NARSOL opposes CA Dep’t of Corrections’ blanket exclusion of sex offenders

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      Sandy Rozek
      Sandy Rozek

      Mr. Timothy Lockwood Chief Regulatory and Policy Management Branch California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitations P.O. Box 94283 Sacramento,
      [See the full post at: NARSOL opposes CA Dep’t of Corrections’ blanket exclusion of sex offenders]

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      I have to appreciate Peter’s letter to the CDCR as standing up and voicing out is very good for those that advocate on this sex issue. Believe it or not in all states it seems that government and laws go a bit to far. Sure saving lives is good but as I have mentioned it is all about the individuals personal responsiblity and one’s conscious.
      Now don’t get me wrong a bit of punishment is good or should we just law it aside as it never really happened. Its the methods they use that seem to boggle the styme the mind and also one has to meansure in christian factors which a lot of states seem to ignore or do we all have a guilty conscious.
      Isnt’ the main thing for any concretion establishment that their clients succeed or is that a pipe dream and not reality. Its as if the devil went down to Georgia in a govermental twist.
      Now folks I’m no poster child for sainthood but for principals which is what things should be about in this day and age. Even I could never understand some of these code’s and numbers associated with these things but it seems that if the common people knew the reall issues behind a lot of these law’s they would really fume up a storm. What do you think the Berekley riots were all about in the 60’sand here one has this type of issue to deal with.

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      I never could understand the compounding punishment that is given to anyone who breaks the law and ends up in prison.

      The punishment IS one’s loss of freedom, period. There shouldn’t be anything added but yet prisons must feel that isn’t enough and go out of their way to invent additional forms of punishment such as this bill. To all the people who come up with this stuff all I have to say is, it must be nice to be perfect.

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      I forgot to say, this is an example of cruel and unusual punishment.

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      I like that art but correction can be a bit too much power. And yes it tends to make some perfect. I guess its like we are in war with each other in today’s world. Now I’ve spent some time little time in jail but prison isn’t good. California seems to have a no holds bar on human’s and a control that is against a lot of the good book if you ask me.

      I’m in one of the original 13 colonies and it seems law is above a lot of authority with this way’s means and measures. If you read roman’s 13 good you will find some things we all seem to miss that can help the sex offender situation out.

      Hey I just might have to use that saying “must be nice to be perfect with my PO sometime”. I couldn’t be a corrections officer or anything in police force. Its like the Green Brea’s going bad at peace time but when is peace time?

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      R. Arens

      One thing that still blows my mind to this day, I never thought I’d see the day where a idiot who thinks with the wrong head is more dangerous than a homocidal drug dealer with a gun. but I guess these are the unfortunate times that we live in.

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      I’ll tell you what the impetus behind these exclusions is. Prison staff are jaded and extremely prejudiced against sex offenders, especially child molesters. I was once neighbors with a lady who was a case manager at a C.C.A. facility located in my home county and she told me point-blank that when the child molesters on her caseload walked into her office, she wanted to just “slap the living shit” out of them.

      Prison staff as a whole have a huge moral superiority complex and think it’s their divine right and duty to make sex offenders suffer as much in prison as they possibly can. This flows from an attitude that pervades prison staff: prison isn’t nearly hard enough for sex offenders.

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      Josh Norman

      Has there been any new developments in regards to overnight visiting for California inmates with sex offense convictions?

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      Gail Eigl

      I just checked the CDCR adopted regulations and nothing has changed. Here’s what was written in Jan, 2019:

      “Inmates convicted of a sex offense may participate in regular contact or non-contact
      visits based upon their case factors and in-custody behavior, and are not excluded from
      participation in the visiting program. Allowing inmates to participate in family visits who
      have been convicted of sex offenses is not in the best interest of the public or in keeping
      with these objectives. The exclusionary criteria regarding convictions for sex offenses
      have not been imposed or removed within the proposed regulations. These restrictions
      are carried into the proposed regulatory changes in accordance with existing CCR, Title
      15, Subsection 3177(b)(1).

      What can we do to change this?

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