Don’t let the scammers scam YOU

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    By “Sam” . . . It was a quiet Sunday afternoon in my hometown. I was making a bite to eat and watching the basketball game on TV before heading to my
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    wrongfully registered person

    If the real Police wanted to help in your town or any other they would pull their heads out of there head hiding places and make a fake entry to the registry and have the phone number set up to go to the police so they could triangulate them like the do with criminals and get the scammers. Maybe NARSOL could make a letter to state authorities suggesting such action this way the police would not be able to act like there is nothing they can do when someone told them a absolute sure way of getting these people. Just a suggestion from a wrongfully registered person.

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    Mark S.

    Ah Sam: I am surprised you did not know this. If any police have a warrant (or 2 or 3), against you or anyone else for that matter, THEY NEVER CALL…………..Instead they usually send a garrison to your door, knock and announce and then kick the door in while 50 or so neighbors watch the show…. THEY NEVER CALL………..At least you had the testicular fortitude to hang on the line and question them until all failed. If you still have the number of the caller, you may want to go to the cops (who love registered citizens), and they may reverse look up the caller because they love registered citizens……. But thank you for your story…..So far I have not been called and I would really have some fun then if called and then I would go to the cops (because they love registered citizens), with the number from my caller ID.

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      “As soon as he finished speaking, I told him if the police department had warrants for my arrest, I would already be in jail.”

      Based on that sentence, Im sure Sam was already aware that they would have been out to his house in force and at the begining of the article the first thing he said was I know this is a scam. Unfortunately, it seems he couldnt get ahold of his parole people so he let that “what if” stir around a bit, which I cant say I blame him. I imagine most people who get that call for the first time even if they know its a scam still get a little stressed or worry even though they are 99.9% certain the caller is full of it. For some rc’s the paranoia is there until that 99.9% turns into 100%.

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    For those saying the police never call, this is not true. I was called once and was not asked my name, they new the number was correct because it was on file. He told me I had slipped out of compliance and had spoken to my PO and I needed to come down and take care of it ASAP. He asked me when I could make it by and I needed to take care of it in 24 hours. I TOOK CARE OF IT.

    I called my family and lawyer first because I know there are cases where people show up and get arrested but this did not happen in my case.

    I guess the point is, don’t automatically ignore when someone says they are from the police. Do remember, they won’t need to confirm your personals like DOB SOC number Etc. Never give out those details. Never confirm you are on the registry, then the scammer knows they are speaking to the right person. If it is the police, they will tell you you need to come see them and no details can be handled over the phone

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      MARK S.

      The police was not looking to arrest you…………Plain and simple. And you were/are under supervision. Who ever called you did you favor. Obviously, there were no warrants involved. My statements I made are true. If they wanted you, either by a Parole officer, they would do essentially the same thing as the police….I wrote about. If it were probation, most likely you would have been arrested, and then go to court for a probation violation. I have a real edge being an ex-paralegal. In short, I know whence I speak from. And if they do call you to ask you to come on down because they want to “talk” to you, it is a fool’s erred to blithely go and “talk” to the police. And again, if they wanted you, the garrison would show up with paper and scoop you………….. Just sayin…………

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    Donald M.

    This also happened to me. The scammer called my son’s phone number asking for me. He said he was a Sheriff’s deputy. I called the number given and the “deputy” said I had not paid any fees and I was seriously behind. I had just completed the twice a year update to the registry at the Sheriff’s office. So if there were “fee’s” I would have been told at that time. Also a deputy had stopped at my residence to verify the address; he would have said something about fee’s.
    The more he talked the more suspicious I got. I even said to my supervisor ( I was at work) I think it is a scam. The “deputy” overheard me say scam and tried to act offended. I finally got him off the phone. I then called the Sheriff’s office. The person on duty said there is a scam going around and to ignore it. I later saw the number used was linked to several other counties have scammer issues.

    If you are following your state’s law on the registry you need not worry.

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    My husband received a call and was instructed to report to the …jail for a DNA sample. The man gave a badge number, unit number and name. He sounded fairly convincing. He said later in the conversation that it was a federal investigation and he was from the FBI. They had a mobile unit and would take my husband to it. No way was I letting my husband go with some stranger without throughly checking the truth of this story. We went to our local police department and ask them if they would check name and badge number. The detective was kind enough to make phone calls and check the information given to us. He told us it was a scam.

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