“I wish I was executed because my life is basically over”

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      By Mona Charen . . . With several septuagenarians competing for the presidency, the ghost of the 1990s looms over the 2020 race. Joe Biden has faced c
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      Kinda makes me cringe contemplating outcomes from policy that forces human subservient to machine. It is one thing to apply life indentured servitude to an Adult against his liberty upon finding of guilt, but a child?

      That which was for protection became the sword. To presume a list of bad actors accurately predicts future outcomes of same is irrational. Too presume it was ever actually about children is dangerous. Big data is not your friend.

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      The Criminalized Man

      The experts were advising “never reformed” long before the 1990s. “Sex criminals” were high on the list of “Professional Criminals” kept in “card indices … by the Reichskriminalpolizeiamt and its field offices” — p. 382, Robert M. W. Kempner, German National Registration System As Means of Police Control of Population, The, 36 J. Crim. L. &Criminology 362 (1945-1946)

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      Imagine having a funeral for someone thats dead already and than learning that the dummy is alive. While we can learn a lot from movies at times. Movies such as Smokey and the Bandit and get understanding also. This person is right about all of this sex registry in a lot of respect and it is like a deadening nova cane effect.

      Yes it is apauling and punitive in many instances. Even Gigot with jackie glesson gave one a felling of being an outcast. Sure crime and punishment is one of the studies in criminal justice and I use to love watching the Naked city, the untouchables, the fugitive was good even Columbo back in the days. I’m sure some of you all did as well.

      While this registy has its pitfalls does America today. When my sister went to college one of her friends was draftted, or should I say picked from lottery to go to Vietam and sure after 5 years on the run they caught him as he didn’t believe in that war.
      While this sex regitry has so many twists and infrienges on others plus family, Job employment, church attendance, housing and other aspects it is punitive and useless in many of these life-time endeavors. One wonder who bertrays who today?

      Now Robin has a good team and I can’t say anything good or bad about how they go in challanging this for mankind or those caught up in this web of deceit in many fashions but yes they are doing good from reports as are others involved. Sure we all should focus, as getting caught up in something like this isn’t a picnic.

      We all need human resources to let those in the general population know it is a disgracefull thing this is and how it effects..Sure crime effects everyone if one lets it. One wonders who’s inducing behavior or seducing behavior.

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