Marathon efforts bolster NARSOL’s profile, strengthen movement

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      Sandy Rozek
      Sandy Rozek

      By Sandy . . . From NARSOL’s point of view, there has never been a Halloween like this one! I scarcely know where to begin. The Patch campaign was ama
      [See the full post at: Marathon efforts bolster NARSOL’s profile, strengthen movement]

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      Tim L

      Congrats NARSOL! on making a real difference in the lives of registrants and American children. Good to hear Texas showed out.

      Prayers and fellowship out to Fran & Dan Keller who spent two DECADES locked up for crimes they were innocent of. Shame squared upon our dishonest press who fed like vampires on the satanic story. It was 1992 the same year I was ran up on BS. Luckily it only cost me three looong years. Those years for me were a wakeup call to notice the incredible level of corruption within our criminal justice system and prison industrial complex.

      Most importantly SHAME cubed upon those politicians who capitalize upon sex scandal to advance the personal political careers. In the last two Wisconsin Supreme Court Judicial elections the winner ran ads touting the the threat sex offenders and the judge’s action via rulings against the defendant. One add in particular claiming to ” have closed a loophole in the law.” Of course the loophole was constitutional protections like due process and the right to council for sex offenders.

      The moral of the story… When politicians and judges tell you they must ignore the constitution for the compelling interest of public safety and to assist law enforcement, beware the wolf in sheep’s clothing.

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      It is unfortunate, but I have found a few hit-and-runs. This is the only one I’ve seen involving children. I have seen others with adults, or non deaths.

      Man arrested in Santa Ana Halloween hit-and-run

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      This is wonderful news and Thank You all for your efforts. Progress is being made and someday registrants and families will live in peace. God bless us all!

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      I hate to ask this, but does any one know of any reports of registrants molesting anyone this halloween?

      ok let me change that I love to ask that, cause I think it is safe to say it didn’t happen.

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        Sandy Rozek
        Sandy Rozek

        Nope, didn’t happen as far as we can find. I would imagine that it would have made the news if it had.

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          Well, as my dad always said…. Worry helps cause everything I worry about never happens. This should be the next press release, with maybe the headline “Nya, Nya, Nya, didn’t happen”

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        @ Anonymous
        I saw some kid got a needle in a bag or piece of candy. Hey wander if it was an SO that’s passing out drugs and needles for Halloween.
        DON’T THINKK SO!!!!!
        I so hope SCOTOUS took notice to SO’s not doing anything wrong on Halloween.
        I’m sure some of them have children and or grand children out there trick or treating and I hope that these false statistics have been proven very incorrect and invalid.

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          Just in case you did not noticed, that was a different “anonymous”. Got to love the internet! 🙁

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            @ Anonymous
            Oh lol, wasn’t sure , I saw someone use lower case my name, I also added another letter in one post to my name by accedent also but I fixed that.
            Hope all is well with you, haven’t seen you posting much. 10 days until Muniz has to respond.

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      John C.

      I planned to participate in the call but a few days before Halloween I was informed by my probation officer that I was required to attend a mandatory session to “minimize [my] contact with minors.” This was previously required only of those in the “treatment” phase of supervised release, which I completed 18 months ago. And last year I was not required to attend. This year, someone high up in the chain of command,decided to once again change the rules and require everyone on supervised release, no matter how long ago they completed treatment, to attend. A number of us complained to the PO, but of course he said he had no control over it. Ironically, we noted that that the only consequence of the mandatory session was to jeopardize child safety by forcing so many additional cars on the roads. It’s so frustrating that policy continues to be made in complete ignorance of the facts.

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      Mark G

      One item I did find interesting was this.
      I saw on a CNN website (and others) that several children visited OJ Simpsons home for trick or treat.
      This disturbs me on several levels.
      He is on parole for a violent crime, yet we don’t see any indignant LEO’s or local politicians looking for publicity to “protect” these children form “harm”. So do they really mean what they say?
      Additionally, where are the “parents” concerned for their childrens “safety”? Do they know their kids went there?
      Very confusing for me.

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        Jonny everyman

        Not saying I would trust OJ but I assume their logic is he didn’t commit a crime against a child. You know how people are, don’t want to forgive you for mistakes.

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        John C. How did you finish from treatment? That doesn’t happen where I am. Po & treastment for the duration of supervised release. And very little restrictions loosened, if any at all, for the duration. Wow. EXPENSIVE & it’s hard to work on that day every week.

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      Rod Rice

      I took a plea deal 10 years ago entering the “Allford” plea and never admitted doing what I was accused of. I was convicted of a misdemeanor and locked up for ninety days. The final charge and conviction was “kissing a minor with tongue penetration”. The alleged victim was my 16 year old step daughter who had told her counselor she has kissed me once. This was in Virginia. I now live in Florida where I am a life time registrant. I am on the most ridiculous end of the registry possible. I am extremely angered and oppressed at what has happened to me. The organization Narsol is blatantly missing the target. If you want to stop the public registry, get out on the front lines and out of the shadows. Launch a massive public education theme to once and for all educate and inform the public about what you are all about. Let the public stop the registry by showing them how draconian, redundant and useless the entire matter is. Even law enforcement will support you. Or dont you understand that or how simple it would be to achieve. Is your motive to really stop the registry or start up another organization to capitalize on the misfortunes of others to make money and make idle noise. Dont ignore this. Thank you. Rod Rice 757 604 9678

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        Sandy Rozek
        Sandy Rozek

        I do not think you can accuse NARSOL of hiding in the shadows. We talk to every reporter who even looks in our direction. No, the public does not support us, nor does most of law enforcement. The public supports the registry until it affects them directly. Launch a massive public education initiative? Simple to achieve? Not for a non-profit, all volunteer organization that has no income except for donations. I do not know where you got the idea that we make money from the misfortune of others, or that we make money at all. The entirety of NARSOL is run by a handful of people who don’t make a penny at what we do. A few of us have regular jobs and do this in every spare second, and a few of us who are retired or unemployed spend almost every waking minute running this organization. People are starting to listen, but this is not a quick fix or a little battle. It is a war. We are extremely sorry for the injustices that you suffer, but please know that there are many thousands just like you who suffer injustices just as cruel and severe. And please know that if there were any quick fix or way to end this easily or quickly, it would have been done years ago.

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        Jonny everyman

        Rod I think you are terribly confused. You act like public opinion is for sex offenders. It’s not. Go on YouTube right now and find a video about sex offenders. A bunch of folks who say you deserve to be shot dead on the spot.

        Generally the people who care about registrants are the ones who know someone on it.

        Narsol is attacking the registry the best way any of us can. Through the legality of it in court and through education and statistics with the mass public.

        Stop expecting someone to “save you” and take ownership for yourself. Are you donating to narsol? Supporting everyway possible?

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      Great job. Now let’s please pivot to IML and the passport identifier. This issue is CRITICAL for anyone off paper, regardless of travel intentions, as its scarlet letter if allowed to stand will only be the first place (other than the crazy states with DL identifiers).

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      Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

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      Listening to some of these new cast video’s about Halloween the public seems more frighten of us than cars. One lady says, I have an app. to find out were sex offenders are and I think its good for public safety. Another lady says I think we have a right to know where a sex offender is, and on and one. I think, I think, I think. Just like pro’s and con’s
      Sounds like a bunch of self-righteous people. Protecting and serving are good but actually no one knows what any person can do at any one time. If that was the case they would of predicted the World Trade attack. All people do is think and don’t reason anything out. Now Sandy and the crew strive to back things up with data and recidivism and things but all answers to this sex offender thing are in the bible.
      Sure we can all use data since man is skeptical anyway and so are human’s.. I guess if Eve wasn’t skeptical she wouldn’t eaten the fruit and than Adam also partook. Wow and they were naked.
      I commend Brenda, Sandy, Robin, and all the other crew for getting this review out to the public but I’m sure courts will find other things to rebuttal about in this sex offender plight, but the truth will come out soon. Hey I’m a sinner how about you all. Respect goes a long ways.

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      I so wanted to say what you said but I wasn’t sure how appropriate it would be.
      I heard some people joking about something at work Monday that happens Halloween night but what they were joking about never hit the news and it would have smacked the headlines about what they were joking about.
      So with that being said I wander how all these politicians are feeling this week after nothing happened to any one involving an SO and this may sound sick but I think they were all hoping for some kink of headlines news about an SO involved incident but all they got were a bounce of automobile involved issues, and the OJ trick or treaters? That should have had parents on edge if anything seeing he killed is wife and they knew he did it but couldn’t prove it so once he got in trouble again they threw the book at him.

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        @Brian well I am nothing but inappropriate, so you can be sure if there is an inappropriate comment to make, I’ll probably make it. And Whatever I say is not near as inappropriate as this Stupid MF registry.

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          I didn’t want to offend anyone as I bilieve I have done by saying what was on my mind in a couple of posts on NARSON which I shouldn’t have said but I did and I can’t chnange that. Am I sorry? Probably have to say no. They never said anything about being offended but I can tell when I post reply to them and they don’t respond but hey I’m a grown man and I have learned over the years to let it roll off my shoulder so I really don’t post reply to them anymore, The only time I don’t let things go is when someone is verbally attacking me or wants to physically harm me or my family and then I feel I have to defend myself. Not to get off topic here though. I do want to thank NARSOS for everything they do. Thank you for giving us a safe place to talk about SO issues.

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      I just want to say I have followed NARSOL for several years. The work this organization does and the effort’s that they are involved in, has changed the way people view registered citizens, in witch has helped change laws and given many thousands hope for a better tomorrow I always tell other offenders to visit this organizations web sight to gain the latest news on changes being made I am in Missouri and Wish there was a chapter here. I know though that the registry is a Monster and the courts are slow there has been changes and there will be more changes to come I believe the people who volunteer there time there money and that are so dedicated to this effort deserve a pat on the back and a huge thank you again Thank you all so Much you give me hope!

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      Halloween has passed and wonderful efforts at education were made to show people where the real dangers are for children on this holiday. A lot was said about traffic related incidents, injuries, and death.
      As someone who grew up in a suburb of the Detroit area MANY years ago, before the registry was ever even thought of, the big issue on our Halloween night was fear of razors in apples, needles in candy bars, tacks in caramels, and various other harmful things to be aware of being hidden in our stash. Moms and Dads searched through our candy every year because the 6pm news for a few days after Halloween showed stories about these findings. It happened, and we were always careful when we ate something even after our parents checked it out. We were cautious, took preventative measures, used common sense, talked to one another. Still, there were those families that were victims of these horrible acts. I have been remembering this a lot this year for some reason. It looks like some things haven’t change.
      I came across an article reflective of those news stories from my childhood. This mom’s verbalized disgust, fear and anger sound similar to those of many who talk about how dangerous SO’s are on this one night. It made me wonder how often did this scenario happen this year across our country compared to the number of children sexually harmed by a registered person? As in the case of car related incidents, I’d say the occurrence of harmful items intentionally placed in candy also out weighs the number of sexual assaults by SOs.

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