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      By Timothy Eggert . . .  The state’s criminal code completely bars child sex offenders from entering public parks, despite an exception written into a
      [See the full post at: NARSOL E.D. quoted in Chicago Daily Law Bulletin]

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      This just further proves the registry exists solely as a blank check for the state or federal government to harass and re-incarcerate persons forced to register at their whim because they were never wanted back out in free society to begin with. It’s total garbage and the judges who upheld the man’s convictions knew the whole case was bogus to start with. The court just said this man has no right as a parent to retrieve a disobedient minor child and bring him or her home if they happen to be in a park. This tramples all over a parent’s basic right to raise their child. This case should be ripe for appeal to hopefully a more honest court.

      I doubt legislators will do a blasted thing because the law is exactly what they want it to be; a legal minefield of little “gotchas” that can put one in jail or prison for years on the flimsiest of pretexts.

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      Tim in WI

      Getting some pub!

      I’m wondering what would happen if a group of NARSOL advocates occupied the same Illinois park at issue here. What happens if out of state registrants and advocates assemble and use the park in an effort to confront the intent of the law.

      I happen to live in Rock County WI, which borders Winnebago County, IL and I’ve kin who live just across the border. It is time to confront the electronic police state.

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      Tim in WI,
      I wonder that too.
      I am also of the opinion that, as our numbers grow, and as this systemic persecution becomes more egregious, there are going to be louder and louder calls for the type of action you are endorsing – sit-in protests.
      I understand that you have not mentioned violence in your post – simply peaceful demonstration.

      But I also believe (for good or bad) that some sort of armed confrontation(s) is (are) inevitable at some point in the future.
      I believe that there may be martyrs.
      Maybe this seems like an extreme viewpoint.
      But I am not (in this post) expressing either approval or disapproval of such actions – only that I believe that they will happen in the future. (Nor am I encouraging such actions.)

      But I believe that the voices of dissent will get louder, and tensions will grow.

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      When I see the term Public Parks, I think they should clearly separate out public parks in the area that has playgrounds . I believe that national public parks should definitely not be lumped into this. Also public parks offer facilities that are for adults such as tennis, adult pools, pickleball, and exercise rooms that require ages 18 and up.
      Not a very realistic approach

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      Timothy D.
      Tim Davich

      Well I have thought about this type of sit in or action myself here in MN. With all the places we as registered persons can not go or enjoy I think it would be interesting to see the response to such an action. I understand that it could end up being more of a confrontation of both sides and think that it would cause more harm then good at this stage of the fight.

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      Timothy D.
      Tim Davich

      I agree with this as using the term public park you are lumping in all parks (state, Federal, and evening private parks that are open to the public could even be included) there needs to be specific information on this and better written laws. Too many states have just rushed to pass laws that do little to actually protect those it was written to protect. I don’t see laws written keeping burglars from the business district or private homes. Or car thrives from cars. In fact I know of a person who is a locksmith with a burglary charge. How does that work.

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      TS Rohnevarg

      Of course, you had to know this was only a gateway into the eventual control of all people [“First they came for the Communists…”] by targeting ‘low hanging fruit.’ Now, all are being made to wear the “Mask of the Beast.” This is just the nature of the flesh raging and rebelling against its Creator. “In this world, ye shall have tribulation: But be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.”

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      Tim in WI

      Well you mean because there are no signs that say ” No Negros” it’s not intended as unreasonable affirmative restraint? Offenders dont protest because they’re afraid to do so.

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      Tim in WI

      @TS Rohnevarg
      How very ecclesiastical of you to say that. The database machine driven infrastructure certainly exploits certain inherent sinful nature in human.
      Grisly as it is, there is no end to the evil potential and consequences especially with concern to an individuals’ liberty. War mongers will exploit It to the fullest.
      It does so by the same ways and means state sponsored lottery drawings do.
      Illinois has particularly latched on to taxing the gambling industry and a per-machine basis%. Small machine gambling establishments popped up everywhere.
      Gov capitalizing on gambling addictions of residents. Like pine marten to feathered snare.

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      Revolt, of some type, is Inevitable.

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      As soon as a previously convicted CSO enters a park he or she ‘BECOMES’ DANGEROUS?

      Outside the Park the CSO is ‘NO LONGER’ DANGEROUS?

      What sense does that make?

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      Ray S

      I totally agree with what you’re saying. And then why should we be paying taxes for these parks, libraries, schools, public daycares etc. If we aren’t allowed to use them. I’m sure a good portion of our property taxes, income taxes, sales tax all goes toward funding these entities that we’re so called “bared from” according to these ex post facto civil codes. I think they should give that money back to us

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      Public Enemy #1

      just saying these comments are a breath of fresh air…
      one question tho… has anyone else read the registry as a neatly compiled roster?
      Too many angry Americans with less to lose daily is a bad idea… and now they demand we wear anonymous masks… in courthouses and police stations?
      Somethings gotta give, and personally i dont condone the events i see coming… but im glad to see when they come… i wont be alone.

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      It’s already happening now as we speak. You don’t think the people trying to burn down the courthouses in Washington State really cared that much about George Floyd, did you? When Baltimore was burned, it had more to do with Governor Martin O’Malley and his arrest everyone system of justice than it did some guy named Freddy Gray. Freddys die every week in Baltimore without notice. Michael Bloomberg got his stop and frisk ideas from O’Malley and tried to put them into practice in New York City. Then when he wanted to run for POTUS against Trump (a virtual win for anyone, even Peewee Herman), the critics said “not so fast there rich boy”. What about that stop and frisk stuff? This is how changes are made.

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      Something has to be done….I am on the registry still paying for something that happened when I was 19 and I am 43 now.I take my children to the park…
      But this is ridiculous…..Like I was just offered a job only to have it yanked from me because I’m on the registry. im on the verge of loosing everything…which isn’t much but its a roof over our heads…..Im at my breaking point

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