Halloween, bogeymen, yard signs — and lawsuits!

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      Larry Neely
      Larry Neely

      By Larry and Sandy . . . Have you had enough hearing about the imaginary boogeyman who snatches children on Halloween? NARSOL has, and it will be co-h
      [See the full post at: Halloween, bogeymen, yard signs — and lawsuits!]

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      Daniel Silverman

      They’ve reported about this lawsuit on ABC News’ website. The article is short, but does not mention the facts about the lack of evidence that anything happens on Halloween. It does repeat the mantra from the sheriff that they are protecting children and will continue to do everything to protect the children in his area. Of course, the comments on the article are very nasty toward registered offenders.

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        The media is the biggest enemy in our battle. They knowingly fan the flames with known falsehoods. True journalism was murdered in a smoky back alley back in the 1980s when the child molester hysteria first hit the airwaves.

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        Earlier this morning on the FOX news website, amidst all the hate comments about offenders and the great thing they believe the sheriff is doing in Butts County, I posted the actual statistics about recidivism for those on the registry, the 95% rate of offenses that come from unknown, unregistered, uncaught individuals, and other facts, and also that even before laws were made there was no higher rate of offenses on halloween than any other day.
        Well, the post didn’t last long. It was taken down by FOX news, so that only hate comments could come in.
        This is a pure, unadulterated example of the FOX news suppressing the statistics to keep a story hot and scandalous,regardless of the truth.
        This can’t even be called ‘Journalism’ because it is suppressing the actual facts involved in a piece of media.
        This is a first class example of ‘Wagging the dog’.
        FOX News, you are as guilty as any other criminal.
        Because you are making money and ratings off of the fear of others while suppressing the truth that would set their minds at ease.
        SHAME ON YOU, FOX NEWS!!!!!!!!

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          David…it’s back up on Fox’s message board within that story. Not sure if it’s your post or not.

          I know we are angry.. But we must stay in control…as much as we can..with our emotions when responding to entities we are trying to influence (like news organizations, message boards, etc.) and their perceivable responses to us.

          Your post temporarily dropped, for example, and how you responded to all of us here..

          We must be patient with these entities.

          Emotional outrage is a major component causing these horrific laws to exist.

          We must be in control. Smart. To the point. Precise.

          Anything else from we, the RC…will support their belief system that we are flawed human beings deserved of their unconstitutional and horrific policies.

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          The media is just an abomination that conditions the people as if  they’re mindless sheep.

          Fox News as well as other media companies must use fear because that is what drives the American people. It is like a power source. The reply that you posted would not fit the narrative of SOs being monsters that lurk in the darkness waiting for an opportunity to commit a sexual crime toward a minor(they’re not focused on the victimization of men and women of course). Your reply counteracted the agenda of Fox News.

          I have seen horrendous and foul comments under videos pertaining to SO’s or men with an attraction to minors, whether or not the men with said attraction committed a crime, on YouTube. Those comments would garner a great number of likes with some of those comments receiving replies that say similar things. Then those replies get a lot of likes. The comments stay up but if someone were to write certain things that oppose what’s written in some of those comments, the account would be shadowbanned from commenting under videos from the channel that uploaded the video. Even lighthearted ones like Informoverload. Comments would appear to the person but not to others. The person could sign into another account and not see the comment they had made with the other account.

          Men who committed sexual crimes towards minors would be painted in a different light compared to women, even for the same crime. The titles of articles on websites or the titles of videos would often brand men but for women would have words like “affair,””sexual affair,” “relationship,” “had sex with,” even “romps”(as for cases where women have victimized girls).

          There’s one YouTube video from a popular pop culture, Hollywood, celebrity, and trending news channel about a female teacher who had been arrested for victimizing a boy in 2018. In the video the female host says things like “reportedly took 14 year old, 8th graders virginity,” then says “sexy,” after giving more details. At some point the host says that the teen boy claimed that the teacher would drive to his home at night, pick him up then take him to have sex either in her car or in a barn. To which the female host points points at the camera, winks a little and says “McDonalds and car sex,” “Classy lady.”

          Notice the hypocrisy of those that work for Fox News, politicians, lawmakers, and most other citizens(like the ones that make terrible comments about SOs under articles and videos and certainly just for the males) when it comes to so-called pri@@@ reform, unarmed black men being shot and killed by white officers, and false impri@@@ment. Yet they desire crimes, or cruel and unsual punishment for SOs both in and out of the system. No questions asked. As you have seen from comments under the article. The only way some of them could ever get it, is if their 15 or 16 year old son committed SO crimes(not the sexting type) and was at the mercy of people like them.

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        Stephen Hensley

        Again one group is singled out in the name of child safety. The question should be brought to the authorites is how many convicted drug dealers that sold to children live in that community and should they have a sign as well is the RSO’s.

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      John Sullivan

      Check out Tennessee Dept of Corrections new info about how they are protecting the public during “Operation Blackout.” Such a waste of money. https://youtu.be/rFIXV8Kp6ak

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      Tyrus Young

      And yet, the annals of journalism are rife with instances of drugs put into candy that is being handed out (there was a report just last week). So wouldn’t it be more productive to consider action against drug dealers, who have the highest rates of recidivism?

      Kids in a neighborhood are streaming past houses… often in groups. Using common sense, one has to question the likelihood of someone snatching a child at their front door and assaulting them without being totally obvious. If a child approaches a home alone, one has to wonder about the parents that would allow this. I have heard stories of children being hurt…but that was from bullies who knocked them down to steal their collection, or of doctored candy.

      As usual, these sheriffs think they are doing something positive because they are incapable of stopping the real dangers. They mask their incompetence with feel good actions that are totally worthless, abusive and unconstitutional.

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      James Coghill

      I’d like to say more about this but I’m late for my human sacrifice seminar down at the Devils Lodge.

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        James Coghill

        Don’t you know? We are supposed to be the ones putting drugs and poison into that candy. This is just one of the reasons why I hate Halloween. When people focus their attention on the dark things that reside in the minds they become what they focus their attention on. The only reason people keep doing this is because they are too stupid to figure out how their minds work.

        Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he does not become a monster. And if you gaze long enough into an abyss, the abyss will gaze back into you. (Friedrick Nietzche)

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      Jeremy from Indiana

      It looks like on some of these abuses by government, some of us are going to have to take one for the team and let them take us to jail. Then we sue the crap out of them for unlawful arrest, police harassment, and lost wages among other remedies. It seems this is what is going to be required now. Whoever does this though needs to make sure they are 100% compliant with records or they’ll try to use that against us. If I was in one of these counties, I might volunteer myself! I’m so sick of nothing getting done until someone’s livelihood is affected because the courts won’t touch it until then.

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      Putting a sign on your lawn to avoid criminal punishment is compelled speech, and total illegal under the constitution of the united states! Have we not tried to use this argument? The government cannot force you to say anything. You have the right to remain silent etc….

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      Billy Jack

      Once again, pandering to fear of the people to get elected and to keep their pin-headed jobs. Our government at its best, poor.

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      raymond (robin: preferred) watts

      Pursuant to the (two) ongoing suits in Georgia regarding signage in yards or on front doors, I want my NARSOL Team and any and all attorneys connected with said litigation to be aware that I was instructed to, “return here to pick up a sign to be placed on my front door” by the Sheriff’s Office in BARTOW COUNTY, GA (NDGA). in May 2018 after I legally completed my annual registration.
      My legal concern about these cases centers around a concerted and renewed interest by GA State lawmakers who may, in 2020, (and depending on the outcome of said litigation), establish laws requiring said signs to be posted. This is is poignantly true when considering the current governor and the majority right-wing legislature. All that said, however, is only my legal hypothesis, my best guess. I hope it does not come to fruition. Legalities against registered individuals in GA have been overshadowed by voting irregularities and the State budget, but high-profile cases only serve to feed the legal hunger of lawmakers eager to keep their elected slots by any means to continue the lining of their financial pockets.
      I will be involved in the NARSOL Halloween discussions. I have long considered my desire to be part of something larger than myself beyond writing books. This is my opportunity. Larry & Sandy, I will be contacting you through the volunteer page. Thank you, all, for your time and consideration of my perspective of this important and vital issue.

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        Hello, i know in Buttes county Georgia there’s no law or statute that requires SO’s to have or put a sign in there yard, by doing so is illegal plus if registrants put a sign which reads: No Trespassing including law enforcement except for Lawful Purpose” and then video tape it with sign and yard in the video, when the sherrif enters and puts the sign in there yard the sherrif is breaking the law, plus you have it on video, after he leaves go out pull the sign up & throw it away. The sherrif cant legally arrest you an put you in jail. Although he might (illeagally) you then will have another lawsuit. I would suggest to check you local and state laws regarding this. Oh if you watch the video about what that sherrif is doing, read the article it says that Butte County, Georgia has no law saying the signs must be placed in the yard & and then says ” It is Completely Voluntary”.

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      A couple days ago we got mail from “nextdoor.com” but strangely it was addressed from our neighbors.

      What a great coincidence that it was a week until Halloween and sherrifs were rolling through the street randomly.

      I did my research and put two and two together really fast. Nextdoor.com basically is a work-around to the Meagan’s law website. Normally people going to search there are greeted with a warning to not use the site to harass anyone and so on. So they created a “web service” with the goal of sounding like “your neighbors” are already a part of it.

      Once there you’ll see just how “neighborly” they really are, and you’ll find groups dedicated to (illegally) privatized policing and “informing” the other “neighbors” of registrants addresses. All without that nagging Meagan’s law warning, yay. So it’s a sneaky way of promoting almost out right mob rule mentality that I imagine leads to property damage and other “crimes” that sherrifs will turn a blind eye to and say “well you know it’s just you, since you’re an rso”.

      They sure get creative don’t they.

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      Ah the boggyman and signs. I believe there was a group back when that sung about signs. Things are sort of reality gone mad with these signs. Best thing to do is put up your own sign or should long haired freaky people tresspassing on who’s rights or should sex offenders and families have rights also. I guess one has to have a suit and tie and be a leader to overthrow others with these boogyman signs or who puts up a sign that sasys gay people live here trick or treaters welcome.

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      H n H

      I’ve been on here for a while now watching and reading everyones thoughts on this whole Halloween issue and I do have a few thoughts of my own. First off, regarding the shaming aspect of being on the registry it seems that this entire thing was pushed through congress because some misguided individual deemed it a “RIGHT” that everyone in the country should know about everyones dirty sexual laundry under the facade that somehow such knowledge would save someone somewhere from some harm. All the vigilantism, suicides and ruined lives be completely ignored if it will save one single person from some sort of abuse, (which it hasn’t). Shaming is waved off as not being “cruel and unusual punishment” because it’s supposedly legislative in nature and just a paperwork matter to those in charge, similar to getting a drivers liscence except with felonious concequences if anything on the list isn’t adhered to with complete perfection. My own thoughts are that every sex offender should start to push for legislation to publish a list of every single enfraction made by a police officer or DA or judge or member that constitutes improper conduct while in the performance of their duties. I think every person in the country should be able to get online and see all the dirty cops that were let go, or punishments that were handed down to officers that are still working. That “registry” could go live, with little red dots everywhere with pictures and everything else. That would help me make a wise decision as to whether or not I could trust the police department or not. Remember, it wouldn’t be punishment, it’s only legislative in nature and just to inform the public. And while we’re at it, why don’t we publish a list of all the offences that a DA tries to trump up, along with their picture all over the internet? Why? Would it be strictly to shame them? Or do we have the “RIGHT” to know? Second and last, what is this “RIGHT” business that everyone seems to have now? Is anyone in the country able to be offended anymore without some prosecution being handed down? From a sexually agressive teenager to a misguided individual perceiving something as racial profiling, it seems anymore that everyones rights end where another persons feelings begin. I’m sorry, but just because someone is offended doesn’t make them in the right. That should be at the forefront of taking down the registry.

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      Tim in WI

      The sheriff put his name on the sign as if his name promoted the safety warning or bolstered the effect on safety by including is specifically. Citizen Forced to carry his name is completely unethical.
      There is arrogance in his benevolence here.

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      Signs, signs everwhere signs. Tomorrow I will take my maintaince test and I wonder why. Lay my money down, answer some yes and no questions and one wonders what gives them the right to invade with this boggyman ordeal of this punch and judy victimization.

      Yes its time for NARSOL and each individual to step up and say we are mad as hell and we are not gonna take this anymore. This whole internet seneiro is so unorthodox. Sure we all should put up our own signs or should porch lights be out or even house lights. Yes this whole sex offender internet format is so wrong it stinks. One doesn’t understand until they themself go thru this ordeal that mankind induce over another. Is this Scam target based on principal or targeting of vain justice in all this devilish ordeal that hinders more than it prevents. Much of this is more like a cunning robbery scam of the mind from your just deptment boggy man.

      Sure we can talk about signs. Look at this presidency circus cover up in this who wants to be right or can one cover up his tongue on planet Hollywood and still become president without fault. Only in America. Gag me!!

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      Bartow county require signs to be placed in the windows. I told Larry and Andy many times that I would like to have Bartow county included in the suit. Due to personal bias against me by both of them this did not happen. I was told that sometime this week sheriff deputies will be by with the signs.

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      In Butte County Georgia there’s no requiring the signsbe in the yards or windows, o the registraints can go out & pull the signs out an throw them away although he may arrest you but if does arrest you he will be breaking the law and you can sue.

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      Can somebody NOT on the registry with no risk of losing their Facebook account (mine is attatched to my business) reply to the posts these I’ll informed citizens are posting on the Butts county sherrif facebook page? They are planning their own signs…petitions.. and so ons.. and even calling for an ousting of the judge.

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      robin watts

      Wednesday, 30 October 2019…Federal Judge Rules Signs CANNOT be Posted in (3) Sex Offenders’ Yards in Butts county…..Ruled on Tuesday 29 October. (REMAINDER OF SIGNS CAN STAY AS CASE WORKS THROUGH THE COURTS. HERE IS THE LINK TO THE ARTICLE:

      I am searching for the name of the case for the entire ruling…..will copy/paste asa I have it…..

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        This is NARSOL’s case. We have gotten very little credit for it. Still, the case was planned by our legal team and financed by our foundation.

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      robin watts

      Here is the link to the 25-page ruling in Reed et al., v. Long:


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      I just seen on a show called THE TALK they talked about the matter of the signs in front of the three six offenders homes and how they want the federal lawsuit against that but the ignorance that they were revealing to the audience of lack of knowledge of sex offenders being Boogeyman was very offensive and it’s saddening to see how the continue to lie tthe public by not giving them facts

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      I was happy to see the Judge bring up compelled free speech as one of the reasons to rule against the Biased and self serving Sheriff. This is all we need, Judges following the constitution, and we will be free again.

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      I have been listening to the Halloween Marathon cop-watch hotline and didn’t catch anything about Floriduh. In Duval County (Jacksonville), the “holiday” ordinance subjects us to compelled speech by having to put a sign in our yard. Unfortunately, no one has the funds to mount a court challenge.


      Sec. 685.104. – Prohibited Activities for Sexual Offenders and Sexual Predators; Exceptions.

      (a)Prohibitions and requirements for Sexual Offenders and Sexual Predators; Exemption.

      (1)It is unlawful for any Sexual Offender or Sexual Predator to participate in any practice or event, including, but not limited to, any event related to a nationally or locally recognized holiday or seasonal event, if such practice or event is primarily targeted toward non-familial children.

      (2)It is unlawful for any Sexual Offender or Sexual Predator to wear costumes, clothing, make-up, mask or anything that would alter a person’s appearance in the presence of any non-familial child if such altered appearance could or would entice, attract or lure a child to congregate around, or move closer to, that person.

      (3)Any person designated a Sexual Offender or Sexual Predator shall:

      (i)Avoid all Halloween related contact with children;

      (ii)From 6:00 a.m. to 11:59 p.m., on October 31 (or any other day on which Halloween is celebrated) post a sign at his or her residence, including a vessel, or vehicle, stating, “No candy or treats here.” Such signs shall be in letters at least two inches high and shall be legible on the property leased, rented, owned or occupied by the Sexual Offender or Sexual Predator, and clearly visible from the street, waterway, or any property that is open to public access. The signs may be removed after 11:59 p.m. on October 31, or the day on which Halloween is celebrated.

      (iii)Except for lighting provided on a year-round basis by the owner or manager of a multi-family residential unit for the purpose of security or walkway or hallway illumination, leave all outside residential lighting off during the evening hours after 5:00 p.m. on October 31 (or any other day on which Halloween is celebrated).

      (iv)Not place or allow any display, including but not limited to displays for any nationally or locally recognized holiday or seasonal event or practice, to be visible from the exterior of any Sexual Offender’s or Sexual Predator’s residence, including a vehicle or vessel, or on any property which is leased, rented, owned or occupied by such person, if such display is primarily targeted to entice, attract, or lure a child onto any residence or property, or onto or nearer to any vehicle or vessel rented, owned or occupied by such person. Enforcement of this section shall not be limited to the actual calendar date of any given nationally or locally recognized holiday or seasonal event or practice.

      (4)The following is a list of exemptions for Sexual Offenders or Sexual Predators from this section. During any nationally or locally recognized holiday or seasonal event or practice:

      (i)The Sexual Offender or Sexual Predator may attend if such person is the parent or guardian of the child or children involved and only those familial children are present;

      (ii)The Sexual Offender or Sexual Predator may attend if the event is held in a location such as a personal residence which would not be attracting or enticing to non-familial children to attend (prohibited locations include, but are not limited to family gatherings in parks, pools, or other locations or places where children could be lured); or

      (iii)The Sexual Offender or Sexual Predator is not present at the event location although such location may be owned, leased, rented or occupied by such person.

      (b)Definitions. The following terms are defined as follows for the purposes of this section:

      (1)Child, children, or minor shall mean individuals whose chronological age is less than 18 years.

      (2)Sexual Offender or Sexual Predator shall mean an individual who is registered or obligated to be registered by any state or federal agency as either a sexual offender or sexual predator and whose name is published or required to be published on any state or federal registered sexual offender or sexual predator listing, including, but not limited to the sexual offenders and sexual predators registry established in F.S. §§ 943.0435, 775.21, and 944.607.

      (3)Participate is defined as attend, take part in, or cooperate with the organization of an event.

      (4)Display is defined as any decoration including, but not be limited to, lighting, figurines, posters, artwork, crystals, bales of hay, scarecrows, etc. which is visible to the public in plain view and is primarily targeted toward children.

      (5)Practices means to carry out or perform any particular activity or method that may celebrate or recognize a particular season, customs or beliefs.

      (6)Non-familial children is defined as those children who are not related to the Sexual Offender or Sexual Predator through biological means, marriage, or adoption.

      (c)Penalties. With regard to enforcement of this section, the City and the Sheriff’s Office may pursue any enforcement action or legal remedy available under the controlling state law and any legal remedy available to the City, to include, but not limited to, injunctive relief, arrest, a fine not exceeding $500.00 for each occurrence, or by imprisonment for a term not exceeding 60 days or by both a fine and imprisonment for each occurrence, unless prohibited by law.

      (d)Separate violations. Each separate occurrence of any conduct prohibited by this section shall be a separate violation.

      (e)Countywide Applicability. This is an ordinance of Countywide applicability, enforceable throughout Duval County.

      (f)Preemption. In the event any state or federal law is enacted which is more restrictive in nature than the provisions of this section, those portions of this section which are in conflict with the state or federal law will cease to be in effect.

      (g)Severability. If any section, subsection, sentence, clause, phrase, or provision of this section is held invalid or unconstitutional by a court of competent jurisdiction, such portion shall become a separate provision and will not affect the validity of the remaining portions of this section. The City of Jacksonville further declares its intent that this section would have been adopted if such unconstitutional provision was not included.
      (Ord. 2010-836-E, § 5; Ord. 2015-214-E , § 1; Ord. 2016-233-E , § 1)

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        “The Sexual Offender or Sexual Predator” The people in law think it is ok to call people these things for the rest of their lives. They need to be made to understand this is not acceptable just like they would be if they were saying racist or sexual orientation slang. Nether of these terms is a past tense description. Both incite fear, and state untrue things about most of the people they are attached too. This can be proven by the governments own studies and therefor this is clear and unbridled defamation of charter.

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      Daniel Silverman

      While people are all up in arms over sex offenders living in their neighborhoods and concerned that something will happen to their children on Halloween as a result, a seven-year-old trick-or-treater was shot and in serious condition (Little Village, Chicago). So, how did any of these signs or forcing sex offenders into controlled spaces for Halloween protect anyone again?

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