From Illinois Supreme Court, blanket social media bans are unconstitutional

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      Ashley Cloud
      Ashley Cloud

      By Ashley and Larry The Supreme Court of Illinois handed down a very important decision on Thursday, November 21, 2019. In a very comprehensive opinio
      [See the full post at: From Illinois Supreme Court, blanket social media bans are unconstitutional]

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      Well there you go. At times many or all of us don’t see the day before the dawn.. Sure I still wonder why in a lot of these ordeals we all go thru. Is mankinds evolution going too fast or are there signposts in ever front lawn saying don’t tread on me. Is this some “Boston Tea Party” that has run amuck or who is leading in this charge of the light Bridage. I have to respect NARSOL as well as many others on here.

      Sure nothing wrong with law enforcement or courts if used correctly. Why do you think people stand up for true justice of do they get underchanged many times. Are we all being under-changed or over-changed in many of these sex registry ordeals?

      One of the reasons I like NARSOL and many others on here as well is they stepted up to the plate as did so many others . Sure we can all make differences and yes being bold in striving to acheve one’s goal is worthwhile to any individuals. Its not always about the pitfalls as many of us have pitfalls in life. Its about true justice for all of humanity.

      Sure principals are good if used the right way and not abused. Now a blanket is a covering device and also has different meanings. Call it a cover up device to save embarrassment or call it some form of protection but the real truth overshadows all and many or much of this sex registry is a cover up. Sure I love hearing your alls opinions wether good bad or ugly we all have a job to help in this situation that is a scourge of American Government.

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      John Rackman

      The Wisconsin Department of Corrections, in anticipation of court rulings such as this (and in light of the Packingham decision) has already given offenders internet/social media/smartphone/computer privileges across the board, unless your case has to do with an internet crime. The pendulum is swinging the other way in a lot of areas for offenders… very encouraging!

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      I just have to ask. Are you a bot? I ask because your replies read very much like an A.I.

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      Tim in WI

      John R,
      That may be true but WI still demands unreasonable searches by demanding knowledge of all email addresses & platform ids! AND they do so without first establishing reasonable ” necessity. ” Most offenders never utilized the internet to facilitate a crime hence no reasonable necessity exists to justify the request for that information. The disingenuous presumption that “knowing” by what’s on a gov database (as SOR) can prevent recidivism without first imposing affirmative restraint defies reality. In every conceivable use scenario involving a sex offender registry ‘s data, affirmative restraint precedes the positive outcome every time.

      If a man is restrained from remaining silent as to IDs, facts only attainable from warrant, mind reading or by agents looking over the citizens shoulder. He is restrained first. Even if an offender is denied work at a daycare provider because he’s listed, a reasonable denial, he’s still restrained first.
      The underlying intent of the SOR databases is to impose affirmative restraint, justified or not. This was always the case and the minority stated so-“unquestionably punitive in effect. ” The Catholics thought otherwise and looked the other way. Not all that different from what occurred in the 1920-30s German Courts.

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      At times we can all get weak, be persecuted feel so low that we ourselves just want to give up and throw in the towel.

      Yes,John Paul Johns may have not said “Don’t give up the Ship” but that is what we all must do to refresh ourselves and press on for true Justice for all in this American Government sex registry ordeal that is a scourge of any true justice in this ruse. Sure servants or stewarts of God are just doing there job but there is always a right way and wisdom is good if used right or are we still confused in this New Testament Era.

      So where does sympathy or compassion come in, in many of these ordeals with this Jezabel scheme of some Old Testament order for the nation. Upholding liberty today in this human slavery is a must for all involved in a lot of these encounters. Satan desiques himself in many ways. Standing up for a cause is good cause.

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      Aurelius no body is a bot. While I don’t know if/or what a bot is, or if its some intelligent cyber slang of this new age internet culture we all need to help in cleaning up this registry not for ourselves but for true principals and understanding. This is a free country the land of the free and the brave. Tim has a good point on this data base war of the worlds if you would like to coin a pharse but using and not abusing is what understanding is all about but their also have to be some principal or some guidelines of Rational thought in all this misfit conception and yes their also has to be true justice, meaning and understanding.

      Sure we all got caught up in this whole maze of this internet information world but who really got caught up in this no rhyme or reason safety factor. Who is just as guilty in all this misfit of one size fits all ordeal. Is it intelligent men of government persuasion or men or women that can’t hold their tongue, or were is the warning factor of spare the rod and spoil the child.

      All of us are intelligent men and women striving to help others and at the same time using some insight to fix this rational internet induced ordeal as whiz has said. . Sure the tongue can get one into trouble but the tongue can also speak out in a positive way to help mankind.

      Striving to help others in this endeavor we all go thru is one of the best andgreatest things one can do to help others. My uncle got put in prison back in the 40’s and my grandmother wrote a letter to the governor and pleaded with the governor to pardon her boy. Yes the WW!! was going on at that time so they set him free and put him in the service. If you had a choice what would you take the service over prison.

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      States are seeing the writing on the wall and admitting they are imposing restrictions that cannot hold up in court WHEN PROPERLY ARGUED as in this case. TN saw the writing on the wall quite a while back and removed the social media restrictions. The state even removed the monitoring software requirements. However, those who used the Internet as an instrument to commit their offense(s) still have to be monitored and for some charges they are banished from the Internet altogether.

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      Tim in WI

      There is no doubt when speech itself is implicated the threat wrought by the database & infrastructure is real and glaring. Free men are paid to maintain machines, but for registrants it’s the inverse. Re? Machina. Who’ prescribe that- a database – as a good medicine for a social ailment in a healthy republic?

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      Tony From Long Island

      Perhaps it’s time to lobby Facebook to change their ridiculous policy of banning almost a million Americans from their service.

      Facebook is, in my opinion, a public utility.

      It’s as if, in 1983, AT&T won’t allow sex offenders to have phone lines.

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      You are right. As encouraging as it is to hear about more evidence that the cracks at the foundation of these bans are showing and getting deeper… long as FB policy openly and plainly states registered people are absolutely NOT welcome on their platform (unfortunate for us that is totally legal for FB to do that) we will continue to be excluded from social media, Supreme Court decision or not.

      I totally gag every time I see those FB commercials about bringing together a world community – so what does that make us? Smh

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      Tony From Long Island


      If Facebook can be ruled to be a public utility they can no longer ban us.

      There is no viable equal service out there. Instagram is owned by FB and has the same policy.

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      M Cowan

      RE the REAL ID – I live in Tennessee and was told the REAL ID only has code 88, no red stamp, no mention of sex offender on the driver’s license. As of Oct 01, 2020, the REAL ID is required to board an airline. The REAL ID will connect nationwide to all other licensing bureaus and who knows where else. At present, I have a regular Driver’s license.
      Any input on this? Pros, cons?

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      Charlie L

      I am on supervision is Northeast Wisconsin and was told I couldn’t get a Facebook account in December. Did this blanket approval happen since then?

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