Judge says Dayton, MN sexual offender housing restrictions must go

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      By Chris Serres . . . A Hennepin County judge has struck down a far-reaching ordinance in Dayton, Minn., that restricts where sex offenders can live,
      [See the full post at: Judge says Dayton, MN sexual offender housing restrictions must go]

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      Good for this judge ! It is time for people of all levels to look at the facts and stop treating human being who have been accused of a sex crime as they aren’t entitled to the same liberties as every other human being is ! We are in modern times , not in the dark ages . Supposedly humans are smarter today ! Lately it has not looked as such .

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        There was a time when calculators were not permitted in math class. One was forced to develop logical & disciplinary thinking patterns to arrive at the answer. Indeed the machine provides convenience but at the cost of cognitive development and measurable skill. There is also delayed gratification and frustration threshold tolerances that derived from the old way of doing long math. These values are being destroyed or abandoned for the sake of electronic convenience. While there are certainly advantages to be had via machine use for social construct, unfortunately human history proves the devices will be used for profit and political security for established elites.

        Our desperate deep state is already busy blaming Trumps election on the Russians. It is quite convenient for the surveillance saints to do so as it distracts the general public from their spying, and datacollection, and the two party’s obvious dereliction of constitutional duty. The folks are increasingly disgruntled, and distrustful of their leadership AND EACH OTHER…An outcome of the type of broadcasts expressed in Wisconsin V Constanteneau but completely ignored in Smith V Doe. We reap what we sew.
        Lastly Linda I’d like to point out John Roberts (Cheif Justice) was the very man who lead the argument FOR such policy (SOR)for and by the people.

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      While this is good news for those in Minnesota I just wish every state showed respect like this. While their are so many in other SO’s in other states that have no place to lay their head we all should voice our a bit more. I even wonder if I could stay at a shelter today like I did in my younger days. With this sex offender housing thingl I believed the judged used the right word ruling that the measure is ” trumped” by state law.

      I am glad that someone stepped in to judge about this decision. While we all have our ups and down’s with the sex offender ordeal and loved one’s getting mixed up with this myself included, its being on probation and other bits of things like ankle monitors that are a bit too much. Isn’t it bad enough when one has to send their fingerprints in every three months or so. Course there are classes and other things involved so it is no easy picnic.

      Now I can’t say much about the Judge as I don’t even know her but that does show true character and good biblical judgement in a lot of this sex ordeal that seems to breed corruption or do we not all make mistakes. To be trueful about it some of these ordeals really didn’t even involve teenagers just a were doing a safety procausion or protection via the internet. Now I don’t want to get started on deception or CP but take the case of the lady caught in adultry as an example.

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      In Smith V Doe AND Connecticut DPS vDoe, SCOTUS via the persuasive John G. Roberts APPROVED the OBVIOUSLY unconstitutional government behavior. Namely, that administrative branch has judicial authorities and duties. These local municipalities are following the precedent set before them. So what can you expect but more of the same. Sure the courts struck it but AFTER right infringed irreparable. Proof enough no real constitution be.

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