Collateral damage — learning to live without regret: Part V

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      See also: Part I  Part II  Part III  Part IV Part V: A new way of life By Daisy . . . As offenders and collaterally damaged family members know, livin
      [See the full post at: Collateral damage — learning to live without regret: Part V]

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      Bob long

      We sold our home and moved from my wife’s fear her friends would find out my indecent liberty conviction. Our neighbor called my work posted on the website letting them know I was sex offender. I was involuntary recalled back into military for Iraq. My neighbor faxed my sex offender state police website to the military. I report to fight in Iraq for my country. Instead the military tried to criminal charge me for being sex offender with dishonorable discharge. I had to get attorney and military couldn’t prosecute me for a crime I did not comity in military service and already prosecuted 16 years earlier. My neighbor called Virginia state police on me weekly for suspicious and activity call. Hard for state police to arrest me For eating breakfast inside My own home. My neighbor loaded his postal in from yard threatening to kill me weekly and alternated with machete. State police said they could do nothing…..he ran outside his home to our driveway every time we left the home to our car screaming sex offender and his sex offender wife and sex offender dog. He did this to my 11 year old children and each tome their friends came to our home. He has nigh bison video binoculars that he would stand out in his from yard taping my kids in their rooms and out home. I could not find a job for 7 years because I was sex offender. I could only find work over seas. I jumped on plane and
      Worked contract work in Afghanistan to pay shelter and good for my kids and family. Then 2006 Megan’s law came in and I would be searched and computer and cell phone searched by US immigration coming back to USA. Interrogated who I talked to and where I went. All…..because I was a sex offender. Neighbor called Fairfax county police and they brought 4 officer demanding in my home to take pictures and I had to re register. Even though I had already registered with state police two weeks earlier. Harassing me and looking in my home without a warrant or cause. Just to let me know they’re watching me….So legislators say not Punitive ? Virginia state police did nothing to protect my family from hourly and daily harassment, death threats and neighbor waving his postal around in his front yard. Yelling he will kill sex offender.

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      I relate so much to this story. The registry is cruel and unusual punishment for not only offenders who should not be on it, but also for their families. My husband has more integrity and lives a much more sexually pure life then the majority of men in the world. He voluntarily helps other men over come sexual addictions including addiction to pronography. He even is careful of PG13 and PG movies! Yet, he has been on the registry for 15 years with 5 more to go for an offense so minor it use to be a misdemeanor until recent times. It did not involve any minors either. Even after he is removed from the registry we will never be totally free to live normal lives. How very sad our society is so full of hate and unforgiveness.

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      I could not read the stuff that we all are writing! It all is just so much heartache caused by a Our Federal and State Government. My Husband told me something today, that I would like to relay. When he was in High School there was a boy with a large head, they all made fun of. This boy’s Father also has a large head. So it was not a medical problem. When he went to College this same boy was in his class. I said did you talk to him. He said NO. My Husband said that he does not pray much, but what he does pray for is for God to forgive him, for being unkind and making fun of this boy. This is what I think of all of the Restrictions, someone pointing their fingers, and making Judgement on one group of People.

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      The really absurd fact is that the USA has hundreds of thousands of troops all over the world. Making especially sure in the middle east that the governments in these countries are not abusing their citizens rights. WOW what a hypocritical power the USA has become when they take the rights and abuse their own citizens every day at what ever Whim they decide, while monitoring the whole worlds countries and telling them not to do the same. The USA has become a very dangerous and arrogant power that is not good for anyone. I am a United States Citizen and now embarrassed to be such.

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      I finally was able to read the rest of what Daisy wrote. What stands out to me is that we are told that we should live like Normal. When I am reading this story it states that the Registry is not Punitive. Normal it is not! It is restrictive in so many ways. Housing, Employment, attending Family get together’s, going to Amusement parks, National parks, play grounds, School plays and events, going on trips out off your zone. Even if it is for a meal with all adults. Registering your address, and vehicle that you will be driving, or riding in. I am sorry none of this is Normal, so yes it is punitive! What really hurts in this story was that they did not have a child. I understand why not, that would be where Punitive really comes in to play!

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      I have lived the same way since 2005… I try to ignore the things I can do with my husband and focus on the things that I can do with my husband. The BS is never over though… it continues and continues…

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