CA will soon end lifetime registration for some SOs under bill signed by Gov. Brown

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      Robin Vander Wall
      Robin Vander Wall

      By Patrick McGreevy . . . Thousands of Californians will be allowed to take their names off the state’s registry of sex offenders as a result of actio
      [See the full post at: CA will soon end lifetime registration for some SOs under bill signed by Gov. Brown]

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      Sounds like good news for all you all in CA and I hope these advocates can keep them to their promise. I always liked Jerry Brown.

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      I’d still like to know how often the registry has been used to correctly identify a perpetrator or materialy aid an investigation.

      It didn’t find Amber Hagermans killer, or Adam Walsh’s or Cherish Periwinkle.

      I think at best the registry is used as an extra straw on the camel’s back before a jury not a revolutionary law enforcement tool.

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      God bless the people from CA I remember reading about the horrific residential restrictions and these AHOLES building so called pocket parks to turn a 10×10 area into a park just to make an SO loose there home. Those people who came up with those ideas and built them should be held accountable for that crap. That really scared me after the AWA passed in PA because I started looking for answers to what I could do to get off the list and that’s when I saw these bs parks being built and that’s when I realized people were actually fighting these ridiculous laws and whatnot. These politicians and people who do these things should have to deal legal ramifications.

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      1of 4 you missed west virginia requires lifetime as will. everyone i know in my group is on it for life i’m on it for life. the judges make sure of that by labeling you as a svp at sentencing.

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      “Runnion said parents should be able to check a comprehensive registry to see if a potential teacher, youth league coach or babysitter for their children has ever been convicted of a sex crime.”

      We still haven’t learned that background checks coming up CLEAN doesn’t mean shit. People with NO CRIMINAL RECORDS commit FIRST TIME CRIMES every damn day. I am so sick of hearing about “background checks”. To hell with your background checks.

      Tougher gun laws!! What tougher gun laws? You can’t have a felony if you want to purchase a damn gun. Period! How much more tougher can you get? Yet people with NO CRIMINAL RECORDS still go buy guns and then shoot their spouse, boss, coworkers or go on shooting sprees. When. Will. We. Learn. ?

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        Tim L

        The very second a person is back in court to determined dangerousness the State of California will be guilty of violating the constitutional protection against Double Jeopardy.
        Good luck with that!

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      To me over here in Virginia I believe its a good move for the Governor and to Americans to take some of these people off the registry and I believe other states should follow suit. I also believe that this Vegas thing caught everybody off guard and people have to, at times, rethink or go back to the drawing board and say a bit out of line. At times we as people have to say wrong is wrong and right is right.
      Sometimes, we the people should say; its better to take wrong or take one’s loses. Just like a gambler that doesn’t know when to quit we all should learn control. All things come out in the wash and I’m glad we have some advocates in this sex maze that present this up to those in power in the United States.

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      This won’t go into effect until 1/1/2021.

      Also federal possession of child pornography, federal receipt of child pornography, and federal distribution of child pornography are very likely going to be classified as tier three offenses as the law stands because a state felony conviction for the equivalent penal codes in California are tier three lifetime registration offenses.

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      Stay outraged

      Not impressed with this schema whatsoever! It will NOT benefit ME. CP (poss) will be T3 !

      This is abject insanity… now even though I don’t live in California, the other states will use this as a “template” and primer whenever the DO fix their registry and I’ll still be screwed.

      First time. One charge (count). No contact. Non-violent. No immediate victim. T3 !!

      Give me ONE reason why I should not be outraged?

      One and DONE.

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      Issues, Issues, Issues. Believe if we all didn’t have issues than there would be no need for advocates. Advocates help to dissolve the issue. We all can say how is this gonna help me but this is not about me its about a group and some of the callous things government things they hold one up to.
      Outraged, I agree a lot of this sex offender stuff is punitive. I’m sure everybody has their own view’s on birth control but it seems that the sex offender is a more topical subject. Yes we all should discuss this and correct some of this but as of now its up to Government to correct their wrong.
      Picket lines are good but each side has to come to an agreement and understand their wrongs as apposed to their strict confinement of one’s restrictions against another. Sure I would like my restrictions to go away just the same as others but this is not a perfect Nation. Actually if you think about all this it can be confusing, but in the end true justice will and should be served.

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      the 95% of these people committed the crimes when they were young people, why not give it a second chance.
      the one who is free of sin that throws the first stone.

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      R. Arens

      I’d just like to say that the article is slightly flawed. Don’t forget to add Iowa as the 5th state with mandatory life registry. Because of Iowa code 903B (life parole), the registry period (normally 10 years minimum) tolls the entire length of the parole given. I laugh at it. Nobody ever gets off parole early for sex crimes in Iowa. It’s sort of a unwritten law to not do so. If Iowa wanted to tack on 10 years to a lifers registry for non compliance, they wasted the courts time and money. Either way, life registry is mandatory here too.

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      Fred Brown

      I was convicted in California in 1993 and recently moved to Illinois in 2015. With this ruling taking effect in Jan 1st will I be taken off the California list and Illinois ?
      Thank You.

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      If its like all the other states nearly everyone will be placed on level 3, petitioners will be denied exclusion, and those currently not subjected to community notification will be on the internet

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