Guess whose mugshots are online now?

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      By Cyrus Farivar . . .  Two alleged owners of—Sahar Sarid and Thomas Keesee—have been arrested in south Florida on a recently issued Cali
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      when you are a RSO, and your life is being destroyed by websites desperation comes in and you are willing to do just about anything to get your face off these 3rd party sites. I know, I tried and almost got suckered in, I never paid, but what they ended up doing because I didn’t pay, was to spread my name and info to even more of these sites. I was told that even the FBI wouldn’t do a damn thing about it if it was reported, so it continues for these asses to prey on the desperate. When you read the full article’s comments, many think it is ludicrus for mugshots to be posted on a site like this – whether it is for extrotion or not, they think it is wrong, but, I bet if you said they were an SO, they would change their tune – as in a total contradiction. HomeFacts is the WORST and is everywhere, but supposedly legal (by posting ‘facts’) and I am not sure if they are demanding money to get your name removed. As long as their is the insanely stupid registry this will continue – DON’T FALL FOR IT. It is not worth it and can make things a lot worse if you try

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      The dominoes are beginning to topple. I’m so glad they got these fools. I’m sure there will be more on the way. Maybe, just maybe, the tide is turning in our favor. I give the PA State Police and my elected reps hell every chance I get. Free speech is still protected. Hell, I fought and bled for it. At the end of the day, this should give a small warm feeling to anyone who has been scammed by these jokers.

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      Good! Now they get to taste their own medicine. What goes around comes back around.
      As for this other site called “HomeFacts”, it shouldn’t matter if they extort us or not, what matters is that when your STATE registration obligation is done and over with, your information DOES NOT BELONG ONLINE ANYMORE.
      So, regardless is HomeFacts tries to extort, they should still be sued and or have charges filed against them for “defamation” as well as “harassment” if they still show people who have come off their state’s registries.

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      Funny how they are worried about all these people being extorted to have their photos removed from that website, yet it’s perfectly fine to have SO’s photos up on a website and we can’t even pay to have our photos removed, Wander if they are going to be floating in general pop with these people who they stuck on their website, or are they going to put them in P.C. honestly I think any scheme with putting people photo online because they were convicted of anything is just wrong I don’t care what it is.

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      When Karma hits you like a swift and sharp boomerang.

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      James Coghill

      My how the mighty have fallen! Looks like Heckle and Jekyl are going to get a real life civics lesson. Couldn’t happen to some finer guys. They have my info on their website and it’s all wrong. I am not over 6 ft. tall and I had no disciplinary actions taken against me in prison. I just wasn’t going to pay their extortion. Hope that’s what the arrest is for because it wont take any effort at all to prove that.

      Jim Coghill

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      Tim l

      Let us not pretend that databases can not be exploited. I wonder if this case falls under the , “ubiquitous nature” category expressed by Mr. Kennedy in N. C. V. Packingham. The electronic databases referred to as SOR are specifically for the purpose of barring. There is nothing ubiquitous or ambiguous about a law on its face ( in b\w) points to & uses upon that already done. It is a small limit yet the people will not abide. Even if one is removed in some part of state database the privately owned remains. This is why this thing is more or less moot.

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      obvious answers

      I’ve lost many a job because of these scum buckets. Wonder what politician they forgot to pay off ..I remember when we tried to take them to court and we were told “its public information” so they can do whatever they want to you wit hit.. Funny how when an anonymous group started posting congress members and police officers home addresses and arrest records “which are also public records” how it was taken down in a matter of hours every time it was done..
      oh well.. i know we are the outer fringes of society and the modern witches and lepers… But it does still feel good to see trash like this getting some mugsy’s .. I hope they get some jail time with some of the biggest black muslim bucks in the prison system..

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      Serves ’em right. It’s one of those rare moments when the justice system works.

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      Nicholas Maietta

      I can’t find any good updates on this case. Looks like a FOIA request is required. Have tried to get basic information about court dates, etc because i’d like to attend.

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        Admin of

        Sure, but any psycho vigilante can find my address and come straight to my door with a baseball bat, knife, hammer or a gun. Having that information keeps no one safe and endangers MY family each and every day.

        The registry is nothing more than public shamming and has become a political tool used by soulless politicians to appear “tough on crime” by creating a second class citizen who is the punching bag of society and gets more punishments piled on each election cycle!

        Find more about the ugly truth of sex offender classification and the sex offender registry at

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      Brian Prokop

      Just give me 5 minutes alone with these scummers.

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