Evil is alive and well in Florida

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      Sandy Rozek
      Sandy Rozek

      By Sandy . . . I have written previously, and copiously, about the plight of those on the registry who are homeless and the ineffective residency rest
      [See the full post at: Evil is alive and well in Florida]

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      Barbara A Parr

      I feel so bad for these people who have been forced to live in such inhumane conditions. They have paid in many more ways than just being in prison.Why?Murderers and rapists go free everyday without the restrictions that SO’s have to live with for eternity. A person could move in next door who was a murderer and is out of prison . If he decides to come to my house and kill me well I guess there should have been a registry for him to., Registry…..
      just needs go go away, and the person who is in charge of this needs to walk a mile in one’s shoes.

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      I live in Florida but thank God I am not homeless yet. One of the privileges the state took away from us is our right to remain anonymous by making us give FDLE our Internet identifiers. This is the way most of us faught for each other in the media so we could make comments on foul laws like these that make Miami RSO’s homeless.

      Florida does not want the residents to be able to fight back. They want to jail all of us so we can make the politicians and Ron Book money in their “for profit” prisons.

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        “Murderers and rapists go free everyday without the restrictions that SO’s have…”

        Barbara, rape is a sex crime. They will and do have the same restrictions. Just because the courts that convicted a rapist knows that he raped a grown woman, the population immediately assumes he wants your kids.

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          Oops, my reply was meant for Barbara. I clicked the wrong comment to reply to.

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      Don Anthony Johnston

      Thanks Sandy for all that you do for the cause. It is so sad to think what we as a society can do to another human being. My prayers go out to those in Florida and elsewhere.

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      totally against public registry

      Dear Sandy,
      So well written! Thank you and I hope that Dade County, Florida realizes some of that “goodness, greatness, love and compassion” and do the right thing by these citizens who are down and out…

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      Thanks so much for the article Sandy!

      “Its a train wreck here in Central Florida.” At my last rereg there were so many Homeless Registrants, they simply waived the address questions and gave them a map to point out the area where they slept at night most often. As you know this is contrary to Florida State Law in accordance to RSO compliance. You need a verifiable address which is impossible if you are homeless. Its also impossible for Law Enforcement to survey and watch each individual.

      Its getting to the point that all the added City Ordinances and Restrictions of where a RSO can and cannot live is working in the favor of reformation of these insane laws.

      The Cops I talk to feel like I do, the laws are totally unfair and restricts the registrant from rehabilitating back into Society in any way, shape or form. Many are thrown out of their residences because of these Ordinances created by Vigilante Justice. If you are Homeless in my county that is one thing, if you are a Homeless Sex Offender then our Homeless Shelters will reject you. And that goes for counciling and help to get back on your feet.

      We have daily food giveaways but if you are RSO, you are rejected from any food bank or free food program. For example: The Mayor of Daytona Beach was publicly quoted on the news; “I don’t care where they live as long as its not my city!

      What is happening is acute segregation and a nobody wants you in Society attitude. Its to the point Cities will begin to ban RSO’s from their City Limits as proposed in Orange County California. Nobody is caring or looking into each individual’s crime, sentence and or release.. they just want us out and never heard from again. Florida is the leader with the most hardened Sex Offender Laws in the Nation. And the most Sex Offender Registrants as well.. that should tell you right there MEGAN’S Law is a unworkable Law based on unconstitutional madness.


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      This is definitely cruel and unusual punishment if you ask me. Will anything be done about it. I highly doubt it. These poor people need help from someone but who? Who could they go to and ask for help. Probably no one. Sad so sad.

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        Evil is not the word for it…..it’s worse than evil to allow another human being to live like this….pets are treated better! The State Legislature is most at fault here in Florida…..these self righteous church goer’s should read the Bible they say they respect and honor? They know that a good percentage of the men and boy’s convinced of a sex crime in Florida has no chance to overcome the Court System here. They know that most can’t afford a paid Attorney and end up with a worthless Public “Pretender” to represent them against a powerful State Attorney’s Office who has very deep pockets and can hire the best paid witnesses that money can buy. They also know that 50-60% of people convicted of these types of crimes are innocent….falsely accused and they know that they have a Media out there that has so tainted these charges that there is a sense of hysteria that demands anyone “accused” of a sex crime is automatically guilty….in the general public’s and politician’s eyes. I know first hand what these people are going through….was falsely accused when found to be incompetent by Social Security Doctor’s after I was hit head on by a wrong way driver, back in 2002. I had spine, hip, neck and a traumatic brain injury. Wife left me after 33 year’s and was homeless for nearly a year before I could get any help from anyone in Charlotte County, Florida…. I was arrested on allegations by a 26 y.o. mental patient and his therapist? Never arrested before, no FBI history, etc. Found to be incompetent at that time also and the Judge court ordered me to the V.A. Bay Pines Hospital for a intensive program there…due to what happened to me when I enlisted into the Marine Corps back in 19967….so a U.S. Attorney keeps me out of court ordered treatment so I sit in a “South Florida County Jail” for nearly 8 year’s of my life (2760 day’s)! Incompetent from December of 2003 – March of 2010 when the Judge tells my paid Attorney that she will release me and drop all charges but I had to see one more court ordered doctor to see if I was a threat to myself or anyone else….(you can do alot of damage in a wheelchair…you know)? Well that Judge died of breast cancer two weeks later and we get a politically appointed Judge who was hammering everyone and refused to honor Judge Daily’s plan for my case……Prosecution, Prosecution, Prosecution! absolutely nothing Honorable about Judge Laboda (guess she’s down in Lee Co. now…watch out)! My Attorney comes with 2 or 3 plea offers….which I immediately turned down……then when I talked to my sister in California about all of that she told me to take the last plea deal just to get the hell out of that county….so I did….with no probation, no restrictions, and had to register twice a year with 2 – 3rd degree felonies? Got of better that 99% of the guys who have to register here in Florida…..so I feel obligated to help some of these guys that have had outrageous tag’s put on them buy these courts! These guy’s have little or no hope of ever making it in society again down here. Of coarse everyone and their dog know’s that the Legislature and other politicians are making a killing on investments in the prisons and county jails down here. Getting very rich at the expense of these poor souls who’s lives they’ve allowed to be ruined, thousands of families ruined and believe me….those people have money invested in the jail and prison phone companies and all the commissary companies…(thanks Jeb Bush for bringing that to Florida)! I could go on and on about what I personally went through and the horror stories of hundreds of guy’s I met while warehoused in that county jail? (am told that I was kept in a Florida County Jail longer than anyone has ever been…..my sister contacted a number of high profile Attorney’s in Tampa, Orlando and Miami but none would take over my case as soon as they heard the words “Charlotte County, Florida”? She also contacted the top civil rights attorney in the SE U.S. and he told her that “by law” they had to release me after year #4, because I was incompetent all that time and they had no victim or victim statement’s, but the Court in Charlotte Co. Florida kept me almost another 4 year’s in that pathetic County Jail! I’m also on 100% V.A. Disability and Social Security so don’t need a job and can’t work anyway due to my sever Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Major Depression along with about 16 other Psych diagnosis’. Something has got to change here in Florida and I would suggest that they would follow the plan that Georgia now has….a tier system where they don’t through everyone in the same pot…a level 1, 2, 3, and 4…..depending on severity of the convictions….not only to give help for local Sheriff’s Office’s, but also for communities to be able to help some of these guy’s get back into society and contribute again. I pray for those who have been branded a sex offender, and a sex offender can be anyone from someone taking a leak in public to pictures on the internet, if they did the crime to begin with? A preditor or pedifile are a different story, and most of them that truly are should be dealt with with more caution…..which Nation wide would be 12-13%! from what I’ve read…..Just thought I should through all of this out there where maybe someone will do something positive about all of the “people”!

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      NH Registrant

      If ever I was (God forbid) homeless ever again, there are 2 states I would dare go to: Florida and North Carolina. Both are police state’s when it comes to registered citizens. They are remarkably draconian in their laws/policies, and they do everything in their power to eject any registered citizens who dare try to move to their state. People are still witch hunting in this day and age. A big section of the general population are OK with it because of lies and propaganda in the media.

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        In Florida You Get Life For Peeing In A Park

        You are correct about propaganda and sex offenders. IN FACT – the REAL reason that the sex offender registry exists at all is its use as a tool by corrupt politicians to manipulate the masses with FEAR.

        I invite you to read my take on it at SexOffenderTruth.com which is written in a no-nonsense fashion and I don’t hold any punches telling the truth behind the lies and those in government and law enforcement who profit from those lies at the expense of child safety making the cruel and unusual punishment even worse for those abused year after year after year…

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      While I am thankful I live in Colorado which has no residency restrictions, I still find myself restricted in so many ways. I can’t travel to many places without registering in other states (Florida being the worst), I can’t travel to most other countries since my passport has the mark of Cain on it, it is nearly impossible to find an apartment where they will lease to an RSO, I can’t find a job, even a volunteer job in many cases. Our society will forgive even murders and give them a second chance, but an RSO will be branded, in many cases for life. One of the things I don’t understand is why the people who cry out the loudest for continuing the registry are the conservative Christians, a religion which preaches forgiveness. In one case, there is a church in my town which told me I am not welcome there. (No sinners allowed I guess). I am thankful for NARSOL and their effort to change the Draconian laws, but as mentioned in this article, the sensationalist media will do everything they can to oppose any change.

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        Leann DeHart

        Thank you, Sandy, for your tireless work at being human and compassionate. I just read Byron’s post and I would like him to know that I have been a Christian for a very long time. He would be welcome in my world. My job is to love, encourage and restore not condemn.

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        You came up against a congregation of hypocrites who falsely call themselves “Christians”. Just because a group of people claim to be a “church” of “God-fearin’, Bible-believin’ Christians” does not make it so.
        True Christians would welcome you with open arms, so long as you agreed to a reasonable standard of conduct. That being not having anything to do with the youth ministry or child-oriented activities unless you yourself have a child. You would still not be a chaperone, teacher, etc. even with a child of your own. As long as you stayed away from the kids, you’d be welcomed with open arms. I had one congregation to turn me away and it really hurt, but the congregation of which I’m a member now treats me very well. My offenses have been against 5 to 7 year old boys so I stay clear of the kids and will only speak if in the IMMEDIATE PRESENCE of another adult or the kid’s parents..AND I MEAN STANDING RIGHT THERE ON THE SPOT. I avoid every situation that could even remotely look questionable. If I go to the restroom and a boy is in there, I turn right back around without a word and leave expeditiously and wait til he comes out to go do my business.

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      If people are so much better than the next person and feel that anyone who gets caught up in the legal system is “getting what they deserve” by being homeless, then let’s tell the politicians and the bullies at the probation/parole offices to also render homelessness for those who were convicted of ANY crime. Let’s put it in the minds of all the goodie-two-shoes of our nation that if you drove drunk, got into a bar fight (public disturbances), domestic violence, sold or bought illegal narcotics, trespassed on private property, loitered, etc., then those people should all be restricted from living in areas where they might potentially “do it again” and should be made homeless.
      I say this because stop for a moment and imagine if, since everyone is so unforgiving and likes to throw stones, imagine if every person who ever broke ANY type of law as made to live like this. Pile all of those onto this sex offense restriction and just think of how much MORE space would be taken up under bridges and such by every “criminal” in just the state of Florida.

      Who wants a gang member living next door to them? You think someone that runs with street gangs can’t, hasn’t or won’t ever commit a sexual crime? Ha! Think again!
      Who wants a drunk driver living in their precious neighborhood who might “do it again” (i.e. relapse and drink) and potentially run over their kids playing outside?
      Who wants a domestic violence spousal abuser living near them who might slap his wife around on the front lawn in front of all those innocent little kids in the neighborhood?

      Since everyone is on the “do it again” bandwagon, let’s make sure to let them know that anyone who has done something bad can easily “do it again” and that we should stop CODDLING the drug/alcohol abusers by offering them rehab and then praising their accomplishments of being sober. Because as soon as OUR backs are turned, well….thy might “do it again”, right?

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      John S

      Before and during World War 2, in part due to the 1935 Nuremberg Laws, “dangerous” or otherwise “undesirable” persons were to be “purged” from the Nazi-era society. Some of the thinking behind these and other, related actions was “out of sight, out of mind”; the driving force behind the Nuremberg Laws and other, subsequent actions was to neutralize then remove altogether the supposedly perverted, “diseased”, and definitely unwanted presence of the undesirables, because no not take action “guaranteed” their continued presence would infect and destroy all hope of achieving an idealized “perfect” society and race.

      Shortly after World War 2, Soviet premier Josef Stalin forced the relocation of thousands of people, depending on their ethnicity. Poles were sent into majority Polish territory, for example; ethnic Germans were forcibly relocated from majority Polish areas to majority German areas. The goal was to minimize “possible” ethnic/border unrest, so the “ultimately achievable” goal of creating another perfect society could be made easier.

      “Ethnic cleansing” in the Balkans in the 1990s utilized various methods to rid a particular region of the “other”, from outright military action to what could be described as vigilante acts. The very existence of the “other” was once again a feared presence, deserving of whatever action was needed to wipe out their allegedly corrupting influences.

      India still wrestles with its millennias-long question of how to treat the lowest of the low, the Dalit caste aka the Untouchables”.

      The infamous Pol Pot regime in Cambodia tried to remake the entire society, culture, and people into what a tiny few people believed was to become a perfect society.

      On several occasions another country used the majority’s knowledge of the laws, existing conditions or circumstances, and/or fears of what could happen to the society, along with the very existence of and strong support from the majority itself to act directly, often swiftly and with little to no regard for legal, social or other consequences. Forcible relocation, “out of sight, out of mind”, laws limiting the rights and potential of the “other”, keeping the society as pure as possible from future taint by the “other”; these factors permeated the arguments as to why such steps were necessary–and allegedly right.

      You may have already guessed “another country” is in fact the “good ol’ USA”. Native-American relocation by treaty, culminating in the reservation system, and virtual extermination of those who resisted. The post-Civil War “Jim Crow” laws, and the widely-spread fears of “race mixing”, leading to the lynchings and other vigilante actions to enforce the laws and maintain the general belief systems. The “relocation” of Japanese and Japanese-Americans (1942-1945), because the safety, security, and “peace of mind” of the majority dictated such actions be taken. The anti-Communist hysteria, post-World War 2. The hysteria over AIDS. There were/are in so many such instances, yes, permeating our own history and society, a recognizable “Other”.

      Sound or look familiar?

      Registrants today, have readily recognized that applying such patterns of thinking and action–well, we have become the scapegoats du jour. A critical step is to keep talking, keep showing actions such as those that may (will?) take place in Florida are evil. That these despicable actions should be themselves added to pogroms, purges, and other knee-jerk actions and thinking is needed–to show a perverse “one size fits all” tendency, for whatever purpose, is a departure from reality. And such beliefs and thinking make our nation’s claims of holding moral high ground and of exceptionalism ring so totally hollow.

      I can’t help but think that the wisdom of “Let He who is without sin cast the first stone” is like water rationing during an extreme drought–given all too sparingly. An easier, though far too simplistic alternative has clung to our own government and society, as it has to so many others throughout history. Exposing the flaws and inconsistencies and bigotry using whatever legitimate means possible are critical to reforms. If our government and society as a whole has the moral and intellectual courage to do the right thing . . . .

      Any takers?

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        a man without a country

        Great minds think alike, John. I read this article earlier but not all the comments. Then, a couple hours later, the Japanese camps popped into my head. I have driven past Rowher many times. All torn down now except an old stone marker. A frightening thought but if entire families of SOs were rounded up and put in one of these camps the public might sit up and take notice.

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      Thank you, Sandy. The idea that this is allowed to go on in a supposedly free country is outrageous. I share your outrage and hope to change this insane laws.

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      When I lived in Broward County, Florida (near Fort Lauderdale), the only “available” places to live were in the warehouse district, by the wharf, in a business park… in other words, not “housing.” There WERE, to be fair, a few places; however, most of them were very high rent, or else restricted (i.e., 55 & over). I managed to live in the back of the church for a year, and spent another 6 months on the floor of the Pastor’s house. When I changed probation officers, the new one made me move from the comfortable home I was in (my brother, not being a sex offender, was allowed to stay), and move 45 minutes away to Miami, to a place that was, quite literally, the wrong side of the tracks.

      The trailer park there looked like it had been hit by a bomb – or else like it SHOULD have been bombed, to wipe it off the map. Most of the trailers were cobbled together with bits & pieces of boards, wire, etc. The trailer I lived in was a single wide unit which had been converted to three separate apartments. However, when they separated the apartments, they didn’t change any of the wiring. If I wanted to microwave something, that was the only appliance I could run – else I would pop the breakers and have to be in the dark (and heat) until the person on the other end flipped the switch.

      The place was overrun with crack dealers and whores, full of rats, cockroaches, and other vermin – and this was the place that was “acceptable” for me to live. After four months living in squalor, I finally found a room for rent in a house for $500 a month (a tight squeeze financially, but at least it was livable). My brother & I shared that room for 6 months … and shared one bathroom with 7 other people in the house, before I finally got off of probation and was able to move.

      I will never, ever return to Florida. I have been desperately seeking legal counsel to help me get my sentence overturned, but I have yet to find a lawyer willing to take the case. If I am successful, it would mean the reversal of THOUSANDS of sentences across the country.

      “Judge not lest ye be judged” is something that the proponents of these laws apparently haven’t heard of; neither is “love your neighbor as yourself.” I am not the same person I was when I committed my crime 17 years ago. I have grown, moved onward and upward, and have worked assiduously to distance myself from the kind of thinking (and actions) which led me to prison in the first place.

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      This situation in Florida could really be used as evidence AGAINST the “purely civil” nature of the registry! If this does not show a punitive intent and effect, nothing else in the world will. Every offender in this tent colony needs to be deposed now and after the new arrest order goes into effect. There needs to be copious and I do mean COPIOUS video and photographic footage of every last bit of this camp as it exists before it’s all hauled away and sanitized by city officials. This will show the inhumane effects of the registry.

      A detailed history of Ron and Lauren Book also needs to be part of the evidence; every bill they’ve sponsored and every push they’ve made to further punish registered citizens. Their inability and unwillingness to be objective should be pointed out. A victim or victim’s family will never be willing to view the issue with any level of fair objectivity. Their crusade to unendingly persecuting registrants in Florida needs to be meticulously chronicled detail for detail and step by step.

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      anthony jones

      To all of the S.O’s who are homeless in FL. because of insane laws,there are way better states to live in than Florida . all the states on the west coast are way more coooler if ya want to live in a tent- the cops don’t harass you- you are allowed to get into a homeless shelter. the best favor you could do for your self is get out of FLORIDA!

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      Phys Ed

      where are the courts!!? There are three pillars our democracy rests on: The executive, the Legislative, and the Judiciary. ALL are pledged to uphold the U.S. Constitution. Few would argue that our current legislative environment is non-functional on the national level, and there are many who view the current executive as dysfunctional as well. That leaves only the courts to uphold fundamental constitutional rights. BUT…and it’s a big one, they’re not DOING it!! Instead, they are deferring completely to the corrupt legislatures around the country, legislatures who refuse to educate themselves about the EX-sex offender issues and the junk science, and the de-bunked paradigms that conflict with so many business models that have cropped up by parasitic entrepreneurs who feed off this captive clientele. I’m talking about the “treatment” providers and the parole officers who provide them with “client-patients”. Most of these demand CASH from their clients and share it with parole officers and other corrupt law enforcement personnel. RSOs are daily threatened with re-incarceration if they don’t comply with the “program”, which involves keeping pseudo-psychologists without PHDs and corrupt parole officers supplied with illegal cash. These people run “treatment” groups night and day in ramshackle low-rent neighborhoods with each group of a dozen or more involuntary “patients” paying 30 or more dollars a session (which lasts for an hour and a half at most. That’s almost two thousand dollars a day, all in cash for these entrepreneurs, and more if they run more than five sessions a day. Must we, as Winston Churchill once opined, always have to try every single wrong solution to a problem before putting into practice the RIGHT one?

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      Chris in Baltimore

      There is an excellent, in depth article about the Miami clusterf**k by Zaid Jilani at:


      Some of the comments are horrifying but informative about our opposers/oppressors viewpoint.

      I was arrested in Fort Lauderdale and was forced to relocate to Maryland because of the intolerable laws in Florida. I lost everything, including my partner.

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      This is the United States… We The People… Honestly, what are we doing to our very own. We take one class of criminal, and segregate them, classify them, and discriminate them from society. Sounds like the Black and White Thing. You can’t ride this bus, sit on this seat, eat in this restaurant. Or maybe your female, and don’t deserve this pay, job, or credit. You can kill someone, rob someone, beat someone, or drive drunk and you are not considered any less than a normal citizen. Really! That is equal protection of the law? Not! Why do we do stupid stuff like this. Who are we protecting? A citizen is a citizen? Right… There should be a plan of action that allows people to be removed from the registry. By nature, people are generally good. People want to be loved, cared for, and contribute to the society they live in. No one is proud of their mistakes or failures. This is called normal society. Reconciling ex-offenders by giving them the chance to be all they can be is what America is built on. Not a registry that protects no one, or provides any sense of safety for our children and women. What will it take to see past the trees! We all make up the Forest!

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      This has to stop In The Name of Jesus Christ….God forgives!

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      In Florida You Get Life For Peeing In A Park

      Enough is enough – there is punishment and then there is abuse.

      Clearly if you are safe enough to not be behind bars AND you have paid your “debt” to society then you should be allowed to move on – PERIOD

      This second class citizen sh^t is NOT what America is about. If the lies about the registry and sex offenders in general were known then the public might understand this. Politicians have lied and with the assistance of law enforcement they have a cash cow with sex offenders. Those are the REAL criminals…

      Find out what is really behind the registry and what the government and law enforcement do not want you to know – SexOffenderTruth.com

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      The S O camps should be shutdown and politicians kicked out of Florida.

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      obvious answers

      I was forced into a 3rd world country with regular power and water outages far away from the country my family has fought to preserve in every war ever fought by America. Now the long arm of evil is forcing me even out of this third world country where I sought refuge and to start a life again? And why does this evil force me thus? Just to send me to Florida to live in the squalor you speak of. If they detest me so much for meeting a minor in a bar when I was 21 (over 20 years ago) why must they stalk and harrass me on the other end of the earth? Over 20 years not so much as a speeding ticket and yet now they want to harass and demean my family and me after we have even went so far as to go almost a planet away from them…What kind of non ending evil has America became. Even my grandfather on his deathbed wept that he had sacrificed so much in the service for a country that had become so much evil..

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        Wait! What? The USA is making you come back or the country you went to is kicking you out?
        Either way, can’t you defect?

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          obvious answers

          The United States sends regular emails to any country that accepts you stating you are a direct threat to the host country and it’s population, plus now they are revoking passports to hand out branded ones..all countries are run by politicians..what politician is going to risk the bad publicity in their country? Here is a sample email: The United States and INTERPOL informs you that a registered sex offender is currently in your country and as a registered sex offender considered a dire threat and “strongly urges for the security of the population” That the host country returns you….well what do you think they do?….

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      Ree Bebetu

      This is inhuman and utterly evil. It is a travesty of the Brotherhood that this nation was founded upon. It is a gross contradiction of our Lord’s teaching…Treat your neighbor as you would like to be treated. I am so disappointed that Humans can treat their fellows this manner. I am so disillusioned that our government can allow Humans to treat their fellows this manner. I listened to a documentary on public radio the other day about the prison system in Norway. The inmates there do not lose their rights. Norway believes that anyone can make a mistake, and that when one does, then he/she should make amends and pay a debt to society. But inmates are not cut off from society. They are taught new ways of thinking and new ways of living. In Norway, the prison system turns even really bad people around. It rehabilitates people. Inmates are allowed to keep their human dignity. Their needs are met, and they get the same medical attention that all citizens get. And the recidivism rate straight across the the board is less than one percent.

      What is wrong with America? We don’t need a Registry–or if we do, only the worst sex offenders, the ones who actually hurt children or women, should be on it. Something must be done to abolish the Registry, which is an evil far greater than the crimes most of the people who suffer from it will ever commit.

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      This October, it will be 26 years since I left prison in Florida. I am now 71 years old. While under the influence of alcohol, I touched my step-daughter inappropriately while she was stretched out across our sofa, and we were both watching TV. Believe it or not, I actually told her I was sorry that I did what I did. She was under sixteen years of age at the time.
      I had first met my step-daughter when she was six years old and starting school. Her mother introduced me to her one day when she went to pick her up at school. Her mother and I eventually got married and by that time I had developed an honest, father-like love for her daughter. My own daughter (from first marriage) was 5 years older than my step-daughter but they got to know each other, little by little.
      Hey, I have no excuse for what I did to my step-daughter. It was all my fault, of course! However, I truly believe that if I had not been drinking that day, I would not have touched her in an inappropriate way.
      After the incident, she told a teenager friend in school and the teenager friend told the school, and the rest is history.

      I totally agree with everything that everyone has shared here. Yes, I do believe that Florida is one of the worse places to live in for SOs. I have tried to read about other state’s laws regarding the registry and some take you off the registry after 25 years or so.

      I agree with one of the writers here, that the ‘west’ has places in the desert where many SOs live, either in tents, their cars, vans, or even old RVs. I am sure most of you already know that there is land that is designated “BLM” (bureau of land management) and anybody can live there, FREE! Sure, they need to have some kind of steady monthly check (like social security) but they don’t need much out there, to live in peace. On Youtube there are stories about it, especially in Arizona, Nevada and New Mexico.

      Perhaps we should all communicate, about starting a “crowdfunding” type account, invest in a huge area out west and start our own community. There is a small ‘christian’ community in Pahokee, Florida (next to the sugarcanes) that house SOs in small apartments (about 100 and growing) but you do have to be involved with the church work and keeping up the buildings and land. They seem to be doing okay there.
      Perhaps we can start a non-religious community in Arizona, on BLM land?

      I welcome any and all comments!

      Thank you.

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        My recommendation is to keep a low profile. Sex Offender camps such as “Pervert Park” the subject of a major Film not long ago is a horrible place. And here in Orange County there is a trailer park run by a person that could not rent her rat traps so decided to rent to only Sex Offender men. Its one of the darkest places I have ever see. You are talking about a Commune here. The cops will be there is a desert minute. The states you mentioned are bad Sex Offender States. Arizona and Nevada allow vigilante violence! We all want to run away and make it all better. The problem, there is no place left to run away to. MEGAN’S LAW is a International Law.

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          obvious answers

          @joe…..sounds nice but they are even attacking those of us who have went clean across the planet to escape them..have you ever heard of ruby ridge and waco? to “protect the children” they went so far as to burn them all to death…I wouldn’t suggest going to far into the commune idea ..that just gives the evil and easier target for bonfires and bombs..and they really dont care who they kill..your wives, husbands, children..cnn will report it as a great accomplishment and you will be history..

          • #40142 Reply

            Please ask yourself this question: How does your response help everyone reform sex offender laws? Please try to keep your posts revolving around this question.

    • #40082 Reply

      Evil is alive an well in Florida. Sounds like an understatment to me. Evil in everyone’s heart. Figure that one out maestro and why didn’t I ask for sex. Now I hesitste coming in there comenting as I remembered one time I got blasted for even naming God or anything about the bible. Seems like everybody else can with no problem.

      You know at times we all have to stand our ground but some just want others to figure out all this dilemna out such as NARSOL and others that are fighting for rights, justice, or who know’s what. Sure these comments are good and I feel the pain, or can I say that, but how can anyone feel anothers pain unless they go thru it.
      Did any of us feel the pain of those people going thru war, or combat. Do any of us feel the vainglory of pride of those police that when one catches one up in something they shouldn’t do, or is it all man-made glory to dupe others out of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

      Someone talked about a perverted village on here. People can talk about Megan’s law or whatever but we didn’t have anything to do with that to he honest. What about man’s perversion or are we all living some Sex in the City rerun in real life. Is that what Florida is all about or shoulf each and everyone of you all wake up and understand what Ree or Jackie commented about and Ree I’m sure that was a battle in itself.

      Sandy if this article you write doesn’t make others wake up and smell the roses nothing will.

    • #40095 Reply
      Jim OC

      Florida will get what is coming, “bad karma” called hurricanes! I used to want to see florida but now all I want to see about florida is on the news. florida is a great place for hurricanes, tsunamis and earthquakes for all the arrogant people who are the government there. Just too bad the innocent and trapped registered people will have to endure what will come to that place.

    • #40140 Reply

      Hi All,
      My name is Chuck. Please DO NOT post links to random stories here. If we do this, we lose control over our message, which is to reform sex offender laws, not to become a free news site. Please keep links to legal dockets or things of that nature.
      Our message gets distorted if all we do is post links to news stories. If you have a news story you would like to share, please ask one of the senior mods ( not me) to write a story about it. This is so we have all the news stories in one spot, and we can have an organized blog.
      Thank You all for your Cooperation

    • #40192 Reply

      Reading all these stories makes me slightly more than glad to live in Kansas where I also reside. Thankfully, there are NO residency restrictions here. Just across the state line in Missouri, it is a different story. I live in the metropolitan area and even though I live in Kanas and as such , I am subject to Kansas SO laws. Having said that, there are many stories of Kansas offenders that if they encounter local Law enforcement, usually spend the night in jail. Reportedly, it is the policy of the Kansas City, MO police to arrest any offender on post release supervision. Of particular concern is going to a sporting event as the city considers all venues as “parks”. Going to a “Park” as a sex offender is a violation. My parole officer has given me permission to go to ball games and has assured me that even if I’m picked up, he is the one who would have to violate my parole, which he say he won’t if there isn’t a “good” reason. Although not Florida, and thank god for that, this is clearly a national problem. Sadly, politicians are not likely to stand up for sex offenders and write meaningful and effective laws. However, as with most plights, there is eventually a tipping point. Let’s all be smart and keep the conversations going. Who knows, maybe some day, those of us on the registries will finally see these ridiculous laws replaced with evidence based and researched laws. Maybe not in my lifetime, but
      Progress has to be made regardless of how small.

      The other topic I would like to addressed is that of lifetime post release supervision. God forbid I commit any felony, such as writing a bad check over the statute amount and I would be sentenced to LIFE in prison. Kansas requires that I complete my post release prior to serving the new felony case. It also means that I can never vote and technically I am not considered a citizen. Meaning I can never be allowed to fully re-enter society. Convicted murderers are typically given 60 months of post release supervision, yet sex offenders are given life time. As my ex wife says, that’s just asinine. (Cra cra) I think is the modern day description. Best of luck to all of us.

    • #40207 Reply
      Paul A Cain

      New Mexico is forcing men to remain in prison by denying their housing for reasons that are not law. For example, one man cannot live with his wife because she has custody of her children. There isn’t any law that says we can’t live with children it says we can’t be alone with children. We must have another adult present. So to deny that home is illegal. Another one was denied because his wife was a victim of domestic violence ten or eleven years ago.

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