NARSOL CT affiliate successful in forcing repeal of local S-O exclusion zones

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      By Anthony Branciforte . . . Voters decided Tuesday at a town meeting to repeal an 11-year-old ordinance banning people on the sex-offender registry f
      [See the full post at: NARSOL CT affiliate successful in forcing repeal of local S-O exclusion zones]

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      I for one have to congraudlate that affiliate. Seems the power of truth is finely coming out and I am impressed as we all should be. Even this goes to show one that a lot of this sex junk sicence was not though out.. Yes sex offenders you made a choice or did you make a dicison to stand up true justice. I believe the person made a decison to stand up. I guess dicision making and choice making are to be understanding as government rarely wants to admit there mistakes in a lot of area’s.

      That just goes to show that their is a difference in making a choice and a decision. I know some of the people at NARSOL have written me and told me to tone it down a bit on the Christian stuff and I have to respect that also, but in the long run the truth comes out about alot of this ordeal we all face in many ways. I believe someone once said , one can’t do anything against the truth but for the truth. Keep up the good work NARSOL.

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      Hello what i would like to know is why is everyone does not get all the studies done by every US state and government plus the DOJ and all of there studies show recidivism below 5% plus the guy’s report that the courts are using that said recidivism was 80% has retracted his report and has since done a study showing recidivism below 5%, which was supposedly why they made all these laws which now we have real facts that overwhelmingly prove recidivism is below 5%, so why don’t we go that route instead of trying to take it down a brick at a time?

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        Easy because some people fear the 5% and assume that you or I are is the 5% who will reoffend against their loved one.

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          Quoted-“Easy because some people fear the 5% and assume that you or I are is the 5% who will re-offend against their loved one.”
          This is true, but only to a small percentage of people in the big picture.
          Almost all people have been biased( poisoned ) to believe that ALL sex offenders are going to re-offend, and those that have been released are re-offending now and just haven’t been caught yet.
          Everyone I have revealed the truth to was shocked to know that it is less than 5%, and were actually relieved.
          This is why widespread education about the actual statistics needs to happen.
          Where truth lives, the myth dies.

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      The most important thing about this whole story is that it was the VOTERS, the community, not a judge, not a legislator (who would never vote for that), but actual citizens of a small community. It is a nano-step in the right direction, but it shows that people can be reasonable, and look at the facts. Maybe they realized they would lose in court, but that simply enforces what needed to be done. Hopefully this can be seen by other small communities and grow from there. It may be decades (I will be long dead) before the whole country changes their view, but this gives me a very tiny glimmer of hope that society can change.

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      I live in CT and my town was threatening to enact a similar ordinance, citing the fact that several towns in CT have ordinances against sex offenders. Thankfully, people stood up against the mayor and burgesses. The mayor said that he would make a decision about the proposed ordinance based on the case in Windsor Locks. Well, I hope he’s paying attention!

      Thank you to those who have given us a voice and stood by our sides.

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      James W Stambaugh

      I think we need to start suing and pushing the States in the direction of Truth not Horrible people. Every person makes a mistake as long as you learn from it. But if you keep screwing up then it’s all game. Right now in PA they have me to Register under ML 3 or 2 because the Courts are in a disarray of things because the truth is haunting them. I just believe in KARMA altogether, because right now one of our State Reps is accused of sexual misconduct and now he will have to face the bull crap we go through.

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      Darrel R Hoffman

      This is great news and it’s nice to see at least one community come to its senses. I wish Michigan would do this rather than continue to force us into Court to fight its registry. The ACLU is leading this fight and the Legislature is looking into the matter as to whether or not such a thing really helps and is practical. However, we do have the liberal, fake news around here, WXYZ-Channel 7 News still using scare tactics to incite the public against any changes that would prevent them from being nosy and look into people’s private business under the disguise of “protecting” children. The news program claimed that the Legislature wants to take away their “rights” to know if a “predator” lives in their neighborhood, and just so you know, the News article said everyone on the Registry is a predator, which is a lie in of itself. It’s important that the state Legislature see the harm that this thing does to those who are turning their lives around and what a threat it is to our Constitution. Send support for the Registry’s repeal to the Michigan Legislature-all members.

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        Here is the first fact that needs to be brought to the forefront. Larry said this during an episode of the “Registry Matters” podcast:

        Show me in the United States Constitution where a person has the RIGHT to know about another person’s past. This “right to know” is an invented right. It does not exist in any form in the United States Constitution.

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      Odell Whitman

      I just can not understand how banning sex offenders from certain places makes any sense. You can not stop sex offenders are anyone else from being where kids are at. It is impossible to go any where without running into kids , Because kids are everywhere. If you drive down the street you are going to be around kids , are walk down the street ,go to the mall ,the grocery store , church , pro sports games , walmarts are any store , I don’t care where you go their is a chance there will be kids there. on the bus ,on the train , on the plane , at the zoo , on the river fishing, at the skating rink on the golf course at your swimming hole at a café , down in the valley up on a mountain, Less get serious . This is all a hate game , these people have already paid for their mistake in prison and the registry is nothing but Harassment.

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        Amen you said it. If you can’t be around kids you might just as well stay locked up in your house all day and wither away and die. Oh yeah I guess the law enforcement would love that until one day it might be their son and daughter that has to do it.

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      Social Justice or moral justice or true justice. I wonder who the “Boss” is today or are some just or still dancing in the dark with this. I wonder who tears one’s little world apart and infringes on another. Sure they say actions speak louder than words or who conspires to put down one over the other. With this sex offender ordeal there is the actual physical element and the verbal inducement of someone on this new age computer that entices with this and at times they are the one’s that instill in one’s conscience this inducement.

      I wonder if law enforcment are not carnal by nature. If one really looks at the big picture a lot of this infringes on another because of off colored speaking in a sexting manner by internet use in many fo these ordeals Someone on here said something about data and record keeping.I wonder how many have been enslaved on an adult site as apposed to a teen site? Sure NARSOL’s vision is good in this endeavor to help in this sex offender and restorative justice in a lot of these ordeals. I’ve even wondered why prostitution is legal in Navada and not in other area’s. Seems a bit confusing now since this sex ordeal is a hot topic.

      Sure all human beings have a psychological makeup that differents from their fellow man. While I’m not married this is a hardship for anyone that has to go thru something like this but with vision and focus one can help others that are going thru this ordeal. Believe it or not this is a positive step for those in America.

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      Here is something to chew on, why do all these City’s and Town’s Municipalities try or pass all these ordinances, when the fact is ordinances are not laws. They do not apply to the general public ordinances only apply to the employee’s or employer’s of said City Town or Municipalities, Just like policies they are not laws and do not apply to the General Public. The only ones allowed to pass laws is the legislature of said states. Just food for thought.

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        Bobby, I have responded to your statement before and educated you and will do so again.

        If you do not know something, then you are ignorant, which comes from Latin and means not knowing. And it ok to not know something. But once informed, you are no longer ignorant.

        So you are no longer ignorant on the topic you raised as I have informed you in the past on the topic you raised.

        You are now considered stupid on the topic you raised and it is important for you and others who listen to you that you are not stupid or else you or others can find oneself in a bad situation.

        Depending on the state, either the state Constitution or legislative statutes may with certain restrictions authorize municipalities, townships, etc…to adopt ordinances along with civil or criminal punishment and/or fines to anyone transgressing the ordinances.

        So I suggest you stop being stupid and stop sharing your stupidity with others before either you or others relying upon your statements get yourself into a bad situation with an arrest and/or a conviction on your record.

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      JoAnn Piccin

      Great News…..Please maintain the fight! Prosecutors are free of reins, untethered and destroy lives, yet they are not monitored by any “checks and balances.”
      Tisk, Tisk.

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