I know I am, but what are you?

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      Will Mingus
      Will Mingus

      By Will Mingus . . . As a child, I was taught the adage, “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words can never harm me.” But that’s not really tr
      [See the full post at: I know I am, but what are you?]

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      Ed C

      There is so much to say about your article, but so little space. Labels, particularly those regarding persons, do matter. The images invoked by such a label are processed in primitive parts of the brain, and not the higher centers that are involved in reasoning. That is one factor in why we are resistant to changing our opinions in the face of overwhelming data to the contrary. This discrepancy between existing images and new data is most often resolved in favor of our “lizard brain”, and we simply reject the data. Virtually all studies and data indicate a low recidivism rate. Despite that truth, many of us have experienced a brick wall when trying to convince some people of that.

      Personally, I never refer to myself as a “sex offender.” The closest I come is in referring to myself, and others, as “former” sex offenders. Even that term evokes inappropriate images. The term “sex offender” is in the present tense. This creates a perception of who I am, rather than what I once did. The present tense affects how we view ourselves, as well as how others view us. Interestingly, I brought this up in a group therapy session, and some people could not shift their view of themselves as sex offenders. All it takes for a misconception to become a preconception is time.

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        Well stated Ed, I agree 100% with your post. This is exactly how I feel about all this.


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      troy e

      my offense was 35 years ago,im sure I am no threat to society,im also handicap(amputee left lower calf and foot) yes I’m no angel but that word s/o makes me cringe, but all I can do is be a good person and pray no harm comes to my wife since nv changed my tier to 3 from 1

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      I committed a sex offense…25 years ago, and did not even know what we did was illegal (incest with near relative) because we were consenting adults. But that’s besides the point. I am also a father, a son, a brother, a counselor, an employer, a friend, a neighbor, a dog owner, a tax payer, a senior citizen, an asthmatic, a bald man, a male for that matter, a person of European decent, a Christian, a mentor, a student, a great cook (my opinion), and a tolerable writer. I’m many many other things to, and I never felt like wearing that one lable, and have not had it thrust in my face outside of the judicial and correctional world, other than when ever a vigilante chooses to throw it at me. Of all the labels that make up the many parts of me, that’s the one that is least indicative of who I am as a person. Hey, here’s a thought, call me a person and we will all get along.

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      Men, women and children are by Law compelled to maintain and update state’s electronic database machine. The machine is the people’s s property, like a jail or prison complete with bars around areas where a man women of child may live, or reside even temporarily move. That always was the intent. Plain indentured servitude forcing man legally subservient to the people’s machine property. Conscription in fact and many ” citizens” without process acquiesced or not. “Was in prison” was used in statutes. All for unfettered unconstitutional “use” to monitor the people whole without warrant. FISA courts operate in secret! And already proven disruptive to the process.

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      Will Allen

      I’m a person who is listed on a big government Registry. It is not even relevant except that it allows true scumbags to harass my family.

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      This is an interesting article. Since having found NARSOL and reading articles on this site I’ve moved away from referring to registrants as sex offenders and used, well, ‘registrant’. I also, don’t mind the label ‘ex offender’ as its clever and emphasizes that the offense was committed in the past (although is also emphasizes the offense). Sometimes labels can be a good thing and can unite people under a certain cause. The label ‘victim’ for example, while largely seen as a weakness, can actually help someone get the resources and help they need to become a ‘survivor’, a label they may not have been able to use had they not previously used the ‘victim’ label.
      Instead of ditching the ‘registrant’ label because it carries negative connotations, I’m in favor of keeping the ‘registrant’ label and ditching the negative connotations by educating the public about who ‘registrants’ are and discussing why the negative connotations don’t apply. As long as ‘registrants’ exist, we need to continue to let the world know that we exist, who we are, and what we stand for.

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      Mr branded

      Registry is unconstitutional and serves no value to the public ! Educating people while holding others i.e. registrants hostage is not acceptable or right ! People need to educate themselves ! And be held accountable! The Law has the job of dealing with past offenses and we need to entrap and have sting operations facilitated toward females to prove the point of how ethically wrong and politically it is to go after men in particular. Also we the people need to empower men when it comes to the issues of sexuality and give Social, economical and legal help to ensure successful changes and balance for their everyday life ! Such as enhanced sexual expression and family support in divorce and male parental right/choice to babies life and control ! We need sensitivity and empathy towards fathers, husbands and brotherly roles in society! !! We need more men’s programs the laws need to be balanced in child support and stop jailing child support…oops have to go for now !! Thanks ! Take care !!!

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      Labeling? What does that tell a person. Well maybe we should use mankinds system of labeling to find the answer of why label others. I don’t believe man is a test tube for a science project. Sure we label alcoholics, rapists, murders and others but who puts a label on on truth..

      While man wants to go the scientific approach on everything. I wonder who created the big bang theory? Man has always apporached labeling as an inblance of character or justic, or are we all still sinners.. In this sex offender endeavor who is labeling who. Does the public really know how these police snare their prey. Is this public safety a cover up to justify mankind?

      Folks at times one has to take NARSOL with a grain of salt as they seem to want to use a scientific approach of why or how does this happen. Actually a lot of this sex offender stuff is all about pride, and labeling is a stero type of man’s evaluation over others. Sure we all have been teased as a kid but this is reality and police are doing a devilish thing in a lot of this sex offender scheme. Call it constutitional or unconstitutional a lot of this goes against the grain of true justice and values.

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