CALL TO ACTION: Patch continues printing names of persons on sex offense registries

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      Sandy Rozek
      Sandy Rozek

      Notation: I would normally provide a link to the headlines and publications I reference, but to do so would continue displaying the abhorrent lists of
      [See the full post at: CALL TO ACTION: Patch continues printing names of persons on sex offense registries]

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      Anyway to get that press release n a word doc format? I ask because I want to email the release but if send it as an attachment it may not be opened, since due to computer virus securities most persons will not open an attachment unless it comes from a trusted source.

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      Sandy Rozek
      Sandy Rozek

      Gus, I’m sorry, but we can’t do that.

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      Gina Williams

      Thank you so much for opposing these lists. I have personally commented on your opposition article that is linked to these sex offender maps on Patch. I didn’t expect to get any response, although I did get one from a random subscriber that simply said, “I don’t care”. After following the link here to your site, I will email the Illinois Patch editors today with the same comment.

      Thank you for your opposition to posting these lists. The registries are already out there and searchable for anyone who has a concern about the neighborhood they live in. As the wife of a registered sex offender and the mother of three kids who also live here, these updates strike fear into my heart every day. Not every RSO is a dangerous, violent person and many of them are good, repentant people who acknowledge the mistakes made in their past and have been through a grueling court and probation process. They go through intense therapy and reflection of their actions. And there are nuances to every story that the media doesn’t publish and the registries cannot possibly capture. Publishing these lists invites publicity that my minor children do not need. They know who their dad is. They know why he has to carry this label. But not everyone wants to understand. I know the day will come when a fellow student or neighbor learns this information about my husband and bullies and taunts my children because of it. Please think of the collateral damage you cause to the offender’s family members because you choose to label people without really doing any research to find out the kind of folks these people are.

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      My family has a list of Attorneys ready to use, if any Vigilantes attack and kill me. Should I survive any of those attacks-I anticipate experiencing one at some point in my life-I will TRY AND SUE THEM ALL! One set of Vigilantes in one state is the same as any other elsewhere. They all have the same Agenda: KILL US!

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      Thank you Sandy for all you do.
      I thought it was illegal to use the registry to harass people on the registry. And what they are doing is exactly that.

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      Jesse Herrera

      sent letter to the chiefs
      best of luck – hope you get a national response.

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      While you’re not wrong they have defended the registry by arguing that publishing the names is not harassment but simply informing the public of risk. Sucks but it is what it is.

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      how about a formal criminal complaint for violation of 18 USC 1589(b) which reads as follows:

      “Whoever knowingly benefits, financially or by receiving anything of value, from participation in a venture which has engaged in the providing or obtaining of labor or services by any of the means described in subsection (a), knowing or in reckless disregard of the fact that the venture has engaged in the providing or obtaining of labor or services by any of such means, shall be punished as provided in subsection (d).”


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      I concur. It is horrendous what they have done to the families and the RSOs themselves.
      Im sorry people don’t know how to be nice to their neighbors. I wish they did.
      I understand your pain and I too have experienced harassment. Unfortunately.
      I think fear mongering has become an unfortunate norm for the people who make money off the fear.
      May we all be protected.

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      Thanks for helping all of us.

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      How about instead of just asking the Patch reporters to stop this, simply go to their offices and mash their fingers flat so they will not be able type on a computer or phone any more. Just a thought.

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      I wonder if say a person on the registry is assaulted, or his property damaged, etc., and it can be shown that the person(s) who did it got his name and info from one of those lists can they be held accountable for that. It seems to me that just like a person who incites a riot can be charged for it, these people should be able to be charged, that is if it can be proven beyond a reasonable doubt. If that can be done perhaps this will stop.

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      Tim in WI

      According to Agent (SOR) testimony in my failure to provide information cases much of the information demanded from registrants IS NOT provided or available to the general public via broadcast ( internet). Therefore no claim ” of pure informing” can be made on that score. The truth is, some of the information demanded is for target searching by agents utilizing specialised, and often patented software.

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      I have to ask the question, at one time when reading through various states the disclaimer on most registries I thought was that the lists are for PERSONAL use. I am not sure the most cogent legal argument here but I think by definition personal would exclude publishing, and for SURE would preclude using something as click bait and with that comes profit, so i would hope the the disclaimers would for sure exclude commercial gain (clicks = dollars on the internet) its bad enough Political gain is not excluded.

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      My interpretation of the registry laws is that they only authorize the information to be posted by the state or federal government on official government sites…it does not authorize third parties to publish publicly the registry information at will, to whomever they wish. IMHO.

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      Tim in WI

      Third parties utilizing personal data from public databases for even the most obnoxious and unconstitutional purposes! Unfettered public use unleashed by a John Doe case upheld in 2003 confronting a 1997 statute.

      Anonymous speech questions delta, but
      Public Speech affects delta!

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      It is of great disappointment that once again Patch will trot out it’s Halloween map, placing red bullseyes on the homes of registered citizens, many of whom have completed their sentences and debt to society. This gift to vigilante justice serves as a roadmap to registered citizens as well as the innocence that share their lives with their loved ones.

      This annual parade of hate is masqueraded as a safety tool for parents is simply the false narrative Patch uses to justify blatantly dangerous behavior. Patch profits solely from advertising and advertising dollars are driven up by how many flies this junk journalism can draw to this stinking pile of poo.

      This behavior shows a severe lack of understanding. Patch has been presented this evidence before, but has chosen to ignore the truth. Truth, there is no evidence that sex offences increase in or around the Halloween season. Additionally, 95% of all sex offense arrest are for individuals NOT of the list of targets Patch “warns” people of. This sets a dangerous storyline that if you avoid these red dotted addresses on the map, you’ll all but assure a safe Halloween.

      This is disappointing and dangerous! These maps do not offer safety. These naps only serve to further stigmatize people who have already completed their sentences. This stigma only serves to invite vandalism, harassment and vigilante violence. It is simple sensationalism camouflaged as a public service.

      Thus, another year and another dreadful, deceitful journalistic whiff. Better luck next year.

      Thomas Hewes
      Johnston, RI

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      Kyle Flammang

      Thank you sandy for all your energy and life work you put into improving humans lives that have been and or will be affected by the registry of citizens of each state, here in the usa.

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      Hello Sandy,

      Yes, I was appalled when I saw the Arlington Patch map. I’m no threat to anybody. I only hope I do not get evicted or have any violence against me. My job appears to be safe as my CEO has been made aware and I’m a great worker.

      Thank you Sandy!

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      Lloyd George

      They have been attacking me since new years, stealing my house and two mercedes and two german shepherds , Even Murdering one of them. They stole my truck and covered cargo trailer and I cant for the life of me, have a Police Officer, write a report. Money stolen out of my hands and they cols wont help. My car shot full of holes the other was beaten to death and still No Report …THEY SAY. SAY , “STAY SAFE”, when. They stay safe

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      Lloyd George

      I know all about them and who their Associates are. I’m willing to be debriefed by the appropriate responsible parties interested in putting an end to this ridiculous supposedly for God’s Children to an end. They destroyed my 22 year long relationship with my dearly loved Ellie and I want vengeance for her and I and the many others out there suffering from the BLACK WINDOW CAR GANG

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      Lloyd George

      Something must be done and Now, this crush the offenders movement is out of control in northern California !!!!

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      Lloyd George

      The nightmare of of gang stalking on for starters all offenders in California zubject to this..wait to they use scopolomine aka devils breath on ya. You won’t know its GHB effects but your bank account will reflect it..

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      i’d like to see a bill to amend the definition of Treason to more appropriately and clearly include constitutionally objectionable activity …

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      It’s “Citizens with past sex related crime” Not sex offender. Please, remember this and pass it on. Never use the term s.o. in a civil conversation as this only feeds the fire. I am not a sex offender. That would reference me as being an active cruel and unusual person whom people would not want in their neighborhood.

      Call me a person with a old offense. Even better, a citizen or a neighbor. But I am NOT a sex offender. Yes, I have offended the world (OK, DOJ maybe) but that is my past.

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      So here’s the thing. They are pushing for exposure in any way they can. Nextdoor is basically a circumvention of Megan’s law, since people use it to connect with police.

      If you look at what this whole thing has become, it’s all the same thing. Circumvent the courts. Circumvent the laws. Rewrite the laws. Keep patching the holes. Basically every little tactic to keep the registry going, making only the slightest concessions once in a while.

      They WILL NOT end the registry at this point. They will play every trick they have rather than to admit its flaws. They fooled the country, running the Black Lives Matter emergency democrat fundraiser when they felt threatened.

      “The con of man so great” not daVinci but da registry.

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      I live in a town in SC and they have not only printed names of SO’s but they have a special pullout in the local newspaper with their pictures and addresses. This special edition always comes out a week or two before Halloween. Unfortunately I am in that edition.

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      Lloyd George

      Very well written to you all. Yes, we are at war , A Civil War, A Silent unexpired unexposed Civil War !! The Police will nit help. I HAVE been repeatedly raped and law enforcement officials laugh so hard when I report it 🤣 they have to hang out to THE PUSH BAR mounted on the front of their vehicles, to keep from falling down..they are trying their absolute hardest to get me A NEW FELONY ! Therefore I will not be able to come off of megans, with new years 2021 arrival

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      Sheila Dooley

      It IS illegal to harass RSO but the law doesn’t enforce that.
      While my brother who is a RSO was living with my family (his too) we were truly blessed to have a community that took the time to get to know him and were never harassed but I know it does happen. My brother was undiagnosed when he was sent to prison for 8 years for supposedly picking up a 4 year old child in a popular discount store. He was holding her up to get a toy. He is mentally challenged and has the mentality of an 8 to 10 year old. He was later diagnosed as being Bi Polar and Schizophrenic. It’s really sad what he went thru but being low income we had no way of hiring an attorney who could have helped. It’s all in the past now but by labeling them and putting their info out there they’re not only endangering the safety of the RSO but their family as well.
      I understand needing to keep your family safe but not in a way that’s endangering others who are innocent.

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      My Bing feed is just absolutely riddled with more and more Patch articles every day. It’s as if the more we speak out, they do more just to say “SCREW YOU!!!!” I think they get off on putting PFRs lives in danger. I really do. I also think they really hope some whack job will carry out acts of vigilante murder.

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      Sheila Dooley, the disclaimer stating the registry is NOT to be used for retaliation is just there for window dressing so that the state has plausible deniability should any harm befall a P.F.R. When the registry does get a P.F.R. and his family murdered, the state avoids any liability because they put it in the statute. They know the disclaimer is a sham and the very reason the publicize your name, physical address, and photograph (along with a volume of sensitive private information that goes way beyond what was contained in the record of conviction) is to get you either ran out of town or killed. It’s a “wink-wink, nod-nod” provision and in my state the only reason they give for not using the registry as a hit list is that the “offenders” move without updating the registry and you might end up hurting or killing the wrong person. They say nothing of the registrant’s right to be left along so long as they are complying with the law. They just point out that a murderous vigilante might get the wrong person.

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      Wherever there’s a need to be filled, there’s money to be made. Even if it’s profiting off the misery and suffering of other people. Scum like this have no integrity what so ever. No scruples. They’re just parasites. The real shame is that they know it.

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