NARSOL opens new position, names its first marketing director

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    Robin Vander Wall
    Robin Vander Wall

    By Robin . . . NARSOL is pleased to announce the appointment of Michael McKay as its first director of marketing. Currently the editor of The Registry
    [See the full post at: NARSOL opens new position, names its first marketing director]

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    Ed Byrd

    What can I do to help you?

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    Inevitability leaders rise to the occasion. Clearly true leaders are chosen for their ability to affect change. Best wishes to the pitbull.

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    Well Michael from non-fiction to marketing director of the good, bad, and the ugly of the sex registry but one has to wonder how can one market emotional tears. How can one even market the emotion’s of war. One might as well go back to the Hotel California. While Robin and Brenda give a glimmering light to this I will stand with what the is true.

    Michael it is tough to market facts vs truth in any court of law today. I wonder if our government really know’s truth today or anything about human emotions. Sure one can be a good writer or a good director as Orson Wells but one still has to wonder about this sex type of situation that is as unjust as the one inducing it to trap or enslave with a lot of these encounters. I wonder who has a touch of evil today. One last note. If Trump can condemn voter fraud I’m sure one can condemn some of these internet frauds. Call it marketing communications.

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      Plain fact that men are already quasi legally indentured to the maintenance of STATE’S machine databases. In a peculiar sense, enslaved to the production of data to feed as input to the machine for presumed ” public health and Safety”. As Judge Matsch pointed out ” provides police with a target to search”.

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