Hastert released from prison to sex offender treatment

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      Robin Vander Wall
      Robin Vander Wall

      By Christy Gutowski . . . Dennis Hastert’s federal prison sentence officially ended Wednesday, but the former U.S. House speaker’s legal troubles are
      [See the full post at: Hastert released from prison to sex offender treatment]

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      Gotta love how most of the powerful people somehow avoid the registry even if it is legitimate like the statute of limitations. Im sure if it was someone else they would have found a way to get some sort of conviction that required duty to register.

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      Funny how he avoids a retroactive registry, standing in line at a police station while his and other S.O’s pictures are displayed on a 70 inch screen, residency restrictions, a multitude of punitive measures cooked up annually, homelessness, social pariah, assaults, attempted murders, slur and hate speech. My time was served in full. 10 years, released and living free before the second, supposedly civil iteration of SORNA was enacted. And then, Hell. So damn unfair. Rest assured,
      once a member of the old boy network, someone intervened on his behalf. And now he’ll live in his big house, with his federal pension, full insurance, plenty of food and bills paid. While I waste away living on the street and using a coffee shops internet.

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      He’s a bizarre individual.

      Did he sexually victimize children?

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        Registry Rage

        Yes. FIVE victims he rpaed.. and one killed himself.

        Hastert does not have to register because he was not charged with a sex crime as part of his plea.

        Angry yet?

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          Sandy Rozek
          Sandy Rozek

          He could not be charged because of a statute of limitations.
          NARSOL does not advocate for the removal of such statutes. After years have gone by, evidence and witnesses are unreliable or gone. The ability to receive a fair trial is severely comprised when charges are made many years after the offense is alleged to have occurred. This may and does protect the guilty, but it also protects the innocent.

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            seeking justice

            Lets not let our anger become one of those who want revenue to punish this class of actions. Remember if the constitution can not protect the worst of us how can it protect the best of us. We know the establishment will protect their own and it seems laws are handed out unfairly but we need judicial discretion if not look at the Federal laws done to all unfairly applied. Karma always pays forward! I just wonder if he voted for the Sex Offender Legislation that deprives the constitutional freedoms in a collateral sense?

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      Welcome to America

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      The man needs to be followed and harassed/questioned by people on the registry for life. This fool is one of the people who helped create this Nazi system in order to cover up the crimes he did.

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      Shaking my head

      Foley, Hastert and Weiner, at work for YOU in the halls of Congress. *shaking my head*

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      R. Arens

      I believe the only reason he was compelled to participate in treatment was because his financial crimes contained a sexual component. Had the statutes of limitations not expired, I assure you, he never would’ve seen the light of day. People have killed and served less time than the average sex offender does. Hasserts legal problems are strictly related to his illegal banking practices.

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      kind of living

      yup a self serving scum bag dodging the registry , and even know he never tried to put a stop the registry as he lived the life of the elite , I still don’t think he should have to register , because I refuse to be part of this guilt / sin / blame / punish ,” registry force” , yup he has been part of our having to register , but our distaste / or hate even ,,,, will not change the fact that the registry is wrong no matter who they place on this registry of public shame . that harms our familys , and affects every part of our lifes , at some point the finger pointing needs to stop , and we need to start listening to all sides to help find a way that will place us in history in a positive way ,rather that just people refusing to take responsibility , refusing to forgive , and help fix problems rather than creating victims in the revolving doors of so called justice , if we cant look for the Gov’t to truly help we have only each other to start the communication with not just speaking words ,but listening and working on a positive outcome , too much guilt , sin and blame going around , we need fresh positive thinking to bring about positive change for everyone , I don’t know what the answer is to ending this nightmare , but its not going to be negative shaming web sites or hate driven response to an already sad thing for us and our family to be forced to live as well as the “victims” often groomed to stay victims rather than coping skills , only to make more victims of RC’s and their family , a negative cycle

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      Even tho it’s Hastert being made to Register i still don’t feel good about it. It is sort of Karmic, him being made to register and all, after he pushed for harsher sex crime laws- but that’s just about all the Registry is good for, isn’t it? Revenge, malice and spitefulness. At this point i mostly just feel sorry for the guy.

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        Jonny everyman

        I think you didn’t read the article. He does not have to register. He only has to do treatment

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      As of 01/01/2020
      “Illinois eliminates statute of limitations on major sex crimes”.

      Is this retroactive?
      If Hastert is convicted on new charges, will he have to register?

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