NARSOL affiliate files lawsuit in Connecticut

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      Sandy Rozek
      Sandy Rozek

      By Anthony Branciforte . . . WINDSOR LOCKS — An anonymous resident and an advocacy group that represents accused and convicted sex offenders have file
      [See the full post at: NARSOL affiliate files lawsuit in Connecticut]

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      I pray that all States start to stand against the harmful registry rules, especially Louisiana. Prayers for all.

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      If you want a better life, get out of the Bible belt. I hope this actually does some good to the SO’s in CT. But I won’t hold my breath. The laws in these places are kept together by fear and saving our poor defenseless children. But we all know it’s bologna!! Good luck!!!

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        Randall Flagg

        There are exceptions to the BIble Belt mantra.
        Florida and Conn are hardly considered to be bible belt States and they are the some of the worst.
        Ga may be in the Bible belt but I moved from SC because the conditions of registration were better.
        I did not have problems with finding employment in SC and there are two trucking companies that will hire any RSO with a CDL no questions asked. It appears that there are worse places for someone to live and find a job than the South.

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          Robin Vander Wall
          Robin Vander Wall

          And let’s not forget that it’s California who led the way on all this registry nonsense.

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            My crappy state of CT has always followed in the shadow of CA. Like our lawmakers don’t have minds of their own. “Gee, let’s see what California is doing and copy them”.
            Sue the sh!t out of CT. Nothing but a bunch of goodie-two-shoes here anyway. This is the state whose residents love to get their faces on the local news to say dumb crap like “I can’t believe this happened in OUR town”. As if THEIR town is so special.  This state makes me sick and I can’t wait to get the hell out of here.

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            Haven’t posted at you in a few months, I like your comment with people saying I can’t believe this happened in OUR town”. There are people like that here in pa to, in towns sht like shootings always happen in and they’re like, I can’t believe that happened, like it’s something new.

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            Maestro be patient a lot of this will all be over soon. I can see your faith lie’s in government . lol just try to put on a happy face. I know its hard to do even for me and others but soaking about it doesn’t help. Shoot I just wish I had a job at times to make so my sister wouldn’t support me as that is a bit much for me plus my PO coming around as I get in my moods as does everyone else about this sex situation and discrimination.

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        I never ceases to amaze me that so many so-called-Christians who say they believe in grace and forgiveness are the most vindictive and least forgiving.

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        The Bible does not say anything about age of consent it does say all unmarried sex is a sin that’s about all I see and most Christians are not following this rule at all. Bible belt people tend to follow the constitution better then liberals anyway.

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      Lawsuits may seem good but these are devilish attacks on the human mind. One has to ask would God give an opportunity to set people up? Would any human being with authority set his people up? Even today my PO came to the house and basically all he says is how you doing or you doing ok. While I had words I could see the authority that he wants to play .I I even ask him about church and he said he said your free to go to church and said if you want to come down to the office I can show you. Some of this endeavor is like one really did a crime and they want one to believe that but who gave the opportunity.?

      Basically most all this is pumping by PO to get one off guard as that is what the whole internet set ups are all about is to get people off guard by the use of sex as a weapon of discourse in this game that they play. Sure its a deadly game of challange as the devil wants to win in these factor type encounters of a mind altering. It is no different than the Guarden of Eden or God testing job. I wonder who is self-righteous or playing devil without a gun.

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      I wish them success. We need a state and/or federal-only law. Not individual cities and towns. It’s ridiculous.

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      Way to go! Keep chipping away. This is going to literally be an inch-by-inch battle to get all these discriminatory ordinances overturned. I’d like to see every lawyer who has to fight these laws subpoena Robert Freeman-Longo so that they can get him on the stand and let him refute that “frightening and high” myth he started with that imfamous article in “Psychology Today”. Let him explain how it was not based on sound science. This is the very mouth from whence the claim originated. If the courts ignore the man himself, we would know then and there that the courts are not concerned with fact, but only engaging in illegal punishment simply because they can.

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      A mom

      We need to change these laws in all states. We need to give SO’s a second chance at life. Right now they are imprisoned after prison. So unfair to them.

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      While we can all pray that this lawsuit helps out, their is a lot more to this. A lot of this is about authority and Power. Sure we can all be slaves to this system or help thy brother or sister out.

      The Declartion of Independence I’m sure still holds true today, if thats true the powers are ordained of God. Now when these laws go against the character of God something is missing in government when they induce these opportunities. The character of God is too Holy to look upon evil. These internet sex sting operations break down one’s free will weather weak or strong. Are we under pressure to comply to the law. God makes his laws known to us but its up to us to act on that knowledge Its a spiritual concept and is similar to spirituality. When they present these opportunities they are vindictive to the character of God and his son.

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        I agree with most of what you say but God did not say how old the age of consent is the USA did. How old is too young in the Bible? It seems to me Murder, Stealing, and having sex with someone’s wife were bigger concerns in the bible our society thinks these things are cool they are glamorized in movies etc…. If we go full religion on this topic the USA is going against Gods creation and will. Men were created they way they were to have the desire to breed. God/Nature whatever you believe did not make a solid line in the sand of the age were sexual attraction occurs and with who not even the same or different sex. USA is to worried about love making and not worried enough about evil. The USA is failing its citizens.

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      Kurt Martin

      Registrants should not be barred from fully participating in public life and meeting other adults in public spaces and facilities for any number of legitimate purposes, most of which would come under the protection of the First Amendment (free speech, freedom to assemble, right to protest and petition the government, right to religion, etc.)

      What would be reasonable is to make it a crime for a registrant to intentionally communicate to a minor or put any minor under surveillance at any of those public “safe space” places, but with an affirmative defense available if the registrant chooses to explain-away the communication or surveillance (either that he’s not really doing what it looks like he’s doing, or that he’s got a really good reason that justifies doing it).

      Public parks are often the venue for political rallies, town hall meetings, meetings of various adult clubs, societies, sports teams, etc. There are plenty of legitimate reasons to be in a park besides to take your children to play or watch other people’s kids play.

      The same applies to schools. Not only are schools used as poll locations during election season, but they’re also storm shelters during severe weather, evacuation shelters during other types of emergencies (I was one of hundreds of people forced to evacuate and ended up going to an official emergency shelter set up in a school’s gym one time). Schools, though closed to students on weekends, are used for 5K and 10K running races, usually as fundraiser events for a local charity or other worthy cause.

      Let all adults living in society, even felons on parole or probation, even registered sex offenders, full participate in community and cultural events held on public property and in public buildings. Just make it a crime for some of them (based on their type of crime and/or an individualized assessment) to intentionally interact with kids (and even that has to be carefully worded, because plenty of fast-food restaurants have 15-17 year old minors working there, and it should not be a crime for a registrant to tell the 16 year old kid at the cash register that you want the #4 meal deal and super-size the fries. It should, however, be a crime for a registered sex offender to flirt with said teen or try to turn the meal-ordering into a conversation that goes beyond what it has to be to place the order and pay for it.

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        “What would be reasonable is to make it a crime for a registrant to intentionally communicate to a minor or put any minor under surveillance at any of those public “safe space” places, but with an affirmative defense available if the registrant chooses to explain-away the communication or surveillance (either that he’s not really doing what it looks like he’s doing, or that he’s got a really good reason that justifies doing it).”

        You’re walking on very thin ice with this remark.
        So, anyone who was previously convicted of let’s say a consensual relationship with a person who was post pubescent but not of full legal age should be arrested if he/she happens to be talking to his/her friends and their kids? Because your idea here is the same as the legislature and the general public which is: If you found an attraction to 1 teenager, you must certainly want to have sex with them ALL.
        This is very dangerous ground you’re treading on with such a comment. It also shows that, like the general population, you think that ONLY people who HAVE committed a previous offense will continue to do so and you ignore (conveniently) the FACT that this leaves the door open for people with NO prior sex conviction to slither their way into the pants of some kid they’ve got their eye on.
        But they can have their eye on said kid because; no sex record, no worries. Right?

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      Hopefully we can go after the mother of all these nonsense laws, the registry itself, soon and free hundreds of thousands of enslaved Americans and millions of their family members from the chains of modern day bondage.

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      Hey it seems discrimination is discrimination and yes I am thankful to NARSOL to bring this challenge to CT.
      When I first came on here back 4 yrs. ago no one was talking about anything about God’s law in these trappings. It seems people are waking up a bit. I even sent some things to Brenda a few years ago and yes most of these operations are unethical. Discrimination is a bit much. Using sin to catch a sin is a bit much and this age of accountability is a bit much. Believe it or not we are all children.
      Sure I don’t like any of this. I understand all of you all are up in arms about all this and it is speaking up and redressing your grievance to those in Authority today. Don’t you all have the word to back you all up on this and I’m sure that more powerful than there watered down justice.
      Now I’m not here to offend anyone but we all do need to address this in all states today. I just wonder who perverts the bible today in man’s day and age and holds people in bondage.

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        “When I first came on here back 4 yrs. ago no one was talking about anything about God’s law in these trappings.”


        We’ve been over this time and time again and I do recall you even agreed to the mods here that you were going to STOP throwing religion into these conversations.
        Listen and listen closely;

        Most people would ask you where your “god” and “jesus” were when you committed your offense.
        If you want to be painted into a corner like that, that’s on you.
        Not everyone believes in religion and having been someone who once did (until I woke up), I’m truly just as sickened by the religious ramblings of fellow convicts as the average person is.

        Your “god” isn’t doing anything nor will it do anything. We’ve made our beds and now we must lie in them until either our probation or registration are completed. And for those who are in states with lifetime registrations, well, GET UP AND FIGHT IT!
        Praying isn’t going to solve your problems. Period.
        Either things are going to change or they’re not. But they’re not guaranteed to change from sitting in your “safe space” at home looking at your bible.

        Now please, for the last time – LEAVE RELIGION OUT OF THIS ISSUE.

        Thank you,

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          Sandy Rozek
          Sandy Rozek

          And let’s please let that be the end of this discussion, gentlemen. Those who believe, will pray. Those who don’t, won’t. Many of those who represent the registry and ever increasing harshness against those with sexual crime convictions believe they are doing God’s work. Many of us who fight the registry and all it has spawned believe we are doing God’s work. Many believe God has nothing to do with any of it. This is a place where there is room for all opinions, and it is also a place where those opinions are best kept to oneself.

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      I remember when I was in a sex offender treatment program in Washington state and one the guys from treatment was released to his brother’s house and some people from the town burned it down. That’s right…it wasn’t even a sex offender’s house. There are other stories like this through out the U.S.,. One guy was trying to burn down a sex offenders house and ended up going to the hospital with 3rd degree burns.

      I was glad to see the federal government to step in and call the registry for what it is…punishment after the fact. Now if we can just get Michigan to follow the court order that does away with the 2006 and 2011 ammendments to the law. Well, they need to do away with the whole registry and I can see that day coming.


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      They say silence is golden and you and sandy are right I will be silent about the whole matter. I hot CT is the first state to repeal the sex offender registry and I hope man figures all this registry stuff by human wisdom as if man can figure how to get to the moon just think what they can accomplish with human relations.

      Agreeing on one thing is agreeing but if nobody comes together on issues who do we all call on ghost busters. I guess that’s the way human’s solve things today by human wisdom and trespassing against others. I just wonder how we were all born. Good luck folks in your endeavor and let people pray to their own God and I thought their was only one God.

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      I want to apologize to everyone and ask that you all forgive me as sometimes things we say may offend others and I do apologize to sandy. There are bright sides and bad sides to look at all this. The bright side is we have NARSOL and others pulling to help in this human drama that seems to hold others in bondage in different ways.
      Also those that were fortunate enough to have a roof over themselves and avoid jail time that is something to be thankful for.
      While NARSOL and all those others involved in this and making a difference is what its all about we all need to rationalize this out and respect things are they are at the present. We all go in different circles but helping out is one of the best things if we are able to..
      My previous post was a bit upsetting but we all make mistakes.

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      Was reading an article about the sex registry the other night and we have 800,000 people on the registry, a bit too many I would say. While discrimination is one of the big factors in all this type of opporation its also a human rights factor also.

      While I just receuved a from one of the folks in congress here in my state and he talks aout these human traffic issues and prostitution, I just wonder who’s prostitutiing who or procesuciting who anymore. Sure they will have a decency act bill or should we all go around in public with tight fitting jeans. Ladies and Genetleman there are internet factors and there are the factrors. This is all for public shaming and not public safety. Basically its trespassing against someone in an internet platform environment and law enforcement do have their boundaries. Giving such opportunities is a con coming down the pike .

      Sure they get around all this because the common people are not on guard and are swayed into all this sexual enticment. Now who doesn’t get enticed by sex or are they using sex as a weapon? Now that we’re in it how do we win it. I dont’ want to win it, thats not my goal. Their are a lot more factors than just winning. Its all about truth and the truth will set you free. They say that these operations are to break up sex rings that sell prostitute slave kids online to the higest bidder thru the internet, and thats what they are really cracking down on but they are really detectives prostituting themselves to any citizen that happens to be in an adult sex chat room and happens upon someone that looks out of place such as a person that presents a title as a 16 year old being in an adult chat room. which would be wrong if the chat room says adults only. Oh the games people play. And remember their famous line.. Its all part of the game.

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