Covid-19 still wreaking havoc and fear behind prison walls.

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      By Brian, FCI Seagoville (May 10) . . . We need your help. Little is clear in regard to COVID-19. The virus is very unpredictable, but it is understoo
      [See the full post at: Covid-19 still wreaking havoc and fear behind prison walls.]

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      Well, needless to say, there it is. Open and plain evidence that The System is engaged in the obvious practice of allowing Inmates to die, should be more than enough to cause Congress to repeal The Registry altogether and eradicate Public Information Sources to The Internet for all to see. Let’s be real about this shall we for once? Congress WANTS Inmates at all Jails, and Prisons to Die from The Pandemic. So what if a few hundred thousand Inmates with No Sex Offense History are released. The Extinction Event is in place ONLY for those of Us with Sex Offenses! I’d written My Senator asking him to introduce Legislation to Repeal The Registry and told him why it should be. He’s not returned any correspondence to me yet. He does however; know what’s going on in the Prisons and Jails, and that people are Dying!
      You can rest assured, THERE WILL BE, a huge flurry of Lawsuits in the next few months and even years!

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      I have a loved one who is in FBOP seagoville and is there for a non-violent nor sex offender crime and they’ve pushed his release back because of the halfway house accepts when he can go home he is a very high health risk with a bullet in one lung, diabetic and high blood pressure as health issues already being in a small area where things aren’t cleaned properly and the staff bring the virus in and no one knows who among the inmates have this virus it’s very dangerous for my love one to be in there with his health issues please help us.

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      I was incarcerated at FCI Seagoville from 2008-2010 and was part of the second group of men to complete the Sex Offender Management Program for low offenders. The treatment program was Behavioral Cognitive. I spoke to many of my fellow prisoners there about what I had done. It allowed me not to have to lie to protect my life and most of them appreciated that. I understand how things could easily have gotten out of hand. I had my gall bladder taken out a few years after I left the facility, because I suffered from Pancreatitis. One day after I had left the hospital where I needed 13 stitches in my mouth after someone punched me in the face, I had a bout of Pancreatitis and upon going back to the hospital they diagnosed my gall bladder issue. I had a few bouts of the pain while I was at FCI Seagoville. One whole night of pain and a trip to see the person on duty overnight, they would not allow me to go to the hospital. I was given Pepto Bismol the next morning after the pain subsided. You have to be almost dead before they allow prisoners to go to the hospital. I am praying for everyone at FCI Seagoville. I am now a volunteer cook at a homeless shelter that is considered essential so we practice mask use and social distancing every day.

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