Do sex offender registries reinforce inequality?

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      Sandy Rozek
      Sandy Rozek

        By Trevor Hoppe . . . Public sex offender registries are at the forefront of what I’ve described in my research as a “war on sex.” Offenders co
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      Do we really need to ask such a question? Ask this what criteria must be met in order to fulfill the prescribed requirements for inequality? Well…let’s see the rules that are established for ex offenders ! Residency, travel……and alllllll that continues to escalate, sounds like a textbook and many times over…… literal examples of every discrimination one can imagine or find in a person ! What proof ! or how much proof !, does the legal system need to establish grounds or a basis for addressing preposterous impediments, imposed on citizens after confinement ! What biased and unreasonable restrictions are to be carried by individuals trying to maintain balance and a just way to live while struggling with laws that burden and oppress unjustly those who in many cases were and are not guilty of ones entire plea deal or trial……etc ! Hello ! We need to have a greater impact on governing officials!

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      I believe that all of this has stemmed from the supreme court judge that used a bogus statistic that he plucked out of a document that was nor supported by anything real in saying that the re-offence rate was something like 80% for sex offenders. From that moment on we have seen law after law created based on that. I always wonder if all sex offenders could use him for slander. We could certainly show harm.

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        All ex sex offenders troubles started because bad cases Meagan kanaka and all the rest…..make bad laws ! History shows it is irrational and unjust to base laws off of others (victims) emotions and desires ! Registries were not considered because it violated civil and constitutional laws for defendants ! The law is Highly Corrupt and has ignored the constitution and the idiots in charge are neither professional or qualified due to bias and corruption ranging from greed to imbalance of symitism in favor of radical views such as regression not progressive civil laws and rules, I.e. stTe to state laws not in accord with each other, fake news intensified and solidified the negative features of sex offender crimes and punishments ! Liberal judges and no real accountability to ensuring defendants are not rushed through a system he’ll bent on plea bargains and theatrical court stunts that impeachment a the rights of the accused! And so forth!

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        Supreme Court judge will be easy to overcome compared to Allllllll the other Craaaaap I mentioned ubove because all the combined Sheeeeet the people will not want to come to terms with…! ….this…stuff is what keeps this sex offender Craaaaap rolling like a giant snow ball from Hellllllll ! History shows time and time again one impressions are made and laws passed and people are stirred, well you know the deal ! Watch out! One Hell of a ride!

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      Steve Szilvasi

      Thank You Mr. Hoppe for this well written piece:
      I have been turned down for so many jobs I am over qualified for, Also now about 11- months after out from incarceration experiencing the financial pains of having to pay a $100 Rape crises fund fee, as well as a $25. registration fee( local county), on top of a monthly probation fees. I feel nobody ever talks enough about all these extra payments they make people try to pay on limited incomes, or with no real jobs! I hope here in Ohio, the Re-codification committee maybe gets the ball rolling on me and others to-be able to get off the registry in the near future, I truly pray daily for this. It takes a great mental toll on myself, being punished after already doing time for something, when a person lied to get me into why I did that time, but I will not get into that.

      You truly have to humble yourself living on a SORNA registry, I am trying to network work around my community, and am trying to get into a internship( to be honest I have no idea if the do a backgrounds’ check to be a intern?)- to learn the field of Logistics, which will help me by next year, after I complete my Bachelors of Communications degree.

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