Georgia media reacts to NARSOL’s press release re Cobb County sheriff

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      As of today, two Georgia media outlets have done stories about NARSOL’s cease-and-desist letter to Georgia sheriff Neil Warren and our related press r
      [See the full post at: Georgia media reacts to NARSOL’s press release re Cobb County sheriff]

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      Since the tv article has been amended to include a statement stating those on parole/probation may be subject to the extra rules, does it not need to be in the law first at the state level and then contractually agreed to between the state and the person impacted when they sign the doc? A unilateral decision by the sheriff makes it dictatorial at best, which we know how they are as seen by examples around the globe today.

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      Charles P

      Interestingly, I received a number of phone messages from someone claiming to be from the Sheriff’s office, requiring me to immediately contact their office (with response phone number). I contacted my State Police (Virginia) who told me it was a scammer, and the Sheriff had nothing to do with my state registration.

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      Why are these outlets referring to NARSOL as a “sex offender rights group”?

      NARSOL does not advocate sex offending in any form. It advocates for the rights of those on public registries and their families. We know statistically that those are NOT the same people out there offending.

      An area where reporters will need to get better educated. Good coverage, though.

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      Jacob, I’m sure many groups want to know the question. Why? While the question can be some man made invention or Why do we want to go to the moon. Is it some inventive idea of creating a penial colonity or to relieve overcrowding or what good is this space exploration.

      Is this exploration to have some freedom of choice or some wild decision of the masses to deceive in massive spending. Even much of this sex registry is someone inventing a form of controling nature. So why induce on others such schemes. To acheive of logical means, or to accomplish some type of goal. Sure we all have ethic’s committies and understandings or are things getting a bit out of balance or does someone have to stand up and balance justice with much of this sex offender plight or are the halls of Justice getting a bit out of hand. Speaking up is good for everyone.

      Goal setting is good if one presses on for that goal in helping others. I’m sure no one ever thought they would be on an offender registry by some scheming inventive method or involved in an accident by some callous mean’s but here we are.

      Sure NARSOL is for the Rational of much or many of these laws and a group should do what is necessary to help in correcting the problem and releive some of the burden that many share on this registry. Sure some of the burden’s are harsh or is America getting to the inventive state of inducing micro chips in every human borned at birth.

      Basic reasoning is simple or have many authority personal overstepped their position? Call it over thinking or overstepping on others. Is a lot of this punishment instilling and inducing on others hardships in the minds of one tied up in this registry game for penalties or failure to comply.

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      Johnny Chambers

      Bernalillo County in New Mexico requires that you let them know if and who you volunteer for, and leavesletter on your door alerting you that Sheriffs Dept. has came . The letter says to contact the Sex Offender office within 24 hours.

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      So tired of un-educated and un-informed people holding badges. I would support any legislative requirement that require a least some mid-level education for the meatheads.

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      Sad to say, but this is going to end up in Court.
      Those sheriffs are going to refuse to budge unless they are forced to.

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      All I can say is. This seems to be getting out of hand. The courts say registering is not extended punishment. Why did they say that?
      I have to go to the police station every 3 months to fill out a form. I have to give the police a notice within 5 days if I move, if I get a different vehicle, if I plan to leave the State. If I forget to go to the police station to fill out the form or if I am hospitalized for any reason and can’t contact the police I will be arrested and face another felony for not registering again. If I change my phone number, what email addresses I am using, where I am working and who I am working for and the times. Where is the justice. There isn’t any. If this isn’t double jeopardy what is? If this isn’t unconstitutional please tell me what is. I can say that here in N.H. it is much better living here than any of the places that I have read on here. There is no harassment and the cops are pretty friendly at the registry. But the registry is a plain Pain in the backside and I just wish we could get that taken away.

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      This media thing is a bit nerving to many. Sure everybody has a reaction to media. While their can be a lot of stipulations on people at times. should one say “Can I get a wittness”.If one s doing a crime their should at times be a wittness. Even when my PO comes to see me and has his cell phone with him, I have always said are you recording this and they will say no so what did they do thru this computer ordeal. Is verbal abuse a type of crime today or do we all get upset with our own brothers and sisters even in our own family.

      While a crime is a crime and punishment is punishment isn’t the old saying let the punishment fit the crime. Sure we can all use some types of verbal abuse at times but law enforce should never use verbal abuse to instill on another. Many of these internet set-ups or operations are verbal abuse with the enticement of sex wouldn’t you all agree and its a type of leading the wittness in this immoral ordeal or are authorities going a bit too far in many ways to get their 10 minutes of fame or vanity type of glory.

      Sure as many of you have said on here I hate going to register at the police station or taking some lie detector test, or taking these sex offender classes, etc but when one really reasons all this out it basically comes down to abuse.of power. Now who likes to go to war and kill others. Sure defending is good if you can defend in the right way.

      Who glotes over another’s achievment such as taking out some leader or over any killing or how many offenders one got off the street for j-walking or wearing a tat that may be misconstruded as some vilent person. So does self make the other person vilent or the situation one is in.

      Sure we all can get mad and upset over this sex registry ordeal or this type of offending to get the results they seek or should we all .. assume the position… or who is the Edger G. Robinson in this dirty game of true justice.

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      Cathleen Gross

      T S, what you stated is exactly what I am thinking: How can people on parole or probation be subjected to additional more stricter rules that are not in the state laws? In Texas, they do this knowing that the “sex offender” will probably break a rule so that they can be convicted of another “offense” and be put back in jail for longer sentences.

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      Where are the sex offender right’s group? They framed me in court, I can prove it beyond any doubt. The prostitute perjured herself by signing a sworn oath stating she required medical trial she said she didn’t have medial attention. I was in jail with the prostitutes brother, she had him in jail for rape because he would not give her money for drugs. Then a few month’s later she had her uncle in jail for the same thing.
      Had witnesses waiting in the hallway to testify in my behalf, public defender refused to call the witnesses. I only have an 87 page transcript, They took pictures of her wrist and knees 26 hours after the alleged crime fresh reddening areas. Not logical, start to bruise in two hours after injury.. She stated at the hearing that I didn’t know that I had that I was 5′ 5″ 155 lbs. I am 6′ 225 lbs. Sha said she tried to get away, but there was no way she could “even try”
      She admits we stopped got gas, I got out and pumped gas and there where people standing around but she didn’t try to get away because I threaten her although I didn’t have a weapon. while in jail her brother said he would come home at night and Judge Rowe would be in bed with his mom, the next night he came home judge would be in bed with his sister, this is the prostitute I was sent to prison for.
      I taken few law courses file pro se supervisory writ, court vacated remanded my case back to the district court. The DA refused to comply, district court also ordered the DA to comply, refused again, I get out of prison, 24 years later on a traffic stop, the officer wanted to know why sex offender wasn’t on my license.
      Sent to jail, had court date, sheriff had my name taken off the court docket, threaten to lock me up I signed the form. I refused to return to complete the registration sheriff keep’s arresting me 4 times now, it has cost me 25,000 to date.
      I had not studied law since prison for 24 years. Got back into it, filing against the judge keeping them at bay, they didn’t or didn’t count on me knowing I posses such knowledge. I have court in the morning, the last court date they police escorted me out of court. I made an ass out of the judge, however I was just trying to cite law in my behalf, now that I have been getting back into researching I am getting to tough for the court’s to handle me, not bragging but when your ass is on the line,go in there roll your sleeves up with your boxing gloves on, so to speak, as I was taught in law courses at prison.
      Have another rogue judge, Dec. 11, 2019, I was the last one called in court, they brought in 40 inmates sat them down right behind me, looked like a signal for me, I asks the judge: Your honor I have been trying to get a hearing for 4 years now when will one be set? Judge: You don’t have that right. I can show you in the CCRP okay you have the code book, show me. I cited art. 292. Judge: okay you can have your hearing are you going to be representing yourself? I am. Think I am going to order a mental evaluation to see if you are fit to represent yourself or you can obtain a public defender.
      I asks what about the motion to quash, he denied it citing the wrong statute.It’s a long, long story, I just gave you a run down short version. The sheriff in this parish and another parish have falsified forms that I registered in 1994 and one parish 1996.
      Pure B.S. GOT THEM ON THIS have my work sheet it’s Iron Clad that I could never have been at one of the Parish Substation, in this parish the sheriff has not produced the fake form yet, but I’m waiting.
      We are going to have show down in this courtroom, they will never put me back in a cage for the rest of my life with out a fight, have 2 counts and after double billing I am looking at 30 years. bring it on, they have nothing, I have copies of falsified documents
      They also have falsified court records in the 21st Judicial District Court, we are going to bring everything to the light.

      Gary- Louisiana

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      John P

      Way to go Narsol!

      Good job, great story.

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      Welcome to the club.

      We all feel your pain. But here, you’re among friends.

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