Halloween myths? NARSOL, researchers say too many to count

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      Used with permission By Earl Yarington . . . I often wonder why we don’t dress our kids up as sex offenders. We dress them up as serial killers, witch
      [See the full post at: Halloween myths? NARSOL, researchers say too many to count]

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      Halloween myths interesting? Yes life goes on but what is myth and what is truth. Who is the predator or who is the prey? While Ms. Levenson and her research, as well as others in these safety situation,s are basic understanding truths one has to wonder about even man’s understanding in a lot of this registry hype. Correction is good if done correctly.

      Nothing wrong with passing out candy if one wants to as that is their choice, and yes safety is a factor in anything but man and their authority has always wanted to go overboard in many ways. Why do you think the bible calls them stiff necked hypocrite’s.

      While I know everyone is going thru this registry issue and yes we all learn lessons but what have we learned. Whether its right or wrong to pass out candy or some myth about Halloween or how true Justice is a type of scheming plea deal today. Sure the primary goal of NARSOL is to rid much of this registry and for that I commend them and others or is this some play of “Muder she wrote” or who is invading who’s conscience.

      Should we all beware of the yeast of the Pharisee’s or where is the warning light in this carnal issue. I believe we are all carnal by nature. Authorities have sin’s just like any other governmental authority. One wonders who’s hearts are evil and who’s hearts are wicked. Believe it or not a bit of the gospel goes a long ways. One wonder’s is America lost today in American Government or who is the offender or predator today?

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      Tim Lester

      Not to go against the norm here, but I view this a bit different. I agree with the author and the registry needs to be rethought with some sort of understanding that either EVERY criminal including DUI and drugs should be on there or remove a person once the obligations of probation/parole are met. However, I myself refuse to participate in anything child related as is it for my own protection. I cannot be accused of anything if I have no contact.

      Let them have their day and enjoy themselves, I have plenty of other things I can do to keep me occupied. If my children (grown now so this is a non issue) wanted to go out, my wife could take them to a different neighborhood or to friends and family to trick or treat. What I don’t agree with is locking up a person again once they have met their contract with the court. Either by a mandatory house arrest where they cannot answer the door or to some other location so they can be watched. Seems a bit unconstitutional and cruel punishment since we do not do this for anyone else.

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      It is my opinion at this point that the government has other motives behind the registry and sexual crimes as a whole. This is not for child welfare, and it is not to protect them from bad decisions. The law allows children to make decisions beyond their years that they may regret for the rest of their lives. A child can deiced their sex but not, drink, smoke, drive, get tattoos, get piercings, or have sex. To me this is proof of government laws with hidden agendas. Wake up Americans!

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