals who have trespassed , are burning the flag , selling drugs and murdering citizens to defend Americans on registry’s and marked for extermination… BUT on the bright side they do also have time to support the murder by dismemberment of millions of American children…..Both of these things are politically correct and pay lots of money…
          It is simply money and prestige…people pay to support any criminal except you.,.There is not any money in defending sex offenders .. so they are not represented any more then must be and often in self destructive manners designed to fail. .
          I promise you for a fact..If the ACLU thought it could make money or get fame from supporting American on registry’s marked for extinction you wold be off the registry years ago!
          If it paid to support sex offenders there would not be a registry and there wouldn’t be any criminal laws……
          ACLU and any one else simply could care less and will not care unless either :
          1st) they join you on the registry’s (which will eventually happen) and by then it will be too late for anyone.
          2nd) until it becomes popular or there is a large influx of money to represent sex offenders (will never happen)

          Understand.. it is not about protecting children or we wouldn’t be murdering American children by tearing them apart in the womb ..If registry’s and offender laws were really designed to “protect children” we wouldn’t even have the debate about murdering children.. It is such a hypocritical joke its not even worth considering..

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            “I promise you for a fact..If the ACLU thought it could make money or get fame from supporting American on registry’s marked for extinction you wold be off the registry years ago!”

            Your entire comment is FALSE not “fact”. ACLU is involved in some legal challenges against the registry laws, and is the leading organization in the Does v. Snyder case that went in our favor as a very significant victory.

            Do not use this forum to spread misleading and untrue rhetoric.

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      We need to put a defense fund together for a registrant that is willing to voluntarily disobey this law and get it in Federal court.

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        State court is the fastest way to a court of appeals, AND the least expensive.

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      Tammie Leigh Lawson

      Sadly this is very heartbreaking news. Many innocent children and families will suffer from this decision. Life is hard enough for everyone and why is it we feel the need to punish beyond what is needed? We need to demand changes for registrants and their families. This is a natural disaster!!

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      Chris Andew

      What a bunch of crap!!! Who elects these idiots!

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      Chris Andew

      Who elects these idiots!!

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      David M. Gordon

      I think your letter requesting sex-offenders be allowed into these shelters is not a good idea. It will be only through the consequences of such inhumane treatment that we sex-offenders can prove our case in court. Registration is an unlawful bill of attainder and the courts have held that unless we show some real harm, we can not prevail on this issue. Yes, that means the court wants to see our blood.

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      Capt Charles Munsey Jr. USN (Ret)

      I suppose that drug dealers, murderers, armed home invaders, bank robbers, etc will be acceptable in shelters with families/children. When will this craziness end? Wake up politicians! Quit letting the lies about RSO’s misguide your decisions.

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        Captain, this is NOT about politicians being misguided by misinformation. It is about intentional indifference on their part. They have no concern for us or our families. It’s their intent that registered citizens be exposed to the elements; even when the weather is lethal.

        Look at the Rhode Island law that was proposed in the bitterest part of the 2017 winter to limit the number of homeless sex offenders in the shelter that accepted them. That’s not misguided, that’s outright murderous intent.

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      Jail or a Shelter – In a Time of Need

      First off Registrants have known about this law in many States for several years. The fact is a jail can survive a Cat 5 or less Hurricane much better than a shelter in a school. Plus the fact a jail has vending machines, hot food available, bathrooms, showers, local TV news, phones and most likely not to lose power etc. And as harsh as it sounds, a registrant is not going to jail per say, simply being sheltered there and will not be housed in a cell or behind bars. The waiting / reception area in my nearest jail is used. Blankets and cots are supplied and there are volunteer jail staff caregivers available. Be aware that all your belonging will be searched and your ID will be checked and possibly taken until you decide to leave. You will not be able to come and go and must abide by your County’s laws of Natural disaster enforcement so until the all clear is received then you can go home.

      Now here is where the laws have it backwards. First off a offender is most likely never going to offend in a environment with so many witness’s around. And importantly as we know that so called offender would most likely be a friend of the family or one that knows the victim. A registrant, one that is already being watched by the State is even more likely not to re-offend especially in a public place. Its not the registrants the State need to watch in a natural disaster, its the unknown offender that may use the situation to commit a crime. I have not heard of a single case of a registrant re-offending in a shelter. Of course the State would argue that the sex offender laws are working. But in fact when in a shelter with your family you need to keep an eye on that long lost uncle that has come to visit rather than any registrant nearby.

      But as I stated initially I’m cool with the jail intake as a guest of the state. You will not be mixed with other inmates and nobody will know you are a offender. Its the same here in Florida. I would expect if we had a major Hurricane hit leaving thousands homeless the State may have no choice but to temp resend the law regarding offenders not being allowed in shelters. JEV – True Confessions – NARSOL Digest

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        You’re missing the point. It’s inhumane to continue singling individuals out to be treated as an underclass. You say it’s safer, that I don’t believe. If it was safer they would house somebody else there and put these people out in the rain. They want to imprison you further. They want to alienate you.
        The fact is, none of this crap is making people safer it’s just another way to show hatred and contempt. Laws that tell people where you live don’t help. Nothing prevents you from driving across town if that’s what you wanted to do. Most of the new law violations are occurring with people that were not previously on the registry and might very well be the people making these worthless laws. I know of one district attorney that committed suicide after being charged with a sex crime against a minor. He was one of the most vocal opponents of these evil sex offenders.

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      Facts should matter

      “We are not going to gamble with the lives of the people of South Carolina. Not a one.” – S.C. Gov. Henry McMaster telling residents at a news conference

      OMFG.. Can you believe the hypocrisy!!!?? If they won’t evacuate the prisoners out of harms way from this storm, that just goes to show they sure as HELL don’t care about us. I guess we’re looked upon as below cockroaches and this is a way of culling a few of us due to “natural causes.”

      For reference, the sitting Gov. of S.C. used to be the Attorney General for that state, which is very telling for his dismissive and indifferent attitude towards those that “broke” the law.

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      If this does not pass muster as proof-positive evidence that proves the utter venom and vitriol behind our sex offender laws, nothing ever will. This is deliberate indifference to human beings in eminent life-threatening danger.

      If I were a registrant, I’d leave the area and then fight it out in court after the storm is over and with any luck, the courthouses will be leveled along with police and sheriffs’ offices. A storm of this magnitude can devastate I.T. and communications infrastructure. Leave and come back as soon as the coast is clear and chances are no one will miss you. Those idiots may be hateful, but they’re not going to go out in the storm’s height to verify sex offenders’ addresses.

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      a friend of an offender

      It’s time to file a lawsuit against the state of North Carolina. Take it all the way to the Supreme Court. Despicable.
      I cry for my friend when I see all of the injustice out there. I know he made a mistake almost 2 decades ago but every time I read one of these types of articles or see people like that loathsome Olivia Munn on her own personal crusade for personal glory, I see an empty black hole. I am determined to help him live a normal life. I invite him to my friends home and my friends welcome him. My family welcomes him. They all know his story. They know how he was trashed in the press. My mother who came to this country 50 years ago feels that America has become “mentally ill” with this insane persecution. My friends feel that he was persecuted for his mistake. It was consensual relationship but she was under 18. In most of the countries in the world it would have been legal. Even many US states. She sued and won millions of dollars over a decade later. I bet if she couldn’t have sued for money she would have never come forward almost 15 years later. She even remained friends with him for several years after the relationship ended. How twisted is that?
      I will speak out for my friend and for others. Once you have paid for what you have done, real or not, it is time to give you another change. So many people take plea deals because the current hysteria means you can’t risk a jury. Prosecutors that over charge. It is worse than the Salem Witch Trials. Heartbroken that our country has become a cesspool of hate and revenge. It’s time for it to stop. Know that you are not alone and the tide is and will continue to turn. Speak out and don’t let them railroad you or shame you. You have rights. DEMAND them.

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        Friend of an offender! You are a good and decent human being but there are not enough them left in the world today. All you said is right on. Because of all the false propaganda around the registered have no voice because no one believes what they have to say. Thank you for speaking up.

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      Time after time I hear how badly people labeled as sex offenders are treated. I would like to thank NARSOL for bringing it to our attention. I just hope that somewhere over the rainbow the dreams that we dream of will come true. Where is the humanity? This should not be a load that sex offenders should have to carry the rest of their lives. What other group is turned away, where are their rights? USA I thought stood for Freedom and Justice, not anymore.

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      Here we go again…. unreal that human beings are being treated this way. Being sent to a jail lobby is NOT a plan, it’s a lame attempt to do something with registered citizens almost on a last minute -‘we don’t know what else to do with them’ basis. Jail lobby is their only place of permitted sanctuary from a major storm?! Why Jail at all- they aren’t under arrest, they have served their time there. They just happen to be on that awful list, which makes them second class citizens.
      This both enrages and saddenes me that decision makers can be so judgmental even during a potential natural disaster to not allow ALL humans into a shelter.

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      ALan Hyde

      In the past I have made commits of which have been to the point. I hope the staff here will allow this to be posted. I believe it would say alot to the article and to our

      well lets do the numbers,

      We are to be covered as equal under the constitution…. Right?

      The follow which I Have read… [“Brunswick and Wake, have been told they they will be arrested if they attempt to enter any such facility. Registrants are being told that they may evacuate to the lobby of their local jail. Registrants are being told that they will be separated from family members, including elderly parents and, one would assume, their children. In spite of numerous attempts, no one with any law enforcement or emergency management agency has been able to give NARSOL the name or location of any shelter where registered citizens will be allowed–other than jail lobbies. Wednesday, September 12, NARSOL issued this release demanding that the North Carolina governor order all shelters to admit all persons seeking safety from the storm.”]

      now since we as Americans, are Equal and covered under Due Process of the law, then All funding for emergency services of which FUNDS $$$ FUNDS are to cover. In BRUNSWICK, 237 listed Offenders and in WAKE 709 listed Offenders.

      Now the what the point is that They are to be in the lobby of the local jail. well I am a bit confuse because were I am from there is but only ONE JAIL and which be the country jail. The lobby well we then need to understand a from of standards, for the human as one need space, a report form the U N states 20 square meters of space.

      but, ….it is a emergency,
      At the beginning of an emergency, the aim should be to provide sufficient material to the refugees to allow them to construct their own shelter while meeting at least the minimum standards for floor space as follows: the times are a emergency, and Minimum 3.5 m2 11.4829 ft2 covered living space per person in tropical or warm climates, excluding cooking facilities or kitchen (it is assumed that cooking will take place outside). Minimum height of 2m / 6.56168 ft2 at the highest point.

      Question is what the size of the lobbies?

      the Jail Lobbies? what are there size? of which? at 3.5 m2 per :
      BRUNSWICK of 237 to meet the standard is 829.5 m2 / 2721.4567 ft2
      WAKE of 709 to meet the standard is 2467.5 m2 / 8095.47244 Ft2

      now the next is rest room size.

      Restroom Requirements for Commercial Buildings

      1 additional toilet for each additional 40 employees. Note to Table F-2 of § 1915.88: When toilets will only be used by men, urinals may be provided instead of toilets, except that the number of toilets in such cases shall not be reduced to less than two-thirds of the minimum specified.
      in this lobby,
      BRUNSWICK of 237 to meet the standard is 829.5 m2 / 2721.4567 ft2 / must have a restroom of lease 6 working toilets with hand washing stations.
      WAKE of 709 to meet the standard is 2467.5 m2 / 8095.47244 Ft2 / must have a restroom of lease 18 working toilets with hand washing stations. Is equipped with either hot and cold or lukewarm running water and soap, or with waterless skin-cleansing agents that are capable of disinfecting the skin or neutralizing the contaminants to which the employee may be exposed.

      Since they will be staying a extended time of more that 3 days, showers are to be available with changing rooms, Changing rooms that provide privacy for each sex; and Storage facilities for street clothes, as well as separate storage facilities for protective clothing. the jail lobby would have to safe guard any valuable with the offender have taken with them as well.

      Eating, drinking, and break areas. The jail staff must ensure that food, beverages, and tobacco products are not consumed or stored in any area where employees may be exposed to hazardous or toxic substances.
      the Jails are to have food for which to feed them. remember it not a choice for the offenders, the jails are feeding their population on a reduced meal plan of two meals /day. which means, of a 3 to 5 day stay,
      BRUNSWICK of 237 refugees sex offenders, 474 meals per day equaling 1422 to 2370 meals are to be added. $$$
      WAKE of 709 of which, 1418 meals per day, equaling 4254 to 7090 meals.

      Waste disposal. Vermin control.

      It short… the counties would be open to a mess, a high cost and be subject to liable of any lost which the offender would have.

      The Counties are not even able to order or demand anyone of which they can not take on the responsible of.


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      The Equal Protection Clause is part of the Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution. The clause, which took effect in 1868, provides that no state shall deny to any person within its jurisdiction “the equal protection of the laws”. The registry is a direct mockery of this.

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      While I know its hard to understand what people are going thru in the Hurricane area since I am up here in Virginia its a shame that one class of people are left out in all this evacuation and have to be separated. Does that sound like Man’s Justice or dictatorship justice. While I can’t not fathom a government that would do this it is above character for any person.

      Of course government has always wanted to be right even when they are wrong. If you ask me a lot of this sex offender issue is a disaster and bias also. Their are legal things I could say about this but i will hold my silence on that one.

      Its a shame families have to be detained anyway because of something like this but thats your Ameerican Goverment and reember your tax dollars at work. A lot of this sex offender stuff reaks of disaster.

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      It’s this type of hypocrisy that will bring this country down. Unalienable rights are easily alienable in this day and age. Who’s next?
      People always like to say “if you don’t like it LEAVE”. Leave to where? This country is one big prison and they make it like that with purpose. If I decide this is crap and try to leave, they’ve made it so no other country will allow you citizenship. They’ve basically made it so you can’t even leave! This will not bode well for anyone involved in this police state.
      Believe me you’re trapped.
      Fact is, this boat is getting bigger by the day. This sort of thing isn’t new.

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