From a registrant: “The choice is yours.”

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      A guest post by Roger…. Fellow registered citizens, I live in California. I never, ever wanted to take time to fight offender-hating bills. I though
      [See the full post at: From a registrant: “The choice is yours.”]

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      California RSOL is extremely blessed to have a competent and courageous leader in Janice Bellucci. She has led the way for over 3 years. As her efforts and significant results resonate across the state and this country EVERY registrant in California and beyond owes her an enormous deal of gratitude, even if they do not know she exists.

      That said, even she cannot accomplish anything by herself. She is supported by a small and growing number of people who are either affected by these draconian laws or are strong believers in their inherent evilness. These are people who write letters and make phone calls to legislators, show up to hearings on every level of government, donate their talents, effort and money to the cause. In different ways, whatever fits someone’s comfort level, but each in a meaningful way.

      Show up, stand up, speak up. If ‘Roger’ and I can do it, so can you!

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      I’m in IL and my 18 yr old son is now on this horrifying list. He is so young and really doesn’t understand why. He’s in jail and we have no idea what to expect or when he’ll be home. He still talks about his life dreams and goals when I see him once a week or the seldom phone call. My sweet (virgin) boy was taken advantage of by an aggressive young girl and he’s paying the price. She gets to sleep in her own bed every night. My son opens his eyes and see’s bars. He hasn’t been outside in over a month. He wants to be a pilot and loves star gazing, Weird Al and hot Cheetos. There are no words to describe this. My heart feels like it weighs a million pounds.

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      Calif RSOL Board Member

      The state of California is truly blessed to have Janice Bellucci protecting every registrant. I was blessed to be asked by Janice to join the board almost two years ago. The other blessing I received was to gain my freedom from the civil commitment law; I spent four years at the state hospital in Coalinga. My experience, of incarceration and the civil commitment process, is available to registrants and family members who have a loved one in prison, or in a state hospital. I know there are many questions of what to do to avoid or escape civil commitment, and I know the feeling of hopelessness that grows. It was Janice who had the foresight to see the many facets affecting registrants and she continues to expand the impact of her legal stand that no registrant should be mistreated due to their past. We are having our yearly board meeting in Los Angeles next month, and I am anxious to attend since I missed last years meeting due to having my own issues of being homeless. I am blessed to be part of an organization that is determined to create changes that help all of us live our lives without the fear of continued punishment. One goal to work on in your state: find your Janice. Begin to shape your future by taking part in, and contributing to an organization that wants to help you. For that effort you will be blessed.

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      This article by Roger is proof that there is strength in numbers. I, too, am a registrant whose only crime is living in a state where possession of any nude depiction of someone under age 18 … partial or fully nude … is considered child pornography. There is no distinction between sexually provocative poses, close ups of chest or genitals, molestation, and real or simulated sex from non-graphic semi or fully nude depictions. “One size fits all.” This is not only a subjective description of what constitutes child pornography, but a draconian method of just saying possession of any nude depiction of someone under the age of 18 should be punished the same way. How simple conservative majorities on appellate courts can find cleaver ways of getting around the 8th Amendment and claim that ALL “one size fits all” sex offender punishments do not violate our 8th Amendment rights goes beyond unconscionable, it IS unconstitutional! We need to join together to fight these federal and state laws that cause way more harm than good. I’m not a leader, but I am more than willing to join an organized fight against sex offender laws and registrable offenses. I hope RSOL will organize in all 50 states so we can do this soon!

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      Colleen L Van horn

      O i do understand you so very well
      .my son is in similiar situation in Texas.

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