Illinois columnist butchers Gospel, panders to baseless fear

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      Sandy Rozek
      Sandy Rozek

      By Sandy…. The editorial “We all must provide protection from sex offenders” (Daily Journal, 8/26/17) contains many of the elements commonly found i
      [See the full post at: Illinois columnist butchers Gospel, panders to baseless fear]

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      The response is a good one. But if it is only put on this website it is only “preaching to the choir”. Has it been submitted to the newspaper that had the editorial as a rebuttal?

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        Sandy Rozek
        Sandy Rozek


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        Jonny everyman

        They don’t care about the rebuttal. They posted an anti sex offender article because a lot of people can get behind it.

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      I don’t knoiw what bible you read, but my bible says “judge not, less you be judged”. ” Let he is without sin cast the first stone “. We are All broken and most certainly are not free from sin. Jesus Christ forgave a prostitute and defended her from the crowd. You are a hypocrite and have no right using the bible, the word of God, to convict people, who have repented and paid for their sins and forgiven through the blood of Christ. You have no idea, and I am sure, no compassion or understanding, to even inquire as to Why they are sex offenders. You have no idea what pains and feelings of no worth they feel. Punished indefinitely for crimes that not even a murderer has to endure. I am so thankful that My God, my father, is a forever loving and forever forgiving God! Even you, in time and repentance for your sin of discrimination will be forgiven by my All powerful loving Father.

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        Jerry P.

        Love your post Nena. THANK YOU!

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      The author is an idiot and ignorant. Too bad he’s got the Internet to pen such nonsense. As for the Bible of the Hebrew God, don’t reference it if you want moral guidance. Too many contradictions for sure.

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        @Kevin: Your comment is only promoting negativism which the artice has already provided. It would be more constructive to provide encouragement to those struggling with these issues. Maybe you should consider taking your negative comments and posting them on his website instead of this one.

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        All religions contradict themselves. Most of them all follow some portion of the Old Testament of the Hebrew god and there’s tons of contradictions in there.
        I’m now an atheist after many years of believing in an obvious fairytale. However, since everyone is entitled to believe whatever they want, I will continue to point out the ones who don’t FOLLOW in what they claim to believe. Much like the idiot who wrote the article on discussion here.
        My favorite pet peeve about religious people is that they say one thing and do another. If people are going to condemn others when their “Jesus” supposedly said “let he without sin cast the first stone”, then we ALL may as well abandon religion and just live for ourselves in our own way.
        It does NOT take religion to have morals. To say it does is to lie just like saying EVERY person with ANY type of sexual offense is DANGEROUS.

        Also, sex “offenses” are only offenses because of man made laws proclaiming them to be. Peeing in a public place because you can’t hold it anymore should not be a sex offense. Teenagers taking nudes of themselves because NATURE causes them to be experimental should not be a sex offense.
        These laws can change. That’s why I don’t take them so seriously. They ARE serious when you get arrested for it, but they are also a joke for existing in the first place.

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      The negative stigm placed on people on the registry is nothing more than the fear needed to keep the jails filled and the registry funded. It has proven time and time again to do nothing to keep a child safe . In fact it puts hundreds of children (kids of those on the registry) in harms way. Bullied by neighbors and kids in school. Some to the point they have attempted to take their own life just not to have to live forever in shame and bullied. It keeps kids and families in constant turmoil and unstable. People loose their homes and become homeless because no one will hire them . The Registry placed a back handed twist to keep them out of jobs , because they publicly put anyone that hired them right under their name . Many as soon as they find out they will have their business listed as employers to sex offenders simple refuse to even look at a resume . Most are over qualified but because law makes make them put address and place of employment they say ” it’s just not good for business ” . This is cruel and unusual punishment and it’s for life. It needs to be abolished! Public access to criminal records and the registry is destroying thousands daily . Stop the hate and spread facts ! At least put a public registry for all types of criminals not just those on the SO registry. Enough is enough stop making something out of nothing just to keep funds rolling in and the jails full. Justice is not justice if only some people get treated to it.

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      Here’s a little more about “Ron.” I suggest you read each carefully for a true insight to his character.

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      I wander if people that have been sexually abused in there lives seam to go after the
      Others that they been accountable for there sins/crimes. Because they are afraid of what others will say about them. And it is easier to pick out the registered to vent out there cry for help?. Are they maybe abusing some one?. It seems that anyone chasing sex offenders are trying to hide them self’s and keep their sin’s in hiding. Only after they let go of there past can all find peace.

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      The scripture cited in this yellow fear-mongering article is taken totally out of proportion. Christ is not talking about literal children. He is talking about new Christians, babes in Christ. His curse is aimed at anyone who would do anything to cause a new Christian to become discouraged and turn away from the Gospel they had just obeyed.

      This shows the evil of “respectable society”. They’ll stop at nothing to justify their hate and animosity.

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      Thomas Darby

      I shudder at the false claims and draconian views of people like this columnist. I pray for them, that they see reality and change their views. With their hateful, fear mongering words, they have destroyed more children’s lives than the average child molester. In 1997 I managed to get convicted for a crime I did not commit, of molesting my 4-year-old granddaughter. I spent my 7 years in prison, completed parole. I had no contact with the victim, or my ex wife, although I’d checked on Facebook to see what they looked like now. Yet, only last year, nearly 20 years after the fact, my ex wife found me on Facebook and began posting hateful things. I got messages, even, from the now-adult “victim” for whom I was nothing but a loving grandpa. She said I’d “ruined” her life, even though her own Facebook profile shows a happy young woman attending a University.. What’s my point? My ex wife has become an evangelist for her own church of hatred, pushing the child (and others) to believe falsehoods. At age 4, the best thing for the child would have been to return to normal life. Instead my ex, and those around her, forced the child to remember, forever, how she was molested, hurt, destroyed. My ex believed and promoted people like this reporter, the nancy Grace’s, Mark Lunsfords, John Walsh’s and Marc Klaas’s of this world. My ex wife’s threats eventually forced me to move 2400 miles in order to live on my disability income.

      God does not appreciate corruption of His Word. To equate the salvation of souls by Christ (“little children”) to child molestation is blasphemous. Their words are empty, but are controlled by the devil. To paraphrase Hosea 8:7, “They that sow the wind shall reap the whirlwind.” God forgive them.

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      Suzy A

      I just wrote an email to the writer of the article, Ron Jackson. Here is what I said:


      I read your article. I’m sorry you were hurt at some point in your life. I can see it in your eyes.. because I have been hurt too. I’m also sorry you haven’t been able to heal that.

      95% of sex offenders do not reoffend. Your article did not mention that. Why was the guy homeless? Perhaps he can find no where to live. Sentenced to a life of shame for a mistake made 21 years ago. Is your community keeping alive… daily… the mistakes you made 21 years ago? I hope not.

      If we are to have a better society in the name of the Lord we best find the bridges and stop the outcasting.

      Homelessness, shame, shunning, outcast, these could lead to the 5%; so how can we address that in a way that would make Jesus smile down on our bigness of heart, our practice of forgiveness, helping a man up and not beating him down.

      In spite of it all, homeless without reoffending. He must be doing something right.


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        Sandy Rozek
        Sandy Rozek

        Suzy, that is a great letter. I hope that he reads it and sees the sense in it. I too wrote him an email and put a brief comment on his article, and at least one other advocate that I know did the same. I just looked at the article, and there are no comments, so they have been removed. That does not encourage the hope that he or the publication is open to other points of view. However, we do what we can.

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      Don’t hand me no lies and keep your hands to yourself. Humm whats a child sex molester is that the same as an adult child sex molester. Sounds pretty cold to me. Now I have to admit in human history there have been child molesters, but even heathen’s are born with ethnics.
      This writer seems to never been thru any type of experience with these sex laws. Now no one wants to admit their on the sex registry. Now morals are morals and human behavior depends how one is brought up. Now if you want to go far with your “yellow journalism” we could talk about Presidents, Priests, Teachers, lawyers, and just about everybody on the planet. A sin is a sin, wheather its of the mind or of a physical nature.
      It you really want to know the truth forgivness is better than any medicine on earth. Lying on the telephone to con someone into all this sex BS is a farce. Molestation is another thing if it happens to be a teenager but what about the adult.. OOps we forgot about that one.
      Sure nobody supposed to hit a child much less molest them or who shocked you on the playground or when you went to the urinal shook his thing at you and you told mommy and she told police. Their are ways for people to conduct themselves in public as well as in private. Hey don’t even think a sexual thought and you don’t even have to worry about all this. Now where’s the money that police con out of people daily. Who’s gonna really go around and pinch someone on the tush. So go cry a river I’m sick of all this sexual drama that amounts to almost nothing. If there’s money involved the police will get it or the courts they are hypocrites for a lot of nonsense in most cases.

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      He forgot an IL resident

      I wonder why he did not mention Dennis Hastert in the article since he is from IL and is of the ilk this guy writes in the article about. Did not want the blowback from it perhaps?

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      Capt Charles Munsey Jr. USN (Ret)

      This is the e-mail that I sent to Ron. Unless one studies the Bible so much can be taken out of context to support a non-Biblical point of view.

      Ron, I read with much interest your article on the mentioned subject. Let me first of all introduce myself. I am a ‘child’…a child of God that is. That is the same ‘child’ that is mentioned in the Bible. We are all creations of God but as we accept Jesus as our Lord and Savior we are welcomed into the family and become ‘children of God’. I am also a 29 year Navy veteran; a loving son and father; a committed member of my community and church; active in aircraft restoration; a student of the relationship of the Bible and politics; a facilitator of a small group that meets weekly in my home to study a variety of Biblically related subjects; a writer of aviation history; a platelet donor to treat cancer patients…80 gallons thus far; and , oh yes, a sex offender. I do not try to keep it a secret as I do not like ‘living in the shadows’. My situation took place 18+ years ago and involved my daughter after the tragic, unexpected death of my wife and her mother. It had a negative impact on both of us and things happened that should not have happened. We have since come to grips with the unsavory past and have now reconciled and are good friends. She has moved to Florida to be close by with her daughter…my granddaughter. It would appear that you believe “the offender gets his life back” and that “the victim never does.” For one who likes to quote the Bible, you surely seem to have missed a lot. ‘Forgiveness’ is the great healer and until the offender can forgive himself and the victim can forgive the offender, life is never returned to normality. Remaining a victim is a choice, not a necessity. Some feel comfortable settling into the ‘state of victim-hood’ while others come to know the freedom that comes from forgiveness. And self forgiveness is probably the most difficult of all; I know it was for me. But when God enters the ‘picture’, peace for all parties can be obtained.
      As for my lifestyle, prior to and since my sex offense conviction, I have never had so much as a parking ticket. I coached youth soccer for both boys and girls and would be proud to let you interview any of the kids as to my dedication to them and the sport. I served as a leader in Boy Scouts and helped in my daughter’s Girl Scout troop…same comment applies as to my dedication. Even further, I supported my children’s involvement with school orchestra…same comment applies to my dedication. I received several awards for work in the PTA and leadership in my neighborhood’s civic league. Since moving to Florida 14 years ago to help my aging parents, I have built my retirement home and enjoy the peace of a nice neighborhood. When I first moved in I notified my new neighbors of my background…a full background resume vice one that looks only for ‘dirt’. I get along fine with my neighbors and have served on the HOA board. My friends and neighbors have all written letters to Virginia in support of me. I find contentment in serving my community as I always have and as I did serving my country.
      So I might ask you the question…am I the kind of person you want sent to some distant woods to live? If you do your research you will find that most sex offenders just want to recover their lives and the lives of their families. How many children have you destroyed by ‘scarlet lettering’ a parent? I understand that there has always been people like you in this world. For some hidden reason they want to condemn others so as to avoid the condemnation due themselves. I pray that folks like you will come to understand the Word of God in its full meaning and repent of the damage you are doing by your vile descriptions of sex offenders; descriptions that are full of deceit, lies, hate, paranoia, and false fears. And if not, may you come to know the wrath of God in time to save you from a life of eternal damnation.

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        Sandy Rozek
        Sandy Rozek

        A totally superb letter, Charles. I did get a response to my email to him, and he seems entrenched in his feelings and his beliefs. However, your situation and your letter are so compelling that I hope something you said will get through to him.

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      makaday makwa

      Reply To: Illinois columnist butchers Gospel, panders to baseless fear… People… I find this Illinois columnist wandering around lost…”can’t see the forest for the tree.” Must be a pseudo columnist… In keeping with so-called columnist… let’s see what he says about the president who is far more dangerous than what most people want to admit. He has admitted that he’s reached between the legs of women and squeezed their private; laughing when he thought it was a private joke. No one says anything to the contrary. So, here we have your so-called president who should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. What if it was your sister, mother, girlfriend that he’s grabbed. Isn’t that a crime under the law in this country? Maybe our prosecutors are afraid to pursue for justice..or, maybe it’s just-us that are seeking justice!!… Think about it!!…

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        “let’s see what he says about the president who is far more dangerous than what most people want to admit. He has admitted that he’s reached between the legs of women and squeezed their private; ”

        Oh boy! Another SJW who took something seriously when in fact it was just a JOKE. The man never said he actually did that. Smh Wow! How gullible people can be. Tsk tsk.
        If you’re that gullible, go check your email. I’m sure you have a message that you won the Australian lottery.

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      Dick Tracry

      Jesus once said, “I desire mercy not sacrifice.” People who don’t know and are not know by Jesus Christ will misinterpret the word of God to their advantage. These people along with those ignorant followers have no idea what Jesus Christ is about or why He came to earth to die for us. If these lawmakers were walking the earth during the time Jesus was here, I have no doubt in my mind that they’d be one of those people crucifying Jesus. These laws are cruel, and unusual, not to say terrible punishments that hardly leaves us any hope whatsoever on this earth and with these people that are so hateful. I thank God that He has chosen me and no matter what anyone says I am justified in Gods eyes. But let us not forget what the bible says friend, ” Judgement is without mercy to him who shows no mercy.” Today its us, tomorrow it could be you.

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