Keeping a father from sick son: “Cruel and pointless” says Lenore

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      Sandy Rozek
      Sandy Rozek

      By Lenore Skenazy . . . Wondering whether the sex offender registry actually works to make kids safer? Consider a case at the Children’s Hospital of W
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      This is ridiculous! Does anyone care? For such a supposedly Christian country this as well as other things that involve sex offenders proves it is not. Even in employment, SO are treated as less and no matter how hard they try to prove their worth, society just won’t let it happen as long as the registry remains. Recently a woman on her 3rd offense of DUI plowed over 7 children fishing, putting 3 in ICU. Think of ways and use them also, to register. Monitor them as close, Forbid them from bars, driving, no ability to purchase alcohol, frequent drug screening, register them also. Drunk drivers pose threats to innocent children and people in general. Drug dealers and other crimes that directly endanger our society. The list goes on and on. Why just sex offenders? This is discrimination. Why does it continue? God give us a way to stop this atrocity of treatment to RSO.

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        HELENE & TAMMY, Have you thought about it from this angle? The hospital administration is a body of yellow-bellied, weak-kneed cowards. They were scared to death that if parents caught whiff of a sex offender parent visiting his child, they’d all go to the media (written, televised, and social) to smear the hospital for allowing a known sex offender set foot on the grounds of a children’s hospital. They’re more worried about their good name in the community and avoiding the sensationalized media coverage that would be sure to ensue after word got out.

        They must think they’re going to be on the losing end of the lawsuit this father rightfully filed or they wouldn’t have been so “generous” to let him visit 6 hours per week.” I hope this man pushes this lawsuit for all its worth and cleans the ones who made the choice to banish him in their personal capacities. I hope there’s no immunity that will protect them. They are not acting in good faith whatsoever. I don’t want the hospital to be sued because that would only hurt the kids who rely on it for their care. No, the individuals behind this deplorable treatment need to personally lose everything.

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      Tammie Leigh Lawson

      This is shameful that this hospital is not only punishing the father but the son and other family members. When did it become law we couldn’t tend to our children’s medical needs? This is unconstitutional and wrong cruel and unusual for this family! Changes are needed to Registration process and it harsh rules and laws. These people who claim to protect do not use data based research to educate themselves about the SOR! Humans made error 20 years later their still punished more severely than a prison sentence and probation it keeps expanding each year!! Advocate Change Now! Demand our freedom from the bondage that has held us captive for many years. Pain ,suffering and mental anguish to say the least for RSOs not including their innocence children and family members or friends.

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      Tim L

      The direct liability of this father’s presence is Wisconsin Children’s Hospital rational for denial. IF, he were to commit a crime, they fear civil action. The same rational used by firms to deny wrong doers jobs. In Wisconsin, the home of American socialism (google : early Milwaukee socialism) the ambulance chasers union is a powerful lobby. One firm even uses Capitan Kirk in their TV advertising. Madison is our state Capital and it is as liberal as it gets for a city. We do NOT have the death penalty but don’t tell that to the Dahlmer Family. I was in prison when the contract was completed. Everyone, guards and convicts alike, knew of it before hand. Like I give a crapola if you believe it!

      This is the nature of American society, shameful to say the least. So I am afraid we will continue down the path of victimstance , exactly the founders ultimate reason for embracing the EX POST PROHIBITION.

      To that end we’ve failed.

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