Guy Hamilton Smith: MI AG Dana Nessel “Argues the truth about SORA”

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    Used with permission By Guy Hamilton-Smith . . . Michigan’s Attorney General has entered the cultural and legal conflagration of how we reckon with se
    [See the full post at: Guy Hamilton Smith: MI AG Dana Nessel “Argues the truth about SORA”]

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    I’m…I’m speechless here. I have the two amicus briefs she filed on this issue and they read like what a NARSOL attorney would write!!! I love this. I just wonder how the courts will react to her amicus brief!! This lady just refuted every argument ever used by any court to uphold these draconian byzantine codes we are forced to languish under.

    Judges won’t be able to ignore this brief since the 6th Circuit has long-since branded the retroactive application of the registry and its newest restrictions as punitive. I would love to be a fly on the wall when the Solicitor General and the judge who will preside over this class action lawsuit reads those briefs. How would they even begin to argue back against a prosecutor who is saying this stuff??

    I want NARSOL admin to respond to this query of mine. What think ye?

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    In 1945, George W. Bush married Barbara Pierce. She was 16 years old and he was 21. That is considered a sex offender on today’s law so George W. Bush could and should have been put on Sex Offender Registry, if he was still alive he could and should have been made to register as Sex Offender and they have made everyone who committed a sex offence before megans law have been made to retroactively register

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    Hey Everyone,
    Just curious, I know that the Federal acts of SORNA of 2006 and 2011 were ruled unconstitutional. However, what about the state laws that were enacted AFTER my arrest date. I was arrested in 2001. Since then Michigan has enacted several laws AFTER my arrest that can be found on the legislative summary on the Michigan Sex Offender registry list such as:
    Michigan SOR Public Act 542 of 2002
    Michigan SOR Public Act 237 of 2004
    Michigan SOR Public Act 238 of 2004
    Michigan SOR Public Act 127 of 2005
    Michigan SOR Public Act 121 of 2005
    Michigan SOR Public Act 132 of 2005…..
    Isn’t that a violation of the ex post facto laws of the Michigan Constitution? NOT the Federal and can I sue in State Court to get these state laws to not apply to me? Can NARSOL or the ACLU of Michigan weigh in?
    Thanks T.G

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    Once again a major update followed by almost complete silence. It’s not a good trend.

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