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      Sandy Rozek
      Sandy Rozek

      By Sandy . . . We may need to start a list of companies that registrants can’t do business with. We have already discovered that a company named Compa
      [See the full post at: Looking for insurance? Don’t go here]

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      Just Amazing! Sounds like stories like this can help get these laws removed but only one’s that actually care are the ones directly affected by them. as I know from being a hit list member for 20 years that many people that are now on the hit list actually advocated for these laws until they or a loved one are trapped in them.

      I’m been starting to thing instead of spending so much $$$ fighting these laws I think it’s time we advocate for very similar impaired driving laws! lets get more lists and more people on the lists!

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      Tim L

      I’ve tried to make it more obvious who we’re up against. The IMC Eisenhower understood and expressed concern about are not always readily apparent at first glance. They are a conglomerate of firms. They have an agenda. Protection of liberty is not on it. Right and wrong are absent too.They took us to Iraq. Michael Moore pointed out the FACT that none in Congress had skin in the game save one. He was made V.P. One wiff of tainted perfume did his boy in. So our country’s enemies can see who they are even if Americans themselves remain blissfully ignorant. Politically speaking they really play both sides. They reward those who play ball and quickly dump and discredit those who refuse. (See D. Petraeus) D.P. was a nay vote in a certain panel established to make choices about drone use.
      He had to go before that vote. The good ole boys burned him BUT in the end DP got the girl. For frat boys like these that is a consolation win. The hero always gets the girl, disgraced or not. Take it for what it’s worth — One 94 B.

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      Derek Logue of OnceFallen.com

      If you are a registered citizen and you have them money for a charity, give to a charity fighting the SOR. I can’t think of a better cause that is underfunded. All those multi-million dollar charities don’t need our money but anti registry organizations do. I know that even the biggest groups like NARSOL is nowhere close to a million, much less multimillion. My org gets even less.

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      Misdemeanor offender

      I am not an attorney nor am I providing legal advice. However, I would suggest anyone that is denied services or canceled contracts because of sex offender registry requirements to file a complaint with his/her state Attorney General or Consumer Protection Division.

      First, I would question how information by an insurance company is gathered and processed? Does a sexual conviction actually relate to any motor vehicle requirements? This would be the first complaint path that I would ask my state Insurance Commissioner if a company suddenly canceled my auto policy. Moral turpitude should be clearly defined by referencing a company document. Otherwise, the definition is vague and is cause for a valid complaint with the state agency that oversees auto policies.

      Second, I would ask when was this particular policy added? There should be a time/date stamp as to when a plan or membership was established versus when the rule was added. A state board may be interested in changing its methods on what data may be used to acquire car insurance if companies are becoming far-reaching in its background investigation process. Don’t forget, elected or appointed officials grow concerned if insurance companies create a cumbersome language that keeps its offices buried in litigation creating expensive overtime fees for workers to process complaints. States don’t like to pay overtime for its employees.

      Attached is a document that describes what insurance companies can and cannot research by state:

      The bottom line is that anytime a registered offender is denied a public service, there must be a measure of accountability. This means that RO’s should become engaged with filing a simple complaint in the state they reside. Even if the claim doesn’t prove to benefit, there is a permanent complaint record (which is not public record in most states). If other RO’s come forward with similar complaints, then there could be enough movement to escalate the issue towards changing law or policy that could potentially be in your favor.

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      Major Henderson

      Nationwide Insurance dropped me when I was charged – before any conviction.

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      nextdoor (a social networking site for neighborhoods) will not allow anyone who even lives at the same address as a registrant to join it. If you were already a member and they get information from law enforcement that you live with someone on the registry, they will deny you access.

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      Daniel Silverman

      It’s not just people on the registry, but anyone with a record of any kind … even if that person with a record is not the primary account holder (i.e. a spouse, a child, etc.). Most likely the people who are on the registry and are currently doing business with USAA have just not been discovered yet. USAA has a policy of not doing business with anyone with a record. So, if it is discovered you have a record, your accounts will be cancelled.

      What I don’t get is how this can be legal? Isn’t this, at its base, a form of discrimination? What does my record have to do with my car insurance, for example? Unless I was arrested for a DUI or reckless driving, why should they care? Doesn’t this, in effect, open the door for a company to legally discriminate (deny service) for other reasons, too?

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        Sadly, the only discrimination that is illegal is that which is based on gender/gender identity, religion, political affiliation, or ethnicity. Convicted felons do not fall under any of those headings. Therefore we are fair game.

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      Name withheld

      I have been a member of USAA since 2005 and my conviction was in 2014 and have not had any problems as of yet (reason for name withheld) I have had many vehicles insured with them even after my conviction as well as checking account and other insurance products, even applied for mortgage(declined for credit score). As far as i Know they have never done a criminal background check. But if anything does ever happen, I will definately file a complaint with TN Dept of Commerce and Insurance, as well as seek legal advice on the matter.

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        You were in their system beforehand and need to be flagged by something or someone else to be reviewed as a member. As long as no attention is given to you, your family, or family name, pray you are in the clear. However, don’t advertise you or your family are USAA members either. Your money is good enough for them until it changes otherwise due to other factors. This is how they operate. There are people who will turn others in to see them burn while hiding their own skeletons.

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      I was cancelled by USAA, Jun 2012, nearly one year after my conviction. At the time of my cancellation, I was not informed by them as to why or by who, but it came in a postmarked letter (which I still have). I was not happy. The complainant in my case is still a USAA member and they have stood by them regardless.

      At the same time, I was actually dating someone who was working at USAA, who has since left the miserable company due to employment differences with them (that is a different blog entry in a different place), and told me it was due to the moral turpitude clause, which I did not know they had with their clients. She said it is not widely known by their clients but something they will employ as required. I have my suspicions as to how they found out, but never will know specifically because it is a moot point with them as I see it.

      The only way to really take them on if you are caught in the spray pattern of others (as they say in the military) is to appeal to the top former flag officer dog of USAA in SA, TX at corporate and ask for an accounting of this practice, especially if you are not the one with the legal issue. If enough are caught up and vocal about it, then they can’t be ignored eventually.

      I will say I never thought of filing a complaint with the state AG or Consumer Div, but figure since USAA is a private company, even though they provide a service product, they can do this (though not right) anyway. If there is a legal leg or two to stand on, I would love to hear it for those who are impacted. Even if they don’t get you with a moral turpitude clause, they would certainly work their damnedest to get the military vet with a non-honorable discharge clause (regardless of reason) to refuse business.

      It is hard sometimes to not quietly growl at the USAA commercials during football season or whenever they are shown on TV, but they move on after 30 secs as do I.

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        Daniel Silverman

        TS, you were lucky to have gotten the letter. I didn’t. I was just suddenly informed by the DMV that I had no vehicle insurance and that I either had to provide evidence of insurance or pay $500 (self insurance, I believe). I was dumbfounded. That’s what led to my call to USAA and me founding out I was dropped like a hot potato … and before I had even gone to trial. How they even knew what was going on with me, I’ll never know.

        Yeah, I’d love to see a major lawsuit be filed against them and would throw my hat into the ring if it would help. I was honorably discharged from the Marines. My being on the registry has not affected my service to this country nor my awards and medals.

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          The letter from them did not tell me why, but just I was being cancelled. I did not have much time to move my investments from them and find other insurance. My call to them did not reveal much either as to the reasoning behind their move. If it was not for the relationship at the time, I would have been more forthright in digging for reasoning. Thankfully, I got what I believe is the answer then and can corroborate what others have experienced through this forum.

          You have great reason to be upset given your HD from the USMC. If every former military person and/or their family member who had a legal scrape were cut from USAA, regardless of when, then their coffers may shrink rather quickly causing a rethinking of corporate policy, IMO.

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      To all those out here on the registry having served in the military in any effort to support our nation…and further, to all those here who, in their own way, stand up in the defense of our constitution…

      Thank you.

      I hate reading storys like this, because these kind of company’s that pretend to to stand for honorably served veterans, the constitution, and the American concept of Justice ALMOST ALWAYS are the first to abandon them. They clearly have no concept of what no one left behind means.

      My grandfather served in WW2. My father retired from the military after serving 25 years with deployments to Korea and Vietnam. My brother and I both served during Desert Storm. Many members of my family have served and continue to serve to this day. Many here have contributed service to the nation. I’m proud of that. I’m proud of my grandfather, my father, my brother, and so many others who once wore the uniform of this country. But, many times Ive also felt ashamed of my fairweather friend – the United States of America.

      No matter how proud I am of them, none of the veterans in my family or any others I mentioned above were or are perfect; All are/were human; all have made mistakes and everyone of them have/had flaws. But they stood by this country when asked to, and sometimes voluntarily. It’s a true shame how that fact is rarely appreciated, much less reciprocated.

      This is a trying time for us especially , because we – unlike most any other group – are judged often and publicly by our worst mistake. Whether they like it or not, it does not define who we are. Further, we might do well to remember that many of this country’s Founding Fathers were infact flawed humans, disparaged by many in their day, called criminals, and were hunted hard by their enemies.

      “The willingness with which our young people are likely to serve in any war, no matter how justified, shall be directly proportional to how they perceive the veterans of earlier wars were treated and appreciated by their nation.” -George Washington

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      RSO’s are not a protected class. There are many reasons in which RSO’s should be protected. Hate crimes, for one big example. The other is access to publicly available services. Since the government does not make housing or auto/life insurance available for those who are on the Registry specifically, then private companies (especially if publicly traded) should not be allowed to discriminate for moral reasons.

      Unfortunately, businesses are being allowed to discriminate for moral or religious reasons. Equal Opportunity Employer? Yeah, right. How many of us are under or unemployed.

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        I’m unemployed even after going through I.T. school and earning industry-recognized certifications and being inducted into the National Technical Honor Society.

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          I hear you. 4 years of college, 4 years in the Air Force with a background in Logistics, Purchasing, and business…

          Currently I’m delivering furniture for a furniture sales store. Most companies, these days, conduct background checks. My charge was a misdemeanor from 17 years ago. Most applications ask if you’ve had a felony in the past 10 years. Still….this is a blacklist misdemeanor

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      Country Financial and Insurance dropped me because they said I was a convicted felon, no other reason given.

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      Sexual discrimination against homosexuals by business is illegal why can they do this to sex offenders there is already case law against this in regards to sexual orientation, and race they cannot just have it both ways.

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        Plain disenfranchisement!
        Regarding orientation it depends greatly on what each state has in law. I think something like in 30 states form of business can discriminate an employee. They merely avoid culpability by generalizing the reason for firing or not employing.

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      Adam Wiltse

      I am a multi family property owner and was recently mailed a cancellation notice. Come to find out Fremont Insurance Company, (based out of Fremont, MI) cancelled my insurance because a person on the sex offender registry was living on my property. They said the only way to keep my insurance was to kick him out. I’ve got to know this guy and consider him a friend and am continuely impressed by his work ethic and his way of thinking of his family. There are lots of people on that list because our wonderful government had to find someone guilty weather they are or not. I have other policies with this company and I plan on canceling them due to this.

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      I’m a truck driver and am having trouble getting work because insurance companies won’t cover me is there a way I can get personal insurance so I would be insured. I think is wrong that they can outright deny u coverage and keep you from getting a good job. Is there any trucking companies know of that will hire someone on the SOR.

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