MONTGOMERY COUNTY SHERIFF OFFICE CONSPIRES AGAINST VETERAN Dying man suffers public humiliation as direct consequence of overzealous operative determined to prevent his final wishes

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      For immediate release: January 20, 2015—Dayton, Ohio—Military veteran Greg Poston and his brother are dying of cancer. Their physician, Dr. Emily Vann
      [See the full post at: MONTGOMERY COUNTY SHERIFF OFFICE CONSPIRES AGAINST VETERAN Dying man suffers public humiliation as direct consequence of overzealous operative determined to prevent his final wishes]

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      Ed Schlaeger

      It saddens me so deeply when I read of the degree of hatred that civil authorities have for one another. Instead of being there to assist Greg in his dying wish, the Montgomery County Sheriff exposed the degree of hatred for human being that he was then projecting upon Greg.

      Amazing as it is, here in Illinois, one of the new bills that is being proposed by the State of Illinois legislature for 2015 is a bill that will literally double much of the work at the various police departments, it will also drastically double the time needed for Registered Citizens to remain compliant with their registrations at their police departments. The group that proposed the initiative is the Illinois Police Chiefs organization. It amazes me that they would need to intervene to such a degree against registered citizens who are so struggling to normalize their lives. Yet they persist in toxic pressures to punish the hundreds of thousands of us who have repaid their debts to society yet continue to be punished with cruel, draconian laws, many of which are supported by local police authorities. How sad.

      My prayer is that the amazing work that we are doing in both the National RSOL and state level organizations will come to be seen by other civil authorities such as other police departments, sheriffs organizations, police chief organizations, and then by state legislatures and the justice systems of our country as organizations of healing vs. as purveyors of cruelty and punishment.

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      Virginia Hall

      I echo the prayer of the previous poster, that the work being done by National RSOL and its state Affiliates will be recognized. i could write volumes on my disgust, shame, and overall disappointment at the behavior of both those sworn to “protect and serve” and those who preach philanthropy while failing to practice it.

      It is morbidly fascinating to see people and agencies, in the face of legal, scientific and anecdotal evidence to the contrary, continue to cast former offenders as “evil”. Cowardice, however, is defined as “ignoble fear in the face of danger or pain”. Ohio’s law enforcement officers, sworn to protect and to serve the citizenry, without exception, appear to have acted in a most cowardly manner. Aware themselves of the opprobrium heaped upon former offenders, they have opted for the path of job security, a path which perpetuates punishment, banishment and ostracism, regardless of the truth of the matter.
      Incompetence is rampant in Ohio’s police departments – Attorney General Eric Holder has recently stated that “Accountability and legitimacy are essential for communities to trust their police departments, and for there to be genuine collaboration between police and the citizens they serve”, specifically with respect to Ohio police practices.

      Acting under color of law to undermine the efforts of a medical provider to secure aid for a dying patient is disgusting, and far beyond the role of any officer. Nowhere in the Dayton Police Officer job description is there a mandate to to slander formerly convicted persons, or to involve oneself in a doctor’s decisions. Here, a physician elected to contact a “make a wish” type agency to arrange an experience (“wish”) for a person with a terminal medical condition. Someone at Dayton PD took it upon him/herself to thwart that wish. Such godly powers are not bestowed upon civil servants, even those who carry guns.

      Equally disappointing is the response of the “Dream Foundation”, a purportedly philanthropic organization which fulfills the “wishes” of veterans before they shuffle off this mortal coil. Rather than telling the Dayton PD to mind its police business, the Dream Foundation reneged on their offer to provide a Grand Canyon trip to the dying veteran and his family. Cowardice, personified. For shame! No, really, FOR SHAME, because the root of philanthropy is “love of humanity”. Organizations such as the Dream Foundation exist to enhance what is most human in both their donors and their beneficiaries. By extending, then withdrawing, the offer of “dream fulfillment” to a human being, to a veteran, to a former offender … the Dream Foundation has acted in a most inhuman way. Is it not human to err (and to forgive, divine)? Human beings are fallible – we err, we screw up, we make mistakes. It is expected, when forgiveness underlies all major world religions, that we can redeem ourselves and be welcomed back into the tribe. No one should be known, or punished forever, for the worst thing s/he has ever done. No one is beyond redemption. And no one deserves such ignoble treatment, especially in their last days.

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      TO ALL,
      The notion that you are created equal has been thrown out and even though we are what we are. We are not U.S. Citizens. I too, am a veteran. I spent 24 years defending my country. I was convicted while I was on active duty. Went through the courts martial process. I was honorably discharged after my 24 years in service.

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      The people who keep all this hate going against these former sex offenders, are the same group of people professing to by Christians, but really what they are, is vindictive pew warmers, and that is the extent of it. All these laws dealing with former sex offenders are nothing more than added punishment upon people who have already paid their debt to the Justice system, and they should be left alone so they can go on with their lives without being harassed, or more punishment being added to them. What does Yahwasua the Christ-aka Jesus have to say about these people out to destroy others lives by being vindictive, and UN-forgiving.

      Mat 6:14 For if ye forgive men their trespasses, your heavenly Father will also forgive you:
      Mat 6:15 But if ye forgive not men their trespasses, neither will your Father forgive your trespasses.

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      I have to agree with you CA, that it is the same group of people that keep all this hate going against those who have paid their debt to the Justice system, that you will find sitting in church every Sunday morning. I think there needs to be some law suits filed to have every felony criminal class posted on the web, as well as register as that certain offender, be it a drug dealer, armed robber, thief, etc, etc. I think the public, and neighborhood where these people live have a right to know who lives in their neighborhood also, because a former drug dealer could sell drugs to children, as much as a former sex offender could molest another victim. There is indeed a double standard within law enforcement, and government.

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      Steve in Nebraska

      What do you all think of starting a crowdfunding effort, seeking donations nationwide to pay for this guy’s trip? I would contribute to it. And I would make it clear that this is the kind of effort that will get my donations in the future, and organizations like the Dream Foundation will not.

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      Darrel Hoffman

      AMEN!!!! I couldn’t agree more with what you said!!! They open up the mercy seat of God to expose what He’s forgiven and it will be to the dire consequences of this nation!!!

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      Darrel Hoffman

      This has become a vindictive, witchhunting society that just has to have some minority to persecute. They couldn’t do it blacks, Latinos, or Asians because of the rightly so public outcry against such ignorance and hatred without cause. Well, here we are again doing it, because no one wants to be seen defending a sex offender even though they’ve paid for their crime like any other convicted felon; however no other ex-felon has to do the things nor gets the same treatment as an ex-sex offender. It just seems like society thinks it’s ok to continue to persecute this group, but yet is going to allow homosexuals in the name of “consenting adults” to marry and live like man and wife? What kind of unrealistic nonsense is that? Our Constitution says if you’ve served your punishment for the wrong you did, your rights are supposed be exactly what they were before the incident. A bunch of liberal, communistic thinking morons have gotten the Courts to change that and we’re seeing the end results. Shame on this country for betraying its founding principles and wanting to exact vengeance on any group just because they aren’t popular.

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      Barre Flynn

      CA points out a very disturbing verse in the Bible for those who think they are without sin. Psalm 51 puts this in perspective. David a level 3 sex offender by anyone’s count only felt himself accountable to God. He took full responsibility and changed his life. It is a great read for any sex offender who feels the need for other’s vindication.

      It is also very interesting the the Bible also says that even our best attempts to good as humans are like filthy mentral rags. At the foot of the cross the ground is level. Never forget that!

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      I don’t believe that adding m ore Civil Rights Violations to the existing list is the answer.

      I believe the answer is correcting the problems that exist. I know of no instances, where creating more violations is a corrective avenue.

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      If we really want to correct this problem, we have to stop living in shame and fear.
      No-one can take my honor from me. Only I can destroy that.

      I challenged my states laws in Federal Court. Lacking the funds to hire legal counsel, my case was denied promptly by the District court.

      I had requested appointment of legal counsel based on the fact that the issue before the court was a Liberty issue and the constitution requires legal counsel before liberty can be removed.

      The Appellate Court agreed with me and appointed legal counsel.

      Not only did they appoint counsel, but they appointed the top rated appellate counsel in the state.

      I am still in Court. I may not win this but I did make legal history and create a legal precedent.

      There will be case law to provide a means for others to achieve the possibility of appointment of legal counsel in these matters.

      The only avenue in Federal Court is through a Civil Action.
      The Courts have decided that pro se cases are not valid for the most part.
      We have to make them understand that we are still citizens of the United States of American and the constitution belongs to the people. It does NOT belong to the politicians and judges.

      Once the Appeal portion is finished, there is a good chance that I will sue this Federal judge for Denial of Due Process.Something that almost every attorney would advise against.

      But, if we do not challenge judges when they are wrong, then they can not be reprimanded as they should be.

      It is time we as citizens send a message that will be heard loud and clear.

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      I am sorry Ed, but I have to say..the idea of “Created Equal” never applied to everyone.

      The exclusionary clause of the 14th amendment is the evidence of that.
      The 14th Amendment is simply a reiteration of article 1 of the US constitution.

      The 14th amendment excludes American Indians. It was put in place to prevent Indians from ever being represented in Congress,having a right to vote or to be guaranteed any rights under the bill of rights.

      No, equality was never intended to be a reality, it was from the very start nothing more than political rhetoric which meant that all white people were created equal.

      Since then, those radicals who are religious fanatics and have taken control of our government, have decided that they are wiser than the founders who wrote the constitution and have the power to do as they choose because they are immune from mans laws, have created laws that are totally against the laws and constitution of the United States.

      The constitution was never intended to apply to everyone. However, there is a fatal flaw with that. It was written down. Today, the applicability is a matter of legal history.

      We have the power to change that, but I have to tell you this. Unless each one of us are willing to fight for the rights of those we hate as adamantly as we are willing to fight for our own right, no one will have those right. All rights will be lost.

      Ed, I am a Veteran too. And when I went into the military, I took and oath to uphold the laws and constitution of the United States of American and to defend it from all enemies both foreign and domestic. I did not see an expiration date on that oath.

      I will fight and I will do so until I win or I die.

      I would like to in closing make sure that I leave no doubt in the minds of anyone. I consider those who have corrupted our constitution, courts, judicial system and criminal trial process,to be domestic enemies of the worst kind.

      They are worse than the terrorists who attack our innocent citizens. They are worse, because they ave the trust of the people. And though it is the responsibility of the “People” to know what their rights are and to stand up for those rights, these domestic enemies are still the vilest of all domestic enemies.

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      File suit against the Chiefs Organization as well as each individual Chief who has supported this Bill.
      File in Federal Court and ask for a TRO.

      If you have to file in Pro se.
      Fight in any way you can and any way that you have to.
      By suing the individuals responsible for creating these legislations, making them responsible for their own actions will give them an entirely different attitude.

      We live in a society where even legal counsel is more often a part of the problem than not. We are told that some things are “unethical”. If they were they would not be allowed in our system, right?

      If it were unethical to sue a judge or any other individual, then we would NOT be allowed to do so.

      For those that will say judges have a cloak of immunity..let me remind you that acts that are departures from their judicial powers,de-cloak them.

      Departure from judicial powers are acts that include but are not limited to ,denial of due process, any other civil rights violation, making mental health evaluations NOT based on professional opinion,etc…

      They have a cloak of immunity, but it is not perpetual nor impenetrable.

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      Darrel, if you check the voting records of those who have passed these laws, you will find that 90 percent of these laws at least have been sponsored and voted for by fanatic conservatives.

      The liberals have not had the courage to stand up in force against them like they should have.
      Of course the illusion that we have two parties is another deception entirely.

      Both parties have their roots in the Democratic Republican Party.
      And those splinter parties are all from the same roots.

      There are NO TRUE SECOND PARTIES PERIOD. just Different Versions of the same T,O.P.(Tired Old Parties.)

      Our Government was designed to be nonpartisan and for a number of years it was. Unfortunately, politicians got control and they will keep control as long as we buy into either side of the crap line.

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      Kay T

      Steve, I agree with you, I’m wondering if you have ideas about how to start such a group but we can’t take a lot of time, this man is dying! Do you know who his family is? Would RSOL be interested in starting a donation fund?

      I am a member of Sosen, and I’m a family member of a RSO. I don’t have much money but I could donate something. If you want to contact me personally, you can email the Sosen group,, look up their email address. They know who I am.


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      Kay T

      To CA: I’m Christian and I agree with you.

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      A. Powell

      In a sane and humanitarian world, the Dream Foundation would have instead had a backbone and said something like “We do not judge him for the worst thing he’s ever done, but we stand by him for the best thing he’s done.”

      What does justice even mean anymore? Apparently if it’s a “sex” offense, no “justice” is ever enough.

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      Lance Mitaro

      This is proof positive that Megan’s Law is NOT about prevention or safeguarding children, but perpetual hate, vengeance and personal vendettas against “those people.” Anyone that believes the registry is “needed” is clearly clinically insane..

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