Conference 2018 – Mock Legislative Committee Hearing

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      Advocacy in Action presents a bipartisan look behind the scenes of the state legislature, concluding in a mock judiciary committee hearing in front of
      [See the full post at: Conference 2018 – Mock Legislative Committee Hearing]

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      obvious answers

      sorry but when it comes to government or justice systems I have yet to see one I respect.

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        Mark S.

        To obvious answers: DITTO……………..

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      In Polk County Florida if you are required to register you have to pay the Sheriff’s department $19.00 for your first registration and then you have to pay $5.00 to the sheriff’s department when you go back in to do your check-ins. So basically you have to pay to be a sex offender in Polk County. If you don’t pay then you don’t get to see a deputy to do your registration and that will lead to a prison sentence for failure to properly register.

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      This mock hearing about legislative was a great ideal NARSOL had to present to those in attendance at its conferrence. I also liked Wendy’s rebuttle which was in a way a two part effort about the pro’s and con’s and yes it all boils down to labeling. Whats in a label. Its just man’s device.

      Fact is governments is playing the harlot is a lot of this government paint by number ordeal. Yes this mock hearing says a lot. After one’s sentence or probation that should be it and others should go on their way for a better start. Man cannot rehiblitate man as that is a heart process. Government wants to have their own power. They are holding that sin against another and using their discression in all this by not giving those a second chance as Wendy tried to instill upon the mock panel.

      We are not in Old Testament times but under a new covnent people. Nothing wrong with speaking out for Jesus if one uses the gift for thru justice. In other words they were coveting with a lot of this. Labeling one is just the same as putting a scarlett letter upon man. Wendy at times didn’t know what direction to go in as she was up against man’s slective behavior in all this legislaive law. These men are the law and make them. Sure its nice to speak out but pride goeth before the fall.

      Now you guys can do what you want but respect goes a long ways so I sentence you all to watching the “Blues Borthers” until you learn some respect. Maybe the Queen of Soul can tell you about some respect. A lot of this sex ordeal is man’s conspiricy and racketing by prostituting themself. So where is truth?

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      Today’s second class citizens are in for a long road. This is a topic that very few can find support for or have the gutts to address unless they are in the kill them all band wagon. Truthfully a large pertentage of the population has or had sone attraction to a minor but they see themselves as different. That aside the whole lifetime label and punishment is a sign that the constitution that included “unalienable” rights is no more. You will be punished for the rest of your life even after serving your “time”. What they don’t seem to understand is no matter how much you hate someone there is never an excuse for taking away civil liberties that doesn’t include a slippery slope. Who’s next?
      This country has strayed far from its founding principles and will now meet its decline.

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      If everyone notices in Romans.13 it was more about money and taxes that those those in Roman government were looking for. Pay Dues and trubute and customs and nothing about giving bad opportunities, could be anything posed as customs, so their just as much guilty. Nothing is hard to fight if you have some good resorces to help one fight this battle. True Juistice is not hard to fight for with a two edged sword. Sorry If i get a bit gospel for you guys but like I said thats up to the individual.

      At times I have to pitty NARSOL in a lot of this as they are trying and trying to help the sex offender and help him or her with giving her a second chance, clean up his or her act but they are being opposed left and right in most all of this. Bottom line nothing is final untill the fat lady sings.

      I know a lot of people are oppressed in these ordeals but thanks be to God that NARSOL is there to strive and help in this struggle for all of those involved. Sure there’s negative sides to all this as well as other things of society but one has to be positive, has one killed each other or has one been said to be another Larry Nasser on here. Now those would be the top of the list things that can lock one up for decades.

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      Timothy D.A. Lawver

      A good idea for sure as I have never attended a gov’t legislation process in real life.

      I wonder if a mock trial would play?

      Charge: Failure to provide an information. W.stat 304.15
      ClassY felony # 18RO1896

      Re: A practical guide to defending oneself from SOR regulation.
      To serve and publish a blueprint for others.

      Any thoughts?

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      Timothy you bring up something interesting. Sure we can all have mock hearings and I hope others caugth this meaning also. That has always been man’s problem to some extent. From Mahammad Ali to political figures or leaders if you want to say that. Sure one’s merit is good but there is pride vanity associated with all of this? Look at the sex offender, we are classed on the low end of the totum pole if one wants to say that.

      Should we all say pride goeth before the fall as mentioned on here or isn’t helping others better than self righteous people wanting to dicitate. Should we use the old saying you are what you eat or isn’t helping each other a bit better when one falls down or is the chain of command getting a bit out of line. Sure we are all caught in this trap whether man made or self made. I can’t praise any man but I can admire and respect someone that stands up for his or her rights and also others. We can all even look at mock hearing of how people mock others as a power struggle or should we all flip a coin.

      One’s view might be entirely different from others view’s but thats were principal comes in to draw the line in this hocus pocus I’m the greatest category. Who is shaming who when we all should be ashamed at law and government and some of the tricky dickie things they do.

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      I like this and they should do a mock hearing for the International Megan’s Law.

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        On IML mock hearing.
        You Sir presume too much. International Megan’s law proceeded without ” regular order”. Any hearing put on by the group would therefore be without foundation. All committees operate under “,Roberts Rules of Order.” So use of that procedural log is out too since we do not know it was used. Quite a conundrum. Where to begin?

        We could do a satire SNL style tho. Want to direct?

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      The road to independence sort of has a positive feel to it. Sure we all should be free. Sure I grew up in the Sonny and Cher days and have enjoyed music. My opinion today a lot of this stuff is not music but thats each one’s preference. Sonny was a good man. Even ran for office after their breakup, but thats history. Sure we can talk about the bible but actually that is true justice and even the principals that go along with it.

      Even Maestro didn’t like some of comments, or disapproved a bit on a few. Sure we are all going to get pro’s and cons on all of this but true justice and independence is what its all about. Sure the constitution talks about self-governing ourselves and yes honesty plays a lot in all this for both parties. Now Government was instituted by the Lord plain. We have some good governments and some bad.

      Sure a lot of this sex offender issue is using bad laws or are a lot manulipated in this in some ways, means, and forms? I took criminal Justice as some of my courses in collage, Robin took law from what I have read. Sure most all the police I was taking the criminal Justice courses knew me because I was sort of a weekend warrior but that was in my early days. I remember one of the jailors saying to me, and I even had courses with him, back again to visit us for the weekend. All this is far different from being a weekend warrior. Sure I was a colorful person and also growing up with people you get an understanding. There was no so called segration as it is in many places today.
      Look at the American Indian. The lady I go visit at the nursing home has American Indian blood in her. Sure we can all take ups in down’s in life but when someone deceives on in taking away their liberty to speak out than we all might as well take lesson’s from all these court endeavors.

      Sure Linklon was an advocacy lawyer and a good man in that time and freed the slaves.. So we still have rements of slavery today. I believe Brenda’s bunch are doing good justice for all in this ordeal. Sure it will take effort but when it discriminates against jobs’ and other things that is not good for any government. Sure this whole thing gets me upset as I’m sure it does Robin and some of the other on here or should we speculate about everybody being gay.

      Thing is not to hurt others by deceptive means. There’s an old saying “Injustice anywhere is injustice everywhere”. Why do you think protesters were prostestring in Charlottesville, VA which is about 20 miles away.

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      I took the time tonight to listen to Paul Dubbling, took some notes. Yes I had some probation and probation courses at a community college in my area back in the late 70’s. Sure when your issued a red book of about 2.000 pages as part of your course with famous court cases it is not a pretty picture. I just wanted to go into the probation end of it but its all not easy.

      Paul is a bright and understanding person from the info he gave. I do agree with a lot of his efforts and methods. I also liked his talk about sepration of powers that he brought up a bit and the due process. Yes things have changed a lot.

      True story, I had an uncle and it seems back in the late 30’s him and a friend robbed a grocery store. From what I gather he was talked into it and wasn’t the one holding the pistol. Sure they both were guilty. My grandmother convienced the Governor at the time to pardon them or have their sentence reduced. At the time WWll was getting started and they sent them to the army as to show mercy if you would like to say. Yes my grandmother had the spiritual values and support of the family and she convienced the government so thats why family is so important at times.

      Today with these outragous laws they wouldn’t even let someone such a sex offender go to war. Sure if an argument came up like this today with these rules it would not hold water.

      I can even understand Ali’s plight. So was it grace of the government that let the USA show some redemption/mercy or was it a show of power by government? I’m sure Paul has faced a lot of challanges in his career. I still wonder where the commendants are today or is it the great compromise we learned about in school. Sure Lincoln freed the slaves and I’m glad.

      He talked about due process which I really enjoyed , even sepration of powers which was really interesting for some that in this situation should need to know. Sure probations and parole is on the correction end rather than being a lawyer or Judge. It is a bit different but basically its all about truth and principals. And I mean honest principals. Hope somebody caught that.

      Even Maestro had it right all the time but he didn’t know how to connect the Old Testament to the New. Even a lot of people dont’ understand that today. Sure Moses was a pretty good law giver to the people of that time. And people we still have free speech and thats permissioned by the bible. Sure they can scare you with separation of church and state but it all comes down to truth and principals that a lot of government has flown the coop.

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