NARSOL responds to untruths posted on Twitter

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      By NARSOL . . . An individual who lives in California has made false statements about NARSOL on Twitter regarding funds we solicited for a challenge t
      [See the full post at: NARSOL responds to untruths posted on Twitter]

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      Mike Hall

      Thanks for the info and for all you do NARSOL. I for one, like the fact we don’t file just to file, but file to WIN, as best we can predict, with the advice of our attorneys!

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        Robin Vander Wall

        Thank you, Mike. We greatly appreciate your faithful support!

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        ALan Hyde

        I have read the above and well I know for a fact how it feels of which other just have no faith in anything you wish to share. it almost like you had died but well someone failed to give you the meno. I for one believe and can show how this issue is wrong but is unconstitutional but the state simply have it so they gain more $$$. this money which the state can simply bank on for some rainy day. the problem is that we as names of just a list are more that just that, we are real live people and are to be as real people and not just some meal ticket..

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      Links to songs on YouTube are not allowed on this site.

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      not using my real name

      It is my belief (im not affilated with either group) that its important to not go off half cocked and wait for a case to mature before filing a lawsuit. Janice appears to file more lawsuits. Maybe thats because she is doing outstanding work with getting residency restrictions removed in cali, which she has won them all as far as i can tell. This may have also led to her thinking she can apply that same strategy to many different cases such as IMLx2 and the tiered registry. The former has built the foundation for a bad precedent for future iml challenges and the latter has devolved into a useless and even more harmful outcome for many registrants in cali. (cp possession auto tier 3)

      I am not suggesting that Janice “stay in her lane” and stick to residency restrictions, but what I am suggesting and this goes for BOTH organizations is to please do not file lawsuits haphazardly. Doing so can set us back years or even a decade or more. Its hard enough going to court with the deck already stacked against us, but when we have bad law created by our own bad lawsuits our odds are probably better playing the lottery.

      I would also like to state that I appreciate what both organizations are doing for rc`s. We have to be smart about what we go after and patient (which i know is in short supply) People want changes now and we will get there. How long depends on timing and choosing the right battles to fight, but it will happen.

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        Robin Vander Wall

        Thank you, sir. NARSOL’s preference is to file or join actions that have a better than even chance of turning out positive. We don’t file or join anything without deliberating about the likelihood of a positive outcome. We can’t expect to win all the time. But, our legal team, as well as our board, feels that it’s in the best interests of our movement to proceed cautiously and “conservatively” (legally speaking). We don’t want to fuel the flames of false hope. Instead, we want to demonstrate that it’s possible to dismantle the beast in the long run through a meaningful, strategic approach.

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      Thank you for explaining NARSOL’s position. We definitely do not need any “Infighting” amongst our affiliates. We need to be united. Their tweets should cease. We deal with too much negative publicity as it is…It does no good for any of us. If there are issues among affiliates, it should be resolved privately. We are on the same side.

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        Robin Vander Wall

        There is wide unity of support among the rank and file. Any divisions that occur at the top most level are all driven by personality. That is my experience, having been around for a number of years. With very few exceptions, just about every organization you currently see out there advocating for the registered population started out as an association with NARSOL (formerly RSOL). The “pick up my marbles” phenomenon has balkanized our efforts from the start. And it’s really sad to watch how the pride of folks can get in the way of what is best for all of us. It really breaks your heart. And you have to wonder, if you are a registered person like myself, if some of these folks really give a damn at all. It’s like it becomes about them, and not us.

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          Trust that I do understand. I’ve experienced similar situations during my 16 years on this registry.

          Here’s an example. I began dating a girl who had childeren from a prior marriage. Immediately, I explained to her my past and I told her I would really like to talk with the father about it so that he’s aware. I met with him, gave him copies of my case file and things went well. I thought the best thing I could do was be honest and be the one to first address it. And, while my charge never at any time alleged any physical contact or abuse I was still on the registry. And, I felt the father had a right to know and hear it from me. The conversation went really well, and he and I even spent time together… becoming friends….

          That is…up until my girlfriend and he had a dispute regarding visitation issues. Then my past suddenly became an issue for him that raised in court. Meanwhile, for two years he never raised a concern. At custody court, however, the judge placed me on the stand and I explained the situation and submitted my case file. Fortunately, the judge reviewed it and stated that “I do not find him a threat”. So, it didn’t work out as he had expected…and I was grateful to have a judge that used reason and logic.

          Point is, I’ve been through the whole “let’s be buddies as long as it’s convenient for me” types… Best of luck with this issue Robin.

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      Dr Michael Christianson

      I am confident that your organization will continue to use the funds collected in the best interest of the donors. I encourage all of us to remain steadfast and resolved in our struggle against the pedocentrists in power, and those profiting from hate, who would rather severely punish, marginalize, and ostricize us, our friends and our families. We must continue to stand together and have the courage of our convictions so that we can bring lasting change to the draconion nature of the current system.

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      Irene Rubio

      I must say Thank you Narsol for all you do,I am glad to get your help on Civil Commitment information.

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      obvious answers

      As one of the Americans living abroad that is under the scope of the IML concerns.  I was originally interviewed for a claim. I think it would have been appreciated to keep us updated much sooner on the matter and much more thoroughly.  I was left under the impression that as a strong candidate for pushing any claims, I should remain prepared for action and to not take action on my own while waiting. I feel a bit like an idiot now because I should have taken action a long time ago to protect myself and to push forward litigation to protect my family’s interests.. I have no evidence that action on my part would have made any difference, but I know for a fact that doing nothing has not helped my family and following the advice may have placed us in even more dangerous straights.

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        Robin Vander Wall

        Hey “Obvious.” Who did you speak to and who advised you? I’m a little confused about your comment. Who has made you feel like an idiot? And if you are not presently in the United States, what action can you bring wherever you are?

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        Former Offender

        In response to Captain Obvious, I too live abroad and have been anxiously awaiting information regarding an IML challenge. At this point, nothing has happened to me. However, I fully expect that to change any day now. As I travel quite a bit, I expect either my passport to be revoked or a travel notice to be sent out. My residency in the country I live in could very well be in jeopardy if the United States reports my background to the government. What I’m trying to say is that there are many of us who are pretty desperate because our lives may be ruined. I am very frustrated at what is going on and the pace in which a challenge to the law is happening. I know these things take time, but many of us have very little time left. The clock is ticking.

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      Talk about going thru the eye of a camel. Maybe today we can refresh that statement with going thru the eyes of the storm, controversy, or conflict if one needs to. Sure some can say this and that when one donates or should we all go out and bake girl scout cookies.

      Giving or donating to a good cause is good and one has to have faith in that organization or their goal efforts. Now I’ve heard some comments about Janice but one should not believe everything one hears, nor should everybody judge a book by its cover. Now I can’t judge Janice out in California from some hearsay. How can someone judge when they have never met someone?

      Now when my Mom and my Uncle got into an argument and grandma came to visit she use to say, now you children stop this. Me at 14 and I’m saying she called them children. All these donation pledges or whatever you want to call them from the President asking you to help clean up the swamp or have dinner with him donate today, one has to say where is honesty.

      If you want honesty and even my dad use to say that, this country is going to hell in a handbag and I’m sure everybody has heard that phrase at one time in their life. Fighting and hanging in there is whats important. Sure NARSOL has a tough road at times but one doesn’t give up the ship or should everyone go watch a silence of the lamb movie and say you made your bed lye in it. Let NARSOL help those that seek change in America with a lot of these laws in a Rational way that is fair and and does not compromise others.

      Maybe you all should watch “Norma Rae” and I did like the flying nun also.

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        Sandy Rozek

        I think it is a camel going through the eye of a needle.

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          Timothy D.A. Lawver

          “I think it’s like putting a camel through the eye on a needle.”
          Its not as tough as that, not even close.

          All it really takes is 1 FTR case. Just one VERY PUBLICIZED CASE.
          Paul Ryan our nations current speaker could be called to my defense.
          Why would I want to do that? Because he operates in my district and our founders made it possible.
          They were enlightened & insightful to realize that the constitutional guarantee of trail, defence, and to call witnesses would secure the people from corruption in the three branches!

          I propose demanding subpoena in such a case, calling Mr. Speaker to the stand, and put Wis stat under DIRECT SCRUTINY.
          SCOTUS in AK v DOE did NOT disavow the EX-POST wording of the act, in fact they outright acknowledged it. THE PANEL merely supported state’s ( presumed civil intent). See the difference?

          Mr.Ryan, under oath, would be forced to use the words “An ex-post law”. Can you imagine the IMPACT of such a statement to a jury of peers?

          That my dear lady, is the difference between intermediate scrutiny and direct scrutiny.
          It is time to exorcise it! Pun intended!

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      Charles M

      I stand with Dr Christianson on feeling confident that NARSOL is and will use its limited financial resources prudently, and being a minor donor for less than a year, have seen all its accomplishments. And, of course, await SORNA’s defeat in all the states that I am currently looking at to retire

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      Thank you for all the legal work and advocacy on all sides. I feel these efforts are our best shot toward making positive change.

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      LARRY Evans

      I am very confident that Narsol, will use all Financial donations for the best degree of benefit towards the best outcome on all litigation matters, and we all thank them and their partners for the fight they are engaged in, Narsol has accomplished a great deal that wasn’t expected for rso’s, so say a simple thank you isn’t enough, we have to keep donations continuing to support their efforts there no way we can compensate
      the people who work hard to change these idiotic Laws politicians have used rso’s to further their ambition for higher office by claiming moral high ground on hard on crime and out and out lies. justice Kennedy dealt a blow with his non-researched use of a false statistic on Recidivism.

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      Timothy D. A. Lawver

      Congratulations on the success of both groups for their victories.

      The early challenges to the regime tossed lots of arrows but at the incorrect target. Janice indeed falls into the same trap with IML case#1 which failed as clearly pre-mature; a repeat of SMITH V. DOE As no factual record to implicate liberty deprivation could be applied in effects portion of the test.

      IMHO focusing on INTENT is\was the tact to take. Had the DOE court been informed about the reality of the indenture of human to state machines, the outcome may have been altered for the predisposed folks anyway. Mr. Roberts ability to turn the question on its head, and congresses purpose filled mis-naming the regime “Registration” won the day and eventually to his eventual nomination. Our deep state very much needed that ruling for the collateral implications for certain other governmental uses of the database, namely domestic electronic surveillance. (

      As an wrongly convicted and Ex post registrant, I have always known the unstated intent of the electronic lists. My introduction to computing came much earlier than my age peers, because I had an uncle who taught programming in the late 70s.

      The warning I have for both groups is this. DO not underestimate who you are really fighting against. These are the industrial complexes Ike warned about. They are uber powerful. They can and will split wherever & splinter whenever possible. Too much money at stake for them to roll over. They want to maintain their piece of the tax pie and they will not let bleeding hearts stand in their way. IMHO, Project Angel Watch is missionary work, plain and simple, so the facility in which it is housed is not a coincidence.
      Using tax payer dollars to protect foreign nationals on their soil is antithetical to government formation and therefore no justifiable constitutional position of duty exists. Attack INTENT! Has there been even one story in the press describing IML in this way? Not one.

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        David Kennerly

        Timothy, you raised some good points. On the “prematurity” issue, however, there is a factor that argues against the first lawsuit’s ostensible prematurity. I am referring to the practice of notification of foreign countries of the sex offender status of international travelers years in advance of the law’s formal implementation of foreign notification. This aspect of IML had already had years of implemented experience – and could show numerous disallowed visitors, and thus tangibly harmed parties, sufficient to demonstrate a mature challenge.

        The problem was that Judge Phyllis Hamilton was willfully obtuse and not acting in good faith. Either that or she was just plain dense. She failed to grasp the law or its cynicism as a means to codify preceding, and overreaching, administrative policy. That was completely lost on her, or so she evinced.

        I should mention that I was one of the “John Does” of that first lawsuit.

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          Tim L

          What you describe, working without established administrative rules. IS exactly why I call it missionary work. Missionary works does not utilize admin rule, it isn’t needed because it is an act of perusing morality. Project Angle Watch is housed WHERE IT IS, And and it is no coincidence.

          Let me adjust my tin foil hat and go one small step forward. The Mormon church absolutely recognised the make up of the Rehnquist court: 7 Catholics & 2 Jews.
          We’re they rightly concerned about the future of their folks, beleifs. Damn right they were rightly concerned. You’d have to look far and wide before you’d find more fastidious record keepers than the Mormon church. I’m not forcing an attack upon the church, I got no real problems with missionary work until it becomes a problem for the nation. MS-13, Study the history of EL Salvador and the picture develops quickly.

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      no hope

      short story long can we all just get together and try and start defeating these prejudicial laws that are effecting any registered RSO daily? i dont understand that if we all have the same goal why we have to be divided. If we begin to argue and make accusations between ourselves what chance do we have in defeating the other side?
      this is not a cure for cancer there is no financial gain at the end of the rainbow so i dont understand why we all cant get together and have a united front. the larger the number the easier it is to win some of these cases we are losing on a daily basis. NARSOL, ACSOL Whatever, lets just get under one umbrella we have the technology to do video conferences and meetings where everyone can chime in and help build a good defense.
      Im not getting younger and i would like a little bit of sunshine in my life before i leave this earth.

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        David Kennerly

        “No Hope,” I share your desire to calm the disquiet that seems to infect relations between the two organizations and, like you, can readily identify the brevity of life in a way which eluded my younger self.

        Witnessing the acrimony between the two organizations over several years, I am struck by its seeming needlessness but not by some sort of uniqueness. It’s what always happens, I’m afraid. When people have very particular but very different ideas, and evidence they feel supports them, that cannot always reasonably coexist. When scarce resources come into the fray, then there will always be trouble.

        Let’s hope that the major players on our side can manage to consolidate their resources against a common enemy and not against each other.

        I will add that, for the most part, I think that they are doing that. The IML funding dispute is old news and I would advise against taking anything a third-party says, at this point in time, terribly seriously. It’s much better not to overreact. Let’s get on with it. Choose your dragons carefully and all that. We DO actually have them but they are not each other.

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          Sandy Rozek

          David, we appreciate your views, but I must question why you have said and where you have seen acrimony displayed by NARSOL toward ACSOL or any other organization. That is just simply not true. At our 2016 conference, long after ACSOL made the decision to become an independent organization, the NARSOL board awarded Ms. Bellucci our annual Advocate of the Year Award for her work in CA with residency restrictions. We have, as long as they have existed, linked the ACSOL organization here on our website on our Resources links page as a partner in reform. Just last month NARSOL sent the ACSOL board an invitation to have a representative on our widely advertised and attended conference call dealing with the telephone scams targeting registrants. Never has NARSOL spoken or printed anything derogatory or acrimonious regarding Ms. Bellucci or ACSOL. This post was in no way intended to display acrimony but rather to explain the situation about untrue and acrimonious accusations made about NARSOL.

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            David Kennerly

            Sandy, I may have well overinterpreted the few signs I have seen of such a rift (several comments from individuals within both organizations) and, given some of the previous commenter’s statements here, assumed that it was more of a “thing” than it actually is. Also, the statement issued by NARSOL taking to task allegations against it of withholding funds for an IML challenge led me to believe that there was such an unresolved grievance. If there is not, then I am very happy to have been wrong. If there is continued, or renewed, cooperation and goodwill between the two organizations, then I am delighted. That is as it should be.

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            I believe we may have to forgive David for his projections of acrimony. It is very common among registrants. He seems to have forgotten that other nations are not bound to our constitutional covenant.

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      Carol Salacka

      RE: Robin’s comments on personality; I would have to say it is more accurately personal issues. After joining another organization over a year ago (and not renewing) I have continued to hear NARSOL criticized on every call or interaction in what I believe is a very unprofessional manner by people who got upset with something NARSOL/RSOL did or said years ago and who took it very personally. I have repeatedly attempted to address this divisive and destructive “ax grinding” with those doing the complaining, to no avail. As Robin knows, I do not agree with everything NARSOL does, but I tell them that directly to get a better understanding of things and then move on to the mission. That anyone claiming to be fighting for justice would continue to publicly attack an organization that does so much for those impacted by the cruel and unjust laws in our country disturbs me greatly. It only detracts from our mutual goals and reflects poorly on all–most especially the attackers.

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        Sandy Rozek

        Thank you, Carol; we appreciate your support of the work that we are doing. Divisiveness and unproductive behavior serve no one. We need to all — every organization — stay focused on the objectives; there are certainly enough of them. Fight for data-driven laws and for policies that encourage rather than impede successful and productive reentry for all citizens. Fight to bring down restrictions and prohibitions that make second class citizens of registrants, such as residency restrictions and all of the ridiculous Halloween restrictions. ACSOL has much to be proud of in regard to both of those. We all have more work to do than can be done in a lifetime. Let’s do it.

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        Robin Vander Wall

        Thank you for helping to contextualize what I meant by personality. And thank you for your support and understanding. From time to time, we have very strong disagreements and disputes at the board level of both NARSOL and Vivante. Feelings get hurt and there is a need for apologies. When passionate people come together for a common purpose, not everyone is going to see eye to eye. But, we believe that everyone can remain respectful and collegial. Common courtesy and kindness towards people who don’t share your perspective are touchstones of building consensus. A genuine leader is not a searcher for consensus but a molder of consensus. That’s how Martin Luther King, Jr. put it. The folks you reference who speak badly about NARSOL all the time (and we’ve known that all along, of course), they’re just demonstrating that they have no capacity for leadership. They’re dividers, not “molder[s] of consensus.” Not surprisingly, when Dr. King was compelled to make his observations about leaders, he was speaking to and about individuals who spent an inordinate amount of time complaining and trying to tear down the Southern Christian Leadership Conference. Perhaps we may some day have a leader in this movement who emulates the moral integrity of Dr. King and can help build bridges where others have constructed walls and fed fuel to the fires of gossip and disunity. We shall see.

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          Tim L

          J. E. Hoover bugged King Jr.’s home and office and his lover’s apartment too. Fact is his movement scared the hell out of the establishment in a similar way that social media does today.

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      Sandy you are right. I am very glad you caught that, course I was hopeing Maestro would catch that as we all strive in this endeavor that a lot of us are wrapped up in. Honestly should be the basic principals in a lot of this eye of the storm siege. I hate to say this but at times government seems to go thru the eye of a needle? It seems that the camel can be the monkey or the Gorillia on the court. When the detective tells you this is an undercover operation that says a lot. Jesus never worked undercover whether one believes the bible or not,
      Sure we could all go back to dropping the first atomic bomb to even air raids alerts in the 50’s. Now we all have a crissis the sex offender law. Is some of it authorized or unarithorized? Sure protecting is good, but in a lot of the sex offender ordeal it is misleading with all this electronic stuff today.
      In all honesty I hope that a lot of this sex offender stuff is struck down even this discrimination that comes out of all this or should we all take a lesson from the civil rights act of the 60’s.

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      I wanted to get Forest Finn’s gold, so that I could have the money to give NARSOL. What they needed to change the laws that have been written so badly.

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        Robin Vander Wall

        There’s still time. Nobody has found it yet!

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      I did like that little tid-bit about finn’s gold. Reminds me of Trump in his promise if elected I will pay my own way with my money. Whatever he meant by that Ia a riddle to me. Now this sex offender ordeal is an issue.

      Sure we all have our pro’s and con’s, fundamental and conservative view’s also. but NARSOL is wise to understand where the buck stops and not go ghost chasing with every appeal or this and that. I can’t say anything about Janice as we all have our desires to help others “call it a labor of love” if you like. Even lawyers can do just so much. I even had to speak up at my last trail, sure I over rode my lawyer a bit and even my lawyer believed me so. I requested to speak

      Acheving a goal is what its all about without ruffling feathers.We could all talk about good and bad government but that would bore everyone. NARSOL wants to win thats a good ambition but NARSOL is not going to go with just any pie in the face issue. I can see that. Its all about honesty and not some governmental “Freud” expermenting.

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        Tim L

        One thing I really appreciate about THE DON is this.
        He is an accurate reflection of who our politicians are behind their public personas.
        He is an elitist just like many of them only without the professional liar part. Sure he lies just not professionally so his six isn’t always covered. The left wing press bashes him daily about them pesky Russians but they never remember to mention the good old USA is and has been beholden to them same rooskys for a ride to the International Space Station. Five rides have cost us 373.5 million.

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      In 2016 I donated to both organizations. The IML is my greatest bane besides the registry itself. I support any action which undermines it. I am happy to support California’s efforts. Janice’s successes will trickle down to us someday. My hopes are that NARSOL will continue to give support to ACSOL… be it just a reference on the web site.

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      In short I would like to address the good and positive efforts to NARSOL. Sure I’ve wanted to drive down speak to J.P my NARSOL affiliate in VA which is about 2 and a half hours away maybe stop by the Capital. J.P is a good and resourcful man. When I got my little victory in Court JP was pleased with I e-mailed him. Like my dad always said ” don’t look a gift horse in the mouth”. Is a lot of this issue discrimination at times. I live right across the street from kids so whats so different about schools in a lot of these circumstances. Would a post office be a “radar zone” or a state capital, hospital, or senior citizens home.

      Dad was a banker in the 30’s during the depression. After the banks closed he was offered a job in a small gas and utility business. Going to the state capital in WV at that time listening to bills and this that and the other wears on a person or gets them a bit flustered. He told me it was very boring at times. Sure he wrote checks to United Way, Churches, etc and still raised 5 kids one was even a dentist. Sure I was sort of a black sheep of the family if you want to say that. Dad never gave up. He was involved in a murder trial (see mamie thruman trial Logan WV.) back in the early 30’s as a character wittness. Did the butler do it or was he railroaded? While he still gave a tenth of his income to various organizations fightening justice is what its all about.
      Now everybody needs housing and in California that to me is a world apart from other statues at times. How things go out in that area is different at times so is goverment views Sure at times reprimanding is good about spending efforts to achieve, but I doubt Janice goes out half cocked with some of these ordeals as any good lawyer is tackful and resourcful for the American People.

    • #45210 Reply

      Jim Smith

      I can appreciate some frustration as one who has donated a decent amount to the fund and has not seen any action. For many of us, every day that passes under IML hinders out ability to work and provide for our families. I also do appreciate making sure any lawsuits are done correctly. So I will not be asking for my contribution back, but will be holding off any further contributions until some action is taken, at which time I am willing to provide additional funds, even significantly larger than what I have provide in the past.

      One recommendation would be to manage people’s expectations with increased communications on the IML issue. I have not heard anything about IML from NARSOL in many months, so does not feel like anything is being done on the issue. I do not use NARSOL to get updates on IML, ACSOL has daily updates from people on the topic.

      • #45258 Reply


        Thanks Jim for the comment. You may not know that we have discussed IML on at least two conference calls this year. We discussed IML exclusively on our March 14th NARSOL In Action call and we had a segment on IML again on the July 19th NARSOL In Action call. On that call we let folks know that the second lawsuit had been dismissed and discussed NARSOL’s long-range strategy. We have repeatedly provided information regarding the cancellation of passports and relevant travel advice. In addition, we have provided updates in our newsletter.

        NARSOL’s legal team has constantly stated that the courts are unlikely to be our savior on this particular issue and we have reported that as well. NARSOL’s most recent statement made it clear that a lawsuit by NARSOL is not imminent and we stated we are evaluating a narrowly-focused challenge on the 21-Day Advance Notice requirement.

        Please let us know what additional information would be helpful.

      • #45253 Reply

        Tim L

        You may exercise your right to trial in FTR case!

    • #45825 Reply


      OK seems everybody wants honesty and truth on here. Maybe I shouldn’t be the one to give honestly and truth and let those on here give honesty and truth. I’ve been on here a long while and I’ve even had my run arounds with Ma Barker and my friend Maestro but the common truth is a lot of us were sucked in with a lot of this ordeal.

      Now Brenda Jones has her rights to say we don’t talk about relgion and she does have a point. While this is not about reliegon per say it is about principal. One person on here said what is NARSOL doing, another wants to get justice so I guess people in hell need icewater. Come on get with the program people. So should we all talk about sex or sin. I don’t want to but here is the facts and you deduce from their.
      Abusive authority is the improper use of authority. Its like Sin, its a distortion. It takes something good and God- ordained and uses it improperly. Can we all say via the internet in many of these transparent cases.Now in order to understand the bad version one should understand the good verson. Should we all understand all this or do we predict of some future events. The invent of the internet is a tight rope when these things come up. If one is going to predict they might as well predict the whole of America. Sure we could take old testaments and all were guilty. Yes we are under new and there are principals and doctrines that police seem to over look when they over presure, use cohesion and instill in other peoples minds. Do they want to make their own laws.

      I wonder honestly, when talking to ones detective that night dd anyone said to them you don’t know my thoughts or you don’t know my intent. I wonder how I came up with that. I don’t think it was from reading some Archie Comics. Now the machanics and principals are to understand basic principals if you put them into real use and we do have enough problems in this world to not understand basic ture principals. Sometimes I still wonder why Lincoln freed the slaves or who’s fighting the civil war today.

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      R M

      “NARSOL is prepared to make the full email exchange between it and Ms. Bellucci available to any person who has contributed to NARSOL specifically for IML.” Send it to me.

      • #59217 Reply


        If you have contributed to NARSOL specifically for IML, please make your request in email by clicking the contact us link on the bottom of this page.

        • #59218 Reply

          R M

          I’m not sure if I have donated to NARSOL specifically for IML, I have donated many times. Why does it matter?

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