NARSOL demands stoppage of in-person check-ins for those on the registry

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      We live in unprecedented times. Never before have semi-quarantine conditions been imposed across the entire country. Registrants especially, having a
      [See the full post at: NARSOL demands stoppage of in-person check-ins for those on the registry]

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      Barb Wright

      The problem is exacerbated by the fact that someone working from home has technically changed work addresses; a student attending university remotely from home has changed school address. And what about a person who is hospitalized? Has he or she changed residence address? What about someone who is symptomatic and/ or under quarantine… must he or she risk exposing others to verify? FAC pointed out that some registrants ride the bus, or live in homeless shelters… how many people need to be exposed to a REAL danger because of a PERCEIVED (but consistently debunked) one?

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      Cole L.

      Here in Las Vegas, LVMPD has reported that up to 48 employees were exposed to coronavirus. I was supposed to report on April 1st, but thankfully the LVMPD has suspended in-person Sex Offender Registration due to the coronavirus. (I have links to webpages, but it says we’re not supposed to post them.)

      Hopefully this information helps. Thank you NARSOL for all that you do.

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      I had the same question last year when I went for my yearly check in. I was told by the officer that as long as both addresses are registered I would be ok. I currently work three days from home and two in the office (right now working five days from home). So far I have not had any issues and you know none of them will give you anything in writing.

      Good luck to all!

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      I feel that they should either suspend or find an alternative way such as: LEOs/Parole/Probation Officers should go to the Offender’s home and have them stand just inside the door providing whatever is needed to register or have an outdoor meeting place in various areas where those who need to register can do so. I don’t know if either would work, just rambling.

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      The Bottom Line comes down to this: Legislators, Law Enforcement, The Courts, and Government as a whole, want to kill us off, don’t think for a Damn Minute that they don’t, because they do…for real! I’ve written my State and U.S. Representatives begging them, to eradicate this entire charade of the registry altogether, and to this date none of them has contacted me back. You know why they won’t? Because this is easy money for them and it keeps them in office! It’s popular, so they remain popular by doing nothing!
      Of course, they won’t close the Reporting Centers. I just did my quarterly check-In the other day. What they want is for someone in The Registry Office-Law Enforcement- to get sick and die, so they have an excuse to call us murders!
      That’s what that’s all about. Nuff Said!

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      Ernest B Tucker

      I guess I am blessed because Sandoval County where I register closed Wednesday and is doing everything over the phone.
      They called me and took care of it in about 5 minutes.
      I have to say that the staff of this department for the most part have indicated that they think this whole registry thing is a waste of time and resources.
      I was speaking to one of them a while back who started that she judges no one as she has a friend that was convicted of a crime he didn’t commit and she knew he didn’t do it, but he was also coerced into taking a as many of us were.
      Maybe if enough law enforcement officials started feeling this way they will help change this corrupt system.

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      Had registration appointment today. Arrived at Sheriff’s office to find signs on door that, due to pandemic, lobby is closed and gave a list of phone numbers to call including for SO registration. At the same time, there was an outside intercom with a button to press for assistance and it had a sign below indicating to use it, so I pressed the button, was greeted and told the person doing the registration would be advised of my arrival. A little while later, an employee wearing a mask opened the door, told me to come a little closer so I could hear but not too close, explained I would be asked a few questions and then the employee would go back inside and see if anything needed to be updated and, if not, would print out the paperwork and bring it back outside to me, which is exactly what happened. I waited a few minutes and the employee opened the door again and handed me the paperwork from an arms-length distance and I left. Regardless, I still did not appreciate having to get in my car and drive the distance, wasting gas and time for this circus called SO registration.

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      David Roller

      I have to report to JREC and my PO on April 1st, even if their offices are closed! I cannot wear a face mask because it would alter my appearance! If they close JREC and the Probation Office I will be submitting my documentation by mail or online in order to CYA! The Florida Department of Corrections just announced that they are NOT accepting new inmates, and have stopped visitation, the Florida Courts have shut down, including e-filing services, I received an email from them today! It is tantamount to homeless offenders during a hurricane! If they attempt to violate you for non- compliance due to office closures I would file a wrongful arrest action! Organizations in various states seem to be taking action, but not in Florida! Furthermore, I try to help my 86 year old Mother, whom I do not let leave the house due to the Coronavirus! She also has bowel issues and after three trips out myself was able to buy her some TP! No matter, come judgment day these people will be held accountable!!! Be safe everyone, and consider submitting to your PO and Sheriff’s Office by mail or email if they shut down.

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      I am an RSO in PA. My registration date is coming up around mid-April. I am wondering what they will be doing with in-person verification during this pandemic. I don’t drive, and if the public transportation system shuts down, and Lyft or Uber decide to call it quits, I have no way of getting there.

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      looks like las vegas has shut down in person reporting in favor of telephonic reporting.
      just sayin.

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      My registration letter came in the mail yesterday, and I immediately drove to the sheriff’s department to register. Not playing that game! I couldn’t have gotten a driver’s license yesterday nor paid property taxes yesterday. Those offices are closed.

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      In reply: I can only answer to what would happen in Florida. You will be arrested for court ordered non registration. Regardless of catastrophic events unless you are contacted by law enforcement of changes in your initial registration process you must register.

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      Florida is the worst! My wife and I went down there last week for 7days. I had to check in at the jail and the SO staff person complained about the office not closing

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      “The Feelings are Mutual”

      I cannot express more than now finally the general public is getting a taste of what a “Registered Citizen” faces everyday! The fact we are alone. The fact we are scorned upon in public. The fact that we are marked humans.

      Now because of a unforeseen virus attack from Asia it has brought the public back together. The fact that now we all need to get along in order to survive this unheralded crisis. Kamala Harris (Congress- California) is calling for the release of all offenders that are low risk. God forbid Coronavirus spreads to our prison systems.

      No, this is not a get back letter to the rest of society that has shunned the RSO. Its a call of relief that during catastrophic disasters we are all in the same boat.

      It might just be God’s will…

      JEV -True Confessions – NARSOL contributor

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      In counties where the courthouses or Sheriff’s offices are staffed and the government agencies are willing and able to talk to registrants by phone while looking at them through a window or glass door or whatever, and where the applicants can be re-photographed or can be allowed to bring their own recent photo for use on the registry, I think that the annual re-registration process should continue UNLESS AND UNTIL IT IS ABANDONED FOR REAL REASONS– it’s ineffective, burdensome, stigmatizing, etc. Reasons that are independent of any COVID-19 pandemic. UNLESS and UNTIL the statutory laws are amended, or until some court throws out the registry or annual photo / reconfirmation of one’s address and other info, the law should be followed if it can be followed. And I think it “can” be followed with a few simple changes to respect social privacy and to contain the spread of a virus.

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      Never! Ever! let these “people” in your home, EVER!! I would rather get this illness and die than let these scum in my home. Not even to just stand in the door way. They are always looking for a way in. They will claim to “see something” then you get served with a search warrant. If I get the Corona virus I will be glad to go to do my registration. And my registration renew is in 2 weeks. I’ll be there, hopefully with a Dry Cough.

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      I have forwarded this press release to several tv news stations in south florida along with an appeal for humanity.
      Please everybody do the same. Let’s get this on the news!

      (PS. Don’t be afraid to play by their tactics…get it???)

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      FL registered

      Florida requires all registrants to get a new ID at the DMV for any address change. Except that the DMV just shut down for a month. It is now absolutely Impossible to comply and we have no guidance for what we should do. All violations are strict liability and the law doesn’t offer workarounds for times like these. Would online changes work? Absolutely, and it would save a lot of people a lot of time and unnecessary travel to the sheriffs office but the law doesn’t allow for it.

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      Tim in WI

      FACT 1,
      SCOTUS, The Rehnquist court specified ” there is no in person reporting requirements in the record in this complaint. ” weighing ALASKA’s version had its benefits. Geographical distance for required update in Alaska not really doable as strict liability and Alaska’s congress new it.

      It is habeas corpus that touchstones legal custody! The time and effort going to and from in person duties count as lost (abridged) liberty too.

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      Dwayne Daughtry
      Dwayne Daughtry

      The Jackson County Sheriff’s Office in Florida (near Tallahassee) is taking preventative measures to reduce the potential spread of COVID-19. According to a press release the following changes are effective immediately:

      Sexual Offenders, Sexual Predators, and Felony Criminal Registrations will be postponed until April 6th, at which time the registrants need to call into the Sheriff’s Office to check-in for the registration schedule.


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      Michelle Barry

      St. Charles County. MO is business as usual…

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      Dewayne Stafford

      I live in Woodward, Oklahoma. Today I was told by my P.O. that starting Monday sex offenders will have to send a text message everyday until the end of May by 10 a.m. Also every Monday we will have to go to Google maps and pin our position. I can understand some of the check in during the Covid-19 virus. But why are sex offenders singled out when there is such a proven small recividism. But why only sex offenders. Why do I feel singled out as an offender.

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      At my time of posting, there are currently 6 posts “awaiting moderation”.

      Thanks so much, NARSOL, for your diligence and stamina to hear we citizens’ comments and continuing to provide us a source of information as well as a place to air out our concerns and fears pertaining to the registry and the current pandemic.

      Thank you for the press release.

      I’ll try to stay brief in my comments.

      1) The Constitution needs to remain the supreme lawgiver of the land. Not governors, mayors, or presidents’ sincere good intentions.

      A prominent judge, who’s name is known among the conservative movement, released an article recently in the “Opinion” section of a very well known conservative news organization’s website. Regardless of your political leanings, whether conservative or liberal, I suggest to all of us, as US Citizens, to read it.
      He points out in his article the dangers of deviating from the Constitution for any reason.

      He shows how the Constitution remains stable…in times of instability…giving us a sense of order in our American society during times of crisis.

      But this order and stability can only be realized in our society…if it is obeyed. Not abandoned.

      2) Fear of the unknown is a powerful, powerful, force.

      Fear of the unknown is why we are all on this satanic registry. Thus our lives are in tatters.
      Fear of the unknown is why a virus is destroying our civil, social, and economic structures.
      And as a result, much damage is rapidly multiplying to these structures.
      All in the name of “Public Safety”.
      A question I keep asking myself is this: “Which is hurting us as a civil society more..The virus…? …Or the government instituted safety measures being taken?”

      3) Pray that the Constitution remains and is supported by these ones..who pledged an oath at each of their inaugurations…to “uphold the Constitution” in their service to our communities.

      Pray that their deviation from their oaths cease and that they return to what they swore they would do when they were inaugurated.

      Conclusion: The registry is unconstitutional. Pray that the men and women who are responsible for governing us as United States citizens, realize the importance of the Constitution then implement the concept of freedom (as the Constitution decrees) instead of the concept of bondage within their respective governing positions.

      If they do return to their oaths and as a result support our Constitution…the registry would disappear.

      The effects of this current pandemic might just wake them up to do so.

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      Before you go in, tell them you have been exposed to multiple people with the virus and are probably contagious and you just wanted to let them know. After that happens a few times, watch how fast they change this nonsense.

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      Again, why do you continue to argue about the RULES of the registration?

      Why is NARSOL not this adamant about abolishing the registery scheme and anythung of it’s kind?

      Why do you not do this kind of media blitz and outreach over the truth about the registry & exposing the politicians lying to the American public thru their comments and arguments made as to why the registry exists.

      Why NARSOL… WHY???

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      It seems to me, that due to the harsh situations that RSOs are put in, they may be forced into situations where they spread the virus throughout the population at an accelerated rate.

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      Marlin Scott

      I am a 75 year old man with health issues. I am on the registry as well as satellite based monitoring. The Sheriff’s office comes to my home several times a year to verify that I still reside here. They have been here twice this month. I am also required to personally visit their office every 90 days to check in, This is OVER-KILL as they can track my every move on the SBM. My eyes and health issues have made it impossible to drive so I am forced to ride the city buses in order to get to their downtown location, and the truth is that with the Coronavirus causing all businesses to be shut down and law enforcement to quarantine the jail inmates, I am in great fear for my health and safety being out in public as well as having to transfer 3 different city buses. So I hope that NARSOL’s demands to halt this procedure is successful as my check in date is fast approaching. Again I think that the Sheriff’s Office can just as well get in their comfortable and safe cars and knock on the doors of all those on the registry. The purpose for satellite based monitoring is to track my location and every move every few feet 24 hours a day. I am retired and never going anywhere unless absolutely necessary.
      Great job NARSOL. Lets pray for success in your demands and soon.

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      Hope N Smith

      In Craighead County Arkansas effective Tuesday, March 16, all sex offender program & in person check in for all
      parolees except for those on Max supervision are suspended.

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      Recommend repeated coughing during all in-person visits. Ask for cough drops. Water on your forehead will display your elevated temperature.

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      GeraDessiel Simon

      Since 2005 I have had to report in Chicago,Illinois.
      From a case fabricated against me in Georgia.
      A court order to pay $50.00 weekly for “sexual treatment” ,along with $100.00
      For yearly registration fee,or filling out a waiver-packet.
      After 10 years probation,and an additional year for being homeless & confused about restrictive moving regulations(and an officer had agreed that I was in clear with her office-not knowing another office I also had to be registered with!!).
      With the waiver-packet,you must give proof of what you have done to get the $100.00 yearly fee.
      From $780.00 of my monthly Supplemental Income,$535.00 is for rent,utilities are also a charge;transportation,phone & other expenses.Food payment is from LINK-SNAP benefits,on the 6th. of each month-which means I still must spend for food until the 6th.! So no “extra” is left.
      The mental anguish & constant stress of all this is much for one 67!!!!
      No family or friends assist.
      I joined Illinois Voices For Reform in 2005 & have been-day & night seeking that judgment would return to righteousness.
      Now,I pray that relief come speedily,complete,and fully-spirit-soul-body!

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      It’s simple Phil. The progress made against the registry has come in baby steps. Narsol has done much to expose the negatives of the registry. However it’s a political non starter to just get rid of it. What this organization and many others have done is make some chinks in the armor and tried to sway public opinion.

      Your point to just get rid of the registry would fall on death ears right now. Bringing up public safety though is a good place to start

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      That’s simply not true Perry. I take great exception to the registry but I don’t believe for one minute they want us to get people sick and kill them. If anything that would be another reason to stop forcing people to register. From many post here it’s clear a lot of places are making accommodations. There is still work to do but not quite the doomsday scenario you are painting.

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      I’d like to think you’re right about attitudes from the officers turning against the registry would force change, but it wouldn’t change a thing. Why? Because of this attitude from their superiors;

      “If you don’t like it, you’re free to quit at any time!”. They’d fire them and hire others who have no qualms about doing the job. I guarantee you there are plenty of them out there who would thoroughly enjoy having authority over a registrant so they could inflict their own warped sense of justice.

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      Not a SO

      People! As to “In Person Reporting”to a police agency, I have been trying to inform you for two or more years what the Supreme Court said in “Smith v. Doe 538 US @ 101” : ….On its face, the AK statute DOES NOT require “In Person Reporting” to a police agency, and registrants are free to live and work where they wish and travel without restrictions…” So, is not the Court saying that if the AK statute had these components to their statute wound be infirm? I mean, that’s what good old logic and reasoning tells me. And if the Court is saying this then all states that do require “in person reporting” to a police agency is in violation. Wouldn’t this be correct? I have for two years tryed to get either defense, appellate or constitutional lawyers to clarify these statements by the Court; unfortunately, none of the 21 lawyers I have made the inquiry to would respond.

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      Contacted by me with this press release along with an appeal for humanity’s sake:
      CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS, Local abc, nbc and pbs affiliates and…
      …(drumroll please)…Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida….
      Now get busy and do the same! All of you!

      Shame shame! If you don’t get busy!

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      Registered Dave

      I believe as I’m sure many of us do, that the registry is just plain wrong. I truly hope that this current situation opens some eyes about just how wrong it truly is, not to mention inefficient. But I remain skeptical. Because as long as there are people out there ( politicians of otherwise) who feed the misinformation and hysteria about SO’s for their own benefit, there will always be people who will revile and hate us for what they believe we want to do to children who are complete strangers to us. People who in turn will raise an uproar for every little bit of our basic rights that are restored. The misinformation must be corrected on a grand scale. But… Sadly it cannot be a registered citizen who does it. For in the eyes of the public as are all of us “master manipulators willing to say anything to get what we want”.

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      Sandy Rozek
      Sandy Rozek

      Bravo, JJJJ! Please keep us informed of any communications or actions. Email me at An article may be indicated.

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      Mississippi shut down all but 8 dmv offices now you have longer waits and more crowd locations. I agree with Perry they are forcing registates to spread and or get the virus. But I do not feel they the state or federal government see SOs as citizens. Being in a lifetime registery they see us as inmates in a different prison.

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      David Mills

      Thank You for taking up this topic so many are afraid to touch. I posted a comment a month ago on FAC web about this very thing. Stating what do we have to do go in on our check ins hacking and coughing to awaken them to the dangers they are putting on registry prisoners. They must have felt my comment was to controversial so would not publish it.Kansas has from the start had a mail in card to sign and mail back for registrants. No in person reporting.They have never had any problems that have ever been reported. Why can’t all do that till the time the SCOTUS comes to the realization it’s all totally unconstitutional.

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      @Dewayne Stafford in OK

      Pinpointing yourself on Google Maps may be an illegal search based upon the 4th Amendment since a warrant was not used to place a GPS tracker on you unless you are ordered by the court to do as part of your sentence/punishment. Also, turn off your GPS locator on your phones at all times unless you need to use it!

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      In TN, if you are not on any kind of supervision (probation, parole), you are required to do in person quarterly updates specifically in the months of March, June, Sept, and Dec. March is also when the annual $150 registration fee is due. I went to update last Thursday and it was business as usual in Davidson County (Nashville). When I arrived at the Metro SO registration office, there were about 10 people waiting. All other government offices have either downsized or closed, but the SO office hasn`t changed at all.

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      I’m actually fearful that someone in my community will do a search of the registry and endanger my property or my person.

      I saw a Facebook posting saying to search us all down because we caused the coronavirus. It was deleted, but the seed was planted.

      These are dangerous times. People have lots of time at home to think, and we are on the bad side of public opinion. Even my church has banished me, even though I was once off the registry for a crime occurring 35 year ago, but was arrested for failure to register when I moved to another state. Now I’ll be in danger the test of my life because I’m registered for life.

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      Just an idea..

      For all those who have had their reporting duties suspended temporarily due to the pandemic:

      1) Calculate the number of days, starting with the day of your normal reporting date, until your sheriff clarifies the date of when you need to report. When that date comes, by all means report.

      2) During your “pandemic hiatus”, watch your local news for any sex crimes being reported in your communities.
      Make a very detailed list of each story. Names, dates of occurrence, alleged crimes committed, as much detail as possible.

      If no crimes were reported…note that. Note that even though you were on “pandemic hiatus” NO CRIMES WERE COMMITTED. That proves to the sheriff that you committed 0 crimes while you were “temporarily free”.

      3) When you go in to report, take your enumerated list with you of all the sex crimes that happened while you were on “pandemic hiatus”.

      Show your officer your list. Allow them to make a copy of it.

      Hopefully, they will see that:
      1) All these people…ARE NOT YOU!.. proving that the US Citizens on this registry are NOT perpetrating these crimes. Proving that this thing is a waste of time, money, resources and that the public is NOT safer with it intact.


      2) YOU COMMITTED NO CRIME WHILE “FREE”, resulting in the same conclusion as above.

      Your sheriff… just might know some law makers in your community and take your research to them for their consideration.

      “Ye shall know the TRUTH…and the TRUTH…SHALL. SET. YOU. FREE.”-a Man like no other from Galilee

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      Hardie Johnson

      Yesterday a Wake County sheriff’s deputy stopped in my driveway and waved. My semi annual report is due in June. This was their usual habit, however.

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      How often does the Sheriff’s Dept stop by to do a wave? Is that all they do knowing you are a person forced to register? Do they physically stop on your property and wave and not from a common road? This could be intimidation (or harassment if you prefer) by them in their own way to tell you that you are being watched in addition to trespassing since they don’t have other business with you on your property when they come by. Do they do this with other people who are forced to register? If so, sounds like a sheriff who thinks they can do what they want.

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      Dear NARSOL Team and Members,
      I am in Bartow County, Georgia, and I found no information about cancellations for registrants at this time on the local sheriff’s website. I still have two months before my annual registration, so I am waiting for contact. I also attached the press release to an email I sent to members of The Marshall Project in efforts to obtain a wider scope for the goal of the press release. I will maintain contact regarding any success.

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      “… even though I was once off the registry for a crime occurring 35 year ago, but was arrested for failure to register when I moved to another state. Now I’ll be in danger the test of my life because I’m registered for life.”

      Steve, can you elaborate on this a bit more? You were OFF the registry and moved to another state and then got arrested for FTR? How?

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      Matthew Wrensch

      Fortunately, I have no in person reporting requirements, just an annual response to a letter. They can track me 24/7 and keep that history forever. Several neighbors have taken it upon themselves to post stuff on a neighborhood Facebook page. Lots of slander, libel, hate, and malicious comments. I had the page administrator take it down, fortunately, but the damage was done. Got to move on. Thank you NARSOL for your work.

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      I’m in Georgia, too. If you are not on paper, then you might like to go in with me on a petition for declaratory judgement. I have, what I consider to be very good grounds, I have an attorney willing to take the case, and I have my share of the legal fees.
      If anybody wants to discuss details, just let me know.

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      I beg to differ with you on this residence address change and for good measure, we’ll throw in the school and employment address. This may be an abstract concept considering the vagueness in the way the laws are written, but it seems pretty straightforward here in Georgia. We are required to report in person any change in residence address. BUT, unless you have changed your residence address, you have not changed your residence address. As far as I’m concerned, and I would love to take this to court for a declaratory judgement, I can stay temporarily any damn where I please for as long as I want, so long as I don’t change my “residence address”.
      What defines a residence address? Your residence address is where you say it is. YOU define your residence address. There are many ways to change your residence address such as actually moving from your previous residence address to a new residence address, changing your address on your driver’s license, voter registration, filing a change of address with the USPS. But simply spending time with your girlfriend/boyfriend at her/his house, being hospitalized, going on an extended vacation, are not a change of residence address unless you say it is. Your residence address is where you receive mail, where you keep your stuff (clothes, furniture, etc.)
      It is unconstitutionally vague for a statute to leave it to law enforcement officers to determine whether you have changed your residence address unless you have obviously moved and no longer have any connection to your former address.
      As I said, I would like to get this in court for a declaratory judgement civil action. If you live and register in Georgia and would like to throw in with me, I have some money for an attorney and would welcome any and all co-plaintiffs to go in with me and share expenses. I believe I have the silver bullet to stop forever the requirement to report in person and divulge the required information. What I have in mind may not kill the sex offender registry but it would make it so unwieldy that the government would likely see no other recourse than to do it their own damn selves leaving us out of it.

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      Shouldn’t we all be calling our Representatives, Senators, and Governors about this debacle of registration at this time? Support Our Constitution has a good idea as well as several others. This is pure stupidity and quite frankly not sustainable, especially in Florida.

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      Well, my PO stopped by last night and informed me that there would be no in office reporting for April. I told him that I would be mailing mine in. Still don’t know about JREC. If there office is closed I will be taking a photo of and message posted on the door.

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      Ben Franstook

      Tennessee has suspended reporting and home visits. My PO told me anything that changes or anything I need to report text him and if he doesn’t answer within twenty-four hours to contact his supervisor. That seems fairly reasonable. More alarming to me in unrelated to this topic is the Tennessee is considering a castration law. I flattened out in August of 2015 and don’t think this sort of insanity should apply to me but you know how these things go

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      Ben Franstook

      Tennessee has suspended in person reporting and in-home visits any changes are things that need to be reported can be texted to your PO and if they don’t answer their supervisor. More alarming to me is Tennessee considering a castration law. I was informed of that in my last treatment group.

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      Ron S

      Not in Memphis as of today 3/23/2020 the kept every one of the people in the same room they separated us from them….still putting us at risk.

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      Where is the press release you wrote about?


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      This could establish a precedent for registration. If this goes smoothly, then why not continue the practice in the future. obviously some municipalities are more “enlightened” than others and have already been doing this. In person registration is yet another practice that degrades us as citizens, allows others to mark us ( I have witnessed people sitting in the PD lobby and remarking about those going into to register), and is time consuming to all parties. Of course the distrust the police have for registrants in general would probably cause a spike in compliance checks.

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      I bet if they stopped check-ins altogether they wouldn’t notice any rise in offenses, yet they will continue to do them. Much like school districts complain if your kid doesn’t show up for classes. They could care less about the individual. It’s the money they receive from the state that they worry about.

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      That would be a good way to get arrested or charged with attempted murder!

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      linda shedlock

      Yes JJJJ where is the link to this press release you spoke of ?

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      As of today, 3/26/2020, I have started my list of offenders that ARE NOT ME.

      This story made the news even among all the coronavirus coverage that has dominated it for the past few weeks.

      A man about 30 miles from me, yet still within my county, is being brought up on CP charges.

      The story did not mention him being a “registered sex offender” either.
      Thus he is a first time offender, resulting in actual proof that the registry failed. Again.

      SOC at his report interview: “Detective? That man…is obviously…NOT ME, sir.”

    • #70175 Reply

      I too am in TN and on C.S.L. (Community Supervision for Life). I am under district 60 (Jackson, TN). My officer had me to use Google Duo to video chat. That is how we will be reporting for now. Polygraph requirements HAVE NOT been suspended. Polygraphs will continue on their normal schedules. This includes both maintenance (semi-annual) polygraphs, sexual history polygraphs for those just coming into treatment and/or supervision, and make-up polygraphs for those who failed a polygraph. Treatment classes are suspended for now.

      Here is an instance of public comment regarding registrants and Covid-19:

      Perhaps, if your lucky, it will kill their entire family and you will still reign over them. Oh well, everyone is entitled to an opinion…”

    • #70240 Reply

      What you do is trick the lawmaker and judges that can take laws down by talking to them about what we go through because of the laws and discrimination from the public but use the story of the “Drunk Driver Registry” but it’s layer with the laws the SO’s have to follow tailored at the Drunk driver. Plus you show them the very first recidivism study the did ( gov ) in 1944 rates were 7.3 % then show them the study the gov. Did in 1991 that rate was 9.7 % the gov. Has done a recidivism rate study every year since to now and results are all below 5%. If they say ” public saftey knowing where they live we can keep our kids safe ” besides showing them all the studies the gov. Did and even studies done by outside sources & show the the report that law enforcement went to each neighbor the day when they found Megan Kanka’s body and arrested person who did that to her and admitted to it and every neighbor knew he lived across the street from the Kanka’s except 2 neighbors but the Kanka’s knew he lived across the street, she told law enforcement. Plus there was 2 other SO living with him. Knowing he lived across the street her parents couldn’t keep her safe. The Kanka’s later changed there story now its ” they didnt know an SO lived aross the street”. And show the gov. that they broke there own rules on how laws go from first written to enactment. Most laws average is a year and Megans Law happened in 6 weeks and it was done on a non- calender day, they were closed. Besides there rules which there are punishments for breaking there rules and the studies show them they are breaking the law by enacting these laws because it says ” No law shall be enacted that is not based in evidence and facts that shows the need”. None of those laws have evidence & facts to backup what they say to get them enacted. But we do, 90% of the studies (evidence) show opposite, 2nd lowest recidivism rate, ect. Also show the public through media & newspaper that government lied to the citizens, citizens hopefully will wonder what other laws an things they lied about. Overturn all those laws and use the money they save and use it towards the pandemic.

    • #70390 Reply
      Marlin Scott

      i live in Wake County North Carolina. I am on the registry and also on life time SBM. I spoke to the Sheriff’s office yesterday regarding the in-office visit when I receive my address verification letter. I explained that I am 75 years old and just experienced a stroke 2 weeks ago and that in Erse to get to their office I have to ride 3 city buses to get there and 3 city buses to get back home. The officer told me that they would work something out with me. Now, just this morning as I was watching the local news, they reported that a city bus drive has tested positive for COVID-19 virus.This corroborates my concerns about riding the city bus.

      This should be a wake up call for the Sheriff’s office who are still requiring in-office visit. They also told me that the home address visits have been beefed-up because some of the registrants are not complying with the law. They have been to my home 3 times this month. I explained to them that they know my location at all times because of the SBM and that their was no reason to show up at my door this many times in one month. I also told them that this could constitute harassment if they didn’t stop.

      I will not answer my door now when they show up. They will leave a notice and I will call them.

    • #70461 Reply
      Marlin Scott

      Response to Sex Offender verification letter;
      It is good that NARSOL is keeping those on the registry updated as to the in office visit requirements because the Sheriff’s Office in this county doesn’t seem to want us to know. Why are they not making the updates available on their websites and via television?? They no problem informing everyone else about updates to their policies. They suspended the application process for gun permits. I was all over the local news yet their has been no televised updates concerning Registrants.
      Just another way of letting us know that we’re a sub-class of humans. Let us all pray that some day those words of our founding Fathers and the United States Constitution will ring true in the ears of all Americans. “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.”

    • #70529 Reply

      Happy to report that I live in Smith County in northeast Texas and my registration date is/was today. I received a letter from the deputy that performs our registrations a few days ago instructing me to NOT go into the Sheriff’s office, and that she was just going to call everybody and ask if there are any updates. She called this morning and we were on the phone for less than 15 seconds.

    • #70563 Reply

      I am still on probation, one year to go. My PO called me this morning and we set up a meeting, he would come to my house and I outdoor wave to him from my front door. Next month we will use face time. As to registry Check in I do that once a year.

    • #70566 Reply

      So, according to the Pennsylvania State Police RSO website, in-person registrations are suspended. There is an online form you can fill out to register any changes. A verification form will be mailed to the RSO to fill out and mail in at his/her time of verification. This affects me, because ordinarily I would have to do my annual verification this month. So, while I despise any and all RSO registry laws, I think we should start pushing in the direction of keeping it this way. But yes, the registry laws should be abolished altogether.

    • #72010 Reply
      Not a SO

      As to in person reporting, I’m confused. Did not SCOTUS in ” Smith v. Doe, 538 US 84 (2003)”, specifically at pages 101-102, state the following “…The AK statute, i.e., (sex offender statute) on its face does not require “in person reporting” to a police agency and registrants are free to live and work where they wish and travel without restrictions…” Now, I don’t know about anyone else but using good old logic and reasoning tells me that the Court is saying that “IF” the AK statute DID require “IN PERSON REPORTING” to a police agency and a registrant could not live and work where they wished and travel was restrictes then indeed, the statute would be infirm/unconstitutional. But that’s just my interpretation of these statements by the Court; however, if this is NOT what the Court is saying then they are just, what my dad used to say, “running off at the mouth”. So again, I’m confused about this and “IF” anyone can unconfuse me by offering a logical explanation, I would be happy as hell.

    • #72164 Reply
      Marlin Scott

      Marlin Scott here again. Just wanted to let everyone know that true to their word, The Sheriff’s office did bring the address verification letter to my home and allowed me to sign it in my home. But their was a previous issue that should be addressed. The USPS short for United States Postal Service did not deliver the letter to me as required by their own policy. They removed the green card and sent it to the Sheriff without a signature. The Tracking number is verified this action for which I will file a fraud complaint and also illigally tampering with federal mail. This can also be verified because another person whom I know did receive his letter with the green signature card missing off the back.

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