NARSOL in Vancouver at ATSA conference

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      Sandy Rozek
      Sandy Rozek

      NARSOL’s ED Brenda Jones and Cindy Prizio, the ED of our Connecticut affiliate group CT for One Standard of Justice, are in Vancouver, British Columbi
      [See the full post at: NARSOL in Vancouver at ATSA conference]

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      Thank you so much for all your hard work on this. I so appreciate all your efforts on behalf of those of us who cannot attend.

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      Robert Herman

      I am so glad that this organization exists. I wish I knew about it a few years ago. We have been fighting for years to get legal help for my son who many believe including Mrs. Kanker that he got a raw deal and should not be on tier one. The problem is we spoke to attorneys who say they can definitely get him off it based on what we showed them, but they want like 20,000 + dollars. I have tried everything to raise it but cannot not we barely survive now. I would sell my sole if I could to get this terrible thing off him, It has ruined so much of his life and he is not and never was any kind of molester. He is a good person. The parents of the girl did not press or want to press any charges.The police did nd they are the same dept I had filed complaints about. Have you ever heard of a bail being set at 100,000 for a tier one. Even the Bail Bond place thought he committed murder or something that it should never be that high.
      I will Join Narsol nd when and if we get on our feet I will donate. Can we give time in lieu of money for now.

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      Phys Ed

      As a non-violent, non-contact former offender with no identifiable victims on his judgement papers, and with personal experience of “treatment” involving polygraph questions like “Have you stopped forcing people to have sex?” I can only think of Eric Hof’s observation so many years ago and how succinctly it describes the sex offender treatment cottage in these United States.
      “When a great cause becomes a movement, it then becomes a business and then degenerates into a racket.”
      The “great cause” of course is to “let us do something for the poor sex offenders we throw in jail, let us treat them, get their heads right, and then release them. And then of course GO ON treating them for years and bleeding them of any cash they might have to get up to any mischief through endless expensive “group” meetings followed by endless polygraph readings at 360 dollars a pop. In “group”, of course, we can interrogate these dangerous people whose recidivism rate is so “frightening and high” and make sure our legislatures pass enough Adam’s laws and Megan’s laws to keep these people out of the bushes near schools and kid places. Hof was right…it has long since become a “racket”.

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      I would let them all come free, this is what we need. These are people working directly with people who have been labeled as Sex Offenders. The problem is everyday people being put on Megan’s list for things in the 60’s and up to the mid 90’s were normal activity’s. The Government is what we need to change, and the laws, so that we do not have such horrible lifetime outcomes. A lot would have been considered minor offences back then “no jail time” and no Adam’s law, no Megan’s law and no registration! Good job Brenda and Cindy!

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        This “racket” is very obvious, yet it is openly permitted. Case in point…he Colorado law (defeated) that would have barred those profiting from “treatment” from simultaneously being on the management board. This clear conflict of interest allows those who profit to decide what a registrant must purchase in order to be compliant. What a self-serving role that is! And, when exposed, and legislation is put in place to control what would obviously be biased rule making, Colorado looks the other way and the law goes on the trash heap. If the persons who are at risk of harm from self-serving rule makers we’re not the hated class labeled as sex offenders, the public outcry would surely be there. But instead, people get reelected and applauded for being tough on crime, tough in RSOs, and saving children from a myhical boogie man. As one who caught his case in Colorado and had to be under the scrutiny of the so called ‘management board” I have seen this exclusive club that controls, profits, and inflicts their bias upon the registered population. And believe me, it is a club. When I worked in the helping fields prior to my own fall, I saw how politically strong they are, and how closed they are to outsiders.
        Sanity is what we are waiting for. And I do believe it’s not likely that we will find it in the bureaucracy that seeks only to preserve itself. About the only hope is in intelligent judge’s and an informed citizenry. Any good advice on how to rally support without calling down more hate, risk to family, or loss of employment that anyone can offer, let’s hear that, and get some level of cohesive movement. NARSOL is obviously the best place to launch such a collective effort. I would love some marching orders, so to speak, that the average registered person can follow. Any ideas? Please?

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      Richard Earl
      Richard Earl

      Nice to hear a warm and friendly reception in the cooler north. Bring back some of the ATSA members to Houston.

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      It is my understanding that NARSOL is an organization to reform sex offender laws. Why are we attending a “treatment” conference which seems more appropriate for the medical and psychiatric fields?
      I would humbly submit that NARSOL and its members would be better served by conserving its fiscal resources to actually challenge and reform the ridiculous laws this country has enacted. Even though Canada’s laws seem to be as draconian, I feel certain that they have their own version of NARSOL.
      It’s not my intent to be a “stick in the mud,” but we would serve as a shining example by pushing the legal aspect of our organization in fighting laws, rather than attending this type of conference..

      Si vis pacem para bellum.

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      Jeff Russell

      Thank You for your work!!!!

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      Here’s what absolutely blows my mind; flips my lid:

      The ones who have LEGITIMATE EXPERTISE in the field of sex offender treatment agree that these harsh laws are counterproductive in every imaginable way to lowering the recidivism rates of sexual offenders OF ALL STRIPES. The state appoints such experts to evaluate offenders who may be truly ready to leave civil commitment, but when they make a recommendation TO RELEASE, the state wants to go back and say the word OF THEIR OWN EXPERTS isn’t good enough. In other words, the politicians won’t listen to the experts who truly know what they’re talking about. They follow their own prejudices and passions as well as those of the ill-informed, vindictive, hateful and unforgiving public at large.

      Multiple states have crunched the numbers on sex offender recidivism and found a uniform rate that ranges from 3 to 5% and yet judges want to overlook these very recent scientific, peer-reviewed studies that are backed by scientific empirical evidence and rely on a poor ruling from the highest court in the land which was based on an unscientific article by Robert Freeman-Longo which claimed a “frightening and high” recidivism rate of 80-85% of sex offenders that was not subjected to peer review in any way and that had no evidence whatsoever to back it up that was published 32 YEARS AGO IN A POP. PSYCHOLOGY MAGAZINE. The deliberate indifference to the empirical scientific facts is mind-boggling. I don’t see how judges can get by with such blatant judicial activism. That’s what it is pure and simple. Judges almost break their backs in far too many cases because they bend over backwards to find the most convoluted reasoning to uphold the sex offender laws and restrictions at any cost.

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      Here’s my suggestion. There are a lot of people that are unaware of the laws and situation SO are facing on a day to day basis. It seems to me that commercials with the in your face approach would be more beneficial than in a room full of people that already know what’s going on. These smear campaigns for our wonderful politicians seem to catch the viewers eyes. Can you imagine how many eyes commercials for RSOs would catch. They would be kind of forced to listen and it’s possible the more people who don’t know of our plight may listen with an open mind. It’s at least worth a try. Start a commercial fund and get this on television. Let those know that are clueless there are places to donate to that can support either cause. NARSOL or more air time for public information and these ridiculous laws. Educate a much larger viewing audience could bring alot more money and could have more people joining in for the cause. Maybe do like public TV does where they have a drive on TV to get the public to donate so that station can stay on the air. I believe that the more information that’s put out to the public instead of a web site where it’s limited, the better response NARSOL and its affiliates may get.

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      George S

      It is good for you to do this for us, but you said “we have been encountering highly interested and supportive persons, especially from the treatment community (therapists and social workers for instance)”, I can’t speak for others but I do not trust Sex Offender Therapists at all, the reason why is that when a SO goes to therapy, in most cases he is forced to go by probation & parole, so the real client is not the SO, it is the probation & parole office, so in order to get clients sent to them, they have to be willing to tow the party line, in other words, view all SOs as being like Ted Bundy. To give an example of what I mean, was attending therapy and had this assignment to fill out and bring to class it was HOW DO OTHERS VIEW SEX OFFENDERS, one section was How do your family and friends view Sex Offenders and I said what is true that my family and friends think that I was stupid for what I did but do not see me as being a danger, and the therapist said to me that if I ever expect to see my niece again (she was 2 at the time), my brother would have to see me as being dangerous, I got so mad!!! But for social workers, seen some that are supportive and sympathetic, I told one of my travails when I was on Supervised Release and he just shook his head, told him how I went back to prison for 18 months for going to get a free bike, give away center was at a high school on a Saturday, and he said “your kidding?”, so yes they can be supportive but any sex offender therapist who wants business from probation & parole, if he wants business can’t afford to be sympathetic to a sex offender, or to try and help him, if they do help, it is usually to help you back prison, from what I have seen, that is what happened to a guy I met, he asked for help while in his group and the help he got was a new charge and that lifetime federal supervised release!

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      Wesley Hurley

      My councilor from Boise Idaho went to this convention where she heard the same information discussed by Narsol and the psychiatric community. She came back so fired up she decided to do something. She has several clients that can’t find housing, so she called 208 Management, one of the largest housing management companies in the Treasure Valley. She was shocked they called back. She has a meeting with the owner tomorrow. I am proud of her! She is doing this on her own. She truly cares about her clients.

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