Judge Aaron Persky — What will the outcome be?

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      By Maura Dolan . . . A campaign to recall a judge for a lenient sentence in a high-profile sexual assault case has fractured long-term friendships, di
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      “…who had been friends for more than 10 years, attended parties at each other’s homes and whose children played together. They no longer talk.”

      How mature is that?! If I’m not mistaken, to recall a judge, the jurist has to have committed a crime, broken his oath, or committed an act of moral turpitude (the catch all for just about anything sexually related, including urinating in public). I predict this will not succeed, but the judge may resign on his own to get away from all the braying jackasses.

      Where does the public get it into their heads that they have an extrajudicial right to demand a certain punishment or insist that a judge be removed? If you are not the prosecution, part of the defense, or a juror, keep your damn mouth shut! Karma is a bitch and it may happen to you if you, God forbid, have your day in court. Then we’ll see how strict a punishment these people want for themselves.

      Change the law. Don’t attack the judge for this. He had the discretion to do what he did. We are surely reverting back to the days of pitchforks and torches. More’s the pity.

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      This all women wear panty-hose or this me two movement is a bit overranked. Women have always wanted to be gossipers or bussybodies. If you look at the dress of women today its like they dress to entice men. Women are no more better than men. Oh sure they are the weaker of the sex and yes they can and will play the harlot but the thing is who took advantage of who?

      I am in agreement with Svejk that the judge can do what he needs to do. Did someone actually pull someone’s pants down? Sure issues like this would make one sick and especially about the finger penetration situation but still what was the really intent., course the article didn’t say who was watching or if ones pants were down or up and beng that drunk one wouldn’t know the difference. Pieces are missing in a lot of these type’s of issues. As I mentioned who know’s the intent of another. Sure this is going to play on those students but the Judge has all the rights to do what he thinks is fair. Judges have power to over ride regardless of what others think. Oh and by the way temptation gets the best of some at times.
      6 months in jail, I would gladly pay 6 months in jail for my little testing event as apposed to lifetime on the registry as it teaches a person a lesson.

      The boy might never do that stuff again and no one can predict the future. As far as the bity’s in this panty hose war this to shall pass as women have always been the weaker vessel but they seem to want to be above man. Didn’t they want to be above or have power in the Garden of Eden? We all learn lessons but women seem to want it all because they are the weaker of the sex and special previlages seem to be in order. I’m not down on women but if the truth be known so be it.

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