NARSOL honors David Feige, Larry Neely, ACLU-Mich., others at awards banquet

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      Robin Vander Wall
      Robin Vander Wall

      By Robin Vander Wall . . . The National Association for Rational Sexual Offense Laws was thrilled to honor the ACLU of Michigan with our Hawthorne Awa
      [See the full post at: NARSOL honors David Feige, Larry Neely, ACLU-Mich., others at awards banquet]

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      Great news and keep moving forward!

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      Mike Hall

      Another GREAT Conference and congrats to all of the award winners and thanks for their hard work supporting our cause! Thanks also to all the volunteers who helped at the conference, and to the entire board. Job well done!

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        Robin Vander Wall
        Robin Vander Wall

        Thanks Mike! It was great seeing you there and we look forward to seeing you in Houston, if not sooner. We appreciate your support.

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      Well done to all! It’s great to see recognition and praise.

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      Kathie Georgescu

      Congrats. to the ACLU of Michigan on the award. However, why hasn’t it been corrected on more people that have been effected by Michigan laws. To date they still haven’t corrected the accounts for many people on the list. It seems Macomb County is the worst. Please advise who to contact in Michigan to get the ball rolling on correcting the records of many offenders so they can go on with their lives an contribute to society and their families.

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        Michigan’s legislators are dragging their feet on making these changes. ACLU has filed another lawsuit and will take the state back to court, to force them to comply with the ruling. Michigan has filed over 30 lawsuits to avoid making these changes, and have already lost most of them. They are doing what they can to slow the process down. This is typical and expected, especially in an election year.
        ACLU is on top of it and has the legal representation that is experienced and familiar with these types of cases. They know exactly what to do and what to expect. When the changes are finally enacted, we will post that information here, and Michigan registrants should receive a notice from the state in the mail.

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          @Fred,. Hi Fred I have said the same thing Michigan is just dragging their feet. What I aam having a hard time comprehending is, is Michigan lost, and even SCOTUS, basically agreed with the 6th Circut I thought that meant that meant that Michigan was now out of options and has to comply, and the 6th Circuit’s decision is pretty clear that the ruling applies to everyone that was convicted before the 2006 and 2011 Amendments. So how is it they still have options, and have lost most f those as well. So has Michigan’s ACLU fioed the lawsuit yet. Last I heard it was supposed to of been filed months ago, but yet it still has not been filed. Does this also mean that it will take years before it is finally settled. I think we here in Michigan should be compensated for our pan and suffering for the last 26 years. U was convicted in 1992 before Me chigan even had their registry, and since they now go by. Your conviction date, that means I have been unconstitutionally on this stupid registry. On 6-19-2018 means I have now mean on the registry for 26 years now. Anyway, will this lawsuit mean it will be another few years before it is finally over for us here in Michigan. Thanks for your time.

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      E. Bowden

      I live in North Carolina, and will b eligible for
      Removal off the registry in 2 years. This is a two part question. I was place on probation in 2012 for failing to notify of change of address. After investigation in to the matter, the sheriff department reguested to the DA that the charges b dropped but the DA office did not and I ended up on probation from 2012-2014. Will this affect the 10 year requirement as my initial registration began in 2010 and would have ended in 2020

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        Robin Vander Wall
        Robin Vander Wall

        Contact our attorney: Paul is in NC and has successfully petitioned for removal on behalf of several registrants. He can help guide your development of support materials for a petition. You may also wish to consider his representation when the time comes.

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      E. Bowden

      I live in NC and wanted to know if there are any specific programs I needed to take before attempting to be removed from the registry in 2 years.

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      While there is good and bad in everything one of our presidents was quoted with saying speak softly and carry a big stick, I believe they had a big stick diplomacy also. Today that meaning is lost at times with a lot of this going on in America and also with leaders. Even this 100% zero tolerance is a bit un-American. Someone on here said praise, sure respect goes a long ways and so does recognization. I can’t even praise myself and actually I don’t even believe some in leadership can even praise themself as people have a natural habit of wanting to be right for their praise. So lets toss the bible away, we can solve our own problems.

      Now NARSOL is doing a good job and one has to show respect to this orginazation and also the issues they are fighting for which is change. I think pink floyd said it best in his days.. all we all is just another “brick in the wall” Has our leadership and morals gone down the drain with greed, this sex industry, many of these computer sexting issues. Would everybody say its politically motivated or were we all born with a carnal nature.

      Sure recongizion is good but as time goes by it sends to lose its savor if sways from purpose. Sure this computer age stuff is man made and this sexual asualt is like a he said she said or blackmail issue so where is truth.

      Now Robin and his commettie are doing their best to bring “change” in this issue we all face today. Those men and women that dedicate their time in helping others is a Godsend if we can still use that in today’s world or are we all working on our own vain glory like some of the leaders of the country today. Sure we all should give honor to NARSOL for their striving efforts for a dynamic outlook in the way some of this sex treatment is being used and abused on the American public.

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      Have a question that has been eating me up for over 25 years. I was convicted of a crime with nothing more then pure hear say in 1993 of a crime that didnt even have a day in 1992. it was said, sometime between march and july of 1992 (So they say) To make a long story short… Well when the smoke cleared it was all said and done so i thought , The good old state of Michigan convicted me of one count . They gave me 1 year to 3/1/2 years . I was 20 years old . well little did i know it would turn into a life sentence . I was sent to jail aug 22 1993 . i did the full three years. I never appealed my case because i was told by a public lawyer one month before my release date. that i was headed home and if i appealed and lost and it was very likely because MICHIGAN LAW MAKERS HAVE AMENDED THESE LAWS TO CONVICT WITH OUT ANY EVIDENCE WHAT SO EVER. So it would open up my sentencing Gide lines and could allow them too give me up to max amount if the pleased. Well i was so tiered and wanted nothing more then to be home with my family. I was so scared to have to do anymore days for something that never even happend. Well i was out for a few years got a drunk driving and was put on the sex offender list for 25 years then like 4 years ago i receive a letter saying for life now. My question is i was sentenced to 1 to 3 1/2 years in 1993 for a crime they say took place in 1992 sometime. if a judge gave me 1 to 3/12 before a sex offender list was ever even around . how can a politicians amendment cause me my whole life ? This is so post facto its like double jeopardy being sentenced to life with out a trial or a judge or jury ??? Isnt that unconstitutional ? Please let me know if there is grounds to fight these jokers. Its always been a battle that i believed no one understands but i see its not just me its so WRONG. I hope Michigan Courts stand up for the rights of all the people who live this nightmare .

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      Harold David Hassenruck

      Tier 3 Offender. I was walking down a street headed home. A school bus approaches behind me and starts dropping off kids at each street corner. I kept walking. Neighbors called my PO and the police and claimed I was standing at the stops watching the kids. I know better than to do that, but my PO has now put me on monitor. I follow every rule they give me, yet our neighbors can say whatever they want and the law only believes them. How can I get this to stop?

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