Nancy Grace: Pandering profiteer

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    Sandy Rozek
    Sandy Rozek

    By Sandy . . . I get a large number of emails each day, many containing links to stories or news items. I cannot read them all, and I generally make t
    [See the full post at: Nancy Grace: Pandering profiteer]

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    Ed C

    Sandy, thank you for having no stomach for BS.
    Teaching children blanket “stranger danger” actually puts them in more danger. Often children are taught to run to a policeman if they feel endangered. Good idea, but what are the odds of the police being in the right place at the time? Since the chance of a stranger abduction is very low to begin with, children would be safer if taught to run any other adult in the vicinity while yelling for help. The odds of encountering a second nefarious abductor are too tiny to even consider.

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    Nancy was an HLN star. I used to watch her broadcasts and see her exploit those who’d suffered by the criminality of others. She is hardly the only TV HOST to do so. Many networks do whatever gets ratings and advertising dollars. Victimization is profitable and so many promote it for that reason alone.

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    As long as there is money to be made from lies without consequences the truth will forever be hidden.

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      constitutional bill

      What a profound statement d.

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    So in a nutshell, Nancy Grace is essentially selling what is (or should be) common sense using grossly inflated and over-exaggerated statistics. Not surprising – salesmanship and marketing is 95% bulls**t.

    Equally (if not more) sad is there’s apparently a market for this…

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    Old Offender

    Unfortunately fear sells. What a sleazy way to make money by pandering fear and distorting facts.

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    Facts should matter

    She’s John Walsh in a skirt and knows how to run the outrage train for her base.

    This is the single most disturbing problem with our current culture. We’re addicted to justice, revenge -and most of all – knee-jerk outrage.

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    I have to agree with most all these folks that have posted. Talk about the invasion of the body snatchers or warning signs. Talk about the money factor and newscasters that won’t give one a leg to stand on. Facts are facts but truth is truth.

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    Nancy is just what “most” people think. The big scare was over 20 years ago Nancy, find another way to make money. I hear woodworking is good for the soul.

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    Pandering profiters or Pandering profilers. Sandy you have something there. Now I dont’ know if your writing articles to win a pulitizer but this articles says volumes. to the lessers of the two evils.

    There’s a saying, Truth is stranger than fiction, so where does that lead pervet justice.? In the eyes of the beholder or in the eyes of others or some callous action by this lady for her short shot to fame. One has to understand truth is more important than someone giving a review of callousness.

    While I mentioned all the commets were good it really boils down to each person’s opinion or who is castrating who or even themselves. Sandy you have something with this article you just have to focus more on the positive or should we all realize that its ok to marry a 16 yr. old or understrand that America needs a “Leap of Faith”. Government should be cleaned up too.

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    Caution should be exercised in proportion to the risks, otherwise we may end up missing out on life. It’s sad how media plays on our fears like this. Thank you Sandy for sharing the facts so we know how to respond to this kind of irrationality.

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    This is a link where she gets called out on this very subject. Shes gets mad and walks out. Nothing inappropriate but they sort if call her out on doing this very thing.

    (youtube link removed by moderator. Please review the post rules)

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