Louisiana Christmas not so jolly for parents on the registry

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      Sandy Rozek
      Sandy Rozek

      Originally published November 13, 2012, at houmatoday.com By Sandy . . . Sex offenders are a topic guaranteed to push the limits of any discussion. Th
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      Nena Eschete

      I live in Louisiana, and yes, it’s ridiculous. I am so sick and tired of the continuous prejudice and umbrella status on All sex offenders. I do so pray one day, people will care enough to really look into many of these convictions and understand the horror that is put upon not only the offender, but their families. To understand the true fear that these men and women go through when basically forced to admission to avoid spending years in prison. To understand and care about another human being.

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      Restrictions on observance of Christmas should be an issue easy to win since this is CLEARLY AND UNDENIABLY A CHRISTIAN HOLIDAY. This gets into all sorts of 1st Amendment issues. If NARSOL is willing to challenge Halloween restrictions, then there should be no problem with NARSOL jumping on this infringement of 1ST AMENDMENT FREEDOM OF RELIGION violation. Surely we can’t sit by and let this sort of abuse go unanswered. I can’t fathom the prejudice, hatred, cruelty, and sheer spite behind denying a family the RIGHT TO CELEBRATE THE BIRTH OF CHRIST.

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      My community supervision officer told me straight-up they DON’T EVEN TRY TO MESS WITH CHRISTMAS BECAUSE IT IS A CLEAR-CUT CHRISTIAN HOLIDAY. This is a winnable issue. You can win it on the Constitutional merits alone, however, it would take a hard-boiled federal judge beyond imagination to say it’s rational or OK to punish the children of registrants by denying them Christmas like every other child. Repeating myself, why hasn’t NARSOL been all over this one in court? This is as clear-cut a First Amendment violation as are the Halloween signs.

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      Sandy, this law needs to be challenged in court NOT BY THE REGISTRANTS, BUT BY THEIR KIDS. There needs to be a class action suit on behalf of the registrants’ children and spouses that speaks to being punished by the state without having ever committed any sort of a crime. Can’t put up a tree? Can’t give gifts to their own kids? That’s an over-reach that should have been challenged in 2012 when this article was printed.

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