Governmental responses to health crisis for registrants: some good; some bad

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      Sandy Rozek
      Sandy Rozek

      By Sandy . . . Since we sent our press release, I have been sent links to information about various jurisdictions and their actions regarding in-perso
      [See the full post at: Governmental responses to health crisis for registrants: some good; some bad]

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      THANK YOU, Sandy.
      We greatly appreciate any updates you provide.

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      Not only do the jurisdictions that continue to demand in-person reporting for their registrants, etc. not give a crap about their health, safety, and welfare, but they also don’t really give a crap about their employees either. Wonder if the employees who carry out that duty even have enough brain matter to process that fact and realize it or are they just a bunch of mindless, brainwashed minions?

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      Tim in WI

      The Speed of social media outpaces the spread of the virus.

      Not long ago a group of people held a symposium suggesting a pandemic of this very sort might happen and that social media could help ” flatten the curve” of the spread. The presumption again is the database infrastructure will display societal benefits impacting viral impact. However maybe I’m wrong and it will have some ways of keeping the numbers effected lower than without it. Given the large numbers of people gathering in the grocery stores the impact of social media is readily apparent.

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      Facts should matter

      Wow. This is very telling of their collective mindset. It would appear as though we’re STILL perceived as a BIGGER “threat” than a factually proven lethal contagion!

      In war, this is called “holding the lines” and not giving an inch. They do not want to see this virus things as an opening for us to exploit and cast doubt on the efficacy of the entire scheme. It all becomes clear as glass that they’re protecting security theater jobs and monitization of fear, than actual children. The “public safety” argument is just window dressing used as an excuse to keep the high recidivism lie propped up!

      If a known world-killer asteroid was heading towards Earth, and ‘we’d have 5 days to come to terms with our mortality, they would STILL require us to register! Humans hate to the bitter end, so maybe this Corona should be looked upon as collective karma. for allowing us to be stigmatized marginalized in the first place by these misguided and inept laws.

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      From the conviction to the grave we will always be known as SO.

      I was in Florida last week and had to check in as I had to register there a few years ago. Florida was making SO register/check in. The agent I met with was none to happy that Florida was exposing all of us to the virus.

      I commend the Mayor of Michigan of taking action today closing down the State.

      Florida college students who went on spring break are now testing positive for the virus.

      Stay inside, stay healthy!

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      I looked some stats on SO registered in Florida. An article from the Orlando Weekly Jan 2, 2019 stated there are over 73,000 SO registered, of that number 43,000 + do not live in Florida.

      What a racket! I do not have the dollar amount Florida takes in but it has to be a lot. I believe the only reason SO are registered for life is the money.

      And forget about getting off the the registry you are on it for life and beyond.

      Stay inside, stay healthy

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      Gloria Woods

      We’re currently having to stay in northern Iowa with my parents after being kicked out of our apartment in Texas in October. We just received a letter in the mail yesterday that registration will only be done over the phone until further notice. We haven’t been out of the house in over a week, but don’t mind the isolation. It’s been a productive time!

      It’s always good to get these emails reassuring us that there is work being done to improve the lives of SO’s, but also comforting to know that we are not alone in this battle.

      Thank you to everyone involved!

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      Please see the Virginia SP SOR website, but they have changed everything but initial registration to email/fax/mail means of communication. They have posted the change forms on the site and can be printed off.

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      Has anyone seen the documentary Banished? If not it follows numerous SO trying to survive in Miami Dade co. FL. The doc. was very well done.

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      linda shedlock

      Az. , What about monthly P O meetings . They said don’t come to the office . How did we find this out ? The P O came to our home . How is this safer . These P O s are in contact with all kinds of people all day ,in and out of the office . How do we know if they haven’t been exposed to someone with the virus . This particular P O was very sick during my february monthly meeting . Same symptoms as this virus has . Did he have this virus then ? Makes no sense and yes they do not care . Again how do they know that I”m not sick ?

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      William Andrew Smith

      As of March 26th, 2020 in New Mexico all Regerstered Sex Offenders across the state must call into the Local office the day before you show up to see if your officer not sick out of office. The rule is you must show up in person or you will have in 24 hours after the day of not Registering be picked up by local police department and taken to jail for failer to regester. Please keep out of jail it where the worst of this coronvires will take affect Las you don’t get supplies for washing or do you get self distancing. It will hit them hard, long and kill many it doesn’t have to be you.

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      Thank you Sandy for your tireless efforts…

      Two Things to Observe here…that Telephonic Updates and U.S. Registered Mail with Return Receipt makes much more sense for all Registrants…Also, a Human’s Fingerprints DO NOT CHANGE, Do They? If they do, would love to know the ‘SCIENCE’ on that!

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      Tim in WI

      I asked the question about repeated finger printing to registration agent while he was on the stand in pretrial (F.T.R.) hearing.

      As you correctly point out finger prints don’t generally change!
      So the authorities proclaimed necessity is BS!
      The demand is vindictive and unnecessarily retributive. The process of finger printing is one associated with arrest with intent. Like the collection of DNA post conviction is intended for potential later use.

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      I called my local county sheriff regarding my 6 Mo. Appt. which is coming up.

      Ohio is currently under the “Stay at Home” order given by Gov. DeWine.

      As of this posting, the people of Montgomery County Ohio are still required to register in-person.

      Quoting the detective…
      ” We have taken the necessary safety precautions. We are still open.”

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      I guess My Last Post wasn’t proper. So I’ll put it like this:
      I agree with the fellow who talked about The Killer Asteroid Scenario. So I guess that’s why they’re doing what they’re not supposed to be doing with regard to some places still requiring us to show up In-Person, to fulfill Our ‘Duties’ to Register, Or Else!
      Maybe, just maybe, this viral pandemic, will wake up all legislators nationwide in the U.S. Congress, to finally decide to Eradicate the Registry Altogether.
      I just read an Article about how Prisons are NOT Dealing with The Coronavirus Situation. In short it’s like this People: Prison Staff AND Inmates alike, are getting Sick and Dying, in greater numbers than anything before!
      See The Writing On The Wall Yet? We do, but They Don’t I’ll Bet!!

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      Geary County KS went to phone and no fee till further noticed

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      Glad to see this list and all updates. Would be interested if anyone could get some clarification regarding TN. Illustrious Guv issued a Stay at Home order, with exceptions for “essential” businesses and such, but no specific mention of SOR that I could find anywhere, so I think it’s somewhat ambiguous, which is not our friend.

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      So, in Shelby Co., TN I went in in mid-March, I guess before most of the stay-home and social distancing stuff really kicked in. In the office where it’s done, there were two secretaries and three officers on duty, and I was the only idiot there (not on the payroll). I’m not normally given to any more conversation with them than is absolutely necessary, but the scene that day was so bizarre I just had to ask, “You guys having to fight for stuff to do?” They assured me that they were very busy and expected to get even busier in the coming days, and I’m like, “yeah, right — there’s three detective-level officers here today all vying to see who was going to get to do my two-minute update, and no one else trying to get in… ” Far as I can tell, there are ‘way too many police dedicated to something that is not really a law-enforcement function to begin with. Not a good use of taxpayer dollars. But I’m preaching to the choir, of course.

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      A Greene County Deputy has contracted the virus.

      If he was in close proximity to the personnel in the SO unit, you can use this information to your advantage as that personnel would have to quarantine or risk spreading to all they come in close proximity.

      This would include the Registered Citizen in Greene County.

      Doing my best to help, everyone.

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      Ohio, Greene County Ohio.

      Dear Moderation Team:

      No offense taken pertaining to the link deletion from my original post.

      I do my best to support my information here with factual and viable sources.

      I take my integrity and reputation very seriously.

      I will take the deletion as proof that you trust the information I post here.

      For that, I thank you and am honored to serve the folks relying on this website.

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        We know that your link is valid and your information is accurate. But, in order for us to discourage others from posting links to other sites, we removed it. There was a time when the links were out of control here, so we are careful to prevent that from happening again.
        Links can be shared by going to the contact form on the bottom of the page. They will be forwarded to the correct department.

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      Awesome…Thanks, Fred.

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