For some Halloween all trick, no treat

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      Used with permission By Elizabeth Weill-Greenberg . . . Before the police apprehended Steve, he tried to kill himself by cutting his wrists, he told T
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      In Tennessee the Halloween restrictions are even more crippling.

      We don’t have to put up a sign, but we have a 6 pm to 6 am curfew that runs from October 21, 2018 until 6 am on November 1, 2018. That’s 11 days of 6pm to 6am house arrest for no legitimate reason. Registrants can leave home to go to work and to sex offender treatment class, but Christians like myself aren’t allowed to go to church for the mid-week 7pm to 8pm Wed. night Bible study. I only have to miss one service, but I shouldn’t have to miss any! The 1st Amendment doesn’t carve out exceptions for registered citizens on Halloween curfew. What can I do?

      I don’t blame my officer at all. He has tried to get his superiors to let me go to church, but they won’t relent. The state is the villain; not the officer.

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      Obvious answers

      so let me get this straight..
      the police states: their job is to protect the anyone on a registry for a sex crime (no matter what the crime really is) must publicly shame themselves and their family’s because it will protect the children..
      Ok well then..lets give this idiot police chief a prize for participation and ask him

      drunk drivers kill children ..why are the doors not labelled?
      murderers…uhm duh..kill people……where is the label..
      arsonists start homes on fire and burn people alive…remember protect the children !!!!
      catholic priests and congress …..(do we really need to say anything..OBVIOUS protect the children..
      drug dealers and users ..addict children and words…….

      where is the protect the children sentiment? …..ohhhhhhhhhh.. I am starting to get the picture…your not really trying to protect the children are you?

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      In Floriduh, Duval County (Jacksonville), we have to put a sign in our front yard or apartment door stating “No candy or treats here” from 6:00 a.m. to 11:59 p.m. It used to be from 5:00 p.m., but I suppose that wasn’t enough shaming so they made it all day long. Seriously, what other rationale could there be? Who takes their kids trick-or-treating at 6 a.m.???

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      I looked at the calendar wrong. I have to miss two weeks of Wednesday Night Bible study thanks to this idiotic 11-day curfew! This is standard for every registrant in the state of Tennessee.

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      In Pa a lot of the children go to the Malls and Churches, as well as other certain places that are considered safe places to dress up and get their treats. I think that this is a good idea because most of the homes do not have there lights on. People have to work, and they don’t always have the money to buy candy. Most of the children that do go door to door have an adult with them or go in groups. Halloween can get expensive for people that do participate and hand out candy. So maybe we should just eliminate the door to door stuff. Have a safe place for all the children to go and get their candy. It should be a requirement that they also have to have an adult with them. Maybe this would be a better idea then no candy signs!

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      In Arizona probation makes the individual be in by 5 pm and stay in the house with the lights off as well as post a sign say ” Not participating in Halloween”.

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