NARSOL asks CA Dept. of Correction to cease sex offender discrimination

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      Sandy Rozek

      NARSOL Board of Directors . . . In 2016, California enacted a new penal code section that extended overnight family visitation to prisoners serving li
      [See the full post at: NARSOL asks CA Dept. of Correction to cease sex offender discrimination]

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      I’m sorry people I’m using my Duracell batteries by posting so much but this whole Sex offender and punishment faze seems so out of character. Sure I agree in protecting and serving and yes I believe in justice but true justice not some watered down justice. There is good and bad in everything we as human’s do under the sun.

      This CDCR issue is a much for those that have to put up with. Not being able to stay over which is a bit going overboard since the person has already done his prison time and one comes out of prison has some extra surprise and stipulations. How can one say that is justice or is it an over extension of an unjust law that congress came up with or was it the people. It seems those in office don’t want to be burdened with anything. Its like you voted for us and “We” make the rules and we punish or extend additional regulations and punishment.

      Talk about a “thorn in the flesh” That’s like coming out of Jail for a drunk driving charge and saying .. oh by the way you can’t ” burn rubber” driving down the road as it may offend someone,. Now where does responsibility come in?

      Hey surprise, and believe me life is full of surprise’s but that sort of takes the cake. I would be upset and I’m sure anybody would but its like we on the sex offender are leaper’s in all this madness as that is going against true justice and man made justice is not a true justice so that’s why we all fight for rights not only in this cause but other causes.

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        Debi B

        What is Narsol doing about the illegal and unethical sex stings?

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      Timothy L Davis

      Very correct NASOL. Adding 30 lashes per day to persons sentence, when no judge ordered such punishment, and no others are subjected to such punishment, would be easily understood as wrong. There is no difference. Also, thinking about it, it is counter productive concept of correction and rehabilitation. I understand we are talking here about life sentences. But, may I suggest we think along the lines of a person given a life sentence and a court reducing that sentence at later date. Has the person that committed the sex offense or the public been served? Why is consensual, age appropriate sex, within the laws that apply to everyone else, not acceptable to someone that has committed a sex offense? Someone explain to me why that should not be the goal.

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      NH Registrant

      I spent 3 years in prison being used as HUMAN BAIT. The guards had control of who went where. I was continually put in rooms with people KNOWN to be hostile toward people with sex charges. And it wasn’t just myself, they did it to most of the people with sex crimes who had short bids. They knew those people wouldn’t fight back and would most likely tell on their bully roommates if coaxed enough. So, they used us as human bait to get the repeat customers of the prison to stay longer. It was economically a sound decision for them to make. It gave the guards job security and kept the prison rolling in taxpayer funds. It’s disgusting and despicable and barely anyone in the general public notices or cares. Prisons are very skilled at controlling what the public knows about what ACTUALLY goes on behind those walls. There were people beaten to death, stabbed, died from neglect – just in my short 3 year bid! Only a couple times did it get out to the media. I once saw the guards beat a man nearly to death on concrete stairs leading up to the chow hall because he slipped and stumbled (he was heavily chained). They all went nuts as if a switch was thrown in their collective psychopathic minds and it became a flurry of punches and kicks! It was horrifying to witness and it took me many years after being out to stop having nightmares several times a week from what I experienced “on the inside”.

      So, with all that in mind, people can make whatever suggestions they want. They can beg and plead. They can try to form legislation and take legal action. But, it doesn’t matter. Behind those walls is a different world. They may agree PUBLICLY to comply. But, NO ONE is holding them to account behind the walls in their compliance. We were treated worse than animals. We were treated as bait and punching bags for a bunch of men wearing badges. Sorry to be so pessimistic. But, I lived this horror. I saw legislation come and go. I saw the state government appease people – only to have NO ONE enforce the rules behind the razor wire and concrete. The ones in charge on the inside of those walls are going to do what they want – no matter what.

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      Jay Saunders

      Why cant we just sue the @#$* out of the Uncle Sam?!! No, but really? I was give 5 years probation 25 years ago. It was a minor thing. Did the probation, and worked super hard the next 25 years on going to school and working my way up the ladder. Then 2016 came around. I was living in Vietnam with my wife and 5 year son. I went to get me a new visa and I was denied. I have been living there for 8 years! They made me leave and split the family up. I lost my job and my wife and son on the same day. Its been two years since I’ve seen them!!!!
      So someone please point me in the right direction!! I’m not upset anymore!! I’m pissed and want to fight back!!!!

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      First off in California Registration is for Life regardless of the crime. So we need to start there. A freshly convicted Violent Predator in a Prison is the kiss of death. States will never be willing to segregate prisoners from the crimes they have been convicted off unless they are special high profile crimes. On a recent episode of “LOCKUP” (MSNBC) a man convicted of numerous Sex Crimes became the inmate preacher. So its possible to turn your life around even behind bars. In my case I was (1992) required to wear a choker that identified myself as a molester even though no living child was involved in my case. They the CO’s wanted me to feel the wrath of god. So that is what I mean by the kiss of death. A sex offender in the general population of any prison is going to feel uncomfortable for the duration of their sentence. There is no way to explain the stress of this fact. Protective rights are gone when you are convicted of a Felony and sentenced to a long Term in a State or Federal Facility. You can only rely upon your instinct for that lost protection. JEV

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      totally against public registry

      Thank you, NARSOL for taking a stance and releasing the message that it is not okay to keep punishing for the same crime. This sort of abuse of power should stop and I’m glad you have taken steps to address this issue.

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      Susan Cook

      How unfair! Everything I hear now days has to do with a negative idea of sex. Women coming out to say how bad they were treated 30 years ago. Boy I guess guys can’t even whistle or they can go to jail. That is what the laws sound like they are trying to do. Remove the word sex and everything that has to do with it and we will be fine. Family like me gets stuck in along with all the negativity, this sounds like more of the same ___! I feel sorry for the families that were looking forward to this. Be glad for what you have today, and work on away that we can prove that this is not right!

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        Isn’t it ironic how a country that has a hangup about SEX also uses SEX to promote or sell products?
        Try to figure that one out.
        And on the issue of young teens or even tweens (pre-teens) being “sexualized” and learning/experiencing sex at such young ages, don’t any of us find it interesting that our country allows the “pop music” industry to shove this sexualization of females and young people down our throats and no one says ‘boo’ about it? But the average man who wants to ask a woman out on a date gets drawn and quartered by the Feminazis. Unbelievable.
        I’m not sorry to have to throw this in here but…’s the typical liberal hypocrisy; “Women are not sex toys!” followed by the very same liberals being fans of liberal celebrities like Beyonce, Nicki Minaj and singing along happily to songs like Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream” which is a VERY SEXUAL song. GO. FIGURE.

        I’m sick of the hypocrisy in the country. And our idiotic laws regarding sex offenses and what constitutes a sexual offense has begun to trickle its way to other countries. Pathetic.

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      Two not get the same treatment as other inmates is a additional punishment which is a violation of the double jeopardy clause.

      America you are a hypocrite and a liar!

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      Have there been any updates on this? Thank you in advance!

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      We the accussed, accept your claim as abdication of your authority, and as such, recognize it is upon we the accused to establish ourselves as a seperate but equal State entitled to all individual rights and security of our persons granted by God. In no way is this sedition, for we have been abandoned by those whom have sworn to serve We the People. In no way is this a declaration of war, for we the accused desire peace. This is notice to all whom it may concern.

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      I am the wife of a juvenile offender. Since his crime he’s had to register every year, he’s denied certain basic privileges and has been given many restrictions. This crime happened over 40 years ago!!! How long does a person have to pay for the same crime?? Oh yeah, if he misses registration he can be arrested and may be given more time. What part of this is fair?? While he’s doing time I have to have him see our children behind a glass (another form of punishment) and I absolutely can not have a conjugal visit (we’ve been together for over 20 years now). Not only do I feel bad for him but for my kids- due to the registry they have to deal with their fathers “issue” as well.
      I am beyond irritated!! This needs to change

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