Current sexual offense policies: “Less about managing risk than maximizing punishment”

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      Image and article used with permission from Prison Policy Initiative By Wendy Sawyer . . . By now, most people who pay any attention to criminal justi
      [See the full post at: Current sexual offense policies: “Less about managing risk than maximizing punishment”]

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      Nice proof that they are not trying to prevent re-offence of crimes, or they would have every one of the people in these categories on a list. It is obvious that the registry is personal, and vindictive punishment that violates the constitution in more then one way. Double Jeopardy, Compelled speech, Illegal search, and Due Process. The only reason it is aloud is because the people are ok with it because the average Joe thinks that everyone on the registry has raped a little child, or is about to because this is what they have been told by this very system. The bulk of Americans hate people on the registry, and they lack the sympathy to care for anyone who is not on their short list of loved ones or friends because this same system is raising them not to care as well. Stop the system not just were it effects your life but everywhere you see it rear its ugly head. The constitution does not allow for these things anything that fights against the constitution is part of the system.

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        Moral outrage and a lack of comprehension fuels these laws and the vitriol behind them.

        Let’s just put the facts on the table in plain English here:

        1. No one can understand why a grown man or grown woman would have sexual interest of any kind toward a child who has not yet begun puberty. It is so foreign to people. Across history we see that people hate and fear that which they cannot understand and make sense of in their own minds. What they can’t understand or identify with they want to DESTROY. I don’t think even those among us who have sexual interest in children understand why they have such an attraction. No one can tell the root cause of it; not the one who has the attraction and not the “experts” who “treat”.

        2. Children are innocent and the power and resources in the dynamic between child and abuser is fully tilted in the abuser’s favor. It’s just a fact that most folks in society are perfectly ok with letting the parents of a molested or raped child dish out the justice with their own bare hands and never mind the courts. “Just give the victims’ parents about half an hour alone with their child’s molester….” That’s the mentality the facts are up against. When such strong emotions are involved, facts simply don’t mean squat. It’s sad and infuriating for us, but that’s just the truth of it.

        3. When the sex offender registry is mentioned, the first thing…THE VERY FIRST THING that comes to a person’s mind is a child rapist; not a child molester, but an out-and-out child rapist; the individual who uses brute force and extreme fear of harm to gain a child’s compliance. I’m not inferring in any way that grooming, manipulation of friendship and subversion are any less cruel by any means. It just needs to be pointed out that there are ways a child’s compliance can be gained without them feeling afraid or feeling as if they are in any danger. After all, the stats prove out that most children are sexually abused by someone they know, trust and like or even love. It’s a trusted family friend, a close relative, etc.

        4. Raping a woman or a woman raping a man is a violent act. While I don’t think all victims of child molestation or forcible rape are damaged goods for life, I do fully believe that these acts do inflict pain of a sort that we as abusers will never fully understand, except for those offenders who have been victims of sexual abuse or rape in the past themselves. Society sees the man who rapes as less than a man since “He can’t get any pussy and has to take it….”
        I apologize for the crass language here, but that’s EXACTLY how I heard it said while in prison for 10 years. I’ve heard prisoners ask, “Why didn’t you just go and BUY yourself a piece of pussy in stead of raping a woman or messing with a little kid?”

        The powerful people behind the media machination support the registry and the restrictions associated therewith. That’s just how it is and how it’s going to continue to be. The people who own media outlets want these laws to stay in place and they intend to slant and distort, minimize and ignore the facts in such a was so as to ensure continued support for said laws. Even our courts have for many years ignored the facts. The proof is there that sex offenders re-offend at a much lower rate than pretty much any other class of criminals, but when the courts answer legal challenges, they default back to the same old “frightening and high” myth they KNOW has been scientifically debunked time and time again with empirical evidence to support! THANK GOD THE TIDE IS SLOWLY STARTING TO SHIFT IN VERY SMALL INCREMENTS, BUT CHANGE IS TAKING PLACE A TINY PIECE AT A TIME. A VICTORY HERE….A VICTORY THERE..IT IS ADDING UP AND AS TIME GOES ON WILL CONTINUE TO ADD UP.

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      R. Arens

      I always got a huge laugh over how the Iowa prison system stuck sex offenders with hidden mandatories that forced sex offenders to completely discharge their sentences and drug offenders on 40 year violent sentences we’re released after a couple of years. It tells us all that in picking the lesser of two evils, society would rather have a gang banging drug dealer peddling on their streets armed to the teeth than a guy who’s only weapon was simple coercion, ( the gift of gab).

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        Also i Iowa is that wonderful lifetime special sentence so you do your full time in prison to discharge and immediately go on parole for life. I’m currently in year 8 of the lifetime parole and if I come up with $2,600 I can get a registry modification and then have a chance of being released.

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          R. Arens

          Funny how on the Iowa life sentence the registry part is severable by a court hearing but the parole part is not. Also it should be noteworthy that under Iowa law, a person sentenced to a life sentence shall not be released on parole unless the sentence is commuted to a number in years. As of now, there is no exception to those under 903b sentences, I think 903b is legally flawed and needs to be removed on that ground alone.

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      lawrence rider

      alaska decision – no due process –

      maybe because it was the product of a legislative trial

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      All this analogy of this mathical recidivism rate is good that Wendy presents but actually who offends, Don’t we all offend in many ways. These charts and compairsons seem to be someone’s bread and butter at steryotyping other crimes but who has or is the real vistim or not?

      Comparisons are good if they prevent. Nothing wrong with charts and graph’s but one should wonder why criminal Justice is called criminal. Maybe one has to wonder who was intimidated to make it on this list of offenders, considering as everyone says sex offenders are in a class by themselves.

      Do we all compare apples to oranges or who is overriding one in this recidivism of justice in many of these 21st century truths. Truth. one wonder what the recidivism rate of truth is for that one.

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      The BJS must have known that using the term “Sex Offenders” in the title would prompt most readers to assume the report applied to all former sex offenders and registrants. It doesn’t even take moderate attention to realize the report only refers to those convicted of rape and sexual assault. That is explicitly stated in the first paragraph and in footnote 1.

      I’m certain the title was intentionally intended to deceive. In most minds, the term “sex offender” is equal to all those on the registry. Since most won’t read beyond the first page, the highlights box will have a disproportionate impact. Released “sex offenders” are 3 times as likely to be rearrested for rape or sexual assault. Ergo, all registrants are 3 times more dangerous than other released prisoners. Ergo, sex offense and registration laws need to be tougher. What rubbish!! What propaganda!!

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