Halloween, “Sex Offenders,” and Big Red Dots

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      NARSOL’s Halloween project this year, developed and implemented by NARSOL and Connecticut’s One Standard of Justice, is an open letter in the form of
      [See the full post at: Halloween, “Sex Offenders,” and Big Red Dots]

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      Andy Defibaugh

      People have used the Mapping System to stalk me and my family. As a business owner I don’t want my ex employees knowing where I live!!

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      Excellent article. Thank you so much.

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      Christopher Pelloski
      Christopher Pelloski

      Well done. This letter should be mandatory reading for ALL news media editors. Hopefully with each passing year, this message gets read by more and more of the public.

      Journalism needs to return to its ethical roots and serve its higher purpose in a democracy. Right now it is just another form of mindless entertainment, an echo chamber of ignorance.

      Keep speaking up, everyone! Saying nothing is conceding power and welcoming subjugation.

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      Nazi Journalism at It’s Most Insidious. This is yet another way for Vigilantes to Attack, Harass, and KILL PEOPLE! Once again also; The State KNOWING THIS, blindly turns away because the longer they use ‘Plausible Deniability’ as an excuse, the longer it will become accepted. The Day Of Reckoning; IS sure to come People. When it does, it’s going to become REALLY CRAZY!!!

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      It will make no difference at all! NARSOL is only about California!

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      First and foremost I would like to thank Narsol for Everything you do!! The thing that I truly believe, Narsol needs very aggressive lawyers. Much more aggressive than the ones they are using. We try to beat a bad law and the end result is always a more aggressive and more insulting law than the one we were fighting. I have read the Bill Of Rights and the Constitution. If any lawyer cant convey the fact that, the sex offender registry, is a true punishment, to the court system then they don’t have the experience or aggression or knowledge to make the court system realize the truth and punishment behind the registry. PERIOD. All of us need to read the Bill Of Rights as well as the Constitution. The evidence is Very Clearly Written in both of those documents. If someone as simple as I am can read these documents and see how clearly they are treading on our rights, then there should be an attorney that could see that as well. An attorney that would also consider fighting for the truth, not just a name.

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      Sandy Rozek
      Sandy Rozek

      David, can you explain what you mean by that? I don’t understand it at all. We don’t even have an affiliate organization in California.

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      The next point Is the Salem Witch hunts. Yes they did happen. The sex offender registry is around 25 years old. The witch hunts went on for 300 Years! All anyone had to do is say they thought some person was a witch. They haven’t started killing sex offenders yet. The USA killed 45,000 people believed to be a witch in cluding a 4 year old girl. Do some research about how aggressive the USA is about killing citizens it believes are not worth having. Do you want to fight for 300 years for rights to live???? What about the Black Slaves? What about the Chinese Slaves? The attorneys Narsol hires need to be aggressive beyond any thought or due process. The bill of rights is clear as well as the constitution. If Narsol cant find attorneys that have the knowledge and aggression to get this very clear point addressed to the higher courts the we will need to get very defiant with these laws.

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      erich raulfestone

      To bad were up against every one and the laws and money…

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      Marlin Scott

      I was reading your article on big Red Dots and it brings up another interesting issue which I would like input from some of the registrants who have been subjected to life time satellite based monitoring. The North Carolina SBM law specifically states that there are Exclusion zones that cannot be entered. The company that sells the Monitors to the Dept. of Public Safety states specifically that exclusion zones are created that I am forbidden to be at. My Parole Officer showed me these zones or red dots i=on a map of this County.. I sent a request under that Public Records of this State.a copy of these Exclusion Zones and they refuse to make them available to me. I even wrote my Congressman, the Attorney General and the Governor. But not a one of them are willing to demand that the SBM agency adhere to the law. I feel that if I am required to observe these Exclusion Zones, I have a right to know where they are. Any opinions on this issue would be appreciated.

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      ACSOL, headed up by Janice Bellucci is the organization that focuses on California. NARSOL is nation-wide. NARSOL takes up cases where there is a large number of PFRs who could benefit from a favorable court ruling.

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      First and foremost, we must be civilized to show that not everyone under the registry is “an animal” (preditor). Terms such as preditor, monster, rapist, etc. are loosely used to identify the entire group which instills fear in the public eye. it brings to mind a quote regarding racism, (paraphrasing) if the media & government agents constantly broadcast that dogs are vicious and dangerous, then the public will constantly be afraid of all dogs.” Not everyone under the registry is a “Rapist”, some just made the unfortunate mistake of doing something they shouldn’t have, and even more, some have gotten caught up in the “me too” movement, others have committed minor offenses and yet several may have pleaded guilty just to, “make it all go away” (as reported by the innocence projects: several may plead out to get a lesser charge or were coerced into pleading out to avoid embarrassment).
      At times it is unfair for some of these individuals trying to move on and yes! i do have compassion for victims if any – however, when does the punishment end? would be under the registry justify being “handicapped” and thereby should not be discriminated against? or would it be profiling under the mentioned categories?
      A prime example would be a close friend who was accused of sleeping with someone 16years old – he was 18 and had full permission from the parents to date the young lady however, he, unfortunately, was caught cheating by the mother and after that was accused with little to no evidence (that I am aware of, I stuck by him knowing both his character and hers). After being accused, I motivated him to not let the “label stick” and convinced him to volunteer, unfortunately, the Volunteer organization would not accept due to his status as a “Sex Offender”.
      Years later the laws changed (which asked the criminal conviction after the candidate was hired) – by then the young man was deeply depressed, attempted suicide twice (that i know of), and could still not find a job because once an offer was made and after the question was answered, they would “explain” that the position he was hired for was filled, and a lesser position with less pay was given. he began using drugs and people around his area would harass him – especially the gang members.
      How can someone move on like this? how can someone make amends? how can someone start let alone maintain a family like this? the registry should be eliminated especially because of rouge law enforcement or government agents who decide to play vigilante and turns a registry meant to aware the public into a hit list (this would also include rouge citizens and gang members).
      The unfortunate comparison in a racially charged world would be, comparing those under the registry to racial minorities and comparing the vigilantes to the “KKK” or other groups. As “Jim” stated, the Which trails lasted 300 or so years, racial injustice last around 500 to 600 years, other such atrocities have lasted lesser time with more tragedy. When will it end? If one does maintain a family or decides to start one, will the torment end? or will it be forcefully passed down to the individual’s children even though they had nothing to do with the offense. will it be forcefully passed down to other family members regarding the same?
      What good is the constitution or the bill of rights if they do not encompass ALL wh live under the flag?

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      David, ACSOL is the organization that focuses on legal challenges in California. That’s Janice Bellucci. She’s a licensed attorney in the state of CA. She works very hard for PFRs in her state.

      NARSOL is nation-wide in its efforts. They watch the legal scene and select challenges to help fund that have the greatest potentials of being successful and helping the largest number of PFRs.

      ACSOL and NARSOL are two wholly separate and independent entities.

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      Robin Vander Wall
      Robin Vander Wall

      @David — I think you may have NARSOL confused with ACSOL. ACSOL’s advocacy has traditionally been more focused on California as it was formerly named California RSOL and was originally an affiliate of Reform Sex Offender Laws (RSOL). RSOL was dissolved and merged into NARSOL in 2016. NARSOL is a national civil rights organization with its corporate headquarters in North Carolina and has active affiliates in a number of states throughout the nation.

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