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      Sandy Rozek
      Sandy Rozek

      The annual Sexual Offense Issues Conference of the National Assc. of Criminal Defense Lawyers kicked off this morning, 11/16, in Las Vegas, Nevada, an

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      WOW, thank you so much for everything you guys do for us!!!!

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        Way to go NARSOL!

        We believe in your. We support you however we can. That’s how I feel.

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      Allen decorated Vet

      Thank God there’s people who understand that something that was done even innocently for under the influence with regards to just fondling not to say that isn’t a bad thing it’s very bad what to get a life sentence and be treated like a leper a piece of trash especially if you’re a decorated Vietnam veteran improper touching is very bad but it doesn’t deserve a lifelong punishment which parole officers sex offender classes…

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        Jerry P.

        As a honorably disabled veteran, and a nurse for 16+ years, nothing good I’ve ever done in my life was mentioned during my trial or during my incarceration. It seems my sex offense voided my life up to the point of my offense.

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          God, that is so true. No matter how exemplary your life previously, it counts for absolutely nothing. So the offense voids a former offenders prior life and the registry creates nearly insurmountable barriers to his/her future…what’s left?
          Nothing but the fight.Thank you NARSOL for waging it.

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            Dr. Bob

            Your right! Sadly, it is true that for many people on the registry it seems no matter what positive things they do post conviction much of society only views them through the lens of their offense. However, as is also proven true (over and over again) those who condemn the loudest and often from a position of self righteousness are hiding similar and even more egregious sins. Just look at some of the recent revelations of various Law Makers, Hollywood elites, and others. “You are prone self-righteously to judge others for the very same sins that you commit.” (Romans 2:1). The good news is that while good people can and do bad things, all are worthy of forgiveness and a second chance. People can and do change and lawmakers and society would be better served if politicians and prison officials focused more on rehabilitation (than punishment) by helping people take responsibility for their actions and providing help and tools the offender needs to become a productive member of society when he or she is eventually released.

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            @Dr. Bob— a good word brother! Amen.

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          Steve Celebes

          There is a way you can fight back. Because of WTO membership the US has to open its markets to foreign products. Stop buying all US made products. Buying US products gives money in income taxes to governments that are responsible for mistreating you. Read the labels to find foreign products: cars, food, personal care…

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          Registry Rage

          “As a honorably disabled veteran, and a nurse for 16+ years, nothing good I’ve ever done in my life was mentioned during my trial or during my incarceration. It seems my sex offense voided my life up to the point of my offense.”

          ^It’s as though being on the registry somehow invalidates our humanity also! It negates all the good we’ve done and people only see a perceived safety threat. This is really telling about how Megan’s law subjugates and cancels out our accomplishments..

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      Robert Copeland

      It’s good too know there are individuals. Who understand that punishment for a crimes. Doesn’t have to be a life long sentence. And after fulfilling man’s law. As sentenced by court. We still deserve the right to some semblance of a normal life. Without being continuously prosecuted. With ever changing and an increasing laws and regulations. After we have completely out court sentence. It’s a violation of our civil laws. And our right to the pursuit of a normal life. We need more people to get involved. See this injustice and get involved. Thank you to all those who are currently on the front lines in this fight.

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        Yes, the punishment should fit both (1) the crime, and (2) the offender.
        Too many people in our society just lump all sex offenders together with child rapists and kidnappers. It’s all the same to them.

        Recently, two famous male actors were accused of sexual conduct (or attempts to engage in it) with teenage males aged 13 and 14, both of whom they met at house parties where intoxicating substances were being freely used. One of the teenage victims said it was a consensual affair and he was upset that it didn’t last longer. (The other victim said “NO” and after some unwelcome grabbing, the offender finally took “no” for the answer and stopped.)

        Now both of these older actor-perpetrators are now the butt of jokes whose punch lines suggest they are predators who kidnap and even murder children, or want to have sex with kids in single-digit age ranges, and these men hang out at arcades or in vans with FREE CANDY written on the sides. THAT’s how society views all sex offenders, regardless of the circumstances of their offense, how long ago it was, or how it impacted the victim.

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      Capt Charles Munsey Jr. USN (Ret)

      I know the frustration of having a 99% good record totally disregarded. My daughter, who was the victim, is looking forward to my being free again so we can get back to being the kind of family we were before I went through my ‘dark times’. We are working with each other to better each other’s lives. We both understand that we only get one chance to go through this life and we both need to make the best of it. We know that satan and his minions will try to use our past to destroy our futures.

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      William Stallworth

      Since my conviction in 2006, life has been one minute at a time. The old saying of one day at a time is just to long of a time period. Life as I knew it since my conviction has been scrutinized by a society that totally misunderstands the difference between an offender and predator. Educating the general public is of no concern for anyone therefore we as offenders are refused a chance to prove our worth to society. Anyone convicted of a crime, other than a sex offender, has a better chance at life rehabilitation more than we do.

      Thank you to those that refuse to give up the fight for us and give us a hope and a prayer which for many seem impossible to accomplish. The dedication and devotion to this effort is greatly appreciated. Lift the flag high so everyone can see!!

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      I guess I’m slow in the saddle sometimes. I see the Capt. up there posting and Kurt, even the decorated vet. I guess everything is different when we are fighting the enemy and a lot of the ordnance’s are brushed aside. All I did was get caught up on a potty chat and on an adult chat site?
      Yes I too am glad that people are opening the doors for us so some that are married can get back to a better relationship and not have to have this sex offender stigma follow us the rest of our lives. Fighting for this country and than get entangled in something like this. Course I don’t see Johnnie Cockrane or F. Lee. Bailey but what the heck. I think the main thing is Justice for all. So NARSOL your doing a great job for all of us involved in this jumbled up mess of distress, and something like this can stress everyone on the registry out.

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      Chris in Baltimore

      I hope someone at this conference will address lifetime supervision under Probation.

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      Darrel Hoffman

      This is great!!!! Wish you would bring this to Michigan to educate the dummies here who think all sex offenders are hiding up in trees to jump down on innocent kids!!! And the King forgot his crown!! LOL!!!

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      totally against public registry

      I hear many of you state over and over again “predator vs. offender” difference. It should not matter what your crime was because everyone has a chance of healing, bettering oneself and living a positive life going forward. I am tired of the saying and the insinuations that just because you molested someone and the next person tried to rape someone are so so different or you can get better and the next person can’t……No one should be on the registry after paying their debt to society no matter what one has committed. Registries are wrong and everyone should understand that, especially people involved in the registry and their loved ones

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      THANK YOU KING!!!! We are so blessed to have your support and encouragement!

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      Jonathan Merritt

      This Organization had made strides in fighting the unjust laws and the Registry itself.
      I have done all that I can to assist those on the registry who are interested in becoming a truck driver.
      this profession keeps you out of a working environment where you will have co workers who will always find you out and cause you to be terminated in such an environment.
      There is a job waiting for anyone who wants to become a trucker. I do this for no monetary gain.
      Contact me if you are interested.

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      Jane Smith

      I am the mother of someone who was convicted of a non contact internet S.O. He is currently serving time in federal prison. He has 1,558 days to go. Previously he had a good job that he held for 10 years he was liked by his peers- but with his conviction any good he ever did didn’t matter. He now has the label. This is insane. It’s like the scarlet letter. We aren’t evolving if we are still behaving legally like the puritans in 1694.
      Now I know how our legal system operates and I hate it. The laws and restrictions have spiraled out of control.
      I feel for all of you here, for the struggles you have endured and will continue to face.
      My heart goes out to you, your families and thanks to NARSOL for fighting for us all.

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        Jill a mother of a rso

        Jane, Thank you for mentioning that you are a mother. We need to inform others and learn to educate others like our kids and other parents. I am thankful for this forum and will continue to support their goals any way I can!
        Its taken 9 years for me to be vocal! We need to speak up about the injustice and learn how to reach out for support. Keep it up. One step at a time!

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          Jane, Thank you for caring. It’s not to often we hear someone cares enough to take the time to tell us. God bless your son. I believe one day this will all implode and the truth will set us free.

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      No, I’m not a robot but unfortunately when it comes to the general public they are fed information like robots and that becomes the premise of their believe. Their belief system has been built upon fear instilled by media, authorities and law enforcement that have labeled us the lepers of the 21st century. They are given placebos that are said to be a cure, a safety net to keep children safe when in fact none of the restrictions, laws, or the registry are effective in protecting anyone. They feed the public false security by making them think if they move registered citizens far enough away, families are now safe. They use fear mongering to roil hatred and rejection. The general public need education to truly understand. With knowledge they can arm themselves with truth and whatever means necessary and, God willing, rid themselves of the cancer of hate and fear. Don’t get me wrong, I encourage awareness and caution to keep children and all others safe but keeping in mind the registered citizen is a human being too. Yes, we all have fallen short but most want to give back something but the opportunity is elusive. I will once again reiterate my own belief: if a registered citizen is harmed or, God forbid, killed as a result of the information supplied by the registry, the state aids and abets in any crime that derives solely from that information. We who have done our time and have true remorse just want to live but we can’t. We have a life sentence with the registry.

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      cindy stewart

      I am so glad I found this group. My son was wrongly accused in 2009. I sat in fear of what would happen next and wondered if this is happening to others. My son too had his life ruined by tabloid and internet accusations and then there was you don’t have to register but your are registered after the plea agreement. I know the hell we went thru for 2 years because she said stop and it took him a minute, It really opened my eyes to a new world and one of injustice. Yes we have to change the perception of exactly what is a sex offender in today’s courts and once you have served your time and are a responsible citizen you shouldn’t have to bear the scarlet letter or a yoke around your neck. So love that these lawyers are stepping up to make a difference. It’s time alot of lawyers stepped up and coached these house of reps and senators in each state how to write these laws so one shoe doesn’t fit all. Thanks for all you do!!

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